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Full Hemlane Real Estate Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About Hemlane


What is Hemlane?

The real estate industry is one of the most profitable sectors in the world of businesses. Being part of this industry, however, is very challenging and requires great effort to succeed. Only those who are hard-working and goal-oriented can survive this industry. Real estate and property management involve many tasks that can make a property owner, manager, or agent’s head spin. It is their responsibility to oversee the business and ensure that tasks such as posting up vacancies and rentals, looking for potential tenants, screening tenants, getting contracts signed, collecting payments, providing maintenance and doing repairs are done. If you have been in the business for long and currently own several properties, you will understand that managing all of these is not easy.

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For several years, property owners, managers, and agents used to record and keep track of accounting transactions, maintenance requests, inspection notes, and tenant requests on paper. The problem with this is that it easily accumulates and piles up and one day you’ll just realize that you’re already swimming in it and that your office is full of cabinets filled with papers.

The invention of the computer and the advancements in technology has delivered numerous solutions to everyday problems. Emails and spreadsheets have made life easier for property owners, managers, and agents in the past.  Going digital has saved us all a lot of space in our offices. Gone are the days where you will be overwhelmed with all the papers you have on your desk. There is, however, a new problem that people have discovered.


Switching from one application to another and re-entering data at different places is time consuming and just not that efficient. Luckily, technology experts have created a solution to this problem. Real estate and property management software is a solution that allows users to do all of the responsibility of a property owner, manager, or agent in one place. It automates all the complex tasks you have to do thereby saving and giving you more time to focus on your business and make more money.

Hemlane is a property management software built for property owners, managers, and agents of small to medium real estate businesses with one to one hundred portfolios. It is an intelligent and innovative software that allows postings of leases and rentals, tenant tracking and screening, maintenance and repairs, maintenance coordination, online rent, and financials, as well as support from local third-party professionals.

Small to medium businesses can get overshadowed by large enterprises really easily, that is why they would need all the help, promotion, and publicity that they can get. Good thing Hemlane is built for those types of customers. The main advantage of this software is that you can advertise your rentals in over 40 different popular rental listing websites. Now, small and medium businesses have a slight edge over enterprises. Hemlane also incorporates third-party services so you will not need to worry about some management services. A local agent from cities such as Austin, TX, Fort Worth TX, Killeen, TX, San Francisco, CA, Atlanta, GA, and Denver, CO can do specific management and leasing tasks for you.

If you wish to give this software a try, Hemlane offers a one month free trial just for you.

Hemlane Benefits

As a web-based software, Hemlane provides convenience to tenants, facilitating ease of looking up vacancies, applying online, making rental payments from anywhere, and creating maintenance requests whenever needed.  Hemlane speeds up work processes from tenant application, applicant screening, rental payments, and property maintenance.

Hemlane provides transparency for property owners on the day-to-day operations of the business.  It also offers flexibility for owners to select how they want to get involved in property management.  For example, the property owner may want the decision for selecting maintenance coordinators, or for engaging local realty agents and brokers become his exclusive prerogative.

In addition to enabling speedier service to tenants, Hemlane offers convenience and security in financial transactions.  Property managers are informed of the business operations in real-time.

Hemlane reduces stress from handling day-to-day operations with the automated alerts, the sturdy communications platform, the unlimited storage of all transaction documents related to property management.

The property management team may include third-party components.  Experienced maintenance crew may deliver more thorough and speedier repairs; licensed agents and brokers may handle showings and inspections.  The property manager and the owner gain the support that agents and brokers possess through familiarity with the locality.  They also gain the expertise of maintenance coordinators in obtaining the best electricians, plumbers, and handymen in town.


  • With Hemlane, you can select the most qualified renters in the shortest amount of time. You can reach a larger audience with one-click advertising on top listing websites to gain.
  • Allows inclusion of third-party maintenance coordinators as well as realty agents and brokers into the property management team.
  • Real-time tracking of finances arising from the business.


  • Some features may not be useful for small businesses with properties leased out to low-income tenants who have no bank accounts, credit cards, or debit cards.


Hemlane Features

Unlike other property management software currently available, Hemlane provides balanced focusing on both the marketing and the management facets of real estate properties for lease.  Its main features are:

Rental Advertising

In order to make the properties highly visible to prospective renters, Hemlane enables one-click advertising syndication.  More than 40 websites listing properties for rent may be utilized to get needed exposure to prospective tenants.  Leads are tracked to identify the websites that reach the targets and select which ones are more effective.

Hemlane also allows the property managers and owners to engage the services of licensed real property agents and brokers to gain local support and a deeper scope to reach more prospective customers.

Preparation of available properties for inclusion in the list is easier because the details of property units are stored in the Hemlane database.  The software can filter which of the units are to be vacated in the near future and automatically alert property managers to prepare his advertising listing.  With stored property unit details, the property manager and owner will only have to decide rental rate adjustment.

Using Hemlane, property managers gain the advantage of professional and elegant websites to advertise the properties.

Applicant Tracking

Hemlane automatically tracks prospective tenants and enables property managers to make speedy responses to tenant leads and communicate with applicants.  Prospective tenants are offered the convenience of submitting online applications.

With the addition of licensed agents and brokers in the marketing team, more property inspections and showings with qualified applicants may be scheduled.  Property managers gain additional time for more critical tasks and the prospective tenants gain speedier responses to their applications.

Tenant Screening

From the comprehensive online applications submitted by prospective tenants, Hemlane proceeds with a thorough screening through nationwide databases.  The credit report is currently coursed by Hemlane through TransUnion.  The results of the background check and credit report are returned within a couple of days.  Hemlane makes the reports transparent to the applicant and sends a copy to the prospective tenant through e-mail.

The screening report makes appropriate recommendations on whether to accept the prospective tenant or politely decline his application.  The property manager and owner will know the full background of the applicants, which reduces risks of having bad tenants in the property units.


Lease Management

Hemlane is the property manager’s efficient virtual assistant in the day-to-day operations of lease management.  It notifies the tenant, the owner, and the manager of upcoming tasks and events, like leases that are up for renewal.

Records of communications and other information that passed through Hemlane are permanently stored and may be retrieved for analysis, review, or for use as documentary evidence in case any legal problem would arise.  Hemlane has storage capabilities for photos of move-in and move-out inspections as well as other documents.

Property managers, owners, and tenants can have full confidence that they will be alerted by Hemlane whenever they have to take actions or make decisions.

Online Rent and Financials

Hemlane offers the security and convenience of online billing and payments.  Timely messages are reminders are automatically sent before payments become due.  The charging of late fees, which should be paid before rentals (depending on lease agreement provisions), is also automatically included in the billing.  Payments may be made through debit cards, credit cards, or AHC checks.  Arrangements between tenant and property manager on splitting the rental payments can be made and facilitated through Hemlane.

Payments made through Hemlane are secured using the latest encryption technology.  Account verification is instantly given by major US banks using any of the payment options (AHC checks, debit cards, credit cards).  Financial obligations can be fulfilled conveniently using any mobile device.

Profit and Loss Statements are done and tracked in real-time from online payments received (or made) through Hemlane.  Other expenses may have to be entered manually.  The property manager and the property owner may view financial reports anywhere and anytime.

Maintenance and Repairs

Tenants get the satisfaction of having their maintenance requests acted on in with speed.  Property managers are instantly alerted of the maintenance requests.  Photos may be uploaded by the tenant in addition to other needed details.  Hemlane allows outsourcing repair and maintenance with US-based experienced maintenance coordinators.

Hemlane provides the platform for fast communication between the tenant, the property manager, and the maintenance coordinator.  The maintenance process is transparent to the property owner who may view the status of all maintenance requests anytime.



Hemlane currently offers two packages for your property management needs.  Both packages can be paid on a monthly or annual basis. Those who choose to subscribe to an annual plan can enjoy a discounted and cheaper package price.

Hemlane offers a basic plan that covers the basic tools for management and end-to-end leasing.

Basic Plan

  • $2.50 per month per unit with a $34 base per month for monthly subscribers
  • $2 per month per unit with $28 base per month for annual subscribers
  • Advertising for your vacancies and rentals
  • Applicant tracking
  • Applications and screening for prospective tenants
  • Lease management
  • Online rent and financials
  • Maintenance

There is also a Smart plan that connects you with third-party licensed agents for some of the services offered.

Smart Plan

  • $35 per month per unit with a $34 base per month for monthly subscribers
  • $30 per month per unit with a $28 base per month for annual subscribers
  • Includes all features on the basic plan
  • Lease contracts and on-call advice with third parties
  • E-signature for legal contracts provided by third parties
  • Connection to third-party agents for property showings, inspections, and other management tasks
  • Maintenance coordination during tenancy which includes:
    • Plumbing
    • Electrical
    • Heating and HVAC
    • Handywork
    • Repair for appliances
    • Roof repair
    • Gutter cleaning
    • Pest control

Both packages include an excellent customer support service, no setup fees, no ACH bank to bank transaction fees, and no onsite inspections.

There is no need to sign a long contract. Customers only have to pay the initial plan and if they wish to cancel any time, they will not be required to pay any penalty fee. Hemlane also offers a one-month free trial to those who wish to give the product a try before making any purchases.


Technical Details

Supported Devices

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Web-based

Supported Language

  • English

Pricing Model

  • Monthly Payment
  • Annual Payment

Types of Customers

  • Small Businesses
  • Medium Businesses


  • Cloud Hosted


Support Details

Hemlane provides its customers with an excellent support service. This is absolutely free and available for all users, unlike other property management software in the market that only offers support for premium accounts.

For customers experiencing any problems or issues with the product, they can contact Hemlane’s support team by e-mailing them, leaving a message on the chat system and found on their website, or by calling them through their number. Hemlane also provides resources materials for property owners, managers, and tenants. The numerous videos, articles, and guides are available and can be accessed on their website.

Users who are confused with the product or experience any problems with it and wish to solve it on their own can read the how-to guides and articles available on their support page. All the general inquiries are compiled on one page so confused users can easily read them without searching for it for long. The articles are also already grouped by the type of user so property owners, managers, and agents alike as well as tenants, applicants and cosigners can easily find the article and solution for the specific issue they are looking for.

Hemlane also gives importance to the feedback and opinion of their users, so those with any requests can submit a request form to their support team.

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