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Full Galaxy Digital Donor Management Software Review — All You Need to Know About Galaxy Digital


Galaxy Digital’s website is an appealing mashup of features and benefits that cater to organizations that depend on volunteers. Based on our first look at the program, it appears to have some potential as a donor management platform, at least to some extent.

That said, users might find that this isn’t quite what they were looking for. We’ll say this outright; Galaxy Digital isn’t a traditional donor management software solution. It’s more for volunteers and events. That said, the company provides some easy ways to reach out and engage with community members. Which, of course, is a great way to get donations to further your cause.

This review will examine the use of Galaxy’s nonprofit software in the context of donor/constituent management. Let’s have a look, shall we?

What is Galaxy Digital?

Well, Galaxy Digital is a donor and community management platform that comes in a few different iterations. We’ll be talking primarily about the Community Connect version, which is a nonprofit-specific solution. That said, there are other versions for colleges, volunteer management, and one for for-profit companies.

Galaxy’s Community Connect solution is ideal for engaging stakeholders, promoting your causes and making sure people recognize your branding efforts.

Most of the web copy promotes volunteer management efforts, but it seems that you could use this platform to manage some donor activity, as well.

In short, we like the way the company presents their information. It’s friendly, approachable, and easy to read. Still, we’re not entirely sure that this is the right approach for those users who seek a donor management software with all of the usual bells, whistles, and analytics built right in.

Below, we’ll look at the features and benefits that come with the tool, as well as some limitations.

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Promises to Save You Time and Money

Galaxy Digital takes care of much of the busy work and data entry associated with volunteer management. The platform allows you to match individuals with the opportunities that best suit their skills, schedule, and personal interests.

Honestly, though, the site doesn’t go into a ton of detail on how they automate these processes. We assume the platform allows you to create volunteer opportunities and assign tags, which volunteers can use to sort through your openings. At least that’s what would make the most sense.

Increase your Community Outreach Efforts

Another key benefit of Galaxy Digital is the fact that it allows nonprofits to build connections with volunteer agencies and individual volunteers. You can promote opportunities on social media, provide information to potential supporters, and more.

Again, it’s hard to figure out who the target audience is for this product. In some cases, it seems like they’re talking to volunteers themselves, in others, it’s the agency or the nonprofit. We found this to be a bit confusing and walked away from our research without a clear picture of how this platform works.

Motivate Volunteers to Give More

According to the website, more than 67% of volunteers make financial contributions to the organizations they work with. What’s more, donations from volunteers are, on average, 2.5 greater than contributions from non-volunteers.

Where they’re going with this is, building solid relationships with volunteers means you’re essentially grooming donors for future contributions. And not only that, but you’re also likely to get them to spread the word with a favorable impression.

That said, when those volunteers eventually make a financial contribution, we’re not sure if there’s a way to track that information inside the Digital Galaxy system like a typical donor management CRM.


Promote Volunteer Opportunities

The site makes it easy for nonprofits to promote volunteer opportunities via social media, community partnerships, and more.

Build a Volunteer Database

This feature is about as close to donor management as you’re going to get here. Galaxy Digital’s main purpose is building connections with volunteers and community members. As such, you can create your own volunteer database that keeps track of your supporters. You can send messages to volunteers, thanking them for help, promote opportunities to past volunteers, or ask for donations.

Agency Engagement

The agency engagement feature, Get Connected is a way for volunteer centers to provide a central database for nonprofits an volunteers to connect. The resource aims to bring together organizations, businesses, and individuals who want to help.

Nonprofits can benefit from working with agencies because it promotes volunteer engagement, too. Which, according to the company, can help you promote your fundraising campaigns and donation goals.

Get Connect allows agencies to respond to volunteer queries and questions, as well as update nonprofits’ postings. The benefit here is, nonprofits can focus more on what they do best, rather than fielding questions from volunteers.

Accept Donations

We honestly found out about this feature in one of Galaxy Digital’s Medium posts. Which just doesn’t make sense. That said, we were happy to find this hidden gem of a donor management feature.

How it works is, donations made through your site will go through Stripe and connect to your organization’s bank account.

The site offers a step-by-step guide to enabling the donation function in your volunteer pages.


Galaxy promotes this feature as a secondary call to action. So, if for example, someone can’t volunteer, they have the option to give instead.

Another option is adding a donation button to a “Thanks for Volunteering” popup. In the example below, users have the option to promote the opportunity to their social media followers or donate.

User Groups

User groups is a Galaxy tool that allows administrators to see exactly how corporate volunteers are helping the community. So, in the case of a corporate social responsibility initiative (CSR), the organization could pull reports that showcase exactly what they are doing to make a difference.

Collect Volunteer Data

Another hidden benefit we discovered on the Medium page is the ability to collect volunteer data. Here, users can collect information about their supporters like causes and interests. This information helps you pair volunteers with the right opportunities and can help you promote donation efforts down the road.

What’s more, if you need volunteer information related to large-scale events, you can choose to create an event as an “initiative.” This means that you can add custom questions to every response form tagged under that specific project.

Impact Areas

Impact areas are a feature that comes with the platform that allows you to connect every need on your website with how it helps. So, if you’re collecting donations for a women and children’s shelter, impact areas might be Food, Education, or Health.

For example, if you donate a bag of non-perishable food items, the impact area would be food. You don’t have to use this tool, but it’s a nice way to show potential donors and volunteers just how their contribution makes a difference.


Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, there is no pricing grid on the Galaxy Digital website. There are a lot of modules and add-ons included in the Galaxy family, so it might be worth giving these guys a call to learn more.

It’s free to sign up for a Galaxy Digital account. We tried to sign up ourselves, but you need to either sign up for a Connect Account or get log-in emails from a site manager.

Technical Specifications

Again, not much information here, either. Galaxy Digital is a cloud-based solution and is compatible with computers, tablets, and mobile devices. This software integrates with social media channels, allowing users to share volunteer and donation opportunities with their network.

Support Details

Google Galaxy Digital and you’ll be presented with a ton of content targeting the nonprofit crowd. The company has published a lot of content geared toward helping nonprofits market their campaigns and attract new supporters.

Beyond that, the website comes with a lot of helpful information. There’s a blog with a good amount of content focused on helping nonprofits, agencies, and volunteers become agents of change in their communities. There’s information about disaster relief and how to organize aid efforts. In all, they do a good job with this community building stuff. Where they fall short, though, is communicating how this tool works and what the features are.

The site is poorly organized and does not offer any concrete information about how to use the product they’re selling. Look–we liked the commitment to the community, they seem invested in helping others make a difference, and that’s great. However, the website is beyond frustrating, especially if you’re a prospect collecting information about a product you might want to use.

In any case, here is a look at some of the resources, helpful or not, you’ll find on the website.

Knowledge Center

The Knowledge Center is broken up into several different sections. Here, you’ll find things like the New Client Zone, which helps new users get acquainted with Galaxy Zone. Here, you’ll find some helpful tips for everything from wiring press releases to setting up training and launching a campaign.

Other “zones” include one for site managers; the folks tasked with running an event in person. Or, there’s a few geared toward the students and volunteers that might work with your organization.

Finally, the support page includes a link you can follow to create a new support ticket. There, you’ll submit a service request, and the support team will help based on your position in the queue.

Medium Posts

Google anything about Galaxy Digital and you’ll see both the crypto/finance company and a bunch of Medium articles from the nonprofit software company. Oddly, the company is more transparent about what their software does on the blogging platform, which we thought made things confusing.

However, this might be a good resource for those users who wish to learn more about the more specific features that come with the tool. For example, we found one that discussed some ways to use the tool to prepare for your United Way campaign season. Embedded in this specific blog post, the author outlines a bunch of features like user groups and email blasts, that were barely mentioned on the website.

Customer Impressions

Despite the fact that we found Galaxy Digital a bit confusing, it does have several positive reviews on websites such as G2Crowd and others.

People mentioned that the platform was very useful for volunteer coordination, and really helped users manage volunteers more efficiently. We also found that the community outreach features were well-reviewed as well. Galaxy Digital allows organizations to work with local businesses to help spread the word about their cause—something the site eluded to, but didn’t fully explain.

That said, there were some complaints about the reporting tools. The main issue with this feature is, it’s just not very sophisticated. For example, users found it hard to track volunteer hours. While you can track hours per program, you can’t track individual contributions and the tool doesn’t deduplicate repeat volunteers. It’s also worth noting that you can’t delete certain things like a job opportunity you no longer want to list.

What’s the Verdict?

Ultimately, we liked what we saw from the company. However, we did feel that the presentation of the key features and benefits associated with this tool lacked clarity.

While Galaxy Digital offers users a lot of information about events, launching campaigns, and managing volunteers, there’s not much that dives into the specifics. At least from the perspective of someone who is coming upon the site with no prior knowledge of how the tool works.

This platform has some CRM capabilities, and you can add on things like event management or disaster relief fundraising, but ultimately, the fundraising capabilities and donor management features aren’t there.

In short, this could be a great option for those organizations more focused on volunteer efforts, not so much the in-office fundraising and fund management stuff. But, in spite of the positive reviews and responsive support team, there was so little information about how this tool works.

From a consumer–and reviewer–perspective, this is exceptionally frustrating. A company that fails to be helpful in its web content risks losing new business.