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Full Genius Project Time Tracking Software Review – All you need to know about Genius Project

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Do you want a time & expense tracking software with advanced tools and features? Genius Project might be the ideal business solution for your business needs.

In every business organization, a durable platform is required to streamline the workflow of every unit or team, to ensure that, their respective activities are well-tailored to satisfy the needs of the organization.

To achieve this, several time tracking software can be adopted. One of the most prominent business solutions in this regard is Genius Project.

What is Genius Project?

Genius Project is an advanced project management software with time tracking capability, which is designed to assist all forms of businesses, basically medium and large-scale enterprises, in managing every aspect of their operations, towards optimizing their level of productivity.

genius projectBasically, this time tracking software is a highly versatile software, which comes in a full package; designed to assist you in taking complete control of your enterprise.

While most time tracking or project management software are cloud-hosted or web-based, Genius Project takes it one step further; by facilitating both cloud-based and on-premise deployment.

Furthermore, Genius Project’s flexible design makes it accessible via any web-enabled devices, ranging from the desktop (MacOS and Windows) to smartphones (Android and iOS). This enables users to access their business management portfolio anywhere and anytime.

Nevertheless, Genius Project is a versatile business (enterprise) management software, which assists you in managing every facet of your organization from start to finish, ranging from time tracking to project execution and delivery.

Benefits of Genius Project Time Tracking Software

Essentially, Genius Project is designed to assist you in project management automation. However, you get to enjoy a whole set of benefits, which, altogether, are designed to manage your projects from the planning phase to execution and review.

Some of the benefits of this time tracking software include:

Time & Expense Management

Genius Project ensures your time is appropriately managed by providing you with an automated timesheet, which is constantly updated to help you avoid costly errors. In the same vein, the time tracking software ensures your expenses are constantly monitored, to ensure your expenses are moderated. This is done by regularly notifying you of time and expenses spent on a particular project. Also, at intervals (weekly basis), Genius Project provides you with detailed reports on time and expenses.

Nevertheless, Genius Project ensures your quality time and money are spent on productive tasks and not on less productive endeavours. This is done simply by keeping your time and expenses in check, through regular tracking.


Unlike other time tracking software, Genius Project provides users with a wide flexibility of options in order to access the platform. Moreover, this flexible time tracking software is designed to adapt to various working conditions. You can easily the platform by using the on-premise option or via the web.

In addition, Genius Project is highly responsive on series of modern web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and so on. Therefore, users can automate business workflow processes from any location and at any time.

Furthermore, Genius Project comes with iOS mobile applications which is available for iPad and iPhone users to access the platform.


Genius Project is an applicable business solution for any business needs. In addition to its time tracking capability, Genius Project supports a series of functionalities such as project management, portfolio management, expense management, planning, workflow management, document management, invoicing, and many more. Therefore, business owners are provided with a platform to automate all their business operations.

Resource Planning & Utilization

genius projectGenius Project offers you the opportunity to get the best out of your team. With this software, you are provided with a detailed overview of your firm’s resource usage. Hence, you are able to identify which task or set of tasks is gulping up more resources and which are not getting enough.

With this time tracking software, highly profitable tasks are allocated more resources such as manpower, expense and of course, time while less productive tasks are allocated fewer resources. This singular act ensures your resource usage is optimized and it also eliminates any form of conflicts between your team members, regarding resource allocation.


Genius Project provides you with all relevant functions which ensure the input(s) of every relevant stakeholder is considered. This time tracking software provides your business with a suitable employee-employer collaboration structure, which enables your employees to make recommendations and feedback on a project or set of projects. Therefore, project managers can put together different ideas from team members, and also formulate plans and policies, towards enhancing the growth of your setup.

Furthermore, Genius Project provides you and your team members access to certain social media functions, which could serve as a medium for sharing information among team members.


Genius Project’s developers host your data in highly secured data banks, located in four countries across three continents; in the United States (Dallas), Canada (Toronto), Singapore and Netherlands (Amsterdam).

The above-outlined data centres are secured with modern security systems, which safeguards your organization’s data from hijackers or snoopers.

Key Features of Genius Project Time Tracking Software

Time & Expense Tracking

genius projectGenius Project primarily comes with a sub-function known as timesheet, which enables you to track your time and expenses. Genius Project synchronizes your time with a particular project and ensures the total time spent on such task is recorded on your timesheet.

Furthermore, this time tracking software provides you with a user-friendly platform, which allows you to input your project expenses on the software. Genius Project also provides you with advanced capabilities for classifying your business expenses, depending on project categories. This ensures that client billing processes are a relatively easy task, requiring only a couple of minutes. Hence, you are able to save time and focus your attention on billable (more relevant) tasks.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Genius Project provides you with all the necessary functions, required to assist you in optimizing your level of productivity at work. The software categorizes your projects on the basis of their respective ROI (Return On Investment) and productivity level.

PPM hosts several sub-functions such as Portfolio Consolidated View, Portfolio Dashboard, Portfolio Analysis,  Portfolio Budget Planning and so on. The prime objective of these functions is to ensure you set your priorities, to align with your firm’s goals.

Resource Management

genius projectGenius Project comes with resource management feature, which ensures you use your resources as appropriate, towards attaining an optimal level of productivity. With this feature, you able to assign a task on the basis of your team’s individual efficiency, thereby ensuring the most important tasks are handled by your best (most productive) personnel.

In addition, Genius Project hosts a sub-function known as “Research Search Function”, which assists you in scanning through your pool of talents, so as to select the best hands for a particular project.

Furthermore, with the Genius Project’s workload analysis (a sub-function of resource management), you are provided with concise reports, which assist you to accurately carry out project breakdown and resource allocation. This ensures more resources (time and expenses) are delegated to production personnel, in executing priority tasks.

Dashboards & Reporting

genius projectGenius Project comes with a set of configurable dashboards which allows you to customize your user interface. This time tracking software allows you to modify the views and graphics; therefore, users can upload their firm’s graphics assets on the platform in order to reflect business branding.

In addition, Genius Project provides users with powerful reporting tools for generating Ad-hoc reports based on preference. Users can also export generated reports as Excel or PDF file for use on other platforms.

Third-party Integrations

Genius Project synchronizes with notable project management and business solutions, to provide you with the best time tracking experience. Business solutions such as Microsoft Excel, SAP, Oracle, seamlessly integrates with Genius Project. With any of the integrations, users can save time and energy, by automating functions like data inputs, data transfer and so on.

In addition, Genius Project supports custom integrations via its API. With the API, data can be extracted from the Genius Project platform onto user-defined software solution systemically.

Other notable features of Genius Project include the following:

  • Workload Scheduler
  • Workflow Management
  • User Management
  • Template Management
  • Task Management
  • Support & Helpdesk
  • Status Tracking
  • Status Reporting
  • SSL Security
  • Single Sign-On
  • Simulator
  • Shared Workspace
  • Scenario Planning
  • Role Management
  • Risk Management
  • Rights Management
  • Resource Allocation
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Project planning
  • Progress tracking
  • Phase review support
  • Multi-currency
  • Milestone tracking
  • Group forums
  • Genius Project API
  • Genius connector
  • Gantt Chart
  • Document Management
  • Demand Planning
  • Data Import/Export
  • Customizable Templates
  • Customizable Fields
  • Currency Conversion
  • Cost and Budget Management
  • Configurable Workflow
  • Collaborative Workspace
  • Collaboration (Social Team)
  • Chat Functionality
  • Billable & non-billable work items
  • Alerts / Escalation
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Accounting Integration
  • Absence Management
  • “What If” Scenarios


genius projectFor new users, Genius Project offers 15 days free trial, after which you’ll be required to subscribe to a plan, depending on your needs. To subscribe to a plan, log on to the Genius Project’s website and fill out the pricing form.

Here are the license plans for Genius Project:

Reader: Free

Timesheet: Variable (By Quote)

Stakeholder: Variable (By Quote)

Team Member: Variable (By Quote)

Project Manager: Variable (By Quote)

Technical Details

Supported devices: Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android

Serviced locations: Canada, Europe, Germany, France, United Kingdom, United States, Hong Kong, UAE, Brazil, Jordan, Indonesia

Supported Language: French, German, English

Pricing model: Free, Quote-based

Typical Users: Small Business, Large Enterprises, Medium Business, Freelancers

Mobile Applications: iOS

Integrations: G Suite, JIRA Software, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Project, Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Salesforce Sales Cloud, SAP CRM On-demand, SharePoint

API Availability: Yes, Genius Project comes with an API available for use.

Deployment: Cloud-Hosted, On-Premise

Support Details

Genius Project time tracking software offers the following after-sales support options:

Email Support

Phone Support

Online Support




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