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Full Host Analytics Budgeting Software Review – All you need to know about Host Analytics

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Do you intend to purchase Host Analytics for your business? Here is a full review of Host Analytics and why you should consider using it.

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Budgeting is a major aspect in business and in our individual lives because it helps us in spending and managing money. Sometimes, individuals and businesses spend money without any means or plan for budgeting. However, in businesses, irrespective of the amount the business generates as revenue if it is not spent well based on the budget, the business will be sure to collapse.

Every successful business enterprise has at some point found ways and different methods of keeping their accounts and budgets in check. There are so many valid reasons why you should keep your expenses within your budget, with the main one as savings or investments.

Setting out a budget manually on sheets of paper could be considered good decision making but technology has provided us with better ways of getting the job done; which is only quicker, productive, and with much efficiency. The emergence of budgeting software has really helped individuals, firms, and large enterprises to monitor and keep proper track of their accounts.

Budgeting software is specifically designed to automate budgeting; this enables businesses, individuals, and large enterprises to keep their accounts properly and monitor their spending on projects.

On the other hand, Host Analytics budgeting software is efficient budgeting software on the market which provides users with a platform for automating their business and financial management processes. Host Analytics budgeting software offers a whole suite of financial budgeting tools including modelling, planning, consolidation, analytics, and reporting, from its web-based platform.

What is the Host Analytics?

Host Analytics budgeting software is a cloud-based enterprise performance management (EPM) platform that helps financial agencies, teams, and operations to automate their business operations relating to budgeting, forecasting, modelling, consolidation, planning, and even accounting.

host analytics budgeting softwareHost Analytics budgeting software provides clients with detailed and rather comprehensive solutions for their financial, capital, initiatives, and workforce budgeting. Through the means of its pre-built and templates and special features, the software speeds up budgeting and forecasting slows.

This budgeting software also comes with a user-friendly interface similar to Microsoft Excel which can easily be learnt and incorporated by both finance and non-finance clients. The platform also comes with advanced planning modules which enable quick data entry, figure calculations, and data generation.

Host Analytics budgeting software users can also perform a wide variety of modelling operations and also develop possible business scenarios. The software allows users to test different dimensions, metrics, and calculations in real-world scenarios.

In addition, Host Analytics budgeting software gives users the opportunity of connecting realistic modelling data to financial and operational business strategies, contrast possible outcomes to projections, and partner with key stakeholders from one single interface.

Host Analytics budgeting software platform gives business users the estimates and possible outcomes/scenarios; this enables users to perform several tasks such as process simulation at different levels, see possible results, and make quick adjustments easily.

With Host Analytics, businesses that operate either on an annual or rolling basis can seamlessly manage their accounting processes. Therefore, businesses can increase their flexibility and eliminate reliance on manual budgeting processes which can diminish their workforce efficiency and employees productivity.


Easy to Use

Host Analytics budgeting software makes financial budgeting along with account management much more fun and easy to do. The amazingly easy software has a simple and unique interface which enables users to work faster with its ready-made invoice for usage.

Moreover, these already-made invoices help users reduce expenses by employing a budget expert, thereby saving you a lot of costs. Also, Host Analytics budgeting software does not require expert technical knowledge in operating and managing your budgets.

Besides, Host Analytics budgeting software is meant for individuals and businesses that need to keep tabs on their spending.

Cost efficient expense tracker

host analytics budgeting softwareHost Analytics budgeting software comes with an expense tracker tool that allows business users to set a minimum and maximum limit to their time-bound incurred expenses. This checkmates businesses user from over-spending their available financial resources. Also, it works by connecting a business bank account to the budgeting software.

Saves time

Host Analytics budgeting software also saves time by analyzing and planning the budget within a small period of time. This saves employees from wasting time and of course billing time. Business owners using Host Analytics budgeting software can really do so much with the little savings made.

Exceptional expenses organizer

Business invoices can be difficult and boring to go through most especially when they are too much. But, with Host Analytics budgeting software, all the invoices are all organized in a very neat manner for you to dispatch out to the customer after every transaction.

In addition, money spent during each month are categorized thereby making it available for identification monitoring. With Host Analytics budgeting software, users are provided with the required tools to track not only their expenses but also their invoices and taxes within a budget thereby avoiding debt.

Help engage customers

host analytics budgeting softwareUnlike some financial budgeting software, Host Analytics budgeting software comes with many features which engage business clients so as to get them involved in the transaction process.

Key features of Host Analytics budgeting software

Workflow automation

host analytics budgeting softwareBusiness users can adjust settings on the platform so as to modify workflow methods and automate notifications. This enables them to get notifications whenever an estimate is created, processes or a field is updated.

Create possible scenarios using simulation engines

One of the most reliable features of Host Analytics budgeting software is its utilization of simulation engines. These enable users to come up with an unlimited number of possible outcomes. They will be able to model and run bottom-up or middle-out processes. Also, they can apply necessary adjustments at any level.

Forecast tool

Host Analytics budgeting software enables teams or users to conduct budgeting by using rolling forecasts. Also referred to as iterative forecasts, they are processes that allow the users to predict possible future outcomes within a given period of time.

With iterative forecasts, users are able to predict and model possible scenarios, improving business agility.

Send and track invoices

Host Analytics budgeting software can also be used to send invoices and receive prepayments; although, this depends on how much work or time you have to provide your clients. Users are allowed to pull off invoices for every estimate and to record offline payments or even link them to selected projects and invoices. This is also possible with regular payments; hence, users can be able to run detailed reports on all sent invoices.

For instance, users can enter the time spent on completing a project from within the Host Analytics platform, which would then record the revenue generated for the project, before the invoice is sent to the customers about it.

Stock and inventory management

Host Analytics is also applicable to an inventory management business environment because it also helps in keeping control of any orders and stocks. Creating, processing and sending purchase orders takes almost no time with Host Analytics while inventory reports can be generated automatically to notify users of their stock quantity.

Advanced Budgeting Modules

host analytics budgeting softwareHost Analytics budgeting software offers business users built-in planning modules for their workforce, initiatives, and capital budgeting. Its workforce planning module enables users to perform various tasks such as extract raw data from HR systems, automate salary and compensation, plan budget, and other accounting planning activities. It can also gather data on hiring plans and enterprise-wide financial opportunities.

Additionally, the initiatives planning module enables users to consolidate revenue, expense, and capital estimates without the need for creating bottom-up detail. This advanced module allows them to perform planning for large projects and makes sure that they will be able to understand the impact of each project on their profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flows.

On the other hand, the platform’s capital module enables business users to conduct planning for existing and new capital assets. The module covers the following factors namely transfers, depreciation,  and maintenance. By enabling users to explore any of these factors, users are provided with insights in making better financial plans.

Other Host Analytics budgeting software features include:

  • Budget Control
  • Cost Analysis
  • Customizable Reporting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • Multi-Currency
  • Performance Support
  • Predictive Modeling
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • “What If” Scenarios


Host Analytics budgeting software pricing plan is available only upon request for business and enterprise users.

Therefore, intending users should contact the Host Analytics Company and request a quote.

Note: Host Analytics also offers a free demo trial for intending users.

Technical Details

Supported devices: Windows, Linux, Mac.

Locations served: Middle-East, Canada, USA, Greece, Israel, Ireland, South Africa, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australia, China, Germany, India, and Japan.

Pricing model: Quote-based (no credit card required).

Supported Language: English

Typical User: Small and Medium businesses, and large enterprises

Deployment: Cloud-Hosted

Integrations: Microsoft Excel, QuickBooks.

Support Details

Host Analytics offers quality support services for its customers which include:

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