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Full Google Hangouts Communication Software Review – All you need to know about Google Hangouts Communication Software

What is

Google Hangouts connects you to the world easily through the Gmail service. If you have a Gmail account, then you automatically have Google Hangouts.

The contacts which are present in your contact list of Gmail are there. With syncing the contacts, you can talk to them on messaging or call easily. If you are away from the office, you do not have to be bound now.

Google Hangouts application is available for phones so you can download it and use it anywhere you are.

The only thing which you need is a good internet connection to use it frequently. There are notifications and all the other settings available to you instantly to keep you updated.

You do not have to wait anymore to reach the office and check your accounts. Application access is so convenient that you can also do it while you are traveling.

The boundaries are not there anymore when you have google hangouts in your smartphones.

What is Google Hangouts?

What is

One of the most popular communications platforms is Google Hangouts. It initiates the session for you to talk other through different channels.

You can use the voice call, video chat and text messaging to interact. It is an effective source of communication which is versatile in design.

The interface is user-friendly along providing mobility to the users. It connects you smoothly with Gmail and Google+.

Application for mobile is there for both iOS and Android. It provides you the communication ease so you can deal with the corporate environments.


There is no hassle in communicating with your loved ones when you Google Hangouts installed. The information stays secured in the system with cloud hosting where you can keep the messages saved.

You can access the account with your username and password with complete security. The flexible usage compelled a lot of people to download it in their phones, tablets or PCs.

For the business, it is a great opportunity to make a separate account and interact with the partners or clients.

It helps them in developing the awareness for their campaign and enables them to flourish.

Benefits of Google Hangouts

There are numerous benefits attached toGoogle Hangouts which you can enjoy. Once you download the application, communication becomes easier.

Cost Effective

There is no cost involved in using Google Hangouts. Just like you create the Gmail account, similarly, Google Hangouts is there too.

You have to modify the profile accordingly and contact people. If you do not want to spend money on the calls, then prefer to Google Hangouts.

Business owners use this platform to collaborate with the team members. Customers are also able to interact through the groups to gain insight into the business to interact with the coworker, HD calls are there to handle.

It saves a lot of call rather than taking the service of VoIP and not tracking the coworkers.


The ultimate storage for Google Hangouts is 30 GB which is a lot. You can download or share information in the form of a voice message or image easily.

Different tools are there for you to use which are convenient in the market. Google Hangouts is one of the leading communication platforms of its usage.

Video Calls

Not only the voice calls but also video calls streaming are there too. You can talk to anyone who is far through the video calling. It is easy to see someone and talk rather than the voice call only.

Instead of using the expensive software, a simple download can do your work. Popular businesses use this service so that they do not have to pay a lot.

It helps them in interacting with their staff and makes the work efficient.

Multiple Features

There are multiple features which you will find for the cost in other software. With Google Hangouts, there is no cost involved for the advanced features.

You can use it with the integration of Google, Google Voice, Gmail and more. Make calls to the people locally or internationally with having access to Google Hangouts.

Online Meetings

For the business purposes, you can also hold meetings online with video. It helps you in holding the sessions even if you are away from the main office.

You never have to miss on the important information now because of Google Hangouts.

Features of Google Hangouts

Free things are not easy to get, but with Google Hangouts, it is the opposite. You can find out multiple and advanced features for free.

They are fanatically amazing for you to get along with bonuses. There is nothing which you should miss about Google Hangouts along with the features.

Let’s look at them down below.


If you want to record any YouTube videos or conference for later reference, you do it through registering on Google Hangouts. It enables you to record the video and then shares it perfectly on YouTube.

As YouTube is one of the popular platforms which people use to vide videos, it helps in generating an audience. You can also set the privacy settings with this software.

Live broadcasts are also a part of it through Google Hangouts. When you connect it to YouTube, reach out to the management section in YouTube, and you can access it.

Control Room

There are many options on the menu, and one of them is the control room. You can do a video conference with people through the control room option.

Hold on to the microphone and webcam to start the conversation. Even if you are not present in the office, you do not have to reschedule anything.

Simply use this tool to have the production work reductions. There are adoptions of new podcasts with the control room settings so you can use that too.

Launching Calls 

You can link many accounts with Google Hangouts. It does not work solely yet has other circles around it.

There are effective VoIP sessions which you can hold on the meetings through this software. It saves you a lot of time when you can interact directly.

Talk to your friends, relatives and family members easily. You can also add many participants to the conversation while you are on call with Google Hangouts.



Select the date and time to initiate a video call. It sets up the call in advance, so you do not forget about it. In the busy schedule, it is possible to forget.

So when you schedule it, it gives you the notification. Invite all the other people in the conversation ahead of time.

Share the topic of the conference and add descriptions so other can prepare too. If there is a business meeting, it gives a chance to prepare the agency before time.


There are multiple applications which you can access on Google Hangouts. You can work with Google Docs by making continuous changes.

These are free of charge to use with working collaboratively with other team members. Make changes to the Google Docs and share information.

The view of the screen is visible to other users as you keep on adding the participants on the document. Everyone who is present in the conversation can make changes accordingly.

Engage, design and theme changing is also there along with multiple games for adults and children.


Not only communicating but you can also watch videos with other members. Invite others to the same group and watch YouTube videos together.

You can make the video visible to all the other members. Simply have the microphones ready and play the video.

If you wish to pause it somewhere, make sure that others are watching too. You have the option to play the videos into the module for later usage.

Add it to the list and watch it later. If you are not available to watch instantly, then watch later item is there for you.

Sign inconvenient with Google Hangouts whether you are on PC or smartphone. You can easily modify it with the new effects.

It keeps on getting updates automatically, so you do not have to do anything. There is nothing manual rather than making it customizable for you.

As you set the theme, it appears on the phone and PC same way.



When it is about pricing for Google Hangouts, there is no other question. The trial version is free and using the application is free too.

You can use the application with complete features without any cost. There is no association of additional cost for the features for enterprises. People who use it ordinarily for communication basis can use it similarly for businesses.

There are no advanced features attached which will be available when you make the payment. If you want to try the application, download it and use it as trials.

If you do not like it, then you can delete it. However, if you like, then you can continue to use it as the normal free application on your phone or computer.

Technical Details

Devices Supported

Google Hangouts work with all the devices which many people possess nowadays. The application is available with Windows, Mac, Android, andiOS.

Along with that, it is also there for the web-based systems. You can opt out for an option to find convenience as the source of main communication.

Language Support

It supports English language only.

Pricing Model

The pricing model of GoogleHangoutsis free of cost. If you wish to go for the premium usage, then you can check the monthly payment system.

Usually, people do not go for the monthly payments and use the free version. It has all the necessary features to run Google Hangouts.

If you wish to reach out for more features, then you have to contact the representative.

Customer Types

As Google Hangouts is available for everyone, there are no limitations. Ordinary people, small, large or medium business can have its access.

Even freelancers can make good use of it by downloading it to their phones. They can interact with each other and know about the projects.


The deployment of Google Hangouts is through cloud hosting.

Support Details

To get the support service from Google Hangouts, you can always contact them through various channels. That channel can be in the form of email or phone.

Along with that, there is an option for training if you are not able to figure out the application. The ticketing system is also there to help you report any problem which you may face during its operation.

When there are so many options for you, there is nothing to worry about. The assistance is always there by the professionals.

They are trained experts who guide you through in the best manner. The operations are smooth, and if there is any problem, you can report immediately.


As there are multiple options for communication platforms, Google Hangouts is different. Google itself is reliable which is why people depend on it for the source of information.

When you connect to people through Google Hangouts, it leaves no gap. The advanced features allow you to avail it in the best form, so you do not have to miss out on any data.

You can also receive and send offline messages to the users. When you sign in, you can receive those messages which were left for you by another user.

Any conversation which you miss is there for you when you get back to the account. Make the evaluations by features which you require.

If you are using it for personal reasons, use it to the fullest. Whereas, for business purposes, it has different aspects to follow.

This kind of applications improves the work productivity and brings everyone under the same roof. It let the team communicate well to share ideas and explore more.

Results of Google Hangouts prove to be effective for the business and personal purpose so to be productive; itis a great platform to use.

The advanced features are not available at any platform for free. Users can attain a lot of profits through the free source.