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Full Hive Project Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About Hive Software

Hive Software
Hive Software

What is Hive Software?

Hive Software is a cloud-based management platform specially designed for all business types and sizes. It offers various features such as file sharing, automating task management, workflow templates, chat and group messaging, multiple task views, and more than 100 app integrations, to name a few. These features and more will surely make project management and tasks easier and less hassle for your entire team.

Basically, this software allows you and the rest of your team to assign, classify, and create various tasks, along with specific deadlines and attached documents. In addition, you can also be able to track your project status and edit items when needed. It also has a Kanban-style viewer where you and your team can view your progress, edit workload, and do your project planning using a Gantt chart.

Your files that are stored via Google Drive or Dropbox can be accessed using a single page only. Plus, you can simply drag and drop files so you can easily share them among your team members. This platform also has three dashboard options where users can get insights from to improve their productivity as well as help identify areas for improvement in terms of productivity.

Based in New York City, Hive is owned by Hive Technologies and supported by Tribeca Venture Partners, Google, and Grey Group. Hive was founded by the company’s CEO John Furneaux and CTO Eric Typaldos.

Hive Benefits

In general, Hive is a great management solution that provides support to all users, aside from the fact that most of them find this platform easy to use. It is supported by all computer systems as well as Android and iOS as well. It can help improve your team’s productivity, thanks to the technology that is Hive software.

Not only Hive caters to established enterprises but also start-up companies, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and teams that are located in different offices. It can be the answer to your prayers – a simple platform that offers different features and benefits you and your team can enjoy. Hive does not only automate your every task. Rather, this software solution can also create a positive impact not only with your workload but also your work in general.

Among benefits users can enjoy by using Hive includes the following:

  1. Easy file sharing and storage

This platform offers different options for file storage, as well as integration with cloud storage devices currently in use. On the software’s Dashboard, users can easily see their communication with their team directly from it. In addition, you can also share important files and documents via Dashboard simply by dragging and dropping it.

  1. Easy access to communication

Users can create their own group according to specific projects or topics that need to be addressed. Such easy access to communication with your team mates can be done on your desktop or mobile. Hive can also receive notifications from other tools integrated with the platform.

  1. Create and customize workflows

Hive allows your team to create your own workflow, function using a simple process, and assign specific task among your team members. You can also opt to make action steps for your team using the app via labeling and adding comments and attachments on the same file. The Cockpit View also allows you to have a summary of your calendar of activities.

  1. Encourage project flexibility

More often than not, all businesses have their own rules, regulations, and protocols to ensure smooth business operation. That is also one major benefit of using Hive – by providing flexibility with all the users’ respective projects.

It doesn’t matter whichever format you like to use – Gantt charts, Kanban boards, or calendar apps – it will help organize and manage your workload all the same. Regardless of the format, everyone in your team can easily view it and ensure constant updates at all times.

  1. Easy automation via action templates

With Hive, you can automate tasks via action templates, in which such tasks can be easily planned and repeated without any hassle. By having an action template, you can reuse and reassign previous task when necessary.

Hive Software

  1. Ensure task accomplishment and use multiple views

Your pending tasks that need to be accomplished the soonest can be accomplished by using action cards. Such action cards enable you to assign task to your members, create sub-actions, attach files, and other tasks needed to complete a specific project.

With Hive, you and your team members can comment with each other’s progress and other concerns related to the project. Meanwhile, you can also access your team’s progress via multiple views as well as summary views.

  1. Organize your tasks and projects more effectively

With Hive, you can create your own to-do list. You can consolidate all assignments across specific your team’s specific projects and monitor their deadlines. The platform also contains forms that enable you to collect data that can be greatly useful for your projects. Such features can lessen the hassle of using emails and can easily be sent to customers efficiently.

  1. Encourage effective and efficient communication and file sharing

Hive offers the best and very efficient communication you and your team will ever need. By using this app, you can discuss matters and other concerns more efficiently with different personnel and your own team as well. Hive can also be easily integrated with different apps such as Zoom and Slack, to name a few. Likewise, file sharing can also be a breeze by connecting Hive with other apps such as Box or Google Drive.

  1. Hive Analytics to help you gain important insights

Hive offers predictive analytics that contains interactive dashboards so you can gain insights on your team’s overall performance. It can also help determine your workflow’s strengths and weaknesses as well as possible issues that cause bottlenecks on your projects and affect your team’s performance. Your team will also be constantly notified and updated with the ongoing project and avoid problems in your ongoing projects in the future.

In summary, this software provides accessibility to crucial information that can be of great use and importance for your team. You can also use different format of your choice to plan and monitor your projects, such as using Gantt charts, Kanban boards, or calendars. This way, you and your entire team will constantly be updated and edit files when needed.

Tasks can be delegated more efficiently with the help of Hive software, and ensure that everyone in your team will stay on the same page. Likewise, you can easily communicate with each other and make comments and mentions in every projects assigned.

Hive also enables you to create your customized to-do list and organize your projects more efficiently. The software’s dashboard is a great tool for you to do all of the things you will need for your project and may even help you with sound decision-making in the future. More importantly, Hive can help utilize your team members’ capabilities and ensure that everyone is doing their job well.

Hive Software

Hive Features

Hive offers various features that can truly help with your business. Most probably, you already have an idea how Hive works and how it can help your business, as mentioned above. Here are the features of Hive software and what goes with each of it:

  1. Flexible projects

Hive can help organize your projects via different formats such as Gantt charts, kanban board, or calendar – and switch from one layout to another easily. Regardless of what format your use, your team members can view updates and other concerns related to the project.

  1. Multiple views

Multiple views enable you to view every project and their respective status and progress, and who the assigned personnel is. Meanwhile, summary views can also be accessed that can help consolidate several projects and tasks so you can have a clearer and bigger picture of all of your projects and their impact on your company.

  1. Action templates

With Hive, you can easily plan and repeat previous tasks and prevent creating the same template for the same task all over again. Instead, these action templates can be reused for future tasks without wasting time and move ahead with your project.

  1. Action cards

Through the action cards, you can easily access all the data and other information you need by assigning specific tasks to the right team members. Likewise, you can also attach files and create sub-actions through the action card, as well as voice out any concerns directly to your team members and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

  1. Action list

You can create your own to-do list with Hive software. Check out your daily task and their respective deadlines so you won’t miss out on anything that needs to be accomplished.

Hive Software

  1. Hive forms

Hive forms can be used so you can collect vital information you will need for your project. Instead of wasting your time exchanging emails back and forth, simply use the forms and send it to your customers, clients, and anyone else you need to get information from.

  1. Hive messaging

With Hive messaging, you can have meaningful and productive conversation with your team and other personnel in your company. It can also be integrated with other third-party apps such as Slack and Zoom.

  1. Easy file sharing

File sharing has never been easy with Hive. You can simply streamline your tasks by connecting to different tools such as Google Drive, One Drive, or Dropbox directly to Hive.

  1. Connect even with external users

Not only Hive enables you to efficiently work with your team, but also with other people outside your team as well. In fact, you can invite these personnel for a meaningful collaboration for your upcoming or ongoing project.

  1. Hive Analytics

Hive Analytics helps you identify your team’s overall performance as well as provide crucial insights that affect your team’s productivity. In such way, it can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and how you can further improve your work ethics and performance.

  1. Real-time alerts and notifications

Hive provides real-time notifications that will alert you of any irregularities in your team’s current standing. Furthermore, this useful notification will ensure constant project updates and prevent late submissions whatsoever.

  1. Time tracking and resource allocation

With Hive, you can estimate and monitor your productivity level on your projects, as well as allocate resources more accurately and efficiently and determine potential bottlenecks that can affect your project.

You can access Hive via desktop or mobile phone. Hive is also compatible with Mac and Windows, as well as iOS and Android. In other words, there is no way you cannot access this platform. Plus, you can easily integrate Hive with other tools such as Google Drive, Slack, Zoom, One Drive, Dropbox, and thousands of other tools. You can also import task easily from your previous tool.

Soon, you can also sync your email and Hive for easier task assignment and communication. Also, your meeting notes can turn into actionable tasks, as well as simplify feedback and approval cycles via Hive.

Hive Software


You can try out Hive for two weeks, and then you can decide whether to avail a monthly subscription for this software. During the free trial period, an unlimited number of users can test the software with no extra or hidden costs. Hive offers two pricing plans depending on your business needs:

  1. Professional

This subscription plan is available at $12 per user per month. The package contains unlimited projects and messages, unlimited standard integrations, desktop and mobile apps, and can be used by up to 100 users.

  1. Enterprise

This subscription plan is available at a customized price depending on the need. The package contains all the features under Professional, as well as on-premises installation, custom integration, compliance export, and 24-hour response line.

No worries, though – Hive does not collect credit card information during the trial period. Costs will only be applicable once you decide to sign up for this platform and avail the pricing plans. Nonetheless, Hive can be used by anyone – whether you are alone or with your team! The better news is that non-profit companies can be offered a discount when they avail Hive’s Professional pricing plan.

Hive Software

Technical Details

Hive has a Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn account where you can easily contact and ask questions at. Deployment of the software is supported by Cloud, SaaS, and Web. It can also be installed in Mac and Windows operating systems. Likewise, Hive is also supported by Android and iOS.

Support Details

As of now, Hive is only available in English language and does not support any other languages yet. To get started, Hive offers documentation, webinars, and online and in-person support. Customer support is available 24/7 via live representative. For more details, you can visit Hive’s official website — https://hive.com/.