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Full Grammarly Content Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About Grammarly


What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a free app helping universities and corporations deal with grammatical issues in their writing through a cloud-based system that utilizes an algorithm to correct spelling, grammatical issues, and even correct wordings. It is not a Grammar Nazi in the sense that it is not a strict, rigid app because it accepts slang words by subtly suggesting something to make it workable such as a comma that changes everything despite the simplicity of the punctuation.


It was developed by Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn from a friendship that developed in one of those Ukrainian universities where lecturers were native Americans. They noticed the need for plagiarism checkers since students were using thesis papers and the like on the internet without anyone putting a check and balance on it. No one was guarding the Internet back then and professors didn’t notice it. When Shevchenko went to a University in Toronto for his Master’s Degree, he developed Dropbox which was a plagiarism software. He did it all by himself and then created a company with an administrator and Lytvyn. The company broadened to have 10 and 15 more persons later on. After a while, they sold the company to Blackboard Inc. for a small sum. They had to sell because they wanted it to develop some more. But the deal was that Shevchenko was not to create another one of the same concept and Lytvyn was to continue working for their company to help integrate it into their system for two years. As soon as two years was over, Lytvyn packed his bags and went to Toronto to return to his friend Shevchenko and created Grammarly because the west, unlike Ukraine, was open to new technologies. This time the idea was to teach English to students. This time, they did not sell the company but rather focused on fine-tuning their software.

Today, Grammarly is used by millions of people especially in English speaking countries. It makes money from subscriptions though and there is pricing for premium services.

The story of how Grammarly evolved is quite exciting and there is still a company of Grammarly that stands in the city where these two founders lived which is in Kyiv. Other offices are in the West, particularly San Francisco. Developers think it is more of a practical rather than a unique software which anyone can use and their aim is to turn the rest of billions of people still remaining out there into customers.

Benefits of Grammarly

The benefits are obvious from the name itself and which the founders claimed as its own: Grammarly. It is well promised to be loyal to grammar and plagiarism issues. The fact that it was turned into a software solely by Shevchenko almost overnight is worth thinking that it was meant as a gift to the world and was most inspired in its beginnings. Another fact that they almost gave it away only to develop it some more after two years of selling the project means they really mean to do more with the software for more benefits for better customer satisfaction. And that they kept it to themselves is another ingenuity which one can only admire. Their perseverance is apparent and much appreciated even though it was not allowed in University curriculums back then.

It helps in rethinking about what you wrote- for example you wrote something and is used to utilizing Grammarly, it feels as though there was someone looking over your shoulder and asking you whether this would pass Grammarly standards, so you think, will this ellipse be appropriate, or is this spelling correct or contextually incorrect even if the Microsoft spell-checker says there is nothing wrong with it.

Grammarly prevents you from writing in a passive voice- Sliding to write in a passive voice is almost too easy which is why Grammarly is most particular in reminding you to place the passive voice in active mode. The passive tense seems to be almost archaic so it reads in a wrong manner. In fact, they say Grammarly hates the passive voice so much they conclude that it is a sloppy kind of writing.

Grammarly grants you options- They can send your work to a professional proofreader who will manually proofread your work for you. There are all matters of options such as :

  • Punctuation
  • Sentence structure
  • Contextual spelling
  • Style
  • Grammar

There are is also the plagiarism checker which is an option to know if your work may be correct but has already been used or to remind you that you are bordering on plagiarism when done deliberately. Make no mistake, Grammarly is not there to do the work for you but only to assist you in checking your grammar etc. The benefits are all too many but basically broken down into grammar and punctuation which are in essence what you need to communicate better in English be it for a thesis or a business letter or anything else.

Features of Grammarly


There are various features in Grammarly. First of all, it can be a storage for it is cloud-based. It comes in Premium or for free. However, if you decide to use the free option you cannot retain stylistics in formatting but Premium can in ways that can be taught to any beginner.

The Website- it is limited to uploading up to:

  • 4 MB
  • 60 pages
  • 100,000 characters including the spaces in between

It accepts almost all documents including:

  • .Doc
  • .Docx
  • .rtf
  • .txt
  • .odt

The Desktop App- this type of app runs wonderfully by being easier to instantaneously upload into your Grammarly. All you have to do is to open to Grammarly and you will be walked through a variety of options through a tutorial no matter if you are using a MacOS or something else.

The Chrome Extension- it is applicable on various networking sites and et al. such as:

  • Facebook
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter
  • Gmail
  • YouTube
  • Linked In

This is a wonderful feature because it allows for a variety of options to choose from. Wherever you wish to place your text Grammarly is open to it. Imagine being able to check your grammar for text to be laid out on Youtube or for a business letter to be placed in Gmail. Twitter accounts are neatly streamlined and avoid those sloppily written texts. On Facebook, you can rely on Grammarly not to embarrass you by again, not writing sloppily written posts that your Facebook friends will see and would badly reflect on you as a writer of the English language. At least, give them the benefit of a well-written post which is pleasing to read. For Linkedin, you may go on to write your CV or Resume in a professional manner as though you had it done by a resume writer but which you can do all by your own self.

On Chrome- Green is a go for Grammarly and gray means its turned off. You have the feature option to check on synonyms for words you want to substitute with other terms. Also, you may choose a variety of English such as American English, British English, Canadian or Australian English.



Individual Subscriptions

  • Monthly- $29.95 USD/month
  • Quarterly Subscription- $ 19.98/month ( billed as $59.95 as one- time payment
  • Annual Subscription- $ 11.66/month ( billed as $139.95 as one time payment

Grammarly does not offer lifetime or one time plans.

Grammarly Business

This is a delightful option for business owners who want to impress their customers. It consolidates the team in ways which are valuable to the business. These are all stemmed in better-written documents which are of value to the company. Ultimately you may even consolidate with other companies and be united rooted in properly written business documents.

  • Emails
  • Documents
  • Casual Interaction

Grammarly for Educational Institutions

Grammarly which previously was not included in the Universities can now avail of Grammarly@edu. Just inquire with Gregory Carpets at greg.carpets@grammarly.com or get a free quote from the site itself. They specifically tailor a well- made Grammarly for your educational needs. This is wonderful because now you know that what is done is legal and does away with the guilt that you may be falling on an option that you are being helped by a proofreader all the way. This is not so. You type in a document the best way you can and Grammarly corrects it. You are given a score to show how far you’ve done well in your own document then you can double check for wrong punctuations or grammar or wrongly spelled words.

Payment methods come in through debit cards, Paypal or credit card. This is all well-tailored to suit those from far places. No payments can be done through phone, checks or money orders.

Technical DetailsGrammarly

Sergey Yavnyi, the lead tech of Grammarly summarizes it all up by stating that they do all the research to improve Grammarly to be able to offer the best service they can. They heed to feedback and call for improvements and they try their best to come up with better offerings from the side of the engineers who work side by side with customers as they work through their grammatical needs. As the technical needs arise they have learned to innovate and grant the best to suit customer needs. The team of engineers is growing and diversifying day by day reflective of the high principles that Grammarly has evolved into.

Support Details


From its inception until today, Grammarly remains an enigmatic innovation in proofreading and plagiarism check in the world today considering it is quite unique on its own and duly practical.

There is no other editing service of this kind ever before and it may have begun the trend that has multiplied into many copycats out there because Grammarly is the best and the original Proofreading and Plagiarism Checker.

Try it for yourself. A simple missive with the help of Grammarly may go a long way towards a loved one. A business letter to another business is the best done with Grammarly for it is professionally polished to impress the other of your business prowess. In universities, you may focus on the point of your thesis rather than be overly preoccupied with your grammar and punctuations.

You can even keep a documentation of your writings for it is a cloud-based system and you don’t need to file them in other records because it is already saved.

It may even be interesting to see how high your grammatical score is at the beginning and going by the swing of it, ultimately, realize that you are learning as you go along and that your grammatical score is improving upon completion of each new document. You may even have an option for a manual proofreader to really get into the checking of your document. And the plagiarism checker grants you the bliss of knowing that your work is original and did not encroach on anyone else’s work.

Your renderings will improve so much more with Grammarly, even exponentially in ways which will amaze you so that you can, almost, never do without it. It has always been the leading proofreading checker and it will always be the best in its field. Like an old friend you always turn to as a writer, Grammarly does not betray you because it always stays fresh with new innovations added to it be its dedicated team of tech engineers.

Grammarly is still the best proofreading checker of the future despite the fact that it has been the original and perhaps even the oldest. Others may offer you something that may seem new but soon you realize that it cannot be something that hasn’t already been done by Grammarly. It is always up to par with your writing needs and it never fails to give you the best service. In its consistency, you rely on it for comfort in communication.