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Full Grade.us Reputation Management Software review – all you need to know about Grade.us Reputation Management Software


We all know the importance of customer-generated reviews for the long well-being of a business. A customer review is nothing but a narration of the positive or negative experience a customer has had at an establishment. It is a way of letting other people know that they too can expect the same experience. In short, it is either a crowd puller or a disclaimer. There are a wide variety of tools out there which help you manage your reviews all the more effective. These review management softwares are aplenty and one such of the lot is Grade.us which is one of the very best out there.

In this article, we shall be talking extensively in detail about the Grade.us platform. Read on to find out more!

What is Grade.us?

Customer reviews can surface in any form and at any time. There are a wide variety of ways in which people can now review and rate companies. The most predominant way to do is using an online platform. These are platforms where companies are listed and customers to these establishments may review and rate the company on the basis of their past experience with the company.

Furthermore, there are certain tools which help you easily manage these reviews as a business owner. Grade.us is one such tool of the lot. Grade.us can be thought of as a rather effective and powerful review management platform. It certainly enables businesses to come up with a rather effective review funnel process which is both efficient and easy at the same time. It is all about automating the entire system for various tasks which includes the likes of requiring, inquiring and also guiding customers as to how they can leave behind a complete review of your company.  It is a platform using which a business can find potential positive reviews, it also provides them with a platform using which the company can work on engaging unhappy customers. Furthermore, their concerns are addressed to as well. They are done way ahead of time before customers start venting out their frustration and disappointment on online platforms.

In rather simple terms, Grade.us is a tool using which businesses can now gather and pull out positive reviews from their customers. This, in turn, leads to a better brand image and also a better means to promote your products online. This further leads to healthier profits and at the end of the day, everything is win-win. Grade.us has managed to outperform every other tool of its type in the market. Over the years, even the biggest of companies have adopted the Grade.us platform. This is all down to its rather effective nature and its ability to cater to a wide variety of businesses out there.  All in all, Grade.us is the ultimate review generation tool of the 21st century.

Some of the biggest clients of Grade.us are Duct Tape Marketing, Website Project, Blinds To Go and Real Property Management, to name a few.

In this article, we shall be discussing the salient benefits, features and technical details of the Grade.us platform.

Let us now discuss the technicalities of Grade.us as an application.


It is very much easy to claim yourself to be the best business out there. But without the customers validating that claim, no one will believe you. Reviews are a way of letting your potential customers know that your company has what it takes to be the best. As mentioned earlier, there are literally hundreds of customer review management tools out there but none comes anywhere close to Grade.us. It has managed to forge a reputable name for itself in the market all thanks to its wide range of features and benefits on offer.

In this section, we shall be talking about the salient benefits on offer by the Grade.us platform. They are as follows:

  • We have spoken about the importance of a good review funnel process for any business. Using the Grade.us platform, you will now get access to a Multi-channel review funnel system.
  • With the help of the Grade.us platform, you will now be able to manage a wide number of clients and from any location as well.
  • The Grade.us platform gives you the liberty to use your own company brand name and domain name as well.
  • Using the Grade.us platform, you can lure all your reviews to both local and industry-based review sites.
  • You even hold the option to collect the review right on site as well with the use of the Kiosk mode.
  • Furthermore, you can even embed landing pages anywhere you like.
  • To keep your customers feel valued and engaged, you can offer them coupons and offers as well.
  • Using the Grade.us platform, you can now seamlessly Automate email review campaigns.
  • You can even opt to Automate SMS review campaigns as well.
  • You can even drop ship review invite cards right to your
  • When it comes to keeping a close watch on the action potential review sites, you can easily monitor industry-specific review sites over the internet,
  • You will also be entitled to the best reviews all around the internet.
  • You can even lure reviews from review sites directly to your website and social media handles as well.
  • We all know that companies spend a lot of money on review campaigns thereby making it important to keep a close track of it. The Grade.us platform lets you maintain a close track of your campaign performance till date.
  • With the help of the report generation feature offered by Grade.us, one may enjoy access to in-demand
  • You will also be given to a dedicated client-facing dashboard right under your brand and domain name as well.
  • Using the Grade.us platform, you will now be given access to their API for further integrations with your very own dashboard and website as well.
  • us offers API based plugins for tools such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal
  • With the growing dependence on data for studying campaign performance metrics, Grade.us offers you with the best in class Data analysis via text analytics, NLP and a whole lot more!
  • You will also enjoy access to a high level of competitive intelligence and reporting as well.
  • You will also be given access to a highly customized solution set which will be used to solve complex business cases.


In this section, we shall be listing out the various features of the Grade.us platform. As we researched more about the Grade.us platform, the more we were exposed to the amazing capabilities offered by this app. It certainly is one of the very best of its kind in the market. Let us now discuss further.

Grade.us offers businesses a very easy to use and robust platform which is able to collect reviews and promote positive customer experiences on a whole bunch of review sites online. Furthermore, the system is able to drive clients into a review funnel where they are future routed to review sites which mean a lot to the business.  The entire process involves the following stages:

  • Asking
  • Reminding

This is the entire process of guiding customers through a review process. The best part of it all is that the whole process is automated.

As more reviews pour in, business will now start to enjoy more positive mentions which further means that more customers will start flocking to your business. There is also a high chance of retention of current customers as well.

Grade.us also gives companies the ability to handle customers who are unhappy. It gives the companies a platform where they will be able to engage with customers who are dissatisfied, determine what the issues are and how the problem can be resolved.

With Grade.us, businesses will be able to enjoy more positive reviews which means that the brand value of the company spreads in a positive direction. This means that will be more new customers and this will mean more sales. Grade.us is a platform which helps make the review proves all the more automatic and easier at the same time. It serves as a great sort of implementation of alternatives which cannot be found in any other platform of its type. You can easily initiate your marketing procedure rather easily which helps you make the best use of your available resources. It also helps get the word across the market that your company exists and is capable of delivering the very best to the customers.


There are a wide variety of plans on offer by the Grade.us platform. Each is unique in its own way. Let us now find out the salient details of the same:

  • Free trial Plan
  • Marketer Plan
  • Agency Plan
  • Partner Plan

As mentioned above, the Grade.us platform is made available in three distinct plans plus the free plan. Each plan caters to a different set of business requirements. Every plan comes equipped with a 14 day free trial period. All you have to do is contact the company for more pricing information and they will be happy to assist you.

Marketer Plan

The marketer plan is made available for usage for a monthly price of USD 90 when paid on a monthly basis. The same plan is made available for USD 75 if paid annually.

Below are the salient features on offer:

  • Enjoy a dedicated review management cum marketing platform.
  • You may add up to 1 user amount plus 3 profiles.
  • Be able to drive all review traffic on all local review platforms.
  • Be able to Pre-empt negative reviews
  • You may collect reviews directly from the customers on site using the compliant “kiosk mode”.
  • Be able to embed landing pages anywhere you like.
  • You may engage with your customer through coupon distribution plans.
  • Completely automate your email review campaigns.
  • You can also share positive reviews automatically through the system itself.

Agency Plan.

The plan is made available for usage for a monthly price of USD 200 when paid on a monthly basis. The same plan is made available for USD 167 if paid annually.

  • Enjoy all features from the professional plan.
  • Enjoy up to 10 seats which include both a user account as well as a profile.
  • Enjoy the best reporting tools.
  • You can also surface low performing clients using the amount level dashboard.
  • You can also schedule white labelled reports to both your staff and clients.
  • Using one single dashboard, you will be able to respond to both Google and Facebook generated reviews.

Partner Plan

The partner plan is made available for usage for a monthly price of USD 1500 when paid on a monthly basis. The same plan is made available for USD 1250 if paid annually.

  • Enjoy all of the features from the agency plan.
  • Enjoy up to 100 included seats which include a user account as well as a profile.
  • Enjoy the best access to advanced features such as:
  • Single sign-on (SSO) and white-labelled API
  • Using your own branding, you will now be able to add sub-users as well.
  • Enjoy the best Data Analysis with the use of NLP and text-based

Technical Details

In this section, we shall be discussing the salient technical details of the Grade.us platform. They are:

Devices Supported

The Grade.us platform can be accessed using the following computing platoons:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Web-based

Language Support

English is the only language mode of use for this platform.

Pricing Model

The user-friendly pricing model of the Grade.us platform offers the following paying modes:

  • Monthly payment
  • Annual Subscription
  • Quote-based

Customer Types

The types of customers who enjoy the services of the Grade.us platform are as follows:

  • Small Business
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business
  • Freelancers

Support Details

In case of any further queries or discrepancies, you can contact the makers of the Grade.us platform using any of the following modes of communication:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Training
  • Tickets


All in all, the Grade.us is one of the very best review management platforms out there. Not only is it very moderately priced but also offers some of the very best features for its users to enjoy. The Grade.us plan is also available in a trial version which allows you to try out the platform for a few days before you switch to a full-time plan.

When it comes to a variety of plans, you can choose from a wide variety of them with each being able to cater to different types of business requirements. It simply is the best possible solution to managing all the reviews which come up online.

At the end of the day, the Grade.us platform is certainly worth every penny spent!