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Full Hive Collaboration Software Review – All you need to know about Hive Collaboration Software


Hive is a cloud-based project. It could cater the small as well as big teams. It offers a number of different features which include the chat, task management, and file sharing.

This software enables its users to create and organize different tasks for the team members of a particular project – that could be easily customized to add more attachments. It also shows deadlines, as well as labels.

So, the system could track the progress of a project. It can change deadlines and modify the workloads as it provides the Kanban-style status.

Apart from it, the user could use the Gantt charts in order to plan separate project tasks. This works with the Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. It allows its users to access desired files from the single dashboards with only a few clicks.

The files could be easily attached to the actions. You can easily drag and drop the files into the messages to share these with the other members of a particular team.

What is Hive?


It is the data warehousing and an ETL tool. The software is created on the Hadoop Distributed File System or HDFS. Its purpose is to help and make your job much easier to perform different operations like ad-hoc queries, data encapsulation, and analysis of large datasets.

The Hive Analytics of the platform provides 3 dashboards which give users the insights into a team productivity. The dashboards give a short summary of the workspace and personal productivity which identifies less efficient areas. Thus, it allows the managers to seek different ways of rectifying them.

Also, the system sends notifications of real-time which ultimately alert the users. This tool could likewise throw light on the estimated time, as well as teams track.

There are some more notable features that include several task views, workflow templates, group messaging, and more than a hundred third-party apps.

The Hive has everything that any project team typically needs on the single page. This is helpful in integrating the external applications for your dashboard which allows the users to pay more attention to the main tasks.

Benefits of Hive

The Hive generally excels as the project management. It also offers many advantages to the project teams across the world.

These advantages aren’t confined to just automation, rather they could positively impact every phase of the project. Following are some benefits of Hive.

Enhance Project Flexibility

This platform gives its users with an essential flexibility for planning the projects in a better way.

The projects could be well-organized in the Gantt charts, Kanban board, table, with the users for switching in between the layouts.

Every project view reflects the updates, and therefore, the whole team is on the same page.

Automate Action Templates

For the repetitive tasks, this product provides the automation through different action templates from which it could be planned and repeated quite easily.

Every step that is essential in accomplishing the task could be laid out in some action template that might be reused in order to reassign the tasks in case if ever needed.

Task Completion and Multiple Views

Data needed to finish a specific task could be just accessed through assigning some members, creating a few sub-actions, attaching the files and then setting dependencies by using the action cards.

Separate team members could be mentioned as well as comment, permitting others for tracking the progress of each action. Several views are quite possible with this tool.

It allows different members to view the projects by a team member, label or the current status. The summary view is also available that is able to give some view of a large picture from combining projects.

Organize Projects

You could better organize several projects by using Hive through creating your to-do list.

You can compile your own list of every assignment across your projects. It allows you to see every item as well as its due date.

Hive comes with different forms which allow for a collection of the data that is relevant to the project. It also eliminates the requirement to just use emails and could be sent to the customers.

Improve File Sharing and Communication

Hive streamline

Hive offers the best feature of messaging.

With this functionality, users can directly converse with individuals or groups. For those users who want to share some files, work could be just streamlined by connecting an app with the Box, Dropbox, or the Google Drive account.

Features of Hive

Hive features

A host of features of Hive assist in solving the most usual issues which could possibly face a project team.

These unaddressed issues are now very easy to resolve by the use of the system. Here are some of the features which will help you in resolving the issues.

Flexible Projects

You can provide much flexibility to your team in order to plan different projects in a way that they can work best.

You can also organize your projects in a calendar, table, kanban board, or Gantt chart, and can easily switch between every layout.

There are updates that can be reflected across many project views, therefore the entire team is well-informed no matter what options they actually use.

Multiple Views

There are multiple views where you might view every project by the current status, assigned labels, or team member.

You could also use the summary views in order to combine multiple projects and then view a large picture across the company.

Action Templates

You can plan, as well as repeat the tasks quite easily by using different action templates.

So, you could lay out every required step in the particular action template which might be reused easily in order to assign the tasks to a right person on the right time.

Action Cards

You can easily access the information that is required to complete your task by assigning a few team members, creating sub actions, attaching files, and directly setting dependencies in an action card.

You could comment as well as mention the team members by ensuring that everybody could easily track every action’s progress.

Action List

The personal to-do list of you can be created in Hive by compiling the list of every detail that you’ve been assigned to across different projects.

You can also view what is on the plate every day and can understand when the particular items are actually due.


You can use the Hive forms in order to gather the necessary information that you typically need for working on your project.

Also, there is no more wastage of precious time with the back-&-forth emails. The Hive forms could be easily sent outside the organization that allows you to collect important information from the customers, clients, and much more.


The good communication is very important for the success of a team.

The Hive messaging actually permits you for having a good conversation with the individuals as well as groups directly in the Hive. Along with the integrations, you will be able to connect to the Slack or begin the video conference by using Zoom.

File Sharing

You can streamline your important work by just connecting the Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, or the Box account to the Hive directly where you could easily see as well as share the files.

External Users

From the contractors to clients, you might closely work with the individuals who are outside of the organization.

Along with the external users, you could invite them in order to collaborate on one single project in the Hive.

Hive Analytics

By leveraging existing important data and machine learning in order to understand how the team actually works, the Hive Analytics interactive dashboard can give actionable insights regarding the productivity of your team.

It aids you in spotting where the inefficiencies are, and also what changes can enhance the utilization as well as productivity.

Predictive Alerts

Along with the real-time notifications that are powered by the machine learning, you will be alerted immediately to anomalies in the productivity of your team.

It makes sure that you are surprised by the late projects and the overbooked team.

Time Tracking and Resourcing

Now, you could manage the utilization of your team across particular clients and projects directly in the Hive.


Hive pricing

Hive offers a simple SMB as well as pricing model with just 2 plans.

Professional – $12/month/user

It includes unlimited projects as well as messages.

There are unlimited standard integrations and mobile & Desktop apps. It has up to one hundred users.

Enterprise – Custom Pricing

There is everything you would get in a professional plan.

The on-premises installation is available. Custom Integrations are also there. It includes the compliance export.

It offers day and night response line.

Advantages of Hive Pricing

It has the ability to see the work by a project.

All team members are in just one view. There are filter tasks for everything that are assigned across several projects. There is much responsiveness of the customer service team.

The Hive is just like SQL hence it is simple to use. There are buckets, external tables, UDFs, partitions. These features are very useful for teamwork.

The ORC data format occupies less space as well as retrieves the data at a fast pace.

Hive is also intended to just simplify your work experience with the Hadoop.

It also allows the business analyst as well as developers to apply the SQL knowledge for build reports, query data, build ETL, and more.

Therefore, it makes you able to run a map reduce jobs by using the JSON parsing. It can generate the dynamic partitions in a Parquet file format.

Technical Details

Devices Supported

The Hive supports Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone & iPad, and Web-based devices.

Language Support

The Hive just supports the English language.

Pricing Model

The pricing model of the Hive offers the facility of monthly payment.

Customer Types

There are different types of its customers that include small business, medium business, and large enterprises.


It includes cloud hosted as well as an on-premise option.

Desktop Apps

You can easily get access to the Hive workspace.

You don’t even need to open the browser. It is also available in Mac as well as Windows operating system.

You can easily download it to take the advantages of desktop notifications. You can open your required files by just one click. It provides much faster performance.

Mobile Apps

You can easily access the workspace with the help of mobile apps of the Hive. These mobile apps are available on Android as well as iOS. There is no need to restrict yourself to the desk.

There are some important things that you could accomplish on just one move. You can send messages and add new tasks.

You can also share important files with your team members. It enables you to check the progress of your project.

Support Details

It is very easy to view the status of your every project across your team even without disturbing them over the chat.

It is also good to have an ability to just chat with the team members on one platform and then share important files in case you want a quick response.

The Hive is quite useful for the tracking of personal tasks and also working on the team projects.

It is done in a timeline (Gantt) style as well as visual style.

And, this has an ability to include different assignees as well as detailed subtasks. This feature is something that is not available in every integrated tool.


We realize that while you are making a decision to purchase a Collaboration Software, then it is crucial to see how the professionals evaluate this in the reviews.

It is also important to find out that the companies and real people who purchase this are really satisfied with the Hive.

That is why there is a facility of the behavior-based Client Satisfaction Algorithm™ which collects reviews of the customers, their comments and the Hive reviews across a large range of the social media websites.

Hence, the data is presented in a simple way. The data shows you how many individuals have positive as well as negative experience with the Hive.

Along with this information in your hand, you must be well-equipped in order to make a well-informed purchasing decision which you will not regret.

Hive helps you stay productive and organized at an inexpensive cost. The Hive team is very responsive and is also very helpful. It has a rich set of features which makes it very easy to use. Dragging and dropping is quite useful in Hive so give it a try!