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Full HireMate Car Rental Software Review – All You Need to Know About HireMate


What is HireMate?

HireMate is a service program for car rental utilities with a collection of almost 200 vehicles. It is a functional software designed to bring an easy-going channel that provides convenience and ease to all its users. The software was created by Grensoft, a company established in 1992. The software has been used by 2,000 establishments worldwide. It has an exceptional quality that has helped many people save thousands of funds on monthly car rental costs over a span of four years.

HireMate is a Windows-based service that uses Visual C++, an expanding and developmental language used by most applications in Windows. The software provides a pack of useful features whether free or priced, they significantly improve car rental application services. It is designed to streamline the management of car rental maintenance from a single system. HireMate provides an assortment of impressive benefits expanding from simple web bookings, daily vehicle maintenance checks, on-going tallies of daily vehicle usage and booking reports. HireMate’s top priority is letting its users operate with each rental service as smoothly as possible.

HireMate HireMate has a boatload of benefits offered to showcase the convenience and reliability it aims to provide for its customers. The software makes use of a layout usually incorporated by Windows that makes it effortless and straightforward to find, download and use. HireMate has a tiny learning curve appealing to many users that may have issues with the technicalities of the program; intuition is all anyone needs for a smooth sailing endeavor with this software. Its user-friendliness translates to usability without frustration and confusion on anybody’s part. Getting up to speed is as easy as pie!

One of HireMate’s most remarkable benefits is its Weblink module. This feature brings a haven of reliability that lets potential customers to easily peruse the software’s website and get a glimpse of all the vehicles that are ready to be rented with their respective rates. It provides images and all the information a potential client may need. The software ensures that all the data required to manage the system are frequently updated exactly as changes are made to avoid consumers viewing vehicles that may or may not still be available. Everything viewed is the accurate information that could be possibly provided for every user. This helps the customers have all the material and notices at hand when seeking for price listings, making inquiries or making reservations.

Another important feature is its booking chart that is designed to be operated on a monthly basis. These reports display vehicles with its corresponding days of usage that it has been employed by customers in an effort to discern past and current rentals with any future bookings. This lets the company operators properly determine each rental by the client’s name or their transaction number easily. Every vehicle can be arranged by size, type, location and a specific code making use of letters and numbers taken by their registration keys.

The icing on the cake is that reserving and sending cars on each side of the grid take as easy as a couple clicks. Both sides of the exchange need not worry about any complications. HireMate formulated a sound process that couldn’t possibly go wrong. The process allows users to approve reservations in the Weblink module. The operators follow these changes to edit and approve the booking information while the clients then receive the opportunity to modify the vehicular details. The modifications made by the costumers may affect the price of the rental.

HireMate Benefits

HireMate’s benefits make the software a goldmine of ease. In just a matter of clicking a couple buttons, users get what they need in exactly the way they want them. Let’s dive into its wondrous features that are guaranteed to make any potential customer sign up and reap its impressive perks.

1. Reservations Management. This is the integration of a car rental service and how it is daily operated to maintain a smooth and uncomplicated flow between the user and the rental operator. This also applies to the maintenance of the vehicles and its continued protection, making sure that the commodities in use are preserved and taken care of. The system makes use of online reservations which makes the rental operations steadier and easier as it can be looked after with a single control panel. This system is highly customizable, and it combines multiple, unified outputs in a single server to ensure management is precise and attentive.

2. Vehicle Tracking. This means monitoring the usage of the vehicle using a Global Positioning System (GPS) to track its movements and passages. This feature was installed for the safety and well-being of the customers, as well as, the vehicles themselves. When utilized with its booking system, car rental operators possess the information of every user, creating a system for any liabilities that will have come about during the vehicles’ rental periods. HireMate aims to uphold a firm relationship with its customers with the intention of avoiding any mishaps to better accommodate them.

3. Billing. HireMate’s billing statements provide their customers with a detailed flow of their exact rental purchases. Some of the information state in these statements is the invoice statuses with all respective balances, the access to find other invoices made in the past for quick reference, the selection of multiple addresses to view all at once and the cash flow reviews made daily or monthly. It is important to give the customers all the information that they would need about their purchase along with the option of adjustment of payment deadlines. Additionally, these billing statements are professionally made to ensure absolute accuracy. They may be saved or delivered, depending on the customer’s preferences.

4. Quotations. HireMate provides affordable, easy to use services that would help anyone regardless of their technological knowledge. Their rates are fixed, although, the software allows its customers to make modifications on the vehicles. Any particular preferences will be addressed and provided for every user. These come with additional fees that would barely make a dent in the investment. These quotes can be acquired by contacting the rental service operators and letting them know of any optimizations desired. They will respond with the given quote, and users have the choice to forego or decline. Though its rates are incredibly affordable, passing that up would be a mistake.


5. Booking Confirmation. Reservations are made in the Weblink module menu and accessing the monthly booking chart to create a new service operation. HireMate’s booking system is so stellar, it could be considered as a full-proof mode of assistance. Once the reservation or booking is made, users have full access to their vehicles along with every piece of information about it. Yes, this even includes how much fuel is in the tank. Everything is provided once the booking is confirmed. This happens with zero lags and difficulties and 100% efficiency.

6. User Manual. HireMate’s user manual is a regular what’s what of the entire service process. It includes step-by-step information on every possible question or inquiry a customer may have. From the download and configuration of the software all the way to the payment and recovery of the rental. HireMate clearly left no place for holes. The user manual opens up to a page with a corresponding list of topics and questions. Look for the one that is needed, and users will get their answers with just a click away. Not only are they specific, the information is easy to grasp. This feature can be located in the Grensoft website under HireMate.

7. Date File Backup. A certain feature about HireMate that has been publicly favored is that control of the service’s data is in the respective users’ hands. This means that a customer may program their old files from years before and have them deleted for a speedy online service. Deleting the current year’s data is impossible. Furthermore, data gets automatically backed up by the system every time an action is performed. There is an option for customers to only have data backed up at certain times to prevent complications with the server. Furthermore, they can be restored as well. People have raved of HireMate’s backup system, not making use of the cloud. As it may provide complications, data is usually backed up to external devices. This ensures that the information saved doesn’t get lost in the clouds if you know what I mean.

8. Monthly Booking Chart. This feature keeps track of every customer’s monthly booking invoices along with the specifications of the vehicles rented. This is accessible to all users. Having the booking chart creates harmony between the rental operator and customer, ensuring that the customers are fully aware of what they purchased and the operators have full insight on the service they are providing. Customers may book reservations through this feature.

HireMate Features


Feature Test. Every software is designed to have a collection of features and they are defined by each modification created in the system to improve functionality. Every feature has an essence of intuition, usability, and efficacy. Feature tests are an A/B mode of testing, figuring out which feature designs have the best properties. This means optimizing a feature without code. Each feature variation gets assigned to different audiences to see the effects of their promoted reliability. The audiences trafficked towards a specific feature variation depend on metrics, traffic location, and certain social groups.

HireMate makes use of this because it has a never-ending mission to provide the utmost and enhanced versions of their benefits to their customers. Figuring out which processes need to be built up and which to be broken down for the sake of every user’s complete trust and unfailing continued dedication to the software is a priority that HireMate continues to bring to the world.

Customer Database. HireMate keeps track of its customers and this includes the former ones. Their customer database is vast and full of accuracies. The software wants to have all the information that was once needed for customers to be completely accessible regardless of how much time has passed. It provides full disclosure to all customers who have made use of the software.


HireMate’s pricing plans are incredibly straightforward. They’re as easy to understand as all the other services and processes provided. Each service plan is a single payment subscription. After making the one purchase, users no longer have to worry about any additional fees in store, excluding any fees that are linked to vehicle modifications.

HireMate has three service plans for users to choose from:

  • The Mini version, the Midi version, and the Maxi version.

The Mini version plan is a single payment program that allows customers to book up to 25 vehicles. With 25 vehicles to choose from, there’s no way to go wrong. The plan costs $240. That price for a life-long investment? What a steal.

The Midi version plan is a single payment program that allows customers to book up to 75 vehicles. This plan provides 50 more vehicles to choose from compared to the Mini version. Any and all kinds of preferences are definitely going to be met with this one. The plan costs $300. That is a $60 added expense for a drastic amount of variations. You can’t go wrong.

The Maxi version plan is the biggest and last subscription in the entire list of HireMate’s services. It gives getting a back for your buck a whole different kind of meaning. This single payment program allows customers to book up to 200 vehicles. This plan provides full service for every vehicle in the system. With this, you could literally rent out cars with all the preferences taken into account to your heart’s content. This costs $360. That is another $60 increase from the Midi version with a 125 increase in cars! This one is the way to go.

Purchase HireMate now and ready yourself for a world of the easiest and best car rental services anyone could imagine.

Technical Details

HireMate The software is supported by Windows.

All pricing models are single payment plans along with any additional payments from vehicle modifications.

Customer types range from small to medium scales. Deployment of the vehicles is on company premises.

Support Details

Support is provided by HireMate’s user manual. For more uncomplicated ways to interact, there is a mobile option to connect with the software’s personnel. Any troubles will be addressed to HireMate’s full capacity.