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Best HostGator Cloud Hosting Review in 2018

HostGator Cloud Hosting
HostGator Cloud Hosting

Developing and running a website is not an easy task, as it requires a lot of involvement and maintenance in the part of the website owner. There is a plethora of work to perform starting from content creation, developing marketing strategies, website design, promoting in social media platforms, affiliate marketing and a host of other tasks. But you cannot afford to give any excuse if you want your website running smoothly and efficiently.

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In the early days, this was a severe headache for potential entrepreneurs as hosting a website was not as easy as it is now. At present, there are numerous web hosting companies that provide hosting solutions at affordable rates and this makes it difficult to select the most suitable one from among the list of available alternatives.

Among the list of reliable options is HostGator which is known for its web hosting services and has been in the market since the past one and a half decades. Founded way back in 2002 it has become a preferred choice for most website owners and bloggers and much more for its cloud hosting services that have been able to make a marked impact in the virtual space.

The Cloud Hosting service offered by HostGator draws computing resource from physical web servers and hosts them on virtual servers. This ensures the smooth and efficient running of the website and saves time and money on the part of the website owner.

HostGator Cloud Hosting Features

The concept of cloud hosting has made the task of hosting more reliable and faster than what it used to be in the recent past. And when the name of HostGator comes into picture you need not worry about the reliability and quality of their cloud hosting service. Speed, uptime, and reliability are what define HostGator Cloud Hosting service in brief.

Though the cloud hosting plan has not been in the market for long, the host of features it has on offer has secured a high place for itself in the online business community. Some of the features worth mentioning are –

Reliability and Uptime

While selecting a cloud hosting service provider, uptime statistics is the first and foremost thing to consider. The Uptime of HostGator has been quite impressive since the last 10 months with an average uptime of 99.98% (which is 0.03% more than the industry average). Since December 2017 the uptime of HostGator has continued to remain over 99% with the lowest recorded in January and July 2018 at 99.89%. With an average downtime of 2 hours and a total number of 36 outages, HostGator continues to remain one of the reliable cloud hosting solutions, and this is expected to get better in the coming days. It is just an assurance that your website is not going to crash without giving a warning.


It has been observed that if a website page does not open within three seconds from its clicking almost 40% of the visitors are more likely to leave the page. This makes it necessary to have the much-needed speed for your website pages. The cloud hosting service of HostGator has been seen to rank the highest in most speed checker servers. The worldwide average speed of HostGator has been recorded to be 144ms server response time which is much faster than the speed recommended by Google.

Though cloud hosts usually are faster because of their ability to spread the load HostGator goes a step further by using top quality hardware and an integrated caching system to boost up the speed. Users can easily observe its difference from other service providers.

HostGator Cloud Hosting

Quality customer care service

The support team employed by HostGator is knowledgeable and experienced enough to address the queries and grievances of any customer. It features a responsive team which is available 24/7 throughout the year (even on Christmas) can be contacted via chat, phone or ticket system. They provide an even faster response when you are logged in to their website as a customer.

They provide a prompt response for their live chat support as you can get your queries addressed within 15 minutes from availing this option. Even after that if your query is not resolved then you can seek assistance by opening up a ticket. A higher level engineer will be there to address your query at the earliest. Their telephonic assistance is also worth appreciating as this helps you during times of emergency and this is not frequently available with most service providers.

Unmetered bandwidth and storage

There is some low budget hosts that put a ceiling on the number of downloads or traffic that can be supported by your website and there will be no option to exceed that limit even with an additional payment. However, if there are heavy traffic and high bandwidth usage during peak times, your website may go down due to lack of memory or processing power.

But this is not so when availing the services of HostGator. It allows its users to store as many pictures and documents on their private server without worrying about bandwidth limits. There will also be no additional charge based on the volume of data stored in the server.

However, one thing that you need to keep in mind while using HostGator cloud hosting services is that it has a TOS setup that allows its users to use less than 25% of the system resources for a time period of not more than 90 seconds. This is done to ensure that the user is not running any additional software or trying to hog the host. But if there is any query relating to this or if you think that you might be reaching close to this limit get in touch with their customer support team and have your query resolved.

Unlimited subdomains

There is no maximum limit to the number of subdomains that can be created. In some cases, there will be websites that will already have a setup of existing subdomains and transferring such website to an all-new host will require the functionality of having unlimited subdomains. Fortunately, HostGator offers standard unlimited subdomain functionality for all its cloud hosting and this is irrespective of the plan you choose to subscribe with.

HostGator Cloud Hosting

Speed Enhancements and Website Caching

A varnish cache is a tiny program that will automatically cache static content that it finds so that your website does not have to spend any additional time recreating the data that does not change. HostGator offers its customers with the facility of varnish caching for all the three plans it offers. Data including pictures and static HTML can be easily stored in the Varnish Cache.

Pre-installed applications

Apart from the essential services rendered by HostGator it features a range of pre-installed applications such as Joomla, Magento, Wiki, Drupal, etc. for controlling and monitoring the activities of your website HostGator makes the latest cPanel available to users. This is one of the significant benefits that HostGator provides to its valued customers in comparison to similar other competitors in the market.


With HostGator’s cloud hosting plans, resources are available on demand in real-time which means that they are not restricted by the capacity/constraints of a single server. If a client’s website is in need of additional resources for its hosting platform due to a surge in the website traffic or for the implementation of new functionality, it can have seamless access to resources. HostGator features a collection of physical hardware with the individual hosting installations virtualized right at the top. The virtualization system is pretty similar to that of KVM, VMWare, etc.

HostGator Cloud Hosting

Free cancellation

There is no charge for canceling the services offered by HostGator. Depending on the period of service availed you may have to pay the proportionate amount but you need not pay for the service you have hired to avail. Though there are no additional fees for cancellation the domain fees will be retained by HostGator for the contract year you are in.

Some free add-ons

Apart from the basic services offered by HostGator it throws a bunch of extras that are worth taking advantage of. Some of the free extras on offer are –

  • Free Migration: Unlike some of the reputed Cloud hosting service providers who charge almost $150 for migration of site, there is no such cost involved with HostGator cloud services. It will transfer your site at entirely free of cost with no upcharges or nasty loopholes involved.
  • Automated malware removal: The presence of third-party tools and available plug-ins for WordPress sites make them more vulnerable to potential threats and malware attacks from cybercriminals and hackers. This is completely taken care of by HostGator which will help your website to be free of any potential malware attack while performing its own duties in the background.
  • Daily Backups: Website owners can set the backup of the previous versions of their website so that whenever it is required in future to get back to the old version, it can be effortlessly and quickly be accomplished.
  • Global CDN: The Content Delivery Network service provided by HostGator helps to remove large files including images and videos off from the website and get them delivered directly to the concerned parties so that the speed of the site is maintained for better and improved customer service.

HostGator Cloud Hosting

Pricing Plans

The choice of a specific plan for cloud hosting depends on the usage requirement of the potential customer, along with various other considerations such as the size of the business, the product or service to be marketed, the vision and mission of the business organization, etc. So, only after critically analyzing each and every available option will it be prudent to subscribe to a particular plan. HostGator features three different cloud plans to its customers, with each one designed keeping in mind the requirement of a different class of customers.

The introductory pricing should not be considered for HostGator pricing plans as that will go up after the first year.

Hatchling Cloud Plan

Available at a cost of $10.95 per month (subject to available discount rates) this cloud plan features 2 Cores CPU, and a single domain with 2 GB memory. This plan is most suitable for smaller sites which expect to receive a few thousand visitors every month. Most economic hosting plans offer only a single core with their basic hosting plan, but HostGator will offer two cores on a single processor. This indicates that website owners will be able to handle multiple visitors at one go.

The 2GB Memory on offer is enough for a MySQL and PHP database for a small website. There won’t be any problem of running out of resources, but visitors may observe a slowdown in the process while waiting for their turn to access the hardware. Hatchling Plan does not allow its subscribers to run any SSL which means that if you want to use https:// you need to upgrade to a higher plan.

Baby Cloud Plan

This is a plan higher to the Hatchling Cloud Plan which is priced at $13.95 per month (subject to available discounting rates). When you promote to the Baby Cloud Plan, the number of cores and memory gets doubled on shared cloud hosting. Although there is no mention of the processor speed you can now have 4 processors running simultaneously. Whereas, for standard stacks, you get the option of running only one processor at a time, which is either the database, Linux or PhP processes. Therefore, this plan of HostGator will welcome more visitors to have access to your website before it slows down its services.

The double memory of 4GB will allow caching in MySQL and WordPress which will boost up the request that will have access to the same data. This is the most suitable hosting plan for those looking to host multiple websites at a time on the same shared cloud host. However, users must be aware that since all the websites will be using the same host, too much traffic cannot be entertained.

Business Cloud Plan

This Plan is most suitable for large business entrepreneurs who are looking for wide exposure in the online community. The Business Cloud Level allows users to have access to three times the memory and number of processing cores than the basic Hatchling Plan. This enables running of multiple processors simultaneously while allowing caching of data on a larger scale. This Plan is reasonably priced at $19.95 per month (subject to availability of discount). This is suitable for those looking to host multiple websites at a time since this plan is well-equipped with spare processing power for handling huge website traffic.

Along with this plan, there are a host of other benefits available free of costs such as free SSL Certificate, free dedicated IP, free upgrade to positive SSL, and free SEO tools.

You have the option to compare the plans with each other and select the most suitable plan according to your usage needs.

HostGator Cloud Hosting

What to consider before choosing the Best Cloud Hosting Company?

Cloud Hosting has become a hot topic of discussion in the market as it is a reliable place to store and manage data for website owners. It is also a cost-efficient option as users need to pay only for the services they have availed, thereby eliminating incurrence of additional capital expenditure on the part of the business owner. This in a way helps to scale down costs and channelize the savings to other business prospects.

There is a seamless integration of software applications and tools by cloud systems irrespective of the system type which indicates that a business owner can have his website hosted and running on the same day.

The Compliance and Auditing issues are better taken care of by reputed cloud hosting companies like HostGator, thereby eliminating the fear of violating prevailing rules and regulations.

While advancement in technology is trying to improve the security issues, there will always be a battle between system hackers who try to break through the security and system developers who try to develop a more secure system.

But do not let such fear hold you back as the chances of getting hacked are negligible and almost absent if you opt to hire the services a reputed cloud hosting service provider like HostGator.

HostGator Cloud Hosting

Top 25 cloud hosting companies

There are several reputed cloud hosting companies in the market providing quality services at reasonable rates, but nothing can match the services that HostGator provides. It continues to be at the top of the chart for the year 2018 with other service providers to follow. The top 30 cloud hosting service platforms for the year 2018 are as follows –

  • HostGator
  • SiteGround
  • Inmotion Hosting
  • A2 Hosting
  • JustHost
  • iPage
  • GreenGeeks
  • InterServer
  • Host1Plus
  • Cloudways
  • GoDaddy
  • BlueHost
  • WP Engine
  • FastComet
  • Digital Ocean
  • Vultr
  • DreamHost
  • Liquid Web
  • FatCow
  • FastComet
  • GigaPros
  • HostRound LLC
  • yulPa
  • Hostripples
  • RoseHosting



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