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Full HubSpot Marketing Content Marketing Software Review – All You Need to Know About HubSpot Marketing


Platforms like HubSpot Marketing help you drive your digital marketing effort to its profitable limits.

Nothing beats managing and tracking your campaigns easily. Either as s business owner or a full-time digital marketer, this is a common struggle.

The HubSpot Marketing software gives you the ease of managing your digital marketing campaigns from one place. This software makes it easier to manage multiple campaigns too.

Just in case you’re eager to know, here’s how HubSpot Marketing started. Two college grads who shared the same views and insights founded the platform.

Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah were working on different projects at that time. They soon realized how ineffective older forms of marketing were becoming.

The feedback from cold calls, email blasts, and the likes was poor. They figured that buyers would love to experience a close-to-human interaction in their marketing interactions.

These visionaries took on to building HubSpot Marketing to fill that need. The idea is based on the believe that people would be willing to patronize a business if it aligns with their goals. In other words; attract and sell.

What is Hubspot

HubSpot Marketing sees itself as a software that helps businesses get site visitors, turn them to leads, and then to buyers. It’s an inbound marketing and sales solution.

In short, with Hubspot Marketing, you can start your marketing process and complete the sales right there on your browser.

The Hubspot Marketing platform is an all in one software that automates your marketing process. This software leverages inbound marketing. That is, attracting customers to products and services through content marketing, social media marketing, SEO and branding.

Inbound marketing fits the vision and philosophy of the platform’s founders.

The marketing technique is a way to reach out to people while they go about their normal activities, letting them know what you have to offer. It’s an avenue for marketers to place their product/service where it is most likely to attract attention. For instance, folks on social media can relate better if you have some fun and exciting offers.

So it could become a win-win situation for both marketer or business owners and their prospects cum clients. That’s how HubSpot’s inbound marketing software gives organizations the tools necessary to run successful inbound marketing campaigns

How It Works

First off, you need to sign up to one of the packages, even if it’s the free one. Take your time to acclimatize yourself with the platform to have a brief idea on how it looks. You can use the resources on the Hubspot website, they also have a webinar.

Taking Your Site Live With Hubspot

Once you are comfortable with the platform and have decided to use it, the next thing would be to migrate your website from its current platform.

Site migrations are handled by experts in the Hubspot Migrations Team. The team will recreate your site on the Hubspot platform using the same content design and feel.

They promise to provide another website on their platform (Hubspot COS) that is as close as possible to your old site. Here is a quick breakdown of how the migration process works;

  • Hubspot evaluates the website you wish to migrate.
  • Hubspot places your migration on a work queue.
  • A support migration technician executes the migration.
  • HubSpot runs a Quality Assurance check on your website.
  • They send you an email notification when the migration is complete.
  • You review the migration.
  • And finally take your site live.

And that’s about what a successful migration entails.

Setting Up Your Hubspot Tracking

You can both add an external site for tracking and filter out traffic from your website analytics.

Adding an External Site For Tracking

Hubspot Marketing provides a tracking code you can install on any site you intend to track. The pages with the tracking code will are tracked automatically. So you have to add this tracking code to the website and also add the domain or sub-domain of your external website to the report settings.

But if you already host your site on Hubspot, it will be tracked automatically.

Here are the steps to specify the list of domains you intend to track.

  • Navigate to your account settings
  • Add domains you want to track
  • Save the added domains.

Once these steps are fulfilled, you should begin to see some data on the report page.

Filtering Out Traffic From Your Website Analytics

One frequent practice while setting up your site is visiting your own page. It’s only reasonable to view what your pages look like from time to time. It’s of great essence to know and see what you’re presenting to your prospects and clients alike. You would want to keep negative feedbacks to the barest minimum.

So this can be said to be a quality check process. Why should you filter out your own web traffic?

It’s essential to take out your own data, so you don’t end up altering the Hubspot analytics due to recorded visits from your IP address. Your website analytics helps you know how users interact with your website. The analytics can also be called the website performance report.

Therefore having your data included (from visits to your site) will alter this performance report because any visit from you or your team members will be recorded in your Hubspot analytics. The people from Hubspot recommend that you do this in the beginning so that you won’t have any history from private visits. You can avoid recording your own traffic data by providing your IP address.

Here’s a list of data to be filtered when you provide exclude your IP address;

  • CTA views/clicks
  • Page views/visits
  • Form submissions
  • Clicked event graphs
  • Social clicks

To Exclude Traffic from your IP address, check their how to filter out traffic from your website analytics page.

One other thing you need to get started is to set your privacy policy, and then you can start getting leads. The privacy policy setting is important for those in Europe due to the GDPR compliance.


Available Training Resources

If using basic software for the first time could be daunting. Then a software solution with a host of functionalities like Hubspot would be more difficult.

That where the Hubspot Marketing training resources come in.  You can be sure to get started on the right part. Especially if you take out the time to watch some videos, read a few blog post and success stories.

You can as well opt for their Marketing Fundamentals Training which costs $1000.

Single Login For All Tools

Oh! What could be more delightful than to have all marketing resources in one place? With Hubspot, a single login credential opens the door for multiple marketing tools. There, you can manage your email marketing campaigns, social media engagements, and page visits.

You get full access to the dashboard and can monitor all analytic reports. That way it is easy to manage your campaigns and even scale. Your login details will open the Hubspot gates to you on your web browser.

Special Pricing Package for Start-ups:

This is one worthy endeavor from the Hubspot team. They have recently introduced a special pricing package for start-ups with up to 90% discount. Also included are:

  • Dedicated strategy consulting & support
  • Access to marketing and sales experts and startup related resources

These are available for start-ups with less than $2M in seed funding.

Other Pros are:

  • Great Support
  • Its suitable for both large and small businesses.
  • Free plans
  • Excellent Social Media Marketing tool and
  • Vast Library of Marketing Tips to get started.
  • Free CRM


Pricing is high:

Yes, the cost is quite high when compared to other platforms. Before an opt-in decision, be sure you’re ready to maximize the features. But they have a free plan you may say! Yes, they do, but there’s a limit to the features you get. So if you want more, you have to pay more.

Extra cost for more contacts:

Aside from the standard pricing, there’s an additional cost if you need to house more than a thousand connections. This factor makes it expensive when you begin to get more subscribers.

The yearly contract required:

Aside from the free and Starter packages which of course have limited features (check pricing below), Hubspot contracts are billed annually. The Professional and Enterprise plans are billed annually. Well you need marketing all through the year, so it shouldn’t be a bother, right? Nonetheless, a monthly bill makes it more affordable.

Free version contains Hubspot branding.



Content Management Systems manage the creation and modification of digital content. They facilitate creating, editing, organizing, and publishing of content. With the Hubspot CMS, you can do the following;

Manage all your content in one place.

You can create and edit blog posts or pages either with the use of a pre-built template or from scratch. You quickly get to optimize and track the performance of the pages on Hubspot as mentioned earlier. It is unlike using different software to monitor and optimize pages built on a different platform. That’s the advantage Hubspot offers.

Optimize your content for search, mobile, and conversions.

The Hubspot CMS make it pretty easy to optimize your content. Aside from having a mobile responsive page, you have access to design tools with which you can add other features for better audience attraction. CTA buttons form to attract new visitors, and more with built-in SSL that secures the site.

Personalize your website content for every visitor.

A greater user experience can be derived via personalized content. To the user, it could look as convincing as mind reading, but it’s not. This is actually achievable through audience insight. As it had been established in earlier paragraphs, Hubspot can track user activity.

Information such as location, source, device, language, and other similar data stored in the Hubspot CRM can be used to tailor the content each user sees. It actually gets better with Hubspot smart content insight which serves information about those visiting your page right when you’re editing your page. This makes personalization easier and faster.


There is a fully integrated blogging platform alongside the CMS to boost your content reach. With this, you can do the following;

  • Compose, format, and edit content with ease.
  • Get consistent traffic from search to convert readers into leads.
  • Promote your content and analyze its performance.

SEO & Content Strategy

Search engine optimization as the name goes means optimizing your content to comply with search engine crawl bots. It helps to build your authority in search and offers the chance to rank high for specific keywords searched. Hubspot is integrated with SEO tools which allow individuals to strategize content thus:

  • By suggesting content topics based on relevance and analytics
  • By providing SEO advice
  • Built-in to-do lists to optimize content for search as you create it.
  • Performance reports

Social Media

It is no news that social media has been a great avenue to get customers because everyone is mingling online these days. Hubspot provides time-saving tools that help you prioritize your interactions, so you get to connect with people who matter most. You’ll agree it’s easier to close a deal with one who has been in search of your service than one who has other priorities.

Some 0ther Hubspot features include:

  • Landing Pages
  • Lead Management
  • Analytics
  • Call To Action
  • Marketing Automation
  • Live Chat
  • Hubspot CRM
  • Salesforce Sync and
  • Email


Now, straight to what the pricing looks like, there are various packages to choose from. Based on the tools you require, the pricing is separated into 5 toolset categories.

Hubspot CRM

This is a free package as mentioned earlier. It’s not a trial package. It’s free for life and can cater for unlimited users and data. The features are well detailed on the Hubspot website. Here’s a glimpse.

Marketing Hub

The Marketing Hub has 4 packages which are listed below.

Free: You can get started with this plan at no cost.

Starter: this plan costs $50 monthly

Professional: this plan costs $800 monthly billed annually.

Enterprise: this plan costs $2400 monthly billed annually. However, by the 1st of November, the price will see an increase to $3200.

Sales Hub

The Sales Hub has 4 packages as listed below.

Free: for the individual salesperson at zero cost.

Starter: good for sales teams. Costs $50 monthly per user.

Professional: for advanced sales teams. It costs $400 monthly. 5 users included.

Enterprise: for more sophisticated sales teams. Cost is $1200 monthly. 10 users included.

Service Hub

This like others also consists of 4 packages as listed below.

Free: for customer service professionals, at no cost.

Starter: for developing customer service teams. Cost is $50 monthly.

Professional: for superior customer service teams. It costs $400 monthly.

Enterprise: for more sophisticated customer service teams. It costs $1200 monthly.

Growth Suite

Yeah! You guessed right. It also has 4 packages.

Free: at no monthly cost. It’s free.

Starter: Costs $113 monthly per user.

Professional: Costs $1200 monthly billed annually for 5 users.

Enterprise: Costs $3600 monthly billed annually for 10 users

Note: All packages have extra premium services available with the Professional and Enterprise plans as seen here. Adding more connections attract more fees too.

Technical Details

Hubspot offers two deployment options; cloud hosting and open API. It also works well across these devices;

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based
  • Windows Mobile

The only support language is the English language. The platform is open to all business sizes with the choice of either free or paid plans.

Support Information

You can easily reach out for support via email, phone or through the website training and FAQ resources. You can visit the contact page for more information. They can also assist via twitter.

Wrap Up

The Hubspot Marketing platform has been and still is an all in one solution for your marketing needs. With the numerous features available and the various price plans listed, you should find it easy to decide if its the best option for your business.