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Full Happay Expense Management Software Review — All You Need to Know About Happay


Happay was founded in 2012 with a relatively simple idea. Processing payments should be as easy as sending a text. Now, today, we have all sorts of tools at our disposal. You’re probably familiar with offerings like Venmo, the Cash App, or even PayPal.

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Businesses, on the other hand, still deal with clunky methods of managing purchases small and large. There are tools like Dash’s prepaid card or Shoeboxed,  which makes the reporting process more manageable. Few workplace expense management solutions bring all types of payments and tracking methods into one platform.

A few products are trying to solve these problems but many of them cater to larger companies. Or, they’re overly complex or costly.

Enter Happay. This tool aims to—their words—reinvent the expense workflow, stripping away outdated components like data entry and the need to hang on to papers all year.

Here, you’re getting an increase in visibility. You’ll see where you’re spending money.  You’ll also see which employees are spending the most and where. Accountants can reconcile accounts based on reports, and you can easily integrate data into your accounting software.

According to Happay, over 4500 businesses use the tool to manage their business expenses. The platform covers everything from setting up workflows for tracking travel expenses to reinventing petty cash.

Below, we’ll look closely at Happay and learn whether it’s a useful tool or not. Keep reading for more information.

What is Happay Expense Management?

Happay is a cloud-based expense management program with Visa and MasterCard functionality–prepaid cards that work like real debit cards.  The idea is, customers, get an all-in-one solution, not a receipt tracking tool or a prepaid card by itself. Instead, it’s a comprehensive solution that brings more to the table than some accounting software.

The India-based company helps businesses of every size fund payments to employees. Users can set up payments to vendors, set budgets, and track spending in real time.

The official website says that businesses today are still dealing with cash and manual reporting methods that waste too much time. Managers have trouble with visibility and little control over how money is being spent.

And, accountants are still spending time reconciling checks with a fat stack of paper receipts.

Happay aims to solve these problems. Happay claims to be an all-in-one expense management software that helps you fund, track, and manage expenses from your desktop or mobile device.

Unlike some of the other tools we’ve looked at, Happay organizes everything from petty cash to vendor payments, travel to reimbursements, and flexible benefits.

Additionally, the tool offers prepaid cards and expense management software within the same platform. The goal is to provide the business owner with less paperwork, less time wasted on reporting and approvals, and a means of empowering employees.

Everything is done digitally—so you’ll be able to process and approve transactions from your phone or your computer and fund employee cards with expenses they can use for purchases.

What’s more is, Happay incorporates an HR element to the platform allowing admins to distribute unique benefits to Happay cards like voters and medical allowances. And, if you’re doing a lot of purchasing, you can pay vendors through the tool.



Happay’s full suite of payment tools means you’re not going to be dealing with grabbing petty cash here and there. Instead, you can reimburse employees from the platform or preload debit cards in advance of a business trip.

While debit cards on their own aren’t going to replace cash altogether, it’s nice to get away from the petty cash drawer and analog expense tracking.

Multiple Functions in One Tool

Instead of just being a prepaid card or just being an expense reporting tool, you’ll get more functionality than ever through this one platform.

Easy to Figure Out

Most people mentioned that Happay is ideal for the business that just wants to eliminate the need for spreadsheets and managing expenses from multiple channels. The app comes with tracking for petty cash, pre-paid card use, expense-related emails, and digitized receipts.

So, instead of configuring several slapdash solutions for reimbursements, billable expenses, and per diems, budgeting and spend tracking can be done from one central dashboard.


Pre-Paid Cards

Prepaid cards are free. The idea is, you’ll get as many as you need when you sign up for an account and your staff can use them to make purchases, as well as take cash out at the ATM—another advantage over Dash, which provides pre-paid MasterCards without that functionality.

Admins can administer funds to cards and track spending through the mobile or desktop version of the app. You’ll get real-time visibility on cash balances, which can help you see where money is leaving your account and improve your ability to forecast and plan your budget moving forward.

Cards can also be used to manage petty cash, make a purchase online, and shop in person.

Automated Expense Reports

Expense reporting is a multi-function affair. Employees can take photos of receipts from their phone and from there, create digital expense reports. So—this can be used for later reimbursement or as a means of verifying where employees are spending pre-paid card funds.

Finance teams can easily verify reports and reconcile accounts. This allows them to process refunds quickly and request more information from employees if needed.

The automated part comes in with expense capture and approvals. Happay allows employees to automatically extract data from their cards, email account, and credit card statements and upload them into reports.

Automated expense report approvals allow admins to set rules and auto-approve transactions based on custom criteria. So, you could automatically reject a report after a certain amount of time passes with no action. If employees forget to submit a report, admins can set notifications to let them know they need to take action.

Digital Marketing Expense Card

This card is actually kind of a neat feature. The Digital Marketing Expense Card is a separate card that helps you gain more visibility into your paid ad budget. The tool plugs into Google AdWords, Facebook, and LinkedIn, so you can track all of your PPC transactions instead of looking at miscellaneous amounts as they hit your bank statement.

The benefit of using the digital marketing card is, it comes with spending analytics that you can compare with your marketing budget. Additionally, you can set limits on marketing expenses and see activity from one central dashboard.

Yes, this is a very specific solution, but more and more businesses are venturing into the realm of digital marketing these days. Many of them have trouble keeping their spend in check, forgetting to look at accounts or check limits and performance. This puts some safeguards in place and makes it convenient to look at your spending from the same place you do the rest of your budgeting work.

Employee Flexible Benefits

This feature offers an online dashboard exclusively for managing meal vouchers, health benefits, and other offerings. This eliminates the need to use paper vouchers or file any physical documentation. Additionally, if you’re using this feature for employee meals or expenses, you can track spending to see who needs more funding or whether funds are being used appropriately.

Travel Expense Tracking

The platform also comes with the ability to make travel expenses easier. Employees can add receipts with a photo and generate a report.

What makes this interesting is, the software automates the entire travel expense workflow, beyond the obvious. Happay streamlines the booking process, all the way through accounting’s final approval.


The pricing isn’t especially clear with Happay. Cards don’t come with an associated transaction fee, nor are they subject to annual fees. The app is also free.

Weirdly, the site emphasizes that there are no downloads or additional fees associated with the cards, but never mentions how much Happay costs. There’s not even a place to ask for a quote, so it’s hard to know whether the solution is affordable or is an expensive piece of software made for larger companies.

Technical Specifications

Integrates with Your Existing Systems

Happay plugs into most ERP and accounting software. The site lists QuickBooks, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics—the tools that most Indian companies are using.

Support Details

Past customers have reported that the tool is straightforward to use. Happay’s aim is to help their customers track card usage, as well as review reports and receipts, as needed.

While the tool looks pretty great—it’s an intelligent and intuitive solution that actually seems to corner a market with a genuine need. Still, not many people are using Happay. There are a handful of consumer reviews here and there—and yes, they’re mostly good. But, the company has only been around since 2015, and there just isn’t the same uptake as other solutions.

So, most of our perception about the tool is based on looking at the website. It’s also worth pointing out that this software might only be available in India and the parts of Asia. They don’t mention whether they offer the software to the rest of the world.

Here’s what they offer regarding support:

Schedule a Demo

Contact Happay to schedule a demo. You can poke around inside the tool and get a sense of how the solution makes sense for your business.

When you’re ready to get started for real, a customer success rep will help you with the onboarding process. The support team consists of ex-Bankers, executives, and finance pros who really know their stuff.

Company Blog

The Happay Blog offers a lot of actionable information. They cover how to use AI with expense management software, automated solutions, and improving spend visibility. It’s relevant to the software and does more than promote the product.

Employee Guides

This section functions as the knowledge base, you’ll get the play by play on how to set up an account, use the mobile app and connect your accounts.

It’s actually really detailed and should get new users up to speed if they choose not to do the live onboarding call. Because there are so many features included in the expense tracking suite, the Employee Guides are especially helpful. They cover everything from how to load up the prepaid cards to requesting money, submitting reports, and adding mileage.

In short, we were pretty impressed with the level of detail throughout the website. Screenshots and set-up steps were easy to find, and they really went over each feature in a way that was easy to understand.


Happay seems like a valuable tool, especially if you’re handling a good chunk of expense reporting. This tool makes the most sense if you’re dealing with multiple sales reps or employees that spend time traveling or working in the field.

But—Happay isn’t limited to adding receipts and mileage or funding employees. Automated reporting and the ability to track expenses by project and pay vendors makes this far more versatile than something like Dash or Shoeboxed—solutions that stay in a narrow lane.

Ultimately, we wish there was more information available to prospective users of Happay. There weren’t any reviews available, and it’s not especially evident if users in the US or elsewhere can use it. The company is based in India, and we still don’t have a clear picture of whether they support global transactions.

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