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Full Guesty Hotel Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About Guesty


Are you a property manager or owner looking to automate and streamline your property management business? Guesty could be your ultimate software. Designed uniquely for Airbnb, rental owners, and managers of vacation facilities.

The CAGR of the smart hospitality market from 2016 to 2021 is 25%. So this space will go from $5.74 billion to reach $18.11 billion in that time. This market is where the hotel management software comes under.

Guesty is a cloud-based property management system. Its purpose is to help property managers handle their many needs by making automation tool, channel management, and reporting capacity available to them.

Guesty is a software which enables you to manage your day-to-day operations and offer high-quality service to your clients. If you have multiple properties, then Guesty has got you covered. You can work through various Airbnb accounts with many booking platforms.

Guesty has organized all these in one dashboard, and everything is a click away, including a guest communication service available round the clock for ease of screening and supporting your guests. You can search, share and report from the dashboard at any time as data has been organized for ease of access.

You can use Guesty for everything, from messaging and tasks to pricing and reviews. It enables you to generate listing reports, reservation, payment processing and you can also supervise the bookings websites.

Guesty is integrated with a variety of channels to give property managers control over all listings. It will help managers in maximizing their revenue by saving time used on repetitive tasks and instead use the time to create more revenue streams. You get more time to focus on business growth.

What is Guesty?

Guesty is a highly automated and powerful property management software for Airbnb and vacation rentals. It is highly organized, and you get everything in one place. You can collect and view information about your listings, staff, reservations, and guests from the Guesty dashboard which is searchable, shareable, reportable and spontaneous.

The video below will help you understand everything about Guesty Hotel Management Software.

Guesty Pros

Is Guesty the best hotel management software to use? Let’s find out by examining its benefits.


Guesty automates most business functions and processes to allow you to focus your attention on growing your business to make it more profitable. It has automated business processes such as messaging, listings, scheduling, booking, reservation, pricing and assigning tasks among others.

This software has an inbuilt automated answering machine to send instant and customized messages. It has an auto pricing feature as well as auto tasks for work and activities for your staff.

One inbox for all your accounts

You can use one thread to reply to messages, booking requests, inquiries, confirm reservations and make follow-ups. These include messages send via Airbnb, SMS, and email. Guesty has an intuitive messaging center which you can use for all your communication across multiple accounts and vacation rental properties.

Integration with other property management tools

Guesty offers seamless integration with several other property management tools making it convenient. This capability helps you to track, list, report, search and share right from one dashboard.

A powerful dashboard

The Guesty dashboard enables you to perform all your business operations. It allows you to gather and check all the information about your reservations, guests, and staff. You can also automate your day-to-day activities from the dashboard. It will enable you to manage calendars from several booking sites simultaneously.  From the dashboard, you can manage your team’s work schedules and track the progress of each task in real time.

Better Control

Guesty gives you a better management control of all your operations making you very efficient in data collection, report generation and sharing, inventory organization, and communication. You access all of them from a centralized location.

Fast and secure payment processing

You will be able to collect all reservation and accommodation fees fast and securely through the in-built payment processing system. The system allows you to receive and process payments, send receipts, save credit card details, as well as track transactions.

Easy to use

Guesty is a very easy to use software with a great user interface. The instructions are straightforward and easy to use. The user can navigate easily through the dashboard.


Guesty has received recognition as one of the best software with a pleasant user experience. This means that it has to live up to its expectations as the go-to property management software.

In order to offer a more robust service, the platform could consider increasing its capabilities with the use of features like social media integration, refund management, Multiple currency support, and partial payment on bookings.


Property Management

Guesty is a property management software which will enable you to manage your business from any location. It provides a powerful dashboard which lets you store all your listings, reservations and guests as it integrates with all your booking channels, including your website.

It provides a single platform to view bookings on Airbnb and all other booking channels, see the status of your guests and manage future guest activities. The software also enables you to connect to all your Airbnb accounts and manage them simultaneously from a single platform.

Guesty offers a unified multi-calendar which provides information to property managers, investors, and stakeholders. It helps you to set prices for each property and view your listings availability.

It helps you to create as many listings as possible on Airbnb and any other booking platform. By giving you an option to build your guestbook, you get to keep all the contact details of your guests. The Guest Book is a tool which will help you keep photos, descriptions and property details as well as links and notes.

Channel Management

You can distribute all your listings through all major vacation rental sites like Airbnb, Booking.com, HomeAway, Expedia, TripAdvisor among others. The Multi-Calendar is synched to ensure that you are at par with the latest view of all your properties. It shows all the availability and pricing from all the channels where you maintain a listing.

You can control prices and make changes as soon as your deals change. You can also make changes to your availability in real-time.

Unified Inbox

Guesty gives you a unified inbox where you can keep all your communication with your guests from all your Airbnb accounts, SMS, email and vacation rental sites. It makes interaction with guests easy, and you never miss a message. The unified inbox gives you the power to receive booking requests, approve or decline them, and respond to inquiries for all your vacation rental channels and Airbnb accounts.

You can allocate specific conversations to particular members of your staff. And you can also assign the responsibility of taking care of special guests to individual team members while you handle other tasks.

The inbox has several widgets which you can use to improve your guest’s experience. You can order an uber for your arriving guest or use google maps to give direction or tell the distance to their desired location. Leverage on yelp to recommend a top café or Parkopedia for parking options.

Automation Tools

The inbuild automation tools make work more comfortable for you by automating all repetitive tasks to give you time to focus on growing your business. You can create customized messages to send to your guests at any time and choose the medium for message delivery.

This platform enables you to customize your variables to have a personalized message. You can use variables like the guest’s name or reservation date.

Guesty offers an inbuilt Automatic Answering Machine which helps you send out an immediate response to all inquiries. It enables you to maintain a high response rate by allowing you to create a customized message which delivers even when you’re away.

Auto-task will help you create a list of tasks and automate them. You will have the power to assign tasks to your staff and have them delivered to them at each new reservation.

Reporting Tools

The reporting tool will enable you to build your reports. It will make it easy to analyze your data using your preferred filters or data like dates, booking status and amount. You will be in a position to create detailed reports and share with your staff.

This feature also allows you to tailor your tasks and display a list of personnel handling various duties. And it lets you share reminders of their appointments. Your reports will be saved for future reference. You can generate reports on things like reviews left the previous month, reservations made in the last one week, or bookings via phone or booking sites.

You can use your custom fields to build a detailed report or use more than 65 parameters available.

Booking Website

Guesty allows you to create your booking website by getting all your properties’ inventory. You get a website with your listing portfolio, pricing, and availability. We create an easy to promote a website from where you can receive your bookings and get payments. A site will help you improve your brand visibility via social media promotions, email marketing campaigns, and Google Ads.

A website will allow you to accept bookings instantly, respond to inquiries and receive payments without OTA fees. You will increase your profits by getting a higher return for each listing.

You get all your listings in one place, and you can invite all your potential clients to browse online. This way, your inbox can be used for on messages related to reservations.

Mobile Management App

Guesty’s mobile app will enable you to take control of your staff, guests, and reservations while on the go. All the Guesty tools are in the mobile app, and the push notifications help you stay informed. It helps you stay connected with your guests and staff no matter where you are.

Payment Processing

Guesty’s payment processor is very secure, and it offers a seamless and easy process of collecting and receiving payments. It enables you to track transactions and send receipts to guests easily.

Homeowner’s Portal

The homeowner’s portal helps you to save time by reducing frequent communication with each homeowner. By sharing data on each property on the homeowners portal, you provide regularly updated property performance data and strengthen your relationship with your homeowner. The portal also helps you overcome any language barrier by offering different languages for ease of communication.


Guesty’s pricing model is built to accommodate your specific needs as each company is unique. They charge based on the number of listing that you manage; taking 2% to 5% on each booking.

You can choose a software-only package or a full-service which includes 24/7 Guest Communication Service.

Their pricing model is quotes based. You can also get a free demo to see the software in action to see how the various tools work.

Technical Details

Guesty supports information access through mobile devices as well as an electronic device which has access to the internet. Automation systems are in place to make property management seamless and easy.

Other systems include payment processing, tracking, reporting, and channel management systems. Devices supported include all phone running on Windows, Mac and iOS software.  Deployment is cloud-hosted, and we use open API.

Support details

Guesty offers 24/7 support to all your guests, and a professional support team is on the ground to handle all the communication through the entire cycle from inquiry to check-out. We offer guest support through emails, phone, live support, and training. Our language support is in English.

To Wrap Up

The Guesty property management software is a comprehensive solution for all property managers, and it provides an all-around platform for all vacation rentals and Airbnb. It offers seamless integration to other channels so that you can manage all your accounts from one dashboard. User satisfaction is high making it an ideal property management software.

Also, Guesty gives you complete control which enables you to increase your efficiency. You get all operations in one place, from creating and sharing reports, inventory management, and control, data collection to information and communication. Excellent and timely customer support ensures that your guests are fully supported and satisfied, so getting repeat clients becomes a norm.