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Full Hitsteps Live Chat Software Review – All You Need to Know About Hitsteps


What is Hitsteps?

Hitsteps is a real-time website analytics software that energizes businesses to keep track of their visitors’ movement throughout their website. Sparked by its powerful live chat tool, the cloud-hosted visitor management platform indulges business managers and entrepreneurs alike with detailed visitor information that include their geolocation and referrer to make it easier to initiate a fruitful conversation. In addition, companies can also make use of the platform in analyzing every web pages to further bolster their websites.

Hitsteps Benefits

Track Visitors Efficiently

Web analytics plays an essential part in assisting businesses to enhance their lead conversions and generate a higher return on investments as it provides them with real-time visitor data such as demographics, birthdays, and locations, which can all be utilized to optimize their content. Powered by its modern and easy-to-navigate live dashboard, the dynamic website analytics solution makes it possible for companies to get a wind of the number of page views and the number of their traffic sources within just one glance. Interestingly enough, product users can leverage web analytics in not only determining the most effective search keywords but also removing redundant web tickets to aggrandized their performance.

In connection with keywords, Hitsteps is also responsible for nourishing businesses with precise keyword analytics that allows them to determine those keywords that are not working so that they can optimize them accordingly. Subsequently, companies can likewise dig deep into a particular keyword to detect how many times the keyword has been clicked or used by a specific visitor. Impressively, business administrators are likewise able to find out the top performing elements on their web pages, contents, slide banners, carousels, sub-menus, and in-page pop-ups.

On a related note, the multitalented visitor management platform gives the means for businesses to not only monitor present visitor actions but also scan old visits to figure out what led them to click on their websites. Making Hitsteps a hit in the competitive world of business is its extreme potentiality to come up with a visual profile of the visitor. By simply letting visitors supply information on registration, comment, or contact forms, companies are able to establish communication with their visitors and increase the chances of them making a purchase.


Also, the cloud-based web analytics tool can display the location of their online visitors with the assistance of its precise city-wide geo-location service. Adjacently, businesses can exercise its country tracking facet to make it more uncomplicated for them to market their product globally as well as suss, which country is providing them with the most or least traffic. Moreover, business owners can further capitalize the program by making use of its real-time referral tracking feature that is imperative in improving and building high-quality referrers.

In relation to tracking, Hitsteps is likewise mobilized with a dynamic widget and invisible tracking which work conjointly to enable companies to install an invisible counter on their websites without disrupting its design. Astonishingly, businesses can also perform HTTPS monitoring to prevent any security problems when visitors are using their websites. Furthermore, product users can also track downloadable and external links to unearth the number of clicks that their sites are sending to the content or videos are linked within their web pages.

Advanced Detection Components

What makes Hitsteps stand out from the rest is its artistry to work more than just a visitor tracking program. Revved-up by ad block detection, the prospering visitor management platform sanctions businesses to discover visitors who are making use of advertisement blocking features. Proximately, Hitsteps yields companies with graphs and charts to visualize how ad-blockers are affecting their advertisement campaigns.

Besides its ad block detection plugin, the versatile cloud-based solution is also accoutered with a battery-level detection that has the skill to distinguish the battery-levels of their website visitors. Likewise, Hitsteps provides an in-depth chart on the battery-levels of the visitors’ devices so that businesses can cut to the chase and get down to brass tacks. On the other hand, its TorBrowser detection which allows companies to point out if their visitor is leveraging a TorBrowser.


Engage Prospects And Visitors

Attracting visitors into a website is one thing, engaging them is something else entirely. Buttressed by its online chat feature, the puissant visitor management tool gives the green light for businesses to interact directly with their web visitors in real-time in order to provide them with answers to product-related questions. Consequently, Hitsteps can likewise utilize its dashboard to help companies catch on their online prospects so that they can immediately instigate a conversation. Moreover, sales representatives can get a quick glance at what their prospects are typing even before clicking send, thereby, allowing them to rapidly send answers to customer queries. By means of this process, businesses are able to uplift customer loyalty and satisfaction as well as drive sales conversions and build long-term relationships with their clients.

Comprehensive Reporting Attributes

On the other hand, the high-powered web analytics software also exhibits an industry-leading reporting peripheral that has what it takes to spruce up communication between investors, subordinates, and clients as well as measure, control, and monitor the company’s workforce. Piqued by its exit page reporting, Hitsteps enables businesses to know the last page that their visitors viewed before they left. Through exit page reporting, webmasters can spot issues within a particular page to allow them to readjust content or design.

Other than that, Hitsteps is likewise furnished with a utilitarian email reporting that is specially crafted for people who do not have time to keep tabs on their web pages in real-time. With email reporting, businesses can gather significant information such as the number of online visitors, hits, and page views as well as search engines used, top referral sites, and high-performing keyword phrases. Consequentially, the powerhouse web analytics program also sends email reports to company administrators daily, weekly, or monthly for evaluation purposes.

Pertaining to reports, the thriving visitor management pulpit can further reinforce businesses through smart uptime reporting, which automatically notifies them during a website downtime. By simply activating its uptime monitoring element, Hitsteps systematically sets up SSH commands and characterize DNS failover through Cloudflare to recover their failed servers and websites in less than no time. Additionally, businesses can export and download their reports into diversified formats including PDF and CSV for easier file sharing.


Hitsteps Features

Hitsteps is inundated with an extensive range of features that include a live dashboard, page analysis, downloadable reports, live map, email reporting, recent visitors, top referrals, keyword analytics, profile visualizing, country tracking, HTTPS tracking, and invisible counters. Other than that, businesses can also supervise a sundry of websites into a single account without any trouble at all. Perked by its commonsensical multiple site management attributes, the flexible visitor management scaffold is flexible enough to manage a conglomerate of blogs, social media pages, and business websites as well as easily jump between them through its dropbox that is located on the stats pages.

Notably, businesses can lean on its overview and total graph pages to not only view all of their websites in a single glance but also add up all web statistics tout de suite for immediate analysis. Likewise, Hitsteps gives the way for company administrators to set up access levels on specific business information to make sure that only authorized personnel can retrieve such data. What is more is that Hitsteps is in conformity with the strictest GDPR compliance and laws, which simply implies that the program won’t track IP addresses and hoard cookies without the consent of their visitors.

Should any personal information are monitored, Hitsteps automatically asked for visitor’s permission via a GDPR consent popup. Additionally, the user-friendly visitor management software is also decked with a white label service that authorizes businesses to add their own colors, and themes to the program. By simply uploading their logos to the white label section, companies can see to it that their clients receive reports that promote their brand.

Moreover, Hitsteps is further bolstered up by heat maps which play a critical role in aiding marketing and sales departments, which sections of their websites are grabbing the most attention. Apart from that, the steady visitor management platform can extend its functionalities thanks to its booming third-party integrations. By guilelessly assimilating Hitsteps with WordPress email integration, businesses can get hold of the prospect’s full detail including the date and time of their first visit, first landing pages, and the first referrer.

Through this method, companies can determine the pages that their prospects are viewing before contacting them so that they can effortlessly help and answer visitor questions accurately. On top of that, businesses can likewise integrate Hitsteps with ImpressPages and Joomla Analytics to simultaneously view heat maps when editing a page. In addition to everything else, the cloud-based software also lets business owners determine where their traffic is coming from whether it’d be from advertising campaigns, blogs, or from social media thanks to its in-depth sources module. Other features of Hitsteps include cross-device management, multilingual and cross-platform support, recent searches, detailed information, advanced visitor segmentation, browsers used, company profiles, download and external link tracking, page analysis, and top keywords.


Pricing Plans

Hitsteps is draped with assorted pricing bundles to choose from including the free, starter, basic, pro, and ultimate packages. The free plan offers product users with real-time tracking, live dashboard, downloads and external link tracking, advanced visitor segmentation, customer data, email reports, visitor hostname and organization, 14-day data history, and a page view limit of below 2,000. On the other hand, the starter plan is toughened up with all free plan attributes as well as a 30-day data history, multi-user support, live online support button, HTTPS website tracking, two triggers, and one chat agents or users.

In addition, the starter bundle, which costs $4.99 per month, allows businesses to track two sites and is comprised with a page view limit of below 10,000 a month. Companies who want to extend their pageviews limit can turn to its basic package, which flaunts a 50K page view cap, starter plan features, 60-day data history, five triggers, seven heatmap archives, 2000 heatmap daily clicks, three chat agents and users, and three campaigns for an economical price of $9.99 monthly. Meanwhile, the pro bundle, which is supplied with all basic components, can track 30 websites as well as increase pageview limits to below 500,000 per month and monitor 22 goals and campaigns.

The pro plan, which costs $21.99 per month, is also arrayed with 180-day data history, 10 uptime monitoring, 25 uptime credits, 20 triggers, 10 chat agents and users, 6000 heatmap daily clicks, and 30 heatmap archives. Aside from that, businesses can likewise resort to the ultimate package, which is harnessed with all previous plan features, 360-day data history, unlimited heatmap archives, 9,000 heatmap daily clicks, 15 chat agents and users, 45 triggers, 50 campaigns and goals, 50 uptime credits, track 100 websites, and a pageview ceiling of less than one million per month.

Technical Details

Hitsteps is available on Windows, Mac, and over the web. It supports a myriad of languages that include English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and Turkish. In addition, the web-based visitor management software, which adopts free and monthly pricing models, serves freelancers and small businesses.

By the same token, product users can also deploy Hitsteps in cloud-hosted environments for maximum scalability and flaccidity. With the exception the said integrations, businesses can also integrate the program with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, PrestaShop, Shopify, Drupal, Tumblr, Safari, Google Tag Manager, Blogger, and Microsoft Edge.

Support Details

Hitsteps is bedecked with a competent technical support team that coddles businesses with email support, terms of service, a Frequently Asked Questions section, privacy, and live chat support. Besides that, product users can also contact them on various social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Ultimately, companies can also depend on its blog for informative articles on website statistics, Hitsteps analytics, uptime monitoring system, and video tracking. At present Hitsteps serves a broad range of companies that include Samantha Summer Institute, Habitat for Humanity of West Central Minnesota, Market Twister, and Zethus.