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Full Hivebrite Online Community Software Review. All You Need to Know about Hivebrite


What is Hivebrite?

Hivebrite is an online community management solution, popular with schools, alumni programmes, non-profits and a range of industries. The vendor’s mission is to help their customers build structured online networks where users can interact with each other, and share and access information and resources.

With Hivebrite, users are able to easily customise and brand their networks, and engage with their communities. Using modern design standards and advanced tools, the platform provides a dedicated online space where members can share their knowledge and experiences.

Members can access the platform in a variety of ways according to user preferences – SSO (single sign-on), paid sign-up, or via social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, or Xing. The application also offers an integrated content management system – users are able to create, manage and publish content with public pages, menus, member areas, and other functionality.

Launched in 2015, Hivebrite has clients in 30 countries already, with current users including a number of highly reputable educational establishments – The University of Oxford, Imperial College London, Lyon Business School – as well as companies like Microsoft and P&G’s alumni programme.


The benefits of the application include:


Hivebrite can be fully customised to match the looks and feel of a company’s brand or their corporate website. In addition, users have the option of choosing the features of the solution that they want, and are not forced to pay for redundant functionality. It is also very easy to maintain.

Third Party Integrations

Through its API, users are able to integrate the platform with leading CRM programs like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, as well as other applications like Google Apps for Work, Zapier, and Stripe’s online payment solution. In addition, the program integrates with major social media networks.


With Hivebrite everything is interconnected – websites, social media and email campaigns. In addition, community managers do not need to be connected via their desktops, as they can manage all activities through their mobile devices.

Detailed Analytics

The solution provides managers with detailed analytics as reports that provides community managers with a real-time over of their network, and which members are the most engaged.


Hivebrite offers a range of features. These include:

Communication Tools

The application provides a range of communication tools.

Email campaigns: Hivebrite includes an integrated email marketing tool which allows users to select who will receive email, based on multiple criteria.

Automatic Newsletters: They can also create and deliver automatic and personalised weekly digests that provides members with an overview of key activity in the community.

In-app notifications: Community managers can send in-app notifications to members about significant events or posts.

Mobile push notifications: This functionality extends to mobile devices as well; members can be engaged through the solution’s branded mobile app.

Event Management

Hivebrite makes it easy to manage events, promote them to members, boost attendance, and manage the associated back-office functions, saving valuable time when it comes to administration and communication around events. The Event Management module enables users to:

  • Provide a global and interactive map to community members showing where and when events are taking place;
  • Boost visibility of events by pushing event notifications through to major social networks;
  • Collect payments simply and safely through the platform and via the mobile phone app;
  • Target attendees with specific tailored email campaigns;
  • Create various event ticket categories;
  • Encourage local members to create and host their own events, based on locality, interests, groups and more; and
  • Keep track of all event information such as attendees and their contact information, payments made and outstanding, and more.

Email Analytics

With email analytics, users can gain powerful insights into the level of engagement of community members, and take action where appropriate. Hivebrite gives users more control over community activities, so they can see which emails generate the most interest, and adapt their communication strategy accordingly. Through this feature they can see open rates, click-throughs, bounce rates and more, both at the aggregate and individual campaign level.

Mass Update Campaigns

For many communities, one of the most time-consuming and challenging tasks is keeping members’ contact information up to date, especially when they are based overseas, or change jobs frequently. Running phone campaigns to ask members to update their profiles can be both costly and inefficient, which is where Hivebrite’s Mass Update Campaign feature comes into its own.

With this tool, administrators decide which fields they want members to check, and, where necessary update, and create s a standard email template which can be personalised with a member’s name.

They can either send out mass campaigns, or selected campaigns targeted at those members who have not confirmed or updated their profile information recently, or for whom certain data fields are blank.

The targeted member will then be sent an email showing the current information held on file for them and asked to confirm if correct; in the event the contact data needs to be updated, they will be directed to an online form which they can complete and submit with the relevant information.

Group Management and Engagement

For many global and diverse communities, members want to gather when they are in geographical proximity or share specific common interests.

Such groups should be able to host their own discussions, organise their own events, and access their own content, without recourse to global community managers. When communities are able to offer a space for such interactions, member engagement can be advanced, and the perceived value of networks is increased. Moreover, companies are able to delegate the animation of part of their network to a local level.

Hivebrite looks to give communities the right tools for users to get the most out of their network.

With its Group Management and Engagement feature users can:

  • Create chapters, clubs, or sub-groups which match the needs of their community;
  • Delegate management of these groups to community members;
  • Allow group members to communicate and interact with each other dedicated to them, and free from interference from the wider network;
  • Enable group leaders to create their own events via an online ticketing system;
  • Allow group leaders to post news, share documents, videos, photos, and other content with members of their group; and
  • Notify members automatically when there is a group update.

Data Management

Hivebrite offers a number of data management capabilities.

Import and Export of Member Data

Member information, together with their profile data can be imported into a database, whilst the same data can be exported in CSV file format.

Search and targeting filters

Users can target members, when they are promoting an event, or sending a communication, by group, location, interests, or any other criteria.

Profile Update Tracker

This tool notifies managers of all profile updates made by community administrators, or its members.

The Media Center

The Media Center provides community managers with an easy way to share files within the community, whether it be photos of an event, a report, or the video of a graduation ceremony.

Traditional file-sharing methods can run into problems, however, either because file and photo sizes are too large to send with email attachments, or because they are flagged as spam, or may just be lost in the flow of online traffic.

The Media Center looks to address these issues by providing a secure place where community content can be stored and shared. In effect, the Media Center becomes an online storage box where administrators can post videos, or just provide links to external platforms like YouTube. All photos of events, trips and other community activities can be stored in multiple albums without file size restrictions.

Community managers can control all content published by members, editing and deleting as needed.

In addition, they can choose whether to make some content visible to non-members on public pages, with other content kept private and accessible only to community members.

RSS Feeds can also be added to automatically create content in a community platform such as news and job opportunities.


With Hivebrite’s Monetization tools, users are able to easily generate and collect online revenues from community members, whether in the form of subscription fees or charges for specific events. Integration with the Stripe payment platform enables fees to be charged and collected without having to leave the system.

Tools include:

Membership Plans: With membership plans, users can charge members in order to pay for the resources required to support the community, Members can be charged either a basic membership fee, or for access to a range of additional services. Complex membership programs with access management based on user profiles can also be created through the application.

Members can pay online through secure, major payment gateways.

Event Ticketing: In terms of ongoing community events, users can charge members a fee for attendance, with online ticketing capabilities. Hivebrite enables members to register and pay for events in one place, simplifying event organisation, and helping to maximise attendance.

Donations: Users are able to create attractive donation pages and campaigns, and manage donors through Hivebrite’s integration with CRM programs like Salesforce.

Other Collaboration Tools

Hivebrite also offers a range of other online collaboration tools which can help extend the services offered to community members.

Job Boards: These can be activated to help users to share and solicit job opportunities and internships with fellow community members. This service can be further extended by integrating the platform with third party listing sites and job boards.

Resume Sharing: Members can upload their resume or CV to a community site, and allow other members to contact them if they are interested in their profile.

Connects with partners and investors: If members are interested in finding business partners or investors, they can use their community network to publicise their company or projects.

Mobile App

Through the Google Play or App Store, members can download their own branded mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Among the mobile functionality offered is the “Who’s around me?” feature, which lets members see the location of other members in their proximity with an attractive map interface.


Hivebrite offers managers a range of advanced analytics to help manage the community, identify power users, and find out which communication members like the best.

Email Analytics: Managers can determine which community campaigns are the most effective in terms of email opens, click-throughs and bounce rates, as well as evaluate the relative performance of links.

Engagement Analytics: Detailed and customisable reports provide detailed geographical and demographical information about community members, so that managers can see which groups are the most engaged, taking into account actions such as activations or profile completion.

Scoring: With engagement scoring, managers can identify who are the power users within a community, and reach out to them to try to maintain and foster their engagement level. Hivebrite lets users drill-down at both the geographic and sub-group level to gather this information.


Hivebrite’s pricing is on a paid SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) subscription model, but is available on a quotation-basis only. Prospective customers can sign-up for a product demo through their website, but no free trial is available.


Hivebrite is a cloud-hosted web-based platform that supports Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems. The solution offers native mobile apps for Android and iOS devices – these can be customised, and fully branded with logos and colours.

The application provides an API whereby users can integrate the platform with leading CRM solutions like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions, as well as general business tools like Google Apps for Work. In addition, users can link their accounts with major social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Xing.

Through their website, Hivebrite reports real-time on the operational status of their network, and provides an incident history as well.


Support is available online through a live chat facility, and via phone. The vendor can also be contacted through email, and via social media – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Additional support is available to subscribers in the form of FAQs, and a Knowledge Base, whilst users can also access a range of customer success stories and a blog which features product-related articles through their website.

The platform currently supports French, German and Spanish, as well as English.