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Full Fuze Business Phone Software Review – All you need to know about Fuze

Fuze Unified Communications Phone System

What is Fuze Software?

Fuze Software is a cloud-based unified communications system. There is a powerful communication platform that drives and empowers all business communications. This empowerment can be echoed all through your organization on virtually any device you currently own. Fuze phone system offers an always-on collaboration that is done through the simplified voice communication. It is also done through the flexible audio conferencing.

The staff at Fuze decided they wanted to reimage the communication platform most businesses used. They wanted to implement a power that will drive your company into the future. With their headquarters in the Boston, their main goal is to provide you with a communications platform that will ease frustration and provide you with everything you could need.

Founded in 2006 and re-branded as Fuze in February of 2016 this unified communications tool is making a mark. It was an indication that the company had moved beyond phone related offerings into a more unified communications platform. This business communications system quickly grew in popularity and in late 2016 was named #19 on the Forbes cloud 100 lists. Today with Colin Doherty at the helm along with Steve Kokinos, they are driving Fuze software even further into the future of communications.

Fuze phone system is engineered to power all the valuable conversations in your business by a reliable and secure platform. The program is designed to combine an intelligent platform with a very simple user experience. Furthermore, it is also designed to include third-party enterprise applications and to enrich your business with improved communication efficiency.

Benefits of Fuze Software:

This unified communications system is designed to inspire tomorrow’s workplace, today. Therefore, the expectation is that it will provide a variety of valuable benefits in business communications. Therefore, it is essential that you know how and where it will benefit your organizational communications. Here is an overview of the things you can expect Fuze Phone system to do for you.

  • Provide a very simple and easy to use communication platform.
  • Give your mobile workers the ability to always stay connected no matter where they may be.
  • Offer you the opportunity to work from anywhere and at any time you desire.
  • There is an app available for your multiple mobile devices.
  • There are various integrations you can make use of to collaborate with your already developed business processes.
  • Fuze provides you with visibility into their status that will help you to always know where their system is at.
  • Set up is pretty easy with little to no downtime on your communications system.
  • Powerful collaboration tools that will make inter-organizational cooperation much easier, especially if you are spread out.
  • This business communications system was designed with the way your work within your industry. Therefore, it is fully flexible and customizable.
  • Everything you need on your communication platform can be done in one single place with Fuze Software.
  • It is a very a stable business communications system that you will be able to count on all the time.
  • Fuze software encrypts every facet of their communication platform to seal all the loopholes that data assailants can find.
  • Their security controls are audited annually via an independent firm to ensure the security of your data.
  • View a free demo before making the final decision on what communication platform you want.

Features of Fuze Phone System:

Simply saying that Fuze Software offers a full range of features isn’t nearly enough. You need to know what kinds of features this unified communications tool offers in order to make an informed decision regarding your business communications. That is why it is essential that you have an opportunity to examine what the various features are. Here is a quick overview of the various features you can expect from Fuze.

Full-scale functionality and simplicity that comes with a communications system:  

You will be able to use the various simple functions that come with this unified communications system. As Fuze software is supported on a multitude of devices, you can achieve a seamless transition without any call interruptions. The cloud communications provide the same functionality as you would from a PBX system without the hassle.

They offer you a localized communication platform that can be globally distributed. There will be a single number across your devices and the ability to simplify ringtones so you know who is calling by sound. Furthermore, Fuze software delivers you a modern enterprise communication experience. You can use instant messaging and group messaging alike. There is also the ability to view the presence of anyone in the organization.

Do not switch between devices or apps to track down your coworkers as the Fuze phone system will have all the relative information stored. It allows you to easily identify the whereabouts of co-workers so that you can track them down with ease.

Increase organizational profitability by enhancing productivity through analytics reporting.

Make use of the business communications tool to give you a clear line of sight into all your organizational communications. Have the complete freedom to get full-scale reports on your business communications. You can keep track of volumes and know where changes need to be made through the advanced reporting.

Management will be able to view reports that are web-based and exported in your favorable charts to see where you can enhance productivity.  Therefore, your business will gain tremendous value with the opportunity to see raw data files and many more raw-data files.

Find out how many completed calls were done through the day. You can also find out where calls were dropped, missed or even disturbed. The analytics tool will help you to gain the insight you need to make your business communications stronger. This will be valuable to you and your customers alike.

 Complete your unified communications through the use of helpful integrations.

 There is the opportunity to utilize helpful API integrations that will drive your business phone system beyond a communication platform to a full-scale unified communication. You can utilize the Fuze software integrations that will go beyond voice to full empowerment of your workflow process.

Through the Fuze phone system, you will be able to utilize CTI and click to call integrations that include SalesForce, Zendesk and Office 365. Update your contacts and calendar through the useful Google applications like Google Calendar and email. There is also the ability to pull information from Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Drive your communications system forward with the ability to integrate with Skype for Business and a whole host of cloud storage integrations. There is an opportunity to be able to change the way you are currently using your business communications tools. The many other integrations offered by Fuze software can be added to your other communication tools.

Utilize all the features of organizational collaboration.

Fuze software comes with a wide range of collaboration tools that will increase the effectiveness of your unified communications. Employees will be able to hold meetings with coworkers, host conferences and even hold private video chats through this communication platform. You can hold collaboration meetings from any device you already currently own.

You no longer need to worry that your employees aren’t present as you will be able to send messages to your staff in real-time and find out where they are. Their presence, as mentioned earlier, will give you the information you need to find out if they are available.

Utilize the ability to communicate with customers and staff alike through the multimedia functions. You can share your screen with coworkers and customers if you have complex issues you are trying to explain. You also have the ability to host presentations that require slides all through your unified communications system.

Various other features offered by Fuze Software:

  • Skill-based call routing
  • Auto attendant
  • Voicemail to email and faxes to email.
  • Workforce management
  • Fuze web that will allow for pulling contact information from anywhere.
  • Many more.

Pricing Details:

There is no price that can be placed on 99.99% reliability. You will have increased up time with the Fuze phone system. Unfortunately, Fuze software does not release the pricing they offer to the public. If you want to find out what it would cost to use Fuze at your organization, you will have to contact the vendor.

Be ready to answer questions such as a number of users, locations and other various other aspects of your organization. They do provide service to all organizational sizes. In order to give you a full comprehensive quote that will meet your specific needs, they need to ask you a few questions first.

Technical Details of Fuze Phone System:

As this is a cloud-hosted communication platform, you will be able to utilize the Fuze phone system on any device you currently have. This is without the need to replace expensive business phones, cell phones or computers. It is fully functional on Windows and MAC devices. Linux operating systems are incompatible with Fuze software. However, you can access the web-based version on any operating system.

There is a mobile app that you can download for your smartphones and tablets. This app is available in the iTunes store for iOS devices and in the Play Store for Android devices. Therefore, you can use this business communications system anywhere you desire and at any time.

Language details of the Fuze phone system: The two primary languages supported by Fuze are English and Dutch.

Support Details offered by Fuze Software:

There has to be a level of professional collaboration in regards to your software. It is imperative that you make your decision knowing what kinds of support you can expect when you choose the Fuze phone system. All organizations are dependent on their communication platform to drive productivity. Here are the support details for these unified communications offerings.

  • Phone: There is a North American toll-free number you can contact to get help from a live representative. They are always happy to receive your call.
  • Live Support: Through their live chat options from your profile, you can get to chat with a live representative. Through this support option, they can answer your questions or handle certain issues remotely.
  • Tickets: This business communications system has a helpdesk function where you can create a ticket for technological issues you might be experiencing. They will then enter a queue and be rectified when an agent gets to it.
  • Online Resources: There is an entire database of resources you can find online to help you navigate this communication platform. Just about every feature offered has a corresponding video you can watch to learn it. Make use of the comprehensive FAQ section to get answers to common questions.


Ultimately no matter what reviewers and experts say, the choice of business communications system you use is up to you. However, you want to be able to make an educated and informed decision. Your communication platform is the very foundation of your organization.

Fuze Phone system offers you a wide range of benefits and features that will enhance your current business communications. The unified communications tools that come with this software are very helpful to achieve the inter-organizational cohesion you are seeking.

Make sure you do your homework when choosing something as important at your communication platform. There are a lot of fantastic aspects of Fuze software, but you know your organization best. Therefore, learn all you can about the various business communications systems there are on the market so that you only get what you need most.