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Full Grasshopper Business Phone Software Review – All you need to know about Grasshopper

Grasshopper Phone System

What is Grasshopper Software?

Grasshopper Software is a virtual phone system that is designed to be a business phone solution for your company, whether it be large or small. It is a communication system that is both effective and affordable. Grasshopper phone system is easy to use and can give you everything you need in a business phone solution.

Grasshopper phone system has helped over two million users on a day to day basis and has over 200 million customer engagement daily. That is 500 billion voice minutes that happen every year. They have capitalized on the ability to create a modern business phone solution that can work as your communication system for both internal and external collaborations with customers and staff.

The Grasshopper Software is designed to help you look bigger and be more established with a professional virtual phone system that will enhance your current communication system by providing you with flexibility. With this business phone solution, you will never have to worry about missed conversations that will help your profitability and keep customers happy.

Grasshopper Software Benefits:

You want to be sure that when you get a new business phone solution for your communication system that it will benefit you. It is essential that you have an opportunity to see what kinds of benefits the Grasshopper phone system will provide for your business. As such, here is an overview of those benefits.

  • It has a quick and easy set up that can get your communication system going in a matter of minutes.
  • There are downloadable apps for your smartphones and tablets so that you can stay connected wherever you are.
  • There are no contracts and a 30-day guarantee that you can make use of. This will allow you to test out this virtual phone system with the opportunity to cancel if it doesn’t suit your needs.
  • All the basics that you could want in a business phone solution will be covered allowing you to improve your communication system quickly.
  • You can keep your current phone number or change it out. This depends on whatever your preferences may be.
  • You will have the opportunity to balance your life and work time because you will have the chance to filter phone calls as they come in.
  • This virtual phone system has a large selection base that will allow you to target location and phone numbers with ease.
  • This communication system is fully customizable and flexible to give you what you need when you need it.
  • You can promote your brand by being able to set certain criteria for this business phone solution that will enable you to stand apart from others.
  • There is no requirement for new equipment. This means you can use all the equipment you currently have without any additional costs.
  • There is the possibility of getting the additional feature if you ask them for it. They are good at trying to accommodate all your needs.

Grasshopper Phone System Features:

Since you know your business best, it is up to you to determine what kind of business phone solution will suit your needs. Grasshopper comes with a variety of features that you can use to help you establish your communication system so that it works best for you. Without going into too much detail, here is a look into some of the best features offered by Grasshopper software.

Stay in tune with your customers for a better experience all around.

When using your cell phone, you have the ability to separate your work calls and your home calls. This way you will always know what calls to take. With this virtual phone system, you can have any calls directed to your office come to your mobile phone so that you never miss a call from a customer. You can add an automated greeter that will greet your customers and direct the calls according to who is supposed to receive them. There is a professional voice studio that you can utilize in order to create the perfect greeting for your customers. Your customers will always know they are dealing with professionals and almost always have the ability to take customer calls to minimize frustrations.

Be professional all the time when you make the calls.

Having a phone app to use the Grasshopper phone system will mean that when you make professional calls, they will see your business phone number on their caller ID at all times. What this does for you is keep your private number, private. Only your business number will show up when you make calls from the app. You have the option to place calls either from your phone or your computer. If your phone battery is dying and needs to charge, no worries, move over to your computer and continue making calls. If the reception is not ideal when you are on the go, you can make calls from VoIP or Wi-fi instead for continuous call clarity.

Utilize texting to yours and your customers advantage.

Since in this technological day and age many people prefer to text, you have that option with this virtual phone system. Your business phone solution comes with the option for your customers to text you via your phone number. You can set up your phone to send a quick text to customers when you are too busy to talk or on the phone with someone else. This will make sure your customers know that you are attentive to them. You have the ability to get important information in writing with the quick text confirmation options.

Have the ability to get voicemails and faxes anywhere.

You will never miss important messages as you can check your business voicemail anywhere. Using the app for either your mobile phone or your computer you will always have access to your voicemail. You can get emails sent to you that transcribe your voicemails so that you can easily prioritize who you need to call immediately and who can wait. You can receive faxes anywhere at any time. Every time a customer sends you a fax to your business number, it will arrive in your email inbox as a readable PDF. This way you always have access to faxes without having to have the additional hardware.

Pricing details of Grasshopper Software:

There are three different pricing options for the Grasshopper phone system that you can choose from with this business phone solution. Grasshopper software wanted to make it as easy for you to choose as possible.

Solo Plan:

This plan comes with 1 number and up to 3 extensions. It costs $29 per month and is perfect for small businesses.

Partner Plan:

This particular plan has up to 3 numbers that you can get with 6 extensions. It is $49 per month and is perfect for growing businesses or medium-sized businesses.

Small Business Plan:

This plan costs $89 per month and it allows for 5 number and an unlimited number of extensions. This will provide you with more flexibility in your call routing.

Every one of these plans includes a variety of features for your communication system. These features are the ability to have business texting, call forwarding options, using custom greetings, the ability to read your voicemail messages through transcription and unlimited minutes. You also get access to the apps, inbound faxes that go to your email, voicemail and Wi-Fi calling.

There is also the option to purchase a toll-free number, vanity numbers and bill per minute international calling.

Technical Details of Grasshopper Phone System:

As this business phone solution is designed to be a virtual phone system, you can use it on any device regardless of the operating systems. There is the downloadable app that you can get from the play store for Android devices and from the iTunes store for iOS devices. You can also find desktop apps on various computer systems. It is a cloud-hosted communication system.

The primary language that is supported is English. There is no evidence that there might be other language options. Feel free to contact Grasshopper Software to find out if your language choice is supported or will be in the future.

Grasshopper Software Support Details:

You are purchasing a business phone solution to help you improve your communication system. Therefore, it is essential that there is a level of give and take with you and the Grasshopper phone system. You want to be able to have the support you need to keep your business going continuously. Here are the support options for this virtual phone system.

  • Email: You have the ability to email them at any time and they will respond in a timely manner.
  • Phone: There is 24/7 phone support that you can access whenever you encounter issues and you are sure to get in touch with a live representative.
  • Live Support: Through your login page, you will always have access to a live chat option to get in touch with a Grasshopper Software representative. This will enable you to get issues dealt with quickly through a remote connection.
  • Tickets: They do have a tiered help desk system set up that allows you to create support tickets. These tickets go into a queue and will be responded to accordingly.


There are a lot of good things that come with Grasshopper software. It is a great solution if you are a small to medium-sized business looking for a business phone solution. When you are deciding if you want the Grasshopper phone system, you want to be sure that it is going to meet your communication system needs. Therefore, it is important that you weigh the various benefits and features that are provided to help you make the best-informed decision you can.

Overall, Grasshopper virtual phone system is very convenient. They boast that you will never drop a call or miss anything important. Therefore, it is a great choice when it comes to a business phone solution that will work for you. However, if you have a larger organization that is international or deals regularly with global customers, you might want to find out if they have anything to offer you that is worthwhile. There are no specifics for larger industries.

Make sure you are clear on what your business needs are and what your future needs may be before choosing a business phone solution. Your communication system is very important to you conducting a profitable business. Do your research and make the best choice you can for you.