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Full Hive PMS Software Review – All you need to know about Hive

Hive PMS Software

If you’re in search of a project management platform that can cater to both big and small teams while offering a multitude of features, then, Hive PMS software is the tool you need. Some of the features offered by Hive system include task management automation, file sharing, and chat. Modern businesses will find this powerful and intuitive software very effective when it comes to project management.

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With this centralized project management platform, business organizations can effectively do the planning, execution, and tracking of projects in real time. All the aspects of your project activities are connected in Hive with the help of features such as file sharing, group messaging, and more than 1,000 app integrations.

As a user of Hive PMS software, the need to switch between several different tools in order to get your work done has been eliminated. When you choose Hive system as your project management platform, it means you are empowering your team to get better results faster.

With Hive, you will have access to features that can be used to handle some of the most common challenges faced by project teams. Some of the capabilities that make Hive system a powerful project management platform include the following.


Project members must be able to access information at any point of need and Hive PMS software offers access to data whenever needed. Hive has calendars, Gantt charts, and Kanban boards that are useful when it comes to planning work as project teams can switch between layouts. Hive PMS software provides flexibility through its multiple views and action cards make it possible for users to access data at any point of need.

With Hive system, you can assign team members, create sub-actions and attach files. You can also directly set dependencies, and also comment and mention members while ensuring that everyone is kept on the same page.

With Hive system, organization is made easy

Hive PMS software allows you to build your own to-do list and this is usually a compilation of each of your project assignments.  You can update projects in real-time in relation to changes and this ensures that the project members are all aware of their tasks. This project management platform allows you to generate dashboards using advanced analytics and use the dashboards to view both current and coming projects. With an effective organization, users can make sound and information-based decisions.

Hive project management platform - dashboard

Employee management and analytics

Since employees are the most important asset in any project, Hive system guarantees users of complete visibility into tasks which have been assigned through team-specific views. Through advanced analytics, every project member is provided with a view of the tasks that they should accomplish and this results to deeper insights. When employees are underworked or overworked, alerts are automatically sent to the relevant people.

What is Hive PMS Software?

Hive PMS software is a powerful and intuitive project management platform for today’s business organizations. With this centralized project management platform, businesses can confidently undertake the planning, execution, and tracking of projects in real time. All your work properties or elements are connected with the help of features such as file sharing, group messaging, and more than 1,000 app integrations.

Hive PMS system - Quick start guide

Users of Hive system don’t need to move between different software in order to get their work done. Hive PMS software empowers your project teams to attain better results quicker.

While using Hive system, the productivity of your teams will be increased. The project management platform has availed almost all the actions needed to move teamwork ahead. Hive brings file storage, communication, and external applications all in one place and this helps keep everyone within the same page. With Hive system, external applications are integrated into the dashboard and this helps users concentrate on doing their job as opposed to having to remember passwords, send invitations, grant access, and switch between tabs.

As a project management platform that can cater to both small and big teams, Hive PMS software provides users with several features that include task management automation, file sharing, and chat. With Hive PMS software, users essentially facilitate the creation and organizing of tasks for any project team member. The tasks should be customizable such that they display attachments and show deadlines.

Using this project management solution, you can track the progress of a project and change deadlines and workloads since the system supports a Kanban-style view. Individual tasks can also be planned using Gantt charts. Hive system works seamlessly with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box and thus users can access files from one dashboard. Users can also attach files to actions or drag and drop them into messages in order to share them with other project members.

Hive Analytics has three dashboards that users rely on for insights with regard to the productivity of a team. The dashboards offer a summary of personal and workspace productivity and then identifies inefficiencies and this allows managers to find possible ways to solve them. With the Hive system, users receive real-time notifications that alert them on the problems affecting the productivity of the team.

With Hive PMS software, you will also be made aware of how teams are involved in tracking and estimating time. Additional features included in this project management platform are multiple task views, workflow templates, over 100 third-party apps and group messaging. Hive offers you everything that a project team would need on one page. By integrating external apps into your dashboard, Hive PMS software allow users to pay much attention to important tasks and less on remembering passwords, granting access, and sending invitations.

Benefits of Hive PMS

Hive system is customizable

Hive PMS software can be customized to serve the needs of a business or users. As a user, you can use the Hive system to view the same project in distinct ways. The system also allows to view a bunch of different projects with the summary view. With the many options that the project management platform provides, it would greatly suit the needs of your entire team.

Hive project management platform has an easy to use syntax

Hive system has a SQL-like syntax and this contributes to its ease of use. Users can retrieve data at a faster speed because the ORC data format within Hive occupies lesser space. The application is designed to simplify your experience with Hadoop and allows business analysts and developers to use their SQL knowledge when querying build reports, data, build among other things.

With Hive system, communication has been made easy

Project team members within Hive PMS software have access to everything they need all in a central location. More importantly, users can also easily chat on matters related to a task while working to finish it at the same time.

Hive PMS software has a good design and is easy to use

With its intuitive and user-friendly design, the application can be easily learned and used.  Furthermore, users can view the tasks that they have been assigned and schedule a date for completing a task.

With Hive system, it is easy to store and share files

Hive project management platform is for storing files and folders in one place and it allows you to integrate with cloud storage devices that are currently in use. Users can directly view their communications with project team members via the application’s dashboard and this includes all messages, actions, and files. With Hive PMS software, you can also share files through the dashboard using the drag and drop action.

Efficient communication access

Hive system allows teams and projects to create different groups for the purposes of communication. This can be achieved through an application meant for mobile or PC. Hive also provides notifications from other tools integrated with it.

Workflows and actions are simplified

Using Hive PMS software, you will be able to create a workflow and this will allow the whole team to operate in a single simple process and also allocate tasks to particular individuals as well. Additionally, using the Hive app, you can create actions for the team plus comments, labels, and attachments. This app also provides a Cockpit View that you can use to have a complete overview of the calendar.

Hive project management platform boosts the flexibility of a project

With this project management platform, users are offered the flexibility they need when it comes to planning projects in the best way possible. Users can organize projects in Gantt charts, Kanban board, table or calendar and they can also switch between different layouts. Every project view reflects updates such that project members are kept on the same page all the time.

Hive PMS Software allows users to automate tasks using action templates

When it comes to handling repetitive tasks, the application allows users to do automation using action templates through which the tasks can be planned and repeated easily. All steps needed to complete a task can be laid out within the action template and this can be reused when reassigning tasks whenever necessary.

Hive PMS software guarantees task completion

Hive project management platform makes it possible for you to access all the data necessary for completing a task through allocating members, attaching files, creating sub-actions and setting dependencies via action cards. You can comment and mention on individual team members allowing others to track the progress of everyone’s action.

With the multiple views provided by Hive system, you can view projects by current status, team member or labels.  Furthermore, the summary view of this tool gives you the big picture by unifying projects.

Hive system - status view

Hive Project management platform makes it easy for you to organize your projects

Hive PMS software allows you to create your own to-do list and this helps you to organize your projects in the best way possible. Also, you can build a list of all assigned tasks across projects and this will allow you to view each item and its due date. Hive system also provides you with forms that you can use to collect data which is of significance to your project. This removes the need for emails.

Hive integrates with several third-party applications

For efficient communication, Hive PMS software successfully integrates with applications such as Slack and Zoom. Files sharing is also improved through the application’s ability to integrate with tools such as Dropbox, Google Drive account and Box.

Hive system - integration with slack

Hive has a predictive analytics feature that provides you with insights

With Hive Analytics, there are interactive dashboards that allow users to combine data and machine learning in order to get insights into how team members are performing. By getting insights into the productivity of a team, you can identify inefficiencies and come up with a solution designed to boost productivity.

On the other hand, project members are alerted on problems affecting productivity through real-time notifications and this helps in avoiding complications that could include things like late projects or overbooking.

Features of Hive system

Hive project management platform comes with several features which help put it in the list of the top project management systems. These features are as we list below.

  • Multiple views
  • Action cards
  • Time tracking and resourcing
  • Import tasks
  • Action templates
  • Predictive alerts
  • Forms
  • External use
  • Status view
  • Flexible projects
  • Action list
  • Files & folders
  • Chat
  • Automatic updates
  • File sharing
  • Gantt chart
  • Group communication
  • Analytics
  • Powered to do lists
  • Direct messages
  • Simple workflows


Professional – priced at $12 per user per month

  • Unlimited projects and messages
  • Up to 100 users
  • Desktop and mobile apps
  • Unlimited standard integrations

Enterprise – provided through custom pricing

  • Everything in Professional
  • 24 hours response line
  • On-premises installation available
  • Compliance export
  • Custom Integrations

Hive project management platform - pricing

Request for a demo at info.hive.com.

Free signup at app.hive.com.

Technical Details

Hive system supports devices that run on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, and Web-based. The application only supports the English language. The pricing model for this application is monthly payment. Customer types include small businesses, medium businesses, and large enterprises. Deployment is through cloud-hosting and on-premise.

Support Details

The main support offered by the vendors of Hive PMS software is Live support.

Facebook: Hive

Twitter: @hive

LinkedIn: Hive

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