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Full Holiday Bookings Online Hotel Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About Holiday Bookings Online


Holiday Bookings Online provides hotels with a platform where customers can make a secure booking at any hour and from any part of the world. How is this relevant, you wonder?

Online booking is growing globally. Estimates show that global digital travel sales are expected to reach $817.5 Billion by 2020, with hotel bookings currently holding the top spot. According to research, 39 percent of travelers depend on online booking for hotel reservation, while another 37 percent use it for plane tickets.

As such, it’s not surprising that more property owners are spending more on Hotel Management Software. You see, while 30 percent of hotel owners want a management software for the front desk feature, another 23 percent invest in the software for its booking engine.

Ultimately, most property owners want a hotel management software that streamlines their workflow and increase bookings. That’s what Holiday Bookings Online does.

According to the Vendor’s website, this hospitality solution has helped increase occupancy to over 90 percent. Although we can’t verify the validity of this claim, we have something better.

In this Holiday Bookings Online Hotel Management Software review, we’ll discuss the features, benefits, downsides, as well as the technical and support details. Let’s begin with a question.

What is Holiday Bookings Online?

From the name, Holiday Bookings Online it’s an online booking system software designed specifically for holiday property rentals. With features to manage reservations, bookings as well as payment, this technology allows agents and self-catering owners take control of their property.

Hotel Booking Online is suitable for any property. So, whether you have a single cottage, a villa, or multiple properties, this software offers all the solutions you may need.

From and a Booking Calendar to help with reservations, to an Online payment system, it provides an effective way of managing hotels. Furthermore, the software’s vendor provides excellent support via phone and email.

So, how exactly does Hotel Bookings Online work?

How It Works

Holiday Bookings Online is created to help property managers and agents secure bookings. With the hospitality solution’s online functionality, not only can guests check availability, but reserve accommodations too. In addition to this, owners and agents can confirm bookings at any time of the day.

Another exciting feature of this software is its flexibility. With Holiday Booking Online, both single and multiple property owners have a complete hotel management software that’s flexible enough to streamline workflow and manage payment too.

That’s right; you can manage your online payment via bank transfers, merchant banks or PayPal. And these payments methods depend on security systems such as GlobalSign SSL and McAfee to remain secure.

Aside from the web-based booking system which increases check-ins, this hospitality solution also has several operational task tools to help managers handle the potential rise in occupancy. An example is the admin control panel with its booking preference feature. Also, the admin control panel has other operational task tools for managing tariff, deposits, invoices, reports, etc.

Holiday Booking Online solves some of the property marketing challenges that managers may experience. Since the Channel Manager automatically updates different advertising pages, guests will always have up-to-date information on availability.

Finally, Holiday Booking Online provides other impressive tools to help rental property providers look professional. One of such is the Advanced Search feature, which allows managers to create pages for special offers, inquiries, and rental tariffs.

So, what are the advantages of using this hospitality solution?

Holiday Bookings Online Hotel Management Software; The Pros

Outlined below are some of the benefits of Holiday Bookings Online;

Helps Save on Paper Work

The hospitality industry in the United States experienced a 2 percent decrease in the use of manual methods such as pen and paper and spreadsheets.

One significant advantage of using an online booking system is the cost it saves on paper. This is what Holiday Booking Online Hotel Management software offers. As a result, performing essential functions such as generating invoices, confirmation documents or housekeeping reports becomes quick and efficient.

With this online booking system, collecting deposits and outstanding payments become an effortless process. The invoice feature allows you to do just that from any location and at any time. Not only does this save a lot of money, but time as well.

Send Arrival Instructions Easily

Holiday Online Booking makes it easy for users to share arrival instructions with their guests. Just input the arrival details for your property, including other details you may wish to share. For example, send your location via Google Maps.

It’s a quick one-time setup that you can customize. For example, you’ll be able to specify the conditions or when the arrival instructions should be sent to a guest. Options range from when the bookings are fully paid to specific date before arrival.

Customers will receive the notification based on your preferred settings and can log into their account to read the full arrival instructions, including the additional information. There is just one thing; this feature is only available for premium users only.

Holiday Bookings Online is Mobile Compatible

Researcher reveals that about half of all digital travel sales will be made from smartphone or tablets in 2021. So, mobile compatibility is a must for any hotel management software that wants to compete. Holiday Booking Online’s booking pages are compatible with any mobile devices.

As such, not only can guests make their bookings, managers will also be able to manage such bookings while on the move. Furthermore, there is a Custom Hosting upgrade feature that allows you to customize the booking pages to match your brand.

Easily Manage Your Bookings

Manage your bookings using the secure online admin control panel. Aside from providing a platform to handle reservations, this powerful online booking system also allows property owners to manage prices as well as booking preferences. These include setting up short breaks and creating special offers.

Since Holiday Bookings Online is mobile compatible; you don’t have to be in the office to do this, You can manage your bookings from home or even when on vacation via your the mobile booking admin App. The Premium plan provides even more useful features.

For example, you can set a reminder for customers to pay the final balance when due.

Access to Flexible Break Options

The Online Booking System allows you to choose from a wide variety of breaks. Aside from the conventional weekend, and weekly breaks, users can also select the following;

  • Midweek breaks
  • Short weekend
  • Daily Breaks
  • Special Offer Breaks

Alternatively, you can create your custom break, defining the starting date and its length.

The tariff plan for breaks is flexible such that you can charge different prices for various times of the year. For example, you’ll be able to charge for periods such as Christmas as well as Easter and charge less for other off-peak periods.

Easy to Set Up

Getting started with Holiday Bookings Online is easy. It neither requires technical skill, nor a complicated installation process.

The intuitive setup wizard will help you with the simple online booking installation. Creating an online booking page is just as stress-free, Simply ask your web designer to add an HTML link from your website to the booking pages.

Furthermore, since the updates are automatically applied to your account, you won’t incur any additional cost.

Holiday Bookings Online; The Cons

As far as we know, this hospitality solution has one major downside;

Best Features On The Premium Account

As useful as Holiday Bookings Online is for managing hotels and other rental properties, you’ll have to pay some extra bucks to experience it.

Some of the most useful features are reserved for premium account users only. This includes the property specific settings, quick availability search, and the user management feature.

Now that you know what the benefits and downsides of this hospitality solution are, let’s explore the features, shall we?

Features of Holiday Bookings Online Hotel Management Software

Outlined below are some of the highlights of this hotel management solution.

Availability and Booking

Aside from checking availability, Holiday Booking Online allows your customers to check prices as well as book online. With a simple interface, not only does this calendar provides a view of eight weeks availability at a time, but it also enables 2 years booking in advance. Don’t forget the flexible options of break choice too.

The system automatically updates your availability every time you get a new booking. Also, you’ll receive instant notification via email or SMS message if you advertise with the following;

  • Trip Advisor
  • Embrace Scotland
  • Holiday Lettings
  • the iKnow UK

Finally, hotels and other rental properties can maintain their brand and increase customer confidence with Holiday Bookings Online’s optional customizable page upgrade.

Take Payments Online

The Booking system offers a wide range of payment choices to make the whole process for property owners and their guests. For example, taking an online payment eliminates any postal delays. Furthermore, you and your guest can enjoy a secure transaction.

An example of supported online payment is PayPal. It’s quick and easy to set up, yet does not require complex coding. You have to signup for the account.

Alternatively, you can integrate a Merchant account via a trusted payment gateway. Options include SagePay, SecureHosting, etc. If your hotel has a card processing terminal, you’re in luck. Holiday Bookings Online offers a secure card capture upgrade that is PCI DSS compliant. As such it is approved by banks.

Email Marketing with MailChimp

Take advantage of the hotel management solution’s link with MailChimp in creating professional marketing emails. That means you can send compelling emails to past customers as well as new ones. After completing the setup, transfer all your new guests with a click of a button.

Create Reports

The booking system contains lots of data that you may want to export and analyze on a spreadsheet program. With the reports and data export functionality, users can do this easily. Whether you’re doing your tax returns or generating a list of last customers to email, this feature is quite handy.

Holiday Bookings Online allows you to generate the following reports;

  • Occupancy Statistics
  • Advertiser’s Performance
  • Mailing list of past guests
  • Housekeeping Reports
  • Detailed Booking Information

Channel Manager

What the Channel Manager does is simple, it automatically updates the availability calendars of advertisers. While this may seem trivial, this feature helps save a lot of time. Besides, it updates most channels at no extra cost. Of course, you must be on the standard or premium account.

User Management

The user management allows you to create additional accounts with full admin power over bookings in the control panel. In other words, not only can they log into the system they can also receive booking alerts. This feature is useful for notifying agents.

However, you can also create four additional accounts with limited access. As such, you can give housekeepers access without worrying that they’ll change important system information.

Other features of this hospitality solution include;

  • Property Specific Settings
  • Availability Quick Search
  • Track Referrals
  • Customizable Emails
  • Flexible Currency Support


The Pricing for Holiday Bookings Online starts from $99 per year for a self-catering property. It covers the initial setup fee and doesn’t involve paying extra in commission. That said, the website provides a rate calculator to give an estimate of the hospitality solution’s cost.

Just input the amount of self-catering properties and indicate if you wish to upgrade to customizable pages. Then, click calculate the cost.

Technical Details

Outlined below ate the technical details for Holiday Bookings Online;

Device Supported

Holiday Bookings Online is a web-based application that you can use on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Language Support

This software is only available in the English Language.

Customer Types

The hotel management software provides a solution that is ideal from medium businesses as well as freelancers.


Holiday Bookings Online is a cloud-hosted software.

Support Details

Aside from the phone and email support, the software’s vendor provides extensive help files to guide users through the different aspect of the system.

Wrapping Up

Holiday Bookings Online is designed to help a single cottage, as well as multiple property owners, handle bookings. With features, an online Booking System, Channel Manager, and a User Management feature among others, this hotel management software looks like a winner.

There’s just one small challenge; the best features are available for premium users only. Of course, this is not an issue if you’re willing to part with a few extra dollars. Still, it would be nice to have more features on the standard plan.