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Full Google Cloud Search Site Search Solutions Review – All You Need to Know About Google Cloud Search

Google Cloud Search
Google Cloud Search

What is Google Cloud Search?

When it comes to searching anything over the Internet people generally get help from Google. Google is often seen as a synonym of God that provides loads of information on anything that exists or believed to exist under the Sun. However, people nowadays are investing in cloud-based technologies that include machine learning, boosting web search engine, and a lot more. Harnessing the same in terms of business can be a smart and apt idea so that you can search the internal information.

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Google Cloud Search, also known as Springboard, is a brand-new product in the market that uses the technology of intelligence to provide integrated search experience throughout G Suite. As you know that cloud is a busy platform and it is used by almost everyone in this world. Whatever be the purpose it gives plenty of advantages. For this reason, companies are trying to move their data and workloads so that individual functionality improves. However, this is increasingly becoming a complex issue especially when it comes to sorting out the internal information.

To deal with this problem teams are relying on hybrid environments so that storage space can be increased along with various formats. This includes spreadsheets, slides, emails, docs, internal sites and the list goes on. In fact, it has been seen that employees spend a lot of time to find an answer or information on the Internet, which is a total waste of time. So, isn’t it a good idea to be smarter and look for customized search experience?

Google Cloud Search

To make the pursuit of happiness reach a new level, Google Cloud Search has brought brilliant machine intelligence to G Suite. It helps to provide proactive recommendations along with comprehensive search results so that your hunt becomes easier. For instance, if you open an application that is based on Cloud Search, you can find out assist cards that contain relevant information for your specific search term. This makes the process simple and helps you to increase the functionality of your work.


The assist cards can be viewed through your mobile phones or laptops. It is, of course, a new innovative way to search the most appropriate information in a short time period. Using the technology of machine intelligence, these cards are quite efficient in helping you to prepare for a meeting or suggest files that are required for the particular work.

These assist cards are specifically designed to meet relevancy and on-time jobs to help ease the navigation system of your work and prove yourself super-efficient in your workplace. As per the experts from Google, the assist cards will increase in number in the near future to enhance the workflow and set new records.

With every development comes increased responsibility and with that comes new challenges. This inspires ambitious people to overcome such problem with more modern and better solutions. Same has been the case with Google Cloud Search as they have been constantly striving to develop and take their advancement to a higher level with better and improved AI technology and reliable and secure customer service platform that is accessible to users of all class and level. Now, it is up to you to decide whether you want to struggle at the bottom by making use of outdated technology or you want to completely transform your business with the assistance of modernized cloud-based services and data-driven technology.

Google Cloud Search Benefits

The expansion of Google in terms of G Suite is quite entertaining and encouraging. Google Cloud Search helps to increase the productivity of G Suite. MS Office Graph which is an example of Cloud Search entertains machine enhanced intelligence when it comes to searching documents or any specific product. To make it simpler, Cloud Search is an innovative tool that helps in searching for the customers of a business. Remember, this can be done through G Suite that is offered by Google. The primary benefit of Cloud Search is to increase the productivity and functionality of large companies that have a number of users.

Google Cloud Search helps in file sharing. It is a complete waste of time if a user keeps finding a file which is not accessible. The file sharing rules are respected by Google Cloud Services and thus, provide company files to the employee only if it is accessible. This includes team projects, company policy manual, important documents and many.

Moreover, the information of the contacts can be expanded with ease. It is helpful in providing information on the history of the files or project including the date and information of the user who has worked previously. With this, contacting other people and colleagues becomes more comfortable even if the specific document does not hold his/her name.

This prevents theft cases and improves safety. Cloud Search helps in analyzing the experiences of an employee when it comes to Google Drive accounts. It is capable of speeding up the process of searching by the automatic assumption of a document that is required by a staff member.

There is more to add. Google Cloud Search provides ready-made Application Programming Interface (APIs) and robust SDKs. This is really helpful in scaling the index of data from any given source. It provides typical connectors that make indexing easier especially for third-party databases. This includes MySQL, Oracle, Windows file systems, Microsoft Share Point, and various plugins like Norconex and Nutch.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether your data is on the premise or another cloud, you can still track the records of all the occurrences. Cloud Search is based on a trusted infrastructure that is dedicated to supporting billions of user products like Google web search. Working with Cloud Search automatically speed up the performance and reliability.

Google Cloud Search

Google Cloud Search Features

When purchasing a Site Search Solution it is not only necessary to consider the evaluation and comments made by experts but also take into consideration the experience of real users who have used such service and benefitted from it. Apart from that, it might be that the features that a particular Search solution contains might not be sufficient for a specific industry or user. In such a case, it is essential to consider the features present in a specific app before hiring its service.

Some of the notable features that Google Cloud Search provides are as follows:

Everything on your fingertips

With the best Google Search platform for your business, Cloud Search helps users to find information across the business field with ease and security irrespective of its integration with G-Suite apps or other third-party apps.

Paying on-the-go

The Pricing Policy of Cloud Search has been taken to a whole new level with the introduction of automatic discounts, pay-per-second option, and sustainable usage policy. Almost 50 percent of the cost can be cut down by matching the machine as per your requirement, fixing a reasonable rate card for vendors, eliminating the concept of over-provisioning.

Use of common words or phrases

With Cloud Search, every type of search has been made possible with the accommodation of common words or phrases in the search terms. This makes it convenient for the user to search any information under the sun quickly and easily.

Google Cloud Search

Proper security and privacy models

The search results of an organization reflect its security models. The access levels have been segregated into content-based levels, group-level, and individual level. With the evolution of your organization the permissions granted change accordingly and this has only been made possible because of quick updates.

Built on a trustworthy platform

Google Cloud Search runs on a platform that is well-known in the market for providing support to millions of users across the Globe. IT is the hallmark of performance, reliability, and speed.

Immediate Deployment

With the availability of powerful mobile and web apps, users can start getting the advantage of Cloud Search in no time. This ensures the smooth and efficient running of business operations without any hindrance in the normal flow of work.

Pick up from the Left-Off Cards

The search solution provided by Cloud Search enables users to take up from the recent files they have been working on with the help of assist cards. Users can also efficiently manage their work schedules, stay connected and updated with the latest market trends. This increases the productivity per labor hour and reduces the loss of man-hours.

Google Cloud Search


Since Google Cloud Search is a part of G Suite’s enterprise and business edition you either need to purchase the G Suite Enterprise or Purchase Edition to take advantage of the services and benefits that this software provides. Potential users have the option to buy monthly plans where payment for only the product or service hired is needed to be done.

The Google Cloud Search platform costs almost 60 percent less than similar other software. Moreover, there is no upfront cost associated with the use of the application. Businesses can benefit more by paying on as-needed and focusing more on innovations rather than developing data centers. The moment you stop using the service is the moment you stop paying for the same.

The various pricing plans feature by this app include –

The Basic Plan

For just $3 per month, you can get multiple features to meet your business needs. This plan allows inclusion of one user with Professional Office Suite and 30GB cloud storage access. You can communicate with clients and customers through Gmail, secured team messaging, share calendars to communicate the dates available for meetings or conversations. There is also an option to communicate through audio or video conferencing. Apart from these, users can also create spreadsheets, documents, and presentation for the smooth and efficient running of their business organizations.

G Suite Business Edition

At just $10 per month per user, this plan provides all the features provided in the basic plan along with some additional features as well. This Plan offers enhanced Office Suite with unlimited storage and archive option. If the total number of users is less than five then a cloud storage access of 1TB per user and if the number of users is more than five then there is unlimited cloud storage benefit. Users can also conduct a smart search with Cloud Search across G Suite. There is a facility of 24/7 assistance through email, phone or online chat. You can archive and set retention policies for chats and emails and track activity of users through Audit Reports.

G Suite Enterprise Edition

This Plan costs $25 per user per month and in addition to the facilities provided under the G Suite Business Edition, it offers other benefits as well. With advanced features and controls, users can get the benefits of premium office suite version. It also protects the contents of Gmail and Drive by enduring prevention of data loss. It even allows integration of compliant archiving tools of the third party with Gmail. For eDiscovery of files, emails and chats it provides Hoste S/MIME for Gmail, Gmail log analysis in BigQuery and enterprise-grade control with security key enforcement.

Google Cloud Search

Technical Details

Google Cloud Search is known to be compatible with almost every operating system including Windows, Android, iPhone or iPad, Linux, Mac or any other web-based application. This has made it suitable and compatible to be used by users using any type of operating system. The multitude of languages that it supports makes it convenient to be used by users of any nationality.

The list of languages that it supports includes English, German, Chinese, Swedish, Russian, Hindi, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish and Japanese. This has helped to remove all geographical barriers and opened doors for all entities, be it small, medium or large, and even freelancers.

The monthly pricing model has also helped small organizations to take advantage of such service without having the risk of incurring additional expenditure for such service. The deployment options available for such Cloud-based service include Open API and Cloud Hosted.

Support Details

Under the GSuite list of products, Google Cloud Search offers 24/7 technical and consumer support. Simply visit their Support page here. Both the phone and email support is available in 14 languages.

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