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Full Gamooga Campaign Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About Gamooga


What is Gamooga?

Every business has this rule – all data has to be stored. But, the challenge with this rule is that data accumulates and might not be used for any purpose. Frankly, data is supposed to be analyzed so that the user experience and return-on-investment of the business goes a notch higher.

Gamooga is among the few companies that can help you make use of all the data you have been storing over the years. The omnichannel customer engagement platform operates as a result of its powerful analytics engineering.

Unlike other platforms, Gamooga also allows users to have a 1:1 personalization at scale. This means that clients get to understand the behavior of the market on an individual basis.

Gamooga also goes into details in providing some extra information that most business intelligence applications wouldn’t. For example, Gamooga can provide you with insights on the type of content a specific group is interested in, the type of effective channel for them and the appropriate time to get in touch with them.

Gamooga Benefits

Detailed Analysis. Let’s face it. There are multiple business intelligence applications in the market. However, very few works like Gamooga. For example, many of these applications might just provide you with very basic analysis like you can get an application which will show you the edge, demography and the type of product customers buy.

But Gamooga provides you with some additional details. These often include; the type of channel to use to reach your customers, the appropriate time and the right strategies to use. Gamooga, therefore, becomes an important tool that newer businesses should embrace.

Allows You To Get Insights About Specific Customers. Many business intelligence programs are built on the idea of providing insight to the clients. However, most of them do not have the capability of providing specific or personalized details. This is where Gamooga excels and surpasses most of the common business intelligence applications.

With Gamooga, you will get details about a specific customer’s behavior. This helps in crafting tailor-made solutions and products to that specific customer and also getting in touch with them at a specific time.

Real-time. Every business intelligence application should have a real-time feature. Gamooga is one of them and it plays an important role in providing information to everyone at the same time.

But, Gamooga has another interesting feature and this feature is that it allows people to be able to know the number of unique visitors on a website without having to consult the technical team. This is an important feature that is going to help many people same time especially if they want to access that data fast.

It Is Easy To Use. The common thing with business intelligence applications is that they are not easy to use and most of them actually require some basic knowledge of programming. However, Gamooga has a different approach, especially for beginners.

Gamooga will often come with very intuitive and easy-to-understand DIY campaign builders. These are the builders that are used when coming up with easy-to-understand workflows of customers’ lifecycle in a visual form. This makes it easier to present the statistics to a layman.



Fair Prices. Gamooga’s pricing model allows users to negotiate the price. Gamooga is well aware that all clients are not the same. This means that they have different financial capacities.

In addition, they have a demo. Before buying the services it is important for you to check out the demo and be sure that this is a service you are looking for.

Reduces Dependency On The Technical Team. If you ask most people why they do not prefer to use business intelligence applications is that when you use the application you have to really depend on the data that flows from the technical team. For example, for you to get the number of unique visits to your website you need to contact the technical team can use an external software to determine this.

However, with this application, you can get to know the number of unique visits and frequent visits on each page at the touch of a button. In fact, Gamooga will always update every single data by the second.

Automation. Most uses of business intelligence application will often use these applications to be able to collect data from their customer base. Therefore, in most cases, you will find the same users using an external software to automate their website.

Gamooga works as a market automation tool too. You can use it to build complex campaigns such as abandonment reminders and reminders of exclusive campaigns related to very specific occasions such as wishing a customer a happy birthday.

The application also has a backend automation tool that will keep you updated about the product recommendations and some of the feedback from different campaigns.

Integration. The most challenging thing when working with different applications is integrating data. Different applications will often have their complex operations and even make it harder for you to transfer data from one software to the other.

Gamooga solved this by acting as a one-stop application which you can use to integrate different systems both internally and externally keeping you updated in real time.

Dependable Customer Service. There’s no doubt that when you use a business intelligence application, you’re going to require the help of a customer service at one point or another. For example, you might find out that your database is jammed and it refuses to open. That is why you require a good business intelligence software that we provide you with quality customer service.

Gamooga has a very dynamic customer service. First of all, the customer service is very flexible and they can help you at whatever time regardless. On the other hand, whatever they teach you is pretty practical and they will do all they can in their power to help you out.

Gamooga Features



In App Messaging. It is very rare to find a business intelligence application that will help especially in communication between one thing and another. Most of these business intelligence applications are often built on the basis of collecting and analyzing data.

Gamooga is quite different because it is among the very few applications that have an in-app messaging feature. This means that you can now interact with your team members or members of another team without exiting that specific application.

This helps save both time and money because in most cases you will be forced to hire an external independent software for communication.

Smart Campaigns. The most interesting feature of Gamooga is the smart campaign tool. This tool is important because it helps in collecting and analyzing data at a personalized individual level. After this, you can use the smart campaign to be able to target a specific smaller group or individual using the right medium.

This increases the chances of closing a sale with a specific customer or group because you are targeting them with the kind of content they want and at the appropriate time.

Behavioral Notifications. It is quite surprising to find out that a business intelligence software has some behavioral notification feature. This feature is something that is very valuable to clients. It helps them know the change of behavior in terms of the batches of product from different groups of customers.

Remember, each group of customer is very dynamic and thought today they might prefer a specific product, tomorrow they might have a different preference. Using data provided in the behavioral chart, you can target a specific group of people with the right product at the right time.

Performance Tracking Feature. Gamooga has a unique performance tracking feature. The feature allows users to be able to track nearly everything that a customer does on the website. Performance tracking is important because it helps you know which products are selling and which ones should be removed from the shelf.

So, regardless of whether you are operating an online or an offline business, you will definitely need to use this performance tracking feature.

Email Template Builder. There is a couple of builder’s that are found on Gamooga.  One of such is the email template builder. This builder is important because it helps a client to come up with a quick email template and make sure that every customer has received that email.

It saves you time and money because you will not be forced to hire an expert.

Geo-Fencing Capability. Businesses require a lot of data before they come up with a product and market. One of this data is finding the number of clients who are buying their products in a specific geographical area.

But, when it comes to business intelligence applications, you have to come up with a defined geo-fencing system. The system will collect all data that deal with sales, on the website. Once this is done, you can put a geo-fencing variable that will allow the data to be put in categories of the define virtual perimeters.

For example, you can use the geo-fencing feature to isolate a specific group and access their buying habits.

Multi-Style Integrated Push Notifications

Another interesting feature of Gamooga is the multi-style push notification feature. This feature allows clients to be able to interact with your customers especially if the customers have subscribed to push notifications. For example, using this feature you can send an abandoned cat notification to any customer once a week.

In addition, Gamooga’s feature will analyze their behavior the performance of a specific customer and send notifications to them about the products they would love.

User-Friendly Campaign Builder. Building a campaign is not an easy task especially if you are a beginner. That is why Gamooga has developed an easier way for any beginner to build their own effective campaigns. The first thing that Gamooga has done is to come up with a detailed document that highlights some of the important steps to take when building your campaign.

But, if this does not work for you, you can definitely get in touch with one of the Gamooga customer service agents.

Personalized Data. Gamooga provides its clients with the ability to be able to scale business but also maintain insights of a specific customer. Unlike the traditional form of marketing, Gamooga does not believe in marketing irrelevant products to a wide audience.

Customer Satisfaction Algorithm. Gamooga seeks to provide every customer with quality services. That is why the team there developed a customer satisfaction algorithm that helps in gathering reviews and comments across social media and on search engines to present them in a way that people will make informed decisions.



Although the price of Gamooga is not openly stated, the pricing model they have is the quote-base one. This means that you have the freedom to quote how much you are willing to pay and negotiate from there onwards.

However, Gamooga seeks to service three main customer types. The first one is a small business, the second one is a large enterprise and the last one is a medium enterprise.

Technical details

Being a cross-platform app, Gamooga is supported by the various operating system. Some of the operating systems include: –

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Mac
  • Online

However, English is the only language that is supported by Gamooga.

Support Details


If you’d like to get in touch with one of the representatives from Gamooga, feel free to either call or email. You can also reach them on their website via live chat. However, be sure to clearly state your problem.

Gamooga has invested heavily in training staff members and therefore if your staff does not have any idea of how to use Gamooga you should not worry because they will give you some free training. Feel free to contact Gamooga to get estimates for the enterprise model.