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Full Grand Rounds EHR Software Review – All You Need to Know About Grand Rounds


Grand Rounds EHR software is a modern solution to the problem of medical consulting and healthcare. The platform provides an innovative solution for patients to search for and meet with physicians with little hassles. It comes with many types of settings to let you tailor your doctor recommendations.

The Grand Rounds company offers it. The company is set on a path to revolutionalize the health care sector by bridging the gap between doctors and their patients.

The cofounders Owen Tripp and Dr. Lawrence “Rusty” Hofmann built the software to combat the problem of health professional scarcity. They believe that each family and individual should have access to a family health care professional.

Their product is now one of the most sought after in the industry today. The top companies in all spaces use it. Some of them are Comcast, AutoDesk, Walmart among others.

In this article, we’ll review the software and provides important details about its functionality as well as its benefits and cons.

By the end, you’ll know if it suits your business and/or personal needs.

What Is The Grand Rounds EHR Software?

The Grand Rounds EHR Software is an online solution that attempts to optimize the patient-doctor relationship. The tool does this by providing a common platform for patients to seek for and interact with doctors.

The tool provides this services to three sets of people. Individuals, companies and health care professionals. It uses a powerful matching algorithm to help individuals get access to excellent health care professionals. This process is fully controlled by the preferences of the customer and the matching tool in the online solution.

For companies who use their services, this tool provides information to their workers on the best professional to meet for their healthcare needs. You can also conduct mini-consultations on its tools.

It allows you to call and speak with specialists on your phone or mobile devices before deciding to meet for a physical examination.

Overall, this tool does a good job of simplifying the process of consultation letting the patient take charge of their own health needs.

How Does The Grand Rounds EHR Software Work?

The Grand Rounds EHR Software is a completely online tool. The tool leverages the cloud to host its software for access online.

To use this tool you can either be a member of three groups:

1. Member

This segment refers to individuals and families who need the services of the tool. They use the tool to search for and consult health care professionals for their personal needs. You’ll need to register on the company website under the ‘Member Category’ to use the tool this way.

2. Company

Companies who prefer a flexible health care solution for their workers can use this tool too. The tool provides direct access to health care professionals for the employees in the company. You can sign up your company for this service under the ‘Company’ category.

3. Providers

The ‘Providers’ group are the healthcare professionals themselves who sign up their services to the platform. They usually declare their services available for patients to call and consult with them.

The tool works by connecting the patient groups (members and company) to the Providers group in real time using an optimized system.

The system takes into account the availability of health care professionals and their proximity to the patient. This way the patients can access the doctors on the system without bothering about manually booking an appointment.

They can also contact the providers for mini-consultations by phone or video calls.

Benefits of The Grand Rounds EHR Software

1. Convenient and Easy To Use

The software is hosted on the cloud. This makes it one of the most convenient solutions available to consult your doctors for health-related issues. The tool syncs online and globally on their fast and powerful server. This ensures that even if you are traveling or miles away, you can access the dashboard and contact your doctor.

The user interface for the tool is also very intuitive and modern. The buttons and menu items are organized elegantly to make navigation a breeze. This advantage makes it such that even newbies can use the tool with little guidance. In summary, the user experience is top notch.

2. Can Be Used By Families

For families seeking for a flexible and price-friendly solution for their health consultation needs this tool is handy. The tool provides a robust platform for families and even individuals to reach out to qualified healthcare professionals. The pricing for this service is also very reasonable compared to walk-in patients.

You can reach and talk to the healthcare professionals directly and even book an online video session for consultation. This simplifies and eases the stress of seeking quality health care online.

3. Accessible on Mobile

The company provides a robust mobile tool for use by its members. The tool can provide access to the online portal and many of the features with ease. You can contact the health professionals on the platform and book appointments. You can even schedule a video call and ask health questions on the application. It is available for both android and ios platforms.

4. Provides Visibility for Your Business

For professionals in the health sector, this software and its services provide excellent means to garner visibility. The listing of your business on the platform promotes your business to a growing number of individuals and companies for their healthcare needs. This listing also syncs online with popular search engines to improve your views and business mentions.

5. Takes Away The Stress of Determining Health Care Benefits

For companies who are conflicted about the route to take concerning their healthcare benefits, this is an excellent tool. The software as a service provides unparalleled flexibility and options. Your employees do not have to be restricted to only one healthcare professionals. The tool provides them options and gives them the power to make their own medical decisions. And all this come at a competitive pricing

6. Virtual Consultation

Individuals, employees can conduct virtual consultations on the platform. They can connect with health care providers and schedule appointments for video or audio consultations. They also have a feature that lets you ask your health questions and get answers fast.

Cons of The Grand Rounds EHR Software

1. Restricted To the USA and Its Territories

Despite the numerous functions of the software, it is still quite restricted. The tool can only be used in the United States and its adjoining territories. You can access your data and even your health care professionals at any location in the globe, however. But the tool provides no feature to allow you to meet with the local health care professionals in any regions outside of the supported territories. This makes it very unsuitable for emergency trips or in cases where you are relocating permanently.

Features of The Grand Rounds EHR Software

1. Powerful Matching Engine

The software sports a powerful matching engine that helps you locate and meet with the most appropriate doctor for your case and situation.

The matching engine uses a powerful algorithm to determine the best health care professional to handle your case depending on your location and condition. This way you are sure that your consultations always meet your expectations and also health care professionals are matched according to their skill set and experience.

2. Secure Platform (HIPAA Compliant)

The tool is hosted on a secure server that is guarded with powerful modern security tools. The website has an active SSL certificate that guarantees your safety while using the tool. The security architecture work to protect your site from attackers and hackers.t

The tool is also HIPAA compliant. This means you can trust that all your information and details of your consultation are marked and stored as confidential. This makes it very safe for you to use.

3. Excellent Customer Care/Support

The customer team for this tool is one of the most responsive available. They are patient and will wait until you are done explaining your issues with the platform. Their recommendations are usually very apt; solving your problems even at just first try.

The support team is also available on the live chat platform. This ensures that you can reach them at any time of the day, especially for urgent cases. You can also reach them via email and telephone.

4. In Network Doctor Search

If you prefer a particular health professional to handle your situation, you can always use the in-network doctor search feature. The tool scans the directory listings for your preferred professional and checks their availability for you.

In the case where you only want to search for the best doctor for a specific ailment, this tool is handy too. Its powerful filter and search functions give you a plethora of options to run your search and find what you need.

5. Remote and In-Person Care

The remote care tool allows you to conduct a full consultation without leaving the comfort of your location. You can use your mobile phone or the web application to reach out to healthcare professionals for this case.

You can schedule telephone conversations, video calls and even ask questions and expect quick feedback.

If you prefer to walk into the hospital or a clinic you can use this tool to make this happen. You can schedule or book an appointment with your preferred health care professional. Once the schedule is confirmed, you can proceed to visit them for a physician consultation.

Pricing and Price Models

The pricing model for this tool is the flexible pricing model. In this model, you only pay for the services and tools that you use. This way you can save on other unneeded features.

You have to contact the company to determine the feature and tools that are necessary to you and your business. If you don’t know what exactly you need from the tool, consult the support team.

The sales support team will work with you to determine the best combination of features and tools for your business. They’ll take into consideration your scale and size during this process.

Once this process is completed, you can request a quote from the team. They’ll send over the price for the use of the recommended features.

Platforms Supported and Technical Details

The Grand Rounds EHR Software is a completely online solution. The tool is hosted on a fast online service that you can access from anywhere in the globe. You don’t have to provide any of the server requirements and memory hardware. All of these are provided and maintained by the company. You only need to sign up to use the tool.

Accessing the Platform

The cloud platform this means the tool is available for use like every other web application. To access the tool, you need to have a compatible computer system. The computer should have a modern browser installed.

Currently, the supported operating systems are:

  • Linux OS
  • Chrome OS
  • Windows OS
  • Mac OS

Mobile Support

The tool provides excellent mobile support for the software. You can use the tool to access the platform’s features and even some extras such as video and audio calls to the consultants. The tools are available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Customer Support

The customer support team is always available for consultation. They offer stellar consultation and support for you and your business. They are always available and are patient and intelligent. They’ll work with you to resolve any queries or complaints satisfactorily.

Channels Available

The customer support team are available on the following channels.

  • Live Chat
  • Telephone
  • Email and Support tickets

No matter the channel you decide to use for contacting the team, you should expect quick feedback and support.


The support team can provide training and guidance for your employees and family members on how to use the platform. This training also applies to health care professionals who use the platform.

In Conclusion

The Grand Rounds EHR Software is an optimized 21st solution to an age long problem of patient-doctor relationship. The tool can match with precision patients to doctors and other health professionals with ease. Its superb security feature ensures that your information and details of your consultation are strictly in line with existing legislation. You can check out the tool and if it fits your business needs, sign up to use it.