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Full hCue Pharmacy EHR Software Review – All You Need to Know About hCue Pharmacy


Software like hCue EHR helps small and medium clinics and pharmacy owners to boost their clinic’s efficiency by streamlining their workflows. The group behind this software, Elixir Soft Lab Solutions Pvt Ltd. debuted this software in 2015, and over 15 thousand healthcare providers make use of it.

This software company has its office locations in Chantilly, Virginia, USA and Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Over 4000 medical store retailers and 3000 doctors in the world make use of this software.

Choosing the best software for your pharmacy can be difficult because there are some factors to consider. In this article, we will do a complete review of this software to uncover all the factors affecting it from its feature, pricing, benefits, and weaknesses.

In the end, you’ll have enough information to decide whether to use hCue for your pharmacy or not. Let’s begin with the obvious question.

What is The hCue Pharmacy EHR Software?

hCue Pharmacy EHR is an offline cloud-based management suite for pharmacies. This software solution consists of a pharmacy Lite mobile application and a pharmacy web application.

hCue Pharmacy EHR software simplifies the processes and operations of small and medium pharmacies while reducing costs significantly. This software possesses features like a billing platform, reports, search options, dashboard, and others which help to simplify workflow in pharmacies.

The Thunderbolt UI that this software comes with makes it easy for your pharmacy to accomodate a high volume of medical transactions and billing.

The Keyboard on an HTML5 screen featured in this software’s interface helps in accelerating all your processes and workflows in the pharmacy. This software supports mobile platforms, and it works on Android 7.0 operating system.

You can deploy this software easily on different platforms and devices, and this feature ensures that you enjoy versatility and flexibility like never before.

You can monitor your stock, inventory, and customers with the various management platforms offered by this software. This software seamlessly integrates with the hCue medical software solution for smooth patient leads.

I know all this sounds amazing.

But before you get all bright-eyed about this software, there are other sections of this review that you have to read. These parts will give you a complete picture of what hCue Pharmacy EHR represents. Let’s take a look at the features that come with this software.

Features of hCue Pharmacy EHR

This software offers multiple functions such as a billing platform, reports & analytics, retail platform, and others.

hCue GST Pharmacy Billing Platform

This intuitive and modern Cloud PoS GST solution was designed exclusively for pharmacies. This software features a proprietary tax engine which will automate tasks, claim input tax credit, and match invoices to help you save necessary working capital.

This platform assists in reconciling your accounts within the 5-day tax filing window given. You can use the invoicing module featured in this platform to create and customize GST compliant invoices.

hCue medical store software seamlessly integrates with the Pharmacy software which makes it easy for you to monitor receivables, email invoices, and send reminders.

Other Functions of The hCue GST Billing Pharmacy Platform

  • This software’s tax validation engine helps you navigate the various tax buckets complexities
  • This billing platform will help you in the accurate filing of your returns and segregation of IGST, CGST, and Stage GST
  • The advanced API libraries of this software can connect to any GST Suvidha provider
  • The dashboard of this platform gives you real-time status of your pharmacy
  • On this dashboard, you can view sales details, past transactions, and stock status
  • You can also monitor inventory values in real-time with this software
  • This platform provides keyboard shortcut functions that help in invoice completion
  • Payment selection options such as cash, credit, card are also available on this platform, and you can print or sent the invoice copy by SMS or mail

hCue Retail Pharmacy Platform

This platform provides different retail and sales transaction features such as discount options, customer selection, customer ID, Global & Local search, product selection, and reminder options.

You can also successfully save future order requirements of customers and send reminders to them on the date and time. This Artificial Intelligent (AI) driven platform helps you reduce working capital requirements so you can keep inventory levels low.

User Management

This platform allows you to manage new and existing customers successfully. You can easily pull out past customers details with just one feature such as invoice number, return date, return number, customer number, customer name, product name, and others.

On this software, you can also get leads directly from doctors or customers through the mobile application.

Customizable Reports

This software features smart and customizable reports that offer sales reports, stock reports, custom reports, and purchase options. You can also get real-time analytics into all the processes concerning your pharmacy.

This customizable report engine provides powerful insights into your pharmacy and the market. With the reports submitted, you can quickly analyze data to increase your revenue, get new customers, and keep old ones.

Branch management Platform

This platform allows you to manage your different pharmacy branches successfully. As an admin, you can monitor user access into the platform and enable or disable features based on the job description of your staff.

The dashboard of this software makes it easy for you to switch between your different pharmacy branches. This software helps you deal with software upgrades, licensing, and deployment.


This software integrates seamlessly with Tally Accounting, Inventory software, and Payment Wallets such as PayTM, swipe machines, and UPI.

The hCue payment platform helps you with all the remaining processes once you have accepted payments. Your business smoothly integrates with the hCue Medical Software.

Mobile Platform

This software is mobile-enabled, and this means that you can view your reports on your tablet, smartphone, and web anywhere and anytime. The mart dashboard of this software ensures that you can have it wherever you go.

This mobile platform gives you access to information such as current stock, sales, total purchase, and others.

Customer Reminders

With this platform, you can send medicine reminders to your customers to remind them to come in for a refill.  Customer wait time is also reduced using this platform as it connects seamlessly with all the popular swipe machines and payment wallets.

Pros and Cons of the hCue Pharmacy EHR Software

Let’s begin with the advantages

Benefits of hCue Pharmacy

Pharmacists are attracted to this software because of its benefits. Highlighted below are the key attraction points of this Pharmacy EHR Software.

You Can Work Offline

With this software, you can seamlessly make use of its features and functions offline. Regardless of whether there are weather issues or internet service disruption, this software continues to work with no hassle.

One time payment

With this software, you only pay one time. Your software is also continuously updated with no added costs.

Intuitive Software

This software uses Thunderbolt UI for its user Interface. This user interface is beautiful to look at and easy to navigate as a result.

This intuitive UI makes it easy for new users to learn how to use this software in no time.

Generating reports on this software is very easy for both experienced and new users. The dashboard of this software features different tools which help in simplifying the pharmacy operations faster.

Scalable and Flexible

This software is designed to adapt to the needs and requirements of your business as it is very flexible and scalable. This software will grow with your company, and its customizable and integrated features help your business with its growth.

You can run your pharmacy from anywhere with this software. With the flexibility provided by this software, you can effectively run your business if any issue arises.

Direct Doctor Leads

With this software, patients can receive direct leads from doctors and this leads will increase the revenue of your pharmacy and reduce the time for patients to find pharmacies. This software fosters productivity and growth of your pharmacy.

Secure and Safe Software

This software makes use of the best encryption standards in the industry to ensure that all your data is kept safe and secure. hCue is also compliant with every international data privacy compliance norm.

Efficient Software

This software saves you over 50 hours a month spent on the filing of returns and accounting. All regulatory issues are handled exclusively by this software, so you have the opportunity and time to focus on the operations of your business.

Effective Customer Support

The support team offers different support services and solutions to customers to ensure their businesses smoothly integrate with the Pharmacy EHR software.

Compatible With All Hardware ( Multi-Platform Capabilities)

This software works on all platforms, so you have the flexibility to make use of any device to check on your pharmacy

Regularly Updated

This software is automatically updated through the cloud using the SaaS-enabled hCue Medical shop software. This regular update ensures that your business has the latest technology and is in line with the regulations.

Cons of The hCue Pharmacy Software

This software like any other capable and robust software has its setbacks. Let’s take a look at the limitations of this pharmacy EHR software, shall we?

Limited Supported Operating Systems

This software supports Web applications, Windows, and an Android operating system. This limited support means that Mac Users cannot successfully make use of this software. This limitation is a big deal as it affects workflow if this software does not support all devices.

Business Type Limitation

hCue pharmacy software is limited to just small and medium-sized pharmacies. The software hasn’t made room for big enterprises yet, and so this means that there might be some restrictions if large pharmacies make use of this software.

Limited Integration

This software is limited to its integration with the other hCue software solutions and Accounting & billing systems.

Price and Pricing Plans

hCue EHR pharmacy software’s pricing plan is available on a quote basis. You have to contact the software for a price quote. This software also offers a free trial version for users to use before they commit.

The price plan of this software features the following

  • Clinic Management Software Features
  • GST ready Medical Store Platform
  • AI-enable Inventory System
  • Pharmacy Billing Platform
  • Direct leads from Doctors and Customers through mobile
  • Offline and Online Medical Store Software

Technical Details

Highlighted below are the technical details associated with this pharmacy electronic health record software solution.

Platform Supported

This software supports different platforms, devices, and operating systems such as

  • Windows
  • Android
  • Web Browser
  • iOS

Language Supported

  • English

Business Types

  • Small Businesses
  • Medium Businesses


  • Cloud-based
  • Mobile- Android Native
  • SaaS
  • Installed-Windows


  • Webinar
  • Documentation

Contact Support

This software appoints account managers to users to guide them and offer solutions to them. The support team has made of highly trained and efficient Pharmacists, CA, and MBA’s who will help you in your transition to this software.

You can reach the support agents via phone call, text or emails and they will get back to you in no time to solve any hardware or software issues you might have. This software also offers a self-help section made up of videos, resources, and documentation to help users understand this software entirely.

To Wrap It Up

hCue Pharmacy EHR is a software solution designed for pharmacists to simplify their workflow. This software solution features different functionalities and tools which streamline the pharmaceutical operations.

The billing, stock, purchase, and retail management platform of this software solution help in billing, inventory, licensing, payment, stocking, and other processes. The user management platform, on the other hand, keeps a record of customer data for refill reminders and other future purposes.

This software makes use of top-notch security encryption to secure all data on this platform, and it is the only EHR software that works both offline and online.  The mobile application of this software makes it easy for users to manage their businesses from anywhere.

Even though this EHR software has its weaknesses, it is still a very robust and functional software. So is hCue Pharmacy EHR software the best in the market? We don’t know, Why don’t you tell us?