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Full HighFive Web Conferencing Software Review – All you need to know about HighFive

HighFive Web Conferencing Software

What is HighFive Software?

HighFive Software is a video conferencing tool that offers a very versatile solution for your business communications. You will be able to carry out online conferences and meetings using a simple approach that is also enjoyable. Utilizing this video conferencing tool, you can improve the way you communicate with customers and staff regardless of what city or country you are all located in when communicating.

Introduced in 2012 and currently catering to more than 2000 organizations worldwide like your own, you can expect great results with HighFive. They have evolved the way you do business communications. The complete revolutionary way they do online conferences and meetings has helped to remove the clunky performance issues you can find in any other video conferencing tool.

HighFive is on the mission to transform all meeting rooms to have a completely modern and beautifully designed platform that will empower your organization. With organizations like Andreesen, SV Angel, and Lightspeed Venture Partners using this video conferencing tool, you will be in good company if you choose this software.

Benefits of HighFive Software:

You need a video conferencing tool that is going to get the job done. When it comes to improving business communications, you want to know that you are investing in a video conferencing tool that will benefit you and your organization as a whole. Therefore, to help you in figuring out the differences in the various software that is available, here is an overview of the benefits you get with HighFive Software.

  • They provide you with a sophisticated design for your online conferences. Each meeting room is designed to be simple, but professional.
  • This video conferencing tool is very easy to use. Designed to empower your organization, HighFive Software is made to be used by anyone of any technological skill.
  • You will be able to get started using this software in a matter of minutes. With a simple and clean set up, you don’t need to worry that implementing this video conferencing tool will be complicated or tedious.
  • You can connect with remote colleagues anywhere in the world. Perfect for the modern workplace, anyone who is on the go will be able to access this software regardless of location.
  • The speed at which you can conduct online conferences is comparable to speaking with attendees in person.
  • Using advanced technology, you will find that HighFive provides you with a very fluid business communications tool that is free from outside disruptions.
  • You can use this video conferencing tool from one device to another seamlessly. If you need to move from your laptop to a projection screen mid-meeting, you can do so without any interruption to the flow of conversation.
  • The various meeting rooms across your organization will feel like one big boardroom when you are conducting business communications.
  • You can get a free demo to see how the software works. If that impresses you, you can move on to give this video conferencing tool a try using the free trial.
  • There are native apps for your mobile devices making this a very versatile web conferencing software.

Features of HighFive Software:

With the web conferencing software market being so competitive, you are looking for what makes each one stands out. Your business communications are the backbone of your organization. Therefore, you need to be sure that you are getting a robust and complete feature set with the software you choose. For this reason, provided is an overview of the various features that you get with HighFive Software.

Utilize video conferencing without any limitations.

You will be able to conduct online conferencing without any limits by having unlimited meetings and durations. Everyone in your organization can conduct as many meetings as they desire with this web conferencing tool. You simply need to click the meeting link and join in your browser without worrying about having to use additional downloads.

Moreover, you can join meetings without the need for PIN codes. Making your online conferences easier and quicker, you can utilize this web conferencing tool without interruptions. Need to move to a larger screen? Moving is simply done at the click of the “move to TV” button, and you are all set without any interference.

Share your screen with anyone at any time regardless of location.

Communicate with your staff and customers more effectively through the ability to share your screen with remote attendees. You can do this when using the software on your desktop, laptop or projection screen. Furthermore, you will be able to drive points home more effectively as sharing is seamless.

On the go? No problem. Share your screen from any of the devices you are currently using. There is the ability to share the screen from the web, Mac, Android devices and Windows. There is no need for you to have to pause the online conference in order to “pass the control” over to anything or anyone else.

Have unlimited audio conferencing without the need for PIN codes.

Having communications through video conferencing and face to face is the norm. However, through HighFive Software, you can get unlimited dial-in numbers to do simple audio conferencing. With this feature, you also get unlimited minutes to conduct these audio calls. Depending on the pricing package you use, you can make use of this feature internationally without needing any special hardware.

Furthermore, using the Dolby technology, you will be sure to have clear and crisp conversations regardless of where in the world attendees may be. Through the ability to have background noise cancellation, you will find that your conversations are free from “clutter” and can be done seamlessly either while on the go or when stationary.

Integration into your current business communications workflow with ease.

There are various tools that will integrate seamlessly with HighFive software for your convenience. You will be able to get the work done however you choose to do so. You can quickly add a HighFive link to your online conferences with just one click.

Integrate with Google Calendar or Outlook for convenience. Through this feature, you can automatically have your calendar synced up to include scheduled online conferences with ease. Turn a text chat into a video conference by inviting your contact to meet. Invite anyone from Slack to Skype for business, and soon you will all be conferencing in a unified manner.

Make use of network evaluation and various analytics for furthering your business communications.

Through the ability to have your network evaluated, you will find out if there are any issues that could interfere when you are conducting video conferences. The evaluation will come with recommendations that you can use to help improve your conferencing quality.

Moreover, use analytics to keep records of your business communications. You will have the ability to record meetings for future use or to provide to attendees who were unable to make it. Furthermore, you can get reports on meeting times, duration and any missed meetings to help further make improvements to your overall online conferences’ performance.

Pricing Details of HighFive Software:

HighFive Software has provided three various pricing plans that can be used for enterprises or SMBs. There are varying details, so take a look and see which will work best for you.


At $99 per month per room, you get a variety of useful features. These features include the ability to have unlimited video conferences, meetings and hosts, TV projection wirelessly and remote screen sharing. Furthermore, you get access to a secure WIFI network, wireless app control; simple meeting URL’s that are unique and cross-platform usage. Finally, there is the ability to have up to 8 callers per room, no meeting passwords required, a variety of support options, integrations and 128-bit encryption for calls.


In this package, you get all the features that you see in the Essentials plan. Additionally, you get to have unlimited phone dial-ins, up to 25 attendees per meeting, single sign-on access and an active directory. Continually, you get unlimited international dial-ins, custom branding on apps and TV, a custom domain and the usage of the analytics feature. Finally, there are advanced administrative capabilities. All this for $149 per month per room.


This package costs $199 per month per room, and it includes all the Standard features. Furthermore, you get premium audio that is powered by Dolby and the Dolby device. Additionally, you get a dedicated success manager to help you out from implementation to continued use. Finally, you get the spatial stereo voice separation for cancelling background noise, network evaluation plus optimization, admin with employee onboarding, the 360-degree audio capture and onsite with virtual training.

Please note that all prices are listed as monthly, but they are billed annually.

Technical Details of HighFive Software:

The deployment of this robust video conferencing tool is via the cloud, and that means it can be used on any device regardless of their operating system. Furthermore, there is the web-based version that can be used by anyone as well. Get the app for your Android and iOS mobile devices for those remote workers from their respective stores.

Supported language is English.

Support Details of HighFive Software:

There are a variety of support options that come with this video conferencing tool. You will be able to use this software for online conferences and business communications with ease knowing that you are fully supported by the organization. Here are the details of the various support options.

  1. Email: A provided email address can be used for non-emergency type issues. HighFive tries to respond in a decent amount of time. Keep in mind that this support option is best used for issues that fairly straightforward. If you have a complicated issue you need to be addressed, it’s better to look at the other support options.
  2. Phone: You will have a toll-free North American and European number that you can call when you need to speak to a live representative. Through this option, you will be able to discuss complicated issues with ease and get help instantly.
  3. Live Support: Through your dashboard, you will have access to a live chat option. You can connect with a support representative easily through this chat window for remote help.
  4. Tickets: Create support tickets from your dashboard for any technical issues you might be having. Using a queue and tier-based system, these tickets will be evaluated and responded to by the appropriate support personnel.
  5. Training: Provided to you by HighFive Software is a variety of training options. You can get online or in-person training that will teach you how to use the various functions that come with this video conferencing software. Furthermore, there is an online database of frequently asked questions and common user issues that you will have access to for help.

Please note that not all pricing packages have the same levels of support. Be sure to check into the pricing options and the support that is offered at each level. Additionally, there is the option to purchase additional support regardless of the package you choose for online conferences.


Knowing what you need to conduct your business communications will make choosing a video conferencing tool easier. Take the knowledge you can gain from experts and various users to help you make an informed decision. Make sure to always do your homework before making your final decision.

HighFive Software comes with a complete set of features that make it a great choice for online conferences. Furthermore, the fact that this software is designed with the remote user in mind, having noise cancellation and 360-degree audio capture are great additions that make HighFive stand apart from their competitors.

Overall, this video conferencing tool comes with all the bells and whistles you could want in a web conferencing software. The ability to move seamlessly from devices and to projection screens make it ideal for getting that boardroom to feel regardless of your attendees’ locations. To feel connected with your entire organization and your customers, HighFive has everything you could want or need in a video conferencing tool.