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Full GuestPoint Hotel Management Software Review All You Need to Know About GuestPoint


Whether you own a hotel, inn, resort, or even a spa, managing your property can sometimes turn out to be a daunting experience. But now, you’re in luck! With a software like GuestPoint, the hassles that come with property management are off your shoulder.

GuestPoint is a property management solution with over 25 years experience implementing and developing software across numerous industries. Hence, you can have some level of confidence that the platform understands the need for solutions in streamlining complex tasks.

The platform has improved in many ways since its birth. In 2011, the platform won the iAward for technology innovation in the Tourism & Hospitality category

This software gives you a user-friendly, secure cloud platform that doesn’t just help you in property management but also in maximizing revenue yields.

Are you excited already?

This review gives you an understanding of GuestPoint, its features, flaws, and benefits.

What is GuestPoint?

GuestPoint is a property management platform designed by Centium Software. The platform allows you to manage bookings and properties right from reservation to check-out.

The platform is also suitable for small properties like guest houses, bed and breakfasts, motels, hotels, and so on. Also, the software gives you a hybrid deployment model that works for your Windows devices.

On top of that, GuestPoint is designed mainly for small and medium-sized property owners. As a result, you can use the platform as a property manager to oversee your maintenance, financials, online bookings, front desk operations, and more.

The platform also has a reservation interface that gives you drag-and-drop functionality. And, you also get modules for task lists, customer relationship management, housekeeping, accounting, and so on.

GuestPoint also has a calendar-style layout that gives you detailed information on future and current bookings. Plus, the platform also has an online booking page that integrated with social media platforms and is also mobile responsive. Hence, you manage your business’ online presences and your website.


Whether you’re a property manager, hotel manager, or even staff, you’re going to enjoy the variety of benefits GuestPoint has to offer. But then, you need first to know what these benefits are, right?

Well, here are the pros of using GuestPoint as a property management solution.

Website Design

One unique thing about GuestPoint is that it gives you access to an awesome website. With this website, you stand a higher chance of increasing your occupancy rates as well as your online traffic.

Also, you give full control over business by sending out online communications to advertise to your potential customers or guests.

Interesting, this website also comes with SEO, which makes it easy for guests to find you online.

Online Integration

With GuestPoint being mobile-ready, your guests can make more reservations and bookings using their tablets and mobile phones. GuestPoint has you covered!

Also, the platform has a channel manager that helps you keep track of your many sales channels. With this channel manager, you can connect with more than 100 online travel agencies and update new bookings with room number automatically.

On top of that, you also get WebPoint, which is a commission-free online booking page integrated into the GuestPoint platform. This booking page comes at no extra fee.

Central Reservation

GuestPoint allows you to manage multiple properties with just a single login. This way, you don’t need to switch between apps to manage your different properties. Also, you can run global reports to manage your revenue and occupancy efficiently.

Additionally, the platform allows unlimited users which is an excellent add-on for motel franchises and chains.

Reservation Management

GuestPoint allows you to quickly search and find any company, group, or individual, all on a single screen. Plus, with just a few clicks, you can perform fast check-in and check-out.

But that’s not all!

The platform also gives you reminder notes that you can add to the To-Do-List. This way, you don’t forget a thing.

While you’re on-the-go, you can also use the software’s Remote website and app to get real-time information about your properties. Hence, no matter where you are, you still have your fingers on the pulse of your operations.

Customer Management

With GuestPoint, customer management is as simple as ABC! You can set VIP status for important guests and also contact them regularly with automated communications.

The platform also allows you to quickly search for agents, companies, individuals, and other kinds of guests. And on top of that, you can get information on Top Revenue companies and customers as well as set private web login and corporate account rates for managing bookings.

Streamline Housekeeping

The software has a smart housekeeping system that tells you the rooms that need cleaning, the cleaning required, and the time it would take for cleaning.

Awesome, right?

With the platform’s cleaner roster, you can also create a roster for each cleaner and assign them to different rooms. This way, you can save hours of manual work.

GuestPoint also has a mobile housekeeping app that gets you real-time updates on the progress of room cleaning.

Day-To-Day Management

The GuestPoint platform allows you to streamline your entire property management process.

You can use the platform in sending invoices and also follow up on late deposits. Hence, you can adequately manage your cash-flow.

On top of that, you can also update the dynamic rates across all your channels online with just a few clicks. Plus, you can run a variety of arrival forms and reports which can be customized to suit your preference.

Dashboard Management

GuestPoint’s dashboard functions as the cockpit of your property.

From this dashboard, you can adjust and manage revenue rates to analyze and compare best sellers. Also, you can get a revenue snapshot with comparisons to last year or even last month.

Additionally, this dashboard gives you property performance details, all at your fingertips.


Now that you’ve seen the benefits of using GuestPoint as a property management solution, it’s only right to go through some issues you might have with the platform.

So, here are the cons of using the GuestPoint platform.

Issues With Credit Card System

Okay, when it comes to credit card processing on GuestPoint, it can be a bit of a nightmare.

The platform uses NMI as its credit card gateway which operates with a “time initiated statement.” With NMI, you can’t manually settle a batch which makes it a bit of a struggle to switch between GP and NMI.

Trouble Changing Rates

If some of your rooms get sold out, it becomes difficult updating all room types when you want to change rates. Also, the rate field becomes blank when a room is sold out.

When rooms get reopened due to cancellation, they go back to the wrong default rates.

Glitches and Bugs

Sometimes the GuestPoint platform crashes when inserting reservations. This issue tends to be frustrating.

Features of GuestPoint

GuestPoint as a property management solution comes with a variety of awesome features that can help you in managing your guest experience while growing your online presence.

You get access to WebPoint online booking, information at your fingertips, easy accounting, Local or cloud access, and lots more.

So, let’s walk through the features of the GuestPoint software.

WebPoint Online Booking Engine

GuestPoint has an online booking engine known as WebPoint.

With this WebPoint online booking, you can deal directly with your customers and guests online. Plus, you can also take reservations directly with the GuestPoint platform.

WebPoint also makes payment processing a breeze. You get an easy-to-use interface that lets you manage and track all your online payments.

Additionally, the WebPoint online booking engine is also mobile-ready. Hence, your booking page can be accessed by guests using their mobile for easy and quick reservations and bookings.

Yield Manager

With GuestPoint’s yield management tool, you can maximize your revenue.

Also, the tool allows you to manage your rates by increasing them by a fixed percentage or amount once you’ve reached a specific occupancy.

When it comes to occupancy management, GuestPoint also has a tool for that. With this tool, you can decrease your rates by a fixed percentage or amount if you are below a specific occupancy.

Furthermore, you can set different occupancy, decrease, and increase levels for different date ranges. This way, you can effectively manage your dates.

Financial Management Tool

GuestPoint’s financial management tool gives you access to a wealth of financial reports. But that’s the tip of it!

This feature makes communication easy by allowing you to email statements and invoices using a single system. Also, you can easily keep track of overdue accounts to take necessary actions.

With the financial management tool, you have full visibility when it comes to tracking accounts receivable payments. And, you can also export your banking and revenue and insert them into your accounting system.

GuestPoint also uses this feature to help you manage all your conference room, laundry, dining, and non-residential accounts, all within a single platform.

Real-Time Information

The GuestPoint software gives you access to all your information.

With the platform’s live dashboard, you can access historical and current information on bookings, occupancy, and revenue in a detailed graphical format.

Additionally, GuestPoint’s remote website app allows you to access real-time information on your property anywhere you are, at any time.

The platform also comes with a Reservation Plan which allows you to instantly view competitor Intel, check-in status, room availability, occupancy levels, and lots more.

Cloud or Local Accessibility

You can access the GuestPoint platform either on the Cloud or locally. This way, you can be online all the time can access your information on the go.

GuestPoint helps you secure online backup by continuously synchronizing your data to its Cloud Server. Hence, your data is encrypted and regularly backed up.

Also, with GuestPoint’s unique hybrid data engine, you can work offline or online. Your data is stored online and at your property, giving you the best of both worlds. Plus, you can also continue working even when you don’t have an internet connection.

With GuestPoint’s web mode, you can also access your data on the Centium Cloud Server from wherever you are. All you need to do is to load the GuestPoint software on your computer and log in using Web Mode. Easy as ABC!

Simple Group Management

Another unique feature of the GuestPoint platform is its group management tool which helps you manage groups with ease. The software streamlines your group management process in a matter of minutes.

With multiple arrivals and changes, checking-in groups can be a bit of struggle. However, GuestPoint helps check groups in with ease.

Also, GuestPoint gives you access to a detail group confirmations which makes sure you tend to all your guests, and no one is left hanging.

Pricing Model of GuestPoint

The GuestPoint enterprise pricing model is quotation-based. Hence, you need to contact the company for more information on price and other products.

You can also request a demo to see if the software is what your business needs precisely.

Technical Details

There are some technical details that you should take into consideration to ensure that you use the GuestPoint platform as smoothly as possible.

Supported Devices

With GuestPoint being cloud-hosted and web-based, you can access the platform on both Windows and Mac computers.

Pricing Model

The pricing model of the GuestPoint platform depends on quotations. Hence, you can tailor the price to fit your requirements and needs.

Customer Base

The GuestPoint customer base extends to include both small and medium-sized businesses.

Support Details

GuestPoint has a variety of support services to get you accustomed to the platform. This way, you also get as much support as you need without any stress.

With a section dedicated to how you can get started with GuestPoint, you can learn everything you need to know about the platform with ease.

You can also go through the platform’s guide on implementation that walks through every step in using GuestPoint.

Additionally, the platform has log support that gives you 24/7 global support whenever you need it.

You can also get in touch with the GuestPoint team by filling out the necessary information on their contact page. A member of the team will contact and have your issues resolved in no time.

Furthermore, you can reach the GuestPoint team via email, phone call, or live support.

Wrapping It Up

The GuestPoint platform is a feature-rich, robust accommodation management platform. Be it small and midsized independent bed and breakfast accommodations, mining camps, hostels, backpackers, resorts, spas, boutique inns, motels, or hotels; the GuestPoint platform can help cater to your needs and requirements.

Even with GuestPoint’s extensive features, the system offers simplicity when assisting you in running and managing your properties while increasing your revenue.

The platform allows the quick and seamless flow of information. Plus, with all your data stored in a single location, you can access them quickly and easily.

GuestPoint also has complete online integration as well as easy-to-use and intuitive management tools.

Setting up the system is fast, plus you get fantastic customer service and an extensive knowledge base.

Is GuestPoint what your business needs right now? Luckily, you can request a demo, test-drive the platform, and find out yourself.