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Full GetAccept e-Signature Software Review — All You Need to Know About GetAccept


Sending proposals, turning them into contracts, and getting everything signed and delivered used to be a long-winded process. Salespeople relied on paper order forms and client contracts—and any edits required slowed down the entire process. Even in the heyday of SaaS solutions, disparate applications can slow things down too. GetAccept promises to transform the sales cycle.

Well, they don’t say that outright. But, a quick glance at the website, and it’s clear that there’s something more to offer than what you’d find with your average e-signature tool.

For example, something like DocuSign or AssureSign really only provides some signing options, along with document storage. If you upgrade, you might get access to some customization features. Think workflow automation, guided fields, and so on.

With GetAccept, the solution is presented as a way to give users the ability to improve their proposals, engagement, follow-ups, and more. Essentially, it’s a toolkit that promises e-signing capabilities, but more specifically, a collection of features that give users the ability to close more deals in less time.

Keep reading to learn more about what this solution does.

What is GetAccept?

GetAccept is a document tracking and electronic signature platform made primarily for salespeople.

This platform offers a broad range of features, including e-signing. But, its safe to say that that’s not the only thing this platform brings to the table.

Key features include reporting tools that give sales-specific analytics to teams. There’s also document tracking and a strong lineup of integrations that combine marketing automation, payment capture, and even paid ads with the ability to send proposals and get them signed.

In all, we went into this review expecting a standard e-sign solution and found that there was just a ton more to take in.

Now, the emphasis on all of these extras means, yes, you’re getting an impressive piece of software. But also, that it might be overpowered or over budget for organizations who don’t spend too much time prospecting or have the need to send out several documents.

Still, if you’re looking to add more value to your sales team with a smart e-signature software that stores documents and ideally, helps you close deals—this could be a good bet.

Here’s what you need to know:


Lots of Features in One Location

Of all of the e-signature software we’ve reviewed, GetAccept brings the most features into one platform. The application might be a bit much for many organizations, but those with a large sales force and a lot of contracts to sign will benefit big-time.

As we mentioned, the platform combines reporting tools, alerts, and some aspects of a CRM with e-signature software. Right off the bat, we were impressed with this sheer volume of business tools.

Audit Trail

The audit trail ensures that if there ever is a legal dispute, a contractual issue, or an audit, you’ll be prepared. GetAccept keeps track of all of your activity automatically. So, you don’t have to think about things like how long it takes for signers to make their way through a contract or whether there’s a time-stamped record on file.

A Singular Focus on Sales

Niche products have pros and cons. Cons being that they don’t make sense for every single potential user. And pros being, that they do a few things really well because they understand their user.

Our point is, this isn’t the right e-signature platform for everyone. But, for sales teams managing multiple large deals, this is the perfect solution.

Great for Proposal Delivery

Not only is GetAccept an ideal solution for getting contracts and official documents pushed through the pipeline, but it’s also a proposal machine.

Sales reps can benefit from sending proposals through the platform, as they can track whether clients have read the document or have yet to open it.

What we like about this tool is, users can use the platform for multiple types of documents. It’s also worth pointing out that a proposal can be turned into an official contract—which again, shortens the sales cycle.


Video Introduction

GetAccept comes with a tool for sending personal videos along with your document. While we initially thought this might not be that useful, it actually adds a nice touch to the client onboarding process.

Based on the site content, users can put together a personal video that walks them through the onboarding process and explains a few things. So, this could be a nice way to welcome a new client, an employee, or provide detailed instructions, if needed. In short, it’s pretty cool.

Deal Accelerator

The Deal Accelerator is a patented tool that comes with your GetAccept account. What it does is, it proves proposals to decision makers in order to speed up the sales process.

That may sound a bit vague. But, how this works is, you’ll have a “Deal Board” that tracks all deals in the pipeline. It’s essentially a dashboard that allows you to focus on important deals, by sending reminders, triggering banner ads, and initiating marketing workflows.

Push Notifications

GetAccept keeps users informed with push notification reminders. Notifications let you know when someone views or signs a document, or if it’s time to follow up.

While push notifications can be annoying, adding a few client-specific alerts can help you stay on top of document management and client communications.

Electronic Signature

Of course, GetAccept is used to collect signatures and create documents. Like other e-signature platforms, this one gives users the ability to sign basic forms like a tax document or an NDA. The real advantage you’ll find here is the ability to add this basic feature into sales software.

Combined with sales automation tools, tracking, and document analytics, there are a lot more insights involved than you’d find in a typical e-signing platform.

Document Analytics

One of the most important things about sending sales documents to clients is knowing whether they’ve received the information you’re sending them. GetAccept has added a tool that looks at who views a document and how long they spend on the page.

Document tracking, or analytics, are a useful tool if you need to send documents to additional parties. This feature shows you who has viewed or signed a document, as well as who hasn’t opened it.

This feature helps you understand who is looking at a presentation, and has become familiar with the content—so you can take the best action during your next point of contact.

Additionally, if you send a contract, you’ll be able to see when someone reviews—and can follow up if a certain amount of time passes with no signature. Lack of action may signify confusion or a problem with the proposal, providing an opportunity to check in to see if there’s anything you can do to help.

Live Chat

The live chat feature is one of the more interesting parts of this software. What it does is, it allows you to send and receive messages directly inside your document.

Set up auto-chat with an integrated chatbot, so clients can ask basic questions without wasting valuable time. The chatbot can cover for you when you’re busy or out of the office, so clients are always taken care of.

Technical Specifications

GetAccept is 100% cloud-based and allows users to store documents safely while providing flexible access to account holders. Sync your account to your phone, smartwatch, tablet, or access information through the web app. In any case, this solution works just as well for users on the go, as those who stay in the office all day.


According to the website, this cloud-based solution is ideal for users concerned about the legalities and security associated with handling their contracts through a SaaS product.

All signatures are 100% legal, in accordance with US and EU standards. Signatures are safer than those submitted in handwriting and you can add in some extra authentication models to ensure that data is sent to the right person.

Finally, this software keeps records of all activity. So, if there’s ever a legal dispute, your GetAccept records can protect you in court.


GetAccept integrates with several popular solutions. Stripe, HubSpot, GoogleDrive, Facebook, Google Analytics, Google and Facebook Ads, and Close.io. Some apps, like Salesforce and Twitter are invite only.

Overall, this is a good mix of marketing tools and CRMs, and more. We like that you can add social media channels and even connect your paid ads with this tool. Based on our look at the integrations, you could truly put together a powerful solution that delivers proposals, contracts, and reminders at just the right time.

Who is this for?

Primarily sales teams. Most of the functions are designed to support the sales process–particularly in businesses with high volume sales.

That said, the platform comes in handy for other departments, too. HR can benefit from employment contracts, intellectual property, and consulting agreements. Sales can use the platform to send invoices, proposals, presentations, and videos. And, users can sign anything that requires an official signature. Tax documents, contracts, and more.

Support Details

Contact details are easy to find. There’s a phone number, as well as an email, social media channels, and forms embedded in the site. Chances are, someone is on hand to answer questions.

The GetAccept website is quite informative. Users will be pleasantly surprised at the level of detail included in the descriptions. They really go through each item and explain how it works and the benefits that come with each feature.

What’s more, is there’s also a good amount of resources available. From a detailed security explainer to webinars, and industry-specific use cases, it’s clear that GetAccept is invested in client success.

Here’s what you’ll find on the site:

eSign Webinars

Webinars are offered on an ongoing basis and aim to help both prospective and new users learn the ins and outs of the tool. While the webinar name suggests a signing-only affair, there’s way more to it.

The webinars are free and cover how to create and sign documents — plus how to use the app to close more deals. The site says, 83% more deals, to be specific.


The blog content covers a range of sales topics. The tips are solid and span some in-depth industry knowledge. You’re probably not going to miss out on much if you skip this section, but these guys do seem to know a good deal about sales best practices and where technology fits into an organization’s strategy.

There’s no knowledge base or forum on the site. We felt there was certainly enough information on the site to make up for the fact, but most SaaS solutions have some center for tutorials and troubleshooting.

What’s the Verdict? Is GetAccept Worth a Shot?

Overall, we were pretty impressed with GetAccept. It really takes on a lot of functions we didn’t expect to find in an e-signature software product.

That said, it doesn’t necessarily fit firmly in that mold. For example, the focus is all about sales. E-signing is but one piece of a larger whole.

In sum, we would recommend this product if it’s within your price range and if you have a large sales team that brings in a lot of revenue.

We were most impressed with the Deal Accelerator—which lets you send targeted messages to prospects from this one platform. The document tracking and built-in notifications too were pretty cool. Those insights that reveal who has reviewed a document can come in handy in several different scenarios.