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Full Hop Email Management Software Review – All you need to know about Hop Email

hop email

Are you looking for an email management software with chat-like conversational platform? Hop Email might be just what you need.

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Information sharing within and outside a business organization constitutes a larger fraction of business operations. Besides, businesses that do not lay emphasis on communication experience dwindling sales and general loss.

On the other hand, communication in businesses can take various forms and phases most especially email communication which is recognized as a general form of communication nowadays.

Implementing email management software automates email activity processes thereby eliminating the need to utilize other forms of electronic communication. Microsoft Outlook, Trove, Yesware, Thexyz Webmail, etc are all good examples of email management software. However, one of the best cloud-based email management software available is Hop Email.

What is Hop Email?

Hop Email a cloud-based email management software which streamlines email communication by providing users with a multimedia chat-like interface for easy conversation flow.

hop emailThis email management software simplifies email flows by hiding email elements such as headers, signatures, quoted text, etc from email conversations. This provides users with a simplified platform for handling their present conversations.

In addition, Hop Email seamlessly integrates with other email management software such as Gmail, MS Outlook, and IMAP-supported platforms to enable users to easily handle their email workflow processes.

Users can personalize quick response emails or utilize built-in response emails for replying to incoming emails which eliminate the need of composing the email from scratch. Moreover, Hop Email enables users to attach multimedia items such as images, documents, videos, files, etc while sending emails. Also, users can preview attachments from incoming emails as well.

This email management software provides users with a unified inbox for managing multiple email accounts automatically. In addition, users can also merge their multiple calendar information into a single view for easy access.

With Hop Email, users get access to real-time monitoring of their sent emails whether it has been read by the recipient or not. Besides, users can set distinctive notifications for each of their contacts and turn off notification prompts for unimportant email messages.

Nevertheless, Hop Email comes with mobile applications for iOS and Android devices which enable users to manage their email workflow process which is readily accessible via the cloud-eccentric email management platform.

Benefits of Hop Email

Easy to Use

Hop Email is an easy to use email management platform which provides you with advanced email tools for handling your emails without prior knowledge. New users can easily navigate across the platform and automate their email workflow processes through its user-friendly interface. In addition, Hop Email enables users to manage multiple email accounts at the same time on the unified email management platform.

Cost-effective solution

Hop Email greatly reduces the cost for email management in terms of enterprise pricing and premium quality services which it offers. Business users can effectively adopt Hop Email as an in-house communication tool across the organization and with customers alike.

Saves time

Unlike in offline mode of communication, Hop Email saves time in effectively delivering an email message to the recipients without delay. Users can also make use of any of the canned response messages to automatically reply to inquiries without having to compose an email message from scratch.

Furthermore, this email management software provides you with shortcuts for performing instant email action with several commands which include open email, compose a new email, delete an email, previous, next, etc.

Also, Hop Email enables users to monitor sent email messages in real-time thereby preventing sending repetitive email messages.

Quick notification prompts

Hop Email provides you with notification prompts based on automatic triggers or your preferences. This email management software enables you to set a distinctive email notification for each of your email contacts. Besides, you can also be selective in terms of notification by disabling notification for a particular email contact.

Inbox filtering

This email management software automatically filters incoming email and diverts unwanted email into the spam folder. Besides, Hop Email removes clustered elements such as headers, signatures, and quoted text from email messages; this enables users to have a clear view of their email conversations.

In addition, Hop Email presents users with prioritized or important email messages based on intelligence gathering. Therefore, unwanted emails such as adverts, newsletters, and its likes are sorted into an entirely different inbox to enable users to focus.


hop emailWith Hop Email, your employees can engage in both active and passive interaction from within the platform. This email management software enables teams to create a safe channel where their team members can interact, collaborate, and discuss.

Furthermore, the adoption of Hop Email can result in an effective communication system from within the business environment which yields to increase in work productivity and efficiency.

Key features of Hop Email

User-friendly Interface

With Hop Email, users are been provided with an interactive user interface for handling email workflow processes. This email management software enables users to access their existing email accounts from within the platform without having to switch between accounts or logging in and out of the platform.

New users can easily adapt to the Hop Email platform and even set up a new email account without difficulty. The identifiable menu and tools make it easy for new users to navigate the platform with ease.

Consolidated Inbox System

Hop Email comes with a unified inbox system for managing multiple email accounts effectively. With Hop Email, important email conversations are prioritized and appear within the main inbox while non-priority email messages are automatically sorted into a separate folder.

In addition, Hop Email automatically hides traditional email elements from the inbox such as quoted text, email headers, and signatures in order to provide users with a multimedia chat-like conversation view of their emails.

Nevertheless, this email management software automatically sorts incoming emails to predefined email accounts on the platform and then presents users with an overview of individual emails for each email accounts. For instance, your employees can manage personal and work email accounts from within the platform.

Team Conversation Channels

hop emailThis email management software enables you to create conversation channels where you and your team members can interact from within the platform. Users can create channels of topics from within their inbox. Multimedia items such as images, videos, documents, etc can be shared among team members or customers on the platform.

Contact Management

This email management software enables you to easily manage your email contact list. Users can add, delete, sort, and even modify contact’s records in the contact list. Besides, Hop Email users can also set predefined notification alerts for each distinct email contact so as to easily identify the contact involved.

Media Attachments

With Hop Email, you can easily attach multimedia items such as images, documents, files, etc along with an email message. This enables you to easily share electronic files with anyone on your contact list. Also, Hop Email enables you to preview received email attachments before proceeding to download them.

Centralized Calendar

This email management software provides you with a centralized calendar system that enables you and your team members to stay up-to-date on organization events or projects. With Hop Email, you can create a group calendar which is accessible across the organization for connected team members.

Nevertheless, you can synchronize calendar data from external calendar applications such as Apple Calendar, Facebook, Google Calendar, etc. Therefore, your team members or employees can have access to the synchronized information available via the Hop Email calendar.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Hop Email platform provides users with easy keyboard shortcuts for instantiating basic email functions. Some of the keyboard shortcuts include functions for archiving emails, opening the latest emails, delete, previous, next, print, etc. This enables users to intuitively automate their email workflow process without having to navigate the platform by using the mouse.

Quick Responses

This email management software comes with pre-written email messages which can be selectively used in responding to emails. Users can also create their own set of canned responses for automating replies to incoming emails. This is particularly useful for business users who have to deal with tons of emails most especially product inquiries.

Real-time Monitoring

Hop Email provides users with real-time monitoring of their email activity by enabling users to view when someone in an email conversation has read their messages via read receipts. Also, Hop Email enables users to view in real-time when the email recipient is typing in response to the email.

Mobile Applications

hop emailHop Email comes with secure mobile applications for iOS and Android mobile phone users. The lightweight mobile application makes it easy for Smartphone users to easily access their email accounts from the palm of their hands. Moreover, the mobile application gives users advanced features such as swiping, snoozing, fingerprint lock, video & audio calls to any email address, etc.

Other notable Hop Email features include:

  • Typing indicator
  • Sender blocking
  • Search
  • Notification controls
  • Multi-account consolidation
  • Message snoozing
  • Mass actions
  • Inbox prioritization
  • GIF messaging
  • Gestures
  • Email unsubscribes
  • Discussion histories
  • Cloud storage integrations
  • Auto Archive


Hop Email caters to the email management needs of both individual and enterprise users.

However, in order to get their enterprise pricing options, you need to contact the Hop Email sales agent.

Nevertheless, Hop Email is available most especially for mobile users at the moment. The desktop version of the Hop Email platform is currently under development.

Technical Details

Supported devices: Web-based, Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac.

Locations serviced: Middle-East, Africa, Europe, Japan, Canada, and the United States.

Pricing model: Quote-based

Supported Languages: English

Typical customers/users: Freelancers, small and mid-size business owners, non-profits, large enterprises.

Mobile Applications: Android, iOS.

Deployment: Cloud Hosted

Integration: Dropbox, Facebook, Google Calendar, Google Drive, iCalendar, iCloud, Video/Voice conferencing applications.

Support Details

This email management software offers the following support options:

Have you made use of Hop Email? Share your experience with Skype by commenting below.

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