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Full GPS-Server Fleet Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About GPS-Server


What is GPS-Server?

GPS-Server is a GPS tracking solution with a variety of uses, both commercial and personal. The solution is designed not only to manage and track vehicles on the map, but it can also track mobile phone devices. GPS-Server is an intuitive tracking platform with user-friendly controls and compatible with hundreds of GPS tracking devices. Its compatibility with sensory devices allows GPS-Server to work well with fuel consumption monitoring devices, temperature sensors, routing devices and more.

The GPS-Server monitors targets in real-time. The advanced dashboard displays real-time data of the target’s location and its properties. The system is capable to set parameters through the use of virtual geofence. GPS-Server users can set thresholds and alarms to monitor the target’s activity. Once parameters are met, the system automatically sends a notification to notify supervisors about the location of the asset or your employees not sticking with the protocol.



The fleet management software can also be used for personal purposes. Families can set their phones as GPS trackers to monitor people. This allows parents to monitor their children’s location through the intuitive dashboard. Parents can set parameters to trigger notifications. It is easy to use and compatible with most smartphones available in the market today. The GPS-Server mobile application is downloadable in both iOS and Android devices.

The GPS-Server tracking solution offers a wide list of features that would greatly benefit businesses particularly ones that require managing vehicles and people. The GPS-Server dashboard allows supervisors to manage multitudes of vehicles in the map and check their location in real time. Companies have two options for deployment. They can utilize GPS-Server’s hosting service. This is a cost-efficient option and a great choice for start-up and small companies that are struggling with hosting costs. The software is hosted through GPS-Server’s own data centers and a team of experts will be handling server maintenance, deployment, and administration. For established companies, they can use a server-based in-house hosting using their own independent tracking server. The server simultaneously communicates with thousands of tracking devices and can operate globally.

In addition to GPS servers compatibility with hundreds of tracking peripherals, the software also provides access to its APIs. This allows programmers to integrate the software into an existing system to improve overall workflow and increase productivity.

GPS-Server Benefits

Reduces Operational Costs

GPS-Server allows business owners to manage their operational costs better than using a manual management process. Using sensors, notifications, alarms, and other monitoring tools, business owners will have the information needed to minimize expenditures. One of the most common business expense is fuel consumption.

Using a fuel level monitoring sensor, business owners can gauge how much fuel each job would take. The GPS tracks driver activity and checks the location of the vehicle to ensure that there are no side trips. On the entire duration of the job, administrators can monitor fuel consumption and set a standard for the upcoming jobs. This effectively prevents fuel theft and optimizes fuel use. Reducing fuel consumption expenses and allowing business owners to have a quick ROI gain.

Eliminates Risk of Improper Use of Assets

Using the system’s tracking capabilities, it promotes a risk-free environment for business owners. Supervisors can monitor the use of company vehicles and track them real-time without leaving their offices. It removes any possible chance of mismanaged assets as users can easily setup parameters for its intended use.

In a fleet tracking business, it would be easier for the supervising department to monitor its drivers. Sensors act like an alarm that triggers for any activity or situation. Every data is being transmitted back immediately for a real-time performance monitoring. This ensures assets are being used for what they were intended. The GPS-Server allows users to set parameters to effectively monitor assets. Administrators can set routing or geofencing parameters to create a controlled environment where the assets should be operated. In any case that the asset cannot be found on the pre-defined working zone, the application will trigger a notification indicating that the asset is no longer operating within the protocol. This allows administrators to act immediately and prevent possible theft.


Low-Cost GPS Tracking Management Solution

GPS-Server allows fast ROI not only because it is a wide range of features but its remarkably low price. The GPS Tracking platform has no monthly fees, no lifetime licenses, users can easily opt out to the service if they don’t like it.

The tracking solution is designed to help businesses make a profit. Subjecting business owners to lifetime subscriptions would increase their expenses. GPS-Server allows business owners to pay for the features that they need and no more.

Requires No Technical Background

The GPS-Server tracking management software provides a series of easy-to-learn controls. Setting up the control panel does not require users to have the technical knowledge or programming skills. Dashboards can be set up in a point-and-click fashion.

Its intuitive interface allows users to learn how to use the software in no time. The control panel is arranged strategically for users to understand how each option works. Each control has its own tooltip providing a description of how it works. Manuals and training videos are also available for self-help options.

Reduces Time Needed to Perform Management Tasks

The GPS-Server tracking management software automates the most important tasks in a fleet tracking business. Instead of the hassle of jotting down every activity, contacting drivers, and calculating fuel consumption; the system offers a systematic way of recording these activities. Since the GPS-Server system is compatible with tracking and sensory devices, it would be easier for users to manage activity in the field.

On the dashboard, the supervising authority can easily create activity plans and set notifications for any instances. The GPS system doesn’t only track the location of the vehicles on the map, it also records connection time, speed, coordinates, address, sensor parameters, stops, events and more. Users can easily set notification based on properties. The supervising authority can create routes and workflow on what the expected behavior should be. Every step of the way whether the driver stays on course or not, it sends an automated notification to the dashboard, recording the activity. The manual job is done only during the setup, the rest is automated. This results in more time saved and increases jobs done in a day.

Manage Fleet Anytime and Anywhere

The GPS-Server mobile application is downloadable to any mobile device using iOS and Android operating systems. This allows software users to manage and track assets on the go. The application communicates effectively with the server and displays the information you needed to manage your fleet.

It also includes all the features available in the standalone software installed on computers. Features include real-time notifications, remote object controls, setting up parameters, and more. Users can set up the tracking interval to request for information real-time.

GPS-Server Features

Remote Object Control

With the use of GPS hardware devices, the software provides commands to remotely control any object on the field. One can easily turn off the ignition for any unauthorized access. Managers and supervisors can impose additional security protocols if an asset is being used by an unauthorized party.

Additionally, users can schedule the use of an asset. For companies with hundreds of vehicles, the managing authority can impose restrictions on a given time or date for certain vehicles. The system provides the command and sends the signal to the GPS hardware device installed on the vehicles. Users can set up parameters for remote control. Managers can easily shut it down and turn off the ignition and prevent use.


Real-Time Tracking and History Logs

It is important for users to manage information the moment it enters the system. With real-time tracking capabilities, users can identify issues affecting operation in the field. Real-time notifications allow supervisors to see an impending problem. A good example is the speed monitoring capabilities of the system.

The GPS tracking system records information about the speed of the tracked target. The GPS hardware device sends information through notification once the driver commits a violation. Subsequent violation notification might be an indication that the driver might be incapacitated. Knowing this information real-time allows the supervising authority to remotely control the object before accidents happen. Activities are stored in the history logs for executives to monitor and understand the situation for better insight.

Customizable Reports

GPS-Server tracking management software provides customizable reporting options to deliver results based on change requests. The reporting tools provide users to filter the data gathered based on parameters and attributes. Users can request detailed reports about the trips, fuel consumption, driving activity, route, vehicle groups and more.

Customizable options in generating reports provide accurate and timely information needed for developing action plans and strategies. Using report sorting and filtering features, administrative members can study and device a strategy that would strengthen a particular KPI or impose strict regulations on certain practices to minimize expenses.

The report generated by the system can be exported into multiple formats. Users can export the report through HTML, XLS, or PDF file formats.


User Privileges

GPS-Server promotes data security with the use of customizable user privileges and data access. Setting up user privileges prevents unauthorized system or data access. System administrators can restrict specific users from accessing and sharing data files, adding, editing, or deleting entries.

If your business handles critical information such as addresses, personal information, and other important data; setting up user privileges can help secure information and prevent compromised data.

On-Demand Technical Support and Assistance

The GPS-Server tracking management team provides all the support needed from setting up the servers down to deployment. GPS-Server is compatible with most GPS tracking devices. The support team provides a comprehensible list of compatible devices and would also help integrate existing device to work with the system.

The technical support team is available to contact 24/7 to answer inquiries and provide assistance in integrating software features to GPS hardware devices

Routing and Zoning Features

Effectively creating routes can lead to efficient fuel management. GPS-Server utilizes an advanced system in route creation. It systematically allows easier navigation to reduce the time needed for drivers to reach their destination.

The real-time monitoring features works hand-to-hand with the automated routing process as it checks for current traffic conditions and allows drivers to navigate their way out of a parade, accident zones, or any blockade. Effectively maximizing productivity and results in more jobs done.




GPS-Server offers a variety of subscription plans for software use. Interested parties can take advantage of the demo available on their website. They also provide a 14-day free trial and have the system configured based on the business needs. After the free trial, users may continue using the system through subscription plans.

For personal plans, yearly subscriptions are based on a number of tracked objects.

Plan A1: 1 object for €15
Plan A5: 5 objects for €60
Plan A10: 10 objects for €110
Plan A25: 25 objects for €240
Plan A50: 50 objects for €420

Hosted software plans include unlimited users and hosting services.

Plan H100: 100 objects for €90
Plan H500: 500 objects for 180
Plan H1000: 1000 objects for €260
Plan H2000: 2000 objects for €420

For self-hosted subscription, interested parties may contact the vendor for more information.


Technical Details

GPS-Server tracking management software is available for computer operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and iOS. Features are also accessible through the Web-based applications. Default language setting is set to English. Users can access Control Panel language settings with 30 language translation options.

For the mobile application, users can download the app on both iOS and Android devices. GPS-Server provides two options for deployment. Users can utilize GPS-Server hosting services for start-up, small, and medium businesses. For larger enterprises, GPS-Server provides an in-house, self-hosted deployment.

Support Details

GPS-Server provides support through email. For the server, software sales and support, one may send a request to info@gps-server.net. Support is available 24/7 Mondays through Sundays.

For device related inquiries, interested parties can reach out sales@gps-server.net.
Available support is every Monday through Fridays from 8:00 to 18:00 (UTC + 2:00). Additional resources and training materials are provided.