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Full GuestCentric Contact Management Software Review – All you need to know about GuestCentric

GuestCentric Contact Management Software

Are you one of the companies that dwell in the hotel industry and you are wondering of what kind of tool you should acquire for the purposes of marketing your services to your customers? Have no worries because a solution has been made available for you. GuestCentric Contact Management software provides an all-in-one digital marketing platform through which hotels can provide extraordinary service to their online customers from anywhere and this is via the web, mobile, and social networks. GuestCentric software that is provided through the cloud majorly focuses on generating revenue and possesses ease of use and simplicity.

GuestCentric software together with the expertise provided by its award-winning design teams guarantee that you will access all the key features that are necessary for attaining success in the digital marketing of hotels.

Contact management systems with GuestCentric software included help businesses to turn prospects into customers through offering an efficient strategy for the management and storage of information about leads. The main goal of any CRM system is to attract and retain clients. When you implement a CRM system such as GuestCentric software, your business will acquire the tools that are necessary for managing, measuring, and improving its processes.

And what are the general benefits associated with a contact management software? The benefits of a CRM include the following.

Developing better customer relationships

With GuestCentric contact management software and similar CRM systems, you will be able to know more and always remember much about your customers and as a result, the customers will know that you care about them. This allows you to connect strongly and develop deeper relationships with your customers.

Improved cross-selling ability

With CRMs, you will know more about the needs and wants of your clients and you will be able to better provide them with the solution that solves their next problem.

CRMs increase team collaboration

With GuestCentric software and similar applications, all the teams within your organization including the executive can collaborate. However, many companies will fail to include their executives in collaborating through the CRM and as a result, they will fail to reap the benefits of the CRM.

Cost savings

While implementing a CRM software can be costly and time-consuming, in a matter of time, the benefits will outweigh the costs. Using this software, your sales agents will be in a position to better schedule meetings with prospects within the same geographic location. Client-service representatives are also better placed at resolving the concerns of customers. CRMs provide you with a central prospect and customer database that anyone can access as opposed to them keeping contact database or a separate spreadsheet on their computer.

Greater staff satisfaction

With more knowledge, your employees are more empowered and engaged. When all employees can access and use an accurate and updated CRM, it means they will be able to solve the problems of customers. Success in solving client problems make both the employees and customers happy.

Improved efficiency in serving customers

Just to emphasize, the more you know about your customers, the better you can serve them. When all people in an organization use the CRM to record their interaction with customers, then others will be able to serve customers using the knowledge that was previously discussed with the customer.

Less customer attrition

The risk of attrition is greater at 40% when a client is engaged with only a single member of a business organization. However, when the client engages five or more partners, the risk of attrition reduces to less than 5%.

More revenue and profitability

In the event that everyone within your organization learns and uses the CRM, productivity will increase, there will be a decrease in sales cycles, and you will be able to offer additional services and products to customers. As a result, client satisfaction would also increase thus leading to more revenue and profits.

What is GuestCentric Contact Management Software?

GuestCentric as a company leads in providing cloud-based digital marketing software that can be used by hotels to protect their brands, to connect to their customers in every digital platform, and to drive bookings. GuestCentric is, therefore, an innovator of unique software products designed for hotels. GuestCentric Contact management software has a user-friendly and all-in-one digital marketing platform through which hotels can provide extraordinary service to their customers from any location via the web, mobile, and social networks.


Through its all-in-one digital platform, GuestCentric users will be able to access award-winning responsive websites for desktops, mobile and tablets; a booking engine that is user friendly; a social marketing module for publishing deals on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media channels; and a channel manager for offering rooms on Expedia, Booking, TripAdvisor and other channels.

With operations in London, New York, San Diego, Lisbon, and Barcelona, GuestCentric proudly partners with hotels such as small luxury hotels, design hotels, and top hotels in the world and Relais and Chateaux.

GuestCentric digital marketing software that is available in the cloud majorly focuses on generating revenue and it’s easy to use and simple. Through GuestCentric software and the expertise provided by its award-winning design teams, you will be provided with all the great features that are required to attain success in hotel digital marketing.

GuestCentric contact management software is the only integrated platform in the market that is easy to use and designed to specifically meet the needs of independent properties. As a top e-commerce solution, GuestCentric software will allow customers to improve their visibility and booking conversions, increase online revenues and hoteliers are given control such that they focus more on business management and innovation using promotions and products.

Benefits of GuestCentric software

GuestCentric contact management software like any other CRM comes with several benefits to its users.  These benefits include the following.

GuestCentric software is an all-in-one digital marketing platform for hotels

GuestCentric contact management software provides its hotel users with sophisticated features for digital marketing and these features were previously only available at large chains. The software not only provides you with a great web design but it also has a hotel booking engine that has been fully optimized to be used by multiple devices.  The all-in-one platform has also made it easy for you to access the application’s online channels.


Guests enjoy a unique shopping experience

GuestCentric software has a hotel booking engine that is world-class through which guests can immediately enjoy a shopping experience that is unique. With this application, you will not have to go through multiple steps that can cause confusion. Its at-a-glance deal shopping is offered in different languages.

Innovative and engaging features encourage more booking

GuestCentric contact management software has some innovative features that are also engaging and this encourages guests to book more. As a neutralized platform, the application gives users the power that has less complexity.

Guestcentric - booking

A better booking engine that works beautifully on smartphones

GuestCentric software has one of the best user-friendly and multi-touch booking engine that allows users to book while on the road for tonight, tomorrow night, and the next four nights.

The application offers the fastest path to book and the fastest path to revenue

GuestCentric software has a legendary booking system that provides guests with instant gratification while its availability calendar and original rates give users the chance to identify offers that are the most attractive at glance. It’s highly effective customer journey management plus website funnels allow guests to book perfect offers through only a single click. Payment can be collected securely through a wide range of payment methods that are fully automated.

Outstanding web-design

GuestCentric has won over 100 awards from the year 2010, and through its topnotch design teams, the company comes up with innovative hotel website designs that are also engaging. This satisfies the needs of hotels that want to increase their revenue while offering modern web experience to their clients.

Smarter web experiences

Through the perfectly designed websites, users of GuestCentric contact management software can enjoy smarter web experiences which compel guests to book directly. The website design of GuestCentric software portrays the amazing experience and values of the brand and the property. The new GuestCentric website for your hotels will display the dazzling pictures of the hotels and engage visitors to book from any location. Finally, guests are compelled to book by the incredibly integrated customer journey offered by the system.

GuestCentric will build websites for you in less than 3 weeks

GuestCentric as a company will build your hotels’ websites in 3 weeks or less and these websites will come with a terrific combination of great looking design, user-friendly navigation, engaging content display and website will capture the attention of customers and drive conversions.

Content everywhere

GuestCentric contact management software synchronizes your contact across desktop, smartphones, tablets, and Facebook such that your guests can be serviced from any location. Through its most advanced tools, you can augment your brand’s exposure, reward social media followers, share promotions, and amplify wonderful content that has been created by your users.

GuestCentric for digital marketing - content everywhere

GuestCentric Software offers you a SEO qualified system

With GuestCentric contact management software, you have a SEO which will not stop working. Its website content management system provides an exemplary hotel SEO-qualified professional and the algorithms that GuestCentric uses offers spectacular technical SEO which will high rank naturally. Your website will be automatically optimized for your property name and destination.

Features of GuestCentric

  • All-in-one hotel digital marketing
  • Great looking website that suits the needs of hotels
  • Stunning pages for Facebook users
  • One place to manage channels centrally
  • Multi-device booking engine
  • Mobile in one tap

Let’s summarize some of the capabilities provided by GuestCentric contact management software.

Channel management

As a user of GuestCentric software, you will access a channel manager that will automate inventory and rates across OTAs, GDS, and wholesalers. There are no more messy extranets and the interface is impressive as it automates every channel.

With GuestCentric, you will be accessing an ingenious application for hotel channel management and you can manage each of your online channels like website, Expedia, Booking.com, Hotelbeds, GTA and etc. you only need to make one click to change rates across each channel or ensure availabilities are up to date. The application supports over 350 channels.

GuestCentric software automatically updates your inventory with each new reservation in real time. With this application, you can maximize occupancy and avoid overbookings.

GuestCentric also allows you to control your channels by opening and closing them. This means you will be able to open and close sales of channels in accordance with your wish.

GuestCentric Software for hotels - control channels

Hotel Booking Engine

The hotel booking engine for GuestCentric Contact management software is not just a better booking engine but it also offers a personal shopping experience. The application’s booking system will beautifully present your offers. Using the application’s ingenious packages and promotions generator, you will be able to add more direct sales and ensure quick response to changes in market demand.

GuestCentric Contact Management Software - booking engine for hotels

The application’s merchandising techniques have been personalized in a way that offers a better shopping experience and improve conversion rates in order to maximize the revenue of your hotels.

Hotel web-design

GuestCentric has won over 100 awards from the year 2010 and thus in addition to their top performing design teams, they are able to come up with innovative hotel website designs that are also engaging to suit the needs of your hotels and increase your revenue while offering modern web experience to all clients.

Pricing Details

The pricing details of GuestCentric software are only provided upon request of a quote.  You can pay a low amount for unlimited bookings or you can pay-as-you-go and this is totally risk-free. Contact guestcentric.com to request a demo and more pricing details.

Technical Details

GuestCentric contact management software supports devices that run on Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone/iPad, and Web-based. The languages supported include English, Australia, Latin America, Europe, Asia, South Africa, India, and Middle-East. As already mentioned, GuestCentric Software has a pricing model that is quote-based. The customer types supported are small business and freelancers. Deployment is through cloud hosting.

Support Details

The providers of GuestCentric contact management software offer their support through Email, live support, and training.

Visit guestcentric.com for more support details.