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Full GoConqr Mind Mapping Software Review – All You Need To Know About GoConqr


What is GoConqr?


GoConqr is a free, cloud-based social learning network that gives its users and members the tools that discover, create and share learning content that’s engaging.

This mind mapping software’s features and apps are designed to meet every type of member’s specific needs, from learners, educators, institutions, and/or companies.

GoConqr was designed to assist in keeping users connected in the relevant networks and it can be applied in student’s engagement, executive knowledge, talent nurturing, onboarding or personal development.

The mind map maker software works best for organizations that are looking to develop talent while growing their businesses. They can enhance staff communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing with the software’s suite of digital tools.

GoConqr comes with a secure portal that allows for sharing of business insights and company information together with a course builder that creates engaging content for staff induction, training, and onboarding.

This platform enables user to track staff performance, as well as content through a collaborative community for communicating ideas and sharing thoughts using online discussions, voting and polls, and also share images, links, audio and video.

GoConqr allows institutions to give their students access to a comprehensive library of user-created resources, on a wide scope of subjects.

Users can easily type their keyboard within the library’s search bar for allocation resources created by millions of users, to include visually appealing content like the quizzes, slides, flash boards and mind maps.

Users can also join study groups for sharing advice and acquiring answers that enrich and give support to the students. The course builder enables educators form media-rich study material that helps in displaying old information in dynamic new forms, and combine resources while scheduling delivery for a fluid learning experience.



Rich content library

GoConqr’s mind mapping software features a variety of award winning tools with which you can create bundles of engaging learning content. Its library is rich with more than 9 million resources that have been created by more than four million members. You can distribute these learning resources privately or share them in global communities.

Facilitates effective memorizing of important facts and information

Through its Flashcards tool, GoConqr facilitates an effective way of memorizing important information and facts with a lot of ease. There are online flashcards that have been designed to enable unprecedented versatility due to the ability to shuffle, and also rate cards, add images, hide cards or share them with colleagues, friends and classmates.

Facilitates effective learning

GoConqr’s online study planner is an effective learning tool that keeps users engaged, motivated and on track so that they can realize their goals of study. It enhances users’ time management and also monitors how much time is spent to craft their route to success. Rather than that, users can also use the course builder in adding direction and context, stipulating the minimum progression requirement and also curating the resources within the course.

Simplifies multifaceted mind mapping concepts

One GoConqr’s salient features is the powerful mind app, which simplifies multifaceted concepts easily and quickly, meaning that it is ideal for the introduction of a topic overview. They create a great connection between the context, concept and also the study scope making great for brainstorming an essay, monitoring how concepts transmit to each other and finally outlining a curriculum.

Innovative apps and features

GoConqr is an innovative mix of social learning features and learning apps that are built to enhance an active and self-directed learning style. It blends cutting-edge technology with some of the best practices to deliver the best global solution for digital learning content. GoConqr democratizes learning as well as empowers users with tools to bring the best out of them. The solution combines worthwhile benefits of learning tools supported with the unwavering support of an active community.



Mind maps

There are quite a number of options for creating mind maps on the web. All of these come with their distinct advantages and disadvantages. What’s great about GoConqr, besides being free and bundled with other services, is that it’s incredibly simple to use. The users need only click the + icon to drag out new nodes, then click the color to change the color; its that simple. Besides this, there are some peculiar features that make GoConqr a top priority. Firstly, it is super easy to download the finished map. Users can also attach files easily, while adding notes or uploading images in their mind maps, which lacks in many other such mind mapping tools. Users can also view their mind map like a presentation. By clicking the play button at the bottom, users will be taken through their mind map procedurally, which would be useful tool for providing a presentation within the class and not just having all their bubbles up on the screen at once. Users can adjust the playback speed and also add new font and color options to make their mind maps more customized.


Like quizzes, the flashcards are also easy to create. Users just need to write what they want to have on both sides and that’s it! If they want, they can also organize their cards by different decks. Once the users are done creating their desk of cards, they can easily send them out so that they can be shared with their friends or groups within the site.


GoConqr comes with a quiz builder which is a great resource for students and teachers. With this tool, quizzes can be created as GoConqr comes with multiple options.  When users are building a quiz, they can choose three types of questions which including multiple-choice, checkboxes and true/false questions. These questions also come with multiple response type questions. Users can also upload images that should be associated with the questions if they want to.


GoConqr also provides a simple and useful note taker that can be of benefit in a wide variety of learning environments. Users can simply click anywhere on the screen to type, which is really enjoyable since they don’t have to just type in a top-to-bottom order. Users can also insert media, which is an awesome feature together with images. In addition, users can also save their notes and organize them in whatever way they want. This is a very powerful tool that has been packed into a simple interface that even those at elementary level of use can get a hang of it.


This feature boasts a wealth of learning material in one simple study resource. GoConqr’s Slides tools allows its users to gather multiple types of learning materials under one roof and display them in a visually attractive way, whether the user wants to review all content or to present it to other colleagues. Users bring their study areas to life by making engaging and rich learning slides that incorporate with different resources in GoConqr including videos, external links and images. The Slides maker enables users to quickly and easily collect amazing learning materials that are perfect for presentation or online sharing. Whether users wish to create slides for personal revision or teach a large number of audience, the GoConqr Slide software tools are incredibly easy to make whatever they need. Some of the features of slides include:

  • Multiple learning formats support
  • Embedding user slides on external sites or social media platforms
  • Choose from a variety of templates for easy creation of engagement Slides
  • Incorporates other learning resources for in-depth study

Study planner

GoConqr comes with a built in calendar/planner that helps students keep track of their classes as well as their assignments. The calendar is simple to use, as users organize it by subjects and also add assignments as they find out about them. The solution is an amazing digital ecosystem that provides an enormous variety of possibilities. Learners can benefit from GoConqr through creation of quizzes, mind maps and many more, plus through collaborating and communicating with other students either within or without the classroom. The solution has free resources with an intuitive interface that allows students even at the elementary level to handle.


This tool enables users to easily find amazing resources or let them find it on their behalf. With over 7 million user-created resources and courses that come with the software’s virtual Library, getting the content for the user may seem tiresome but it is unexpectedly super easy. The tool creates a personal filter list that is based on the user profile and learning interests. They can also just enter their search items, then apply the filter and in turn get what they needed.


The Flowchart also enables users to easily create process diagrams and models using specialized shapes and an easily managed canvas. Flowcharts are used for learning and it is perfect for capturing ideas effectively to allow users to quickly communicate information to students, colleagues and friends,


Within GoConqr, users can connect with more than three million users so that they can exchange content and also engage in discussion. Public groups create an opportunity for meeting people from different parts of the world with similar learning interests. However, the private groups enable users to securely share resources for learning with both colleagues and friends. Some of the benefits of the online learning groups include:

  • Share training or revision courses with users learning groups
  • Interact more, learn more-join discussion set up polls and post resources
  • Quick and easy set up, personalization and management
  • Join many members at all levels in public learning groups

Course builder

This tool helps users curate resources in a course, add context and directions and specify minimum progression requirements. Course Builder is ideal for personal revision and it also combines with GoConqr to produce a robust online training solution.

Course Builder makes users learning material relevant and accessible

Whether the user is a trainer or an educator, the tool provides him with a simple way to create and distribute online courses. It creates better courses by taking advantage of the learning platform offered within the content in an engaging online environment. It creates multi-faceted online courses for free, to allow for more engaging and relevant experiences.


The solution comes with a simple enterprise pricing structure together with flexible pricing plans:

Individual plans

Basic: free

  • Full access to apps
  • 50 MB
  • Mobile Apps
  • Unlimited public courses creation
  • Access to learning library
  • Full Access to Apps
  • Unlimited Public Courses Creation
  • Unlimited Private Resources Creation
  • Access to Learning Library
  • 50MB Media Storage
  • Mobile Apps

Premium: $2.75 per month

  • Everything in the Basic plan
  • Ad free
  • 1 GB media storage
  • Unlimited Private courses creation
  • Sell on marketplace
  • Copy protected resources
  • Full Access to Apps
  • Unlimited Public Courses Creation
  • Unlimited Public Resources Creation
  • Unlimited Private Courses Creation
  • Access to learning library
  • Sell on Marketplace
  • Copy Protected Resources
  • 1 GB Media storage
  • Mobile apps
  • Ad FreeP

Group plans

SmartShare @ $39.95/month

  • For teachers, Business owners, and HR professionals
  • Create and distribute Materials via email or embed on your website
  • Full reporting on courses and quizzes

SmartShare Enterprises @ Quote based

  • For large training programs and lead generation campaigns
  • Everything in SmartShares

Campus @ $1.49/member/month

  • All SmartShare features
  • Full knowledge share with private groups

Technical support

Devices: Web-based, Windows, iPhones/iPad, Linux and Android

Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, German and English

Pricing model: Free, Monthly payment and Quote-based

Customer Type: Small Business, Large Enterprises, Medium Business and Freelancers

Deployment: Cloud Hosted

Support details

  • Email
  • FAQs
  • Ticket
  • Blog
  • Social media: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn