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Full Funnel.io Campaign Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About Funnel.io


What is Funnel.io?

Marketing plays an important role in both offline and online businesses. Businesses spend a lot of money in order to reach a wider audience. But, just like any other data, marketing data should always be analyzed.

However, the challenge is getting all of these data from the different website to an Excel Sheet to see what works. In addition, getting current data might actually lead you to target your customers with products they are no longer interested.

This is where Funnel.io comes into play. Funnel.io allows you to compile all that data from different data sources, analyze them and generate graphs and pie charts that are easier to analyze.

Funnel.io Benefits

Generates Reports within A Couple of Minutes. Whenever you purchase an application, your hope is that it will be pivotal for your business. Besides that, you want an application that can generate whatever it is supposed to within a couple of minutes.

Well, Funnel.io is one of such. Funnel.io is very smooth and swift in generating reports, graphs and charts from advertisement data collected. In addition, Funnel.io is always up to date with the current advert spending statistics.

Customer Service Is Superb. When working with big data digital companies, you expect to find very horrible customer service. In fact, most of the companies are actually good and have very interesting features but very poor customer service. However, when you work with funnel.io you will realize that one of the most important things the company upholds is good customer service.

The customer service is always there ready to help you out with anything the customer service is always there ready to help you out with everything you require. Besides, there are tons of updates, new platforms, and features in Funnel.io.

In order to provide efficient customer service, the support team tends to focus on individual challenges and address them one at a time. For example, if you have a task that is of nature A, the support team will not try to solve it by providing tips of a nature B.

Easy to Use. Similar apps to funnel.io are pretty complex. First, they have lots of confusing tabs and widgets. Second, they lack easy to understand interfaces. Funnel.io solves this by providing its users with some easy to use widgets that are very flexible and extremely easy to use.

You Can Set Your Own Custom Dimensions and Metrics. Most applications like Funnel.io do not allow you to add some simple custom dimensions and metrics because it is usually a challenge for them to handle. In addition, you do not have complete control over the defined dimensions.

This is where Funnel.io goes above and beyond in providing users with unlimited ‘control’. In fact, you can add your own special KPI.


Centralize Marketing Campaigns. Centralizing marketing campaigns play a significant role in ensuring that you save time and money. Funnel.io cares about your spending and ensure that it is providing you with a chance to save on other things so that you can focus on your ad spending.

In addition, users can now provide their clients and teams with data that has no mistakes. With Funnel.io, you no longer have to upload your sheet of other non-Google adverts because it automates the whole process for you.

Also, the list of networks that allow API connection with Funnel is pretty huge and thus there is a minimal chance of missing out on an advert network you use.

Quick Dashboard Overviews. Funnel.io not only integrates different networks but also provides you with a chance to view different data collected displayed on one dashboard. This saves the time that would have been used collecting data from different websites and exporting them to one excel sheet.

Evaluation of Performance is Simple. Funnel.io provides clients with the capability to evaluate every single step of the way. Once you automate every single process, you can access things such as the cost per order, the rate of conversion and transaction value.

Quick Import and Export. Most networks that are not Google-based products have very complex processes of automation especially on the issue of reporting data. However, Funnel.io automatically imports data from these websites saving you all the trouble.

In-depth Analysis Can Be Done. There are certain tools available to Funnel.io users that help in analyzing all these data. One of these tools is the BigQuery data. Once all the data from different sources is imported to Funnel.io, BigQuery data helps in exporting that data to different dashboards or to a single one, depending on what you want, and from there onwards, you can compare this data with the previous ad spend. This helps you know what strategies to use for the next ad campaign to make a success.

Saves You Time. Funnel.io was built with the intention of saving clients a lot of time that is wasted in gathering data from different ad platforms. Developers of different companies that use Funnel.io can now use this time to develop new features on their website.

You can Upload Cost Data to One Program. If you only use Google Analytics for your ad, you will discover that Google analytics is very easy to use. But, if you are forced to use other ad platforms, you will find it hard to use Google Analytics because it is both time-consuming and challenging to upload cost data from different ad platforms there.

With Funnel.io, it does not matter which ad platform you use, the greatest benefit to reap from Funnel is that you can upload data from different platforms to Google Analytics.

Free Tutorials and Guides for Clients. Perhaps one of the most challenging thing for new data analysis software users is understanding how to use the application. In fact, some of these beginners will often hire professionals even after getting the application.

Funnel solves this by providing every beginner with free tutorials and guides. This helps users familiarize with the funnel.

Helps in Forecasting. With Funnel, you are able to forecast with your team by comparing some previous metrics. Ultimately, Funnel will give you a clear understanding of different performance and it will allow you to see the trend at a glance.

Funnel.io FeaturesFunnel.io


Funnel Auto-Tag UTMS. Funnel auto tags are often found on non-Google marketing websites such as Facebook. These tags are helpful especially with these marketing sites because they collect all data from a specific project and display it on Funnel.io. Once this is done, the data can now be analyzed and send as a report to your clients. This is definitely a feature that will save you some hours.

Custom Dimension Feature. Most import/export and data analysis applications have very rigid defined dimensions. This means that you cannot alter anything. For example, most of these apps do not allow you to focus on a specific demography in your analysis. You will have to weed out all the information you do not need from the data.

But, Funnel.io is among the few that has a custom dimension feature allowing you to put your own parameters when you are conducting your data analysis. This saves you a lot of time and also allows you to strategize even better in the future.

Automated Currency Conversion. Another feature of Funnel.io is the automated currency conversion. So, say you are advertising on different platforms. Normally, you would need to convert all the data gathered and ensure that the currency is the same as with other platforms. But this is time-consuming and might even force you to hire a team.

However, with Funnel.io you have an automated currency feature that really reduces the amount of work it would take you to do this.

Customizable Dashboards. As we have mentioned earlier, Funnel.io is all about providing clients with the services they need. This is why Funnel.io has a customizable dashboard. This means that whatever dashboard comes with the application can be modified. This is helpful especially if you are looking forward to putting up different charts and dimensions helpful at that time to create new strategies.Funnel.io


Effective API Integration. The truth is that there are many clients who look for an ad spending analytics software and because of the restrictions end up using it as a stand-alone application. Funnel.io solves this by providing its clients with an easy to use API. This API allows you to connect Funnel.io with different business intelligence systems or a backend system.

Data Import Feature. By now, I know you are already familiar with the data import feature that allows you to import data from different ad platforms. However, Funnel is not limited to just ad platforms. You can import data from different Affiliate to content websites and emails.

This means that you can assess the performance of your emails by just connecting it with an email marketing campaign.

Data Reporting Feature. Once Funnel has gathered all of your data, you can generate a report automatically and send it to your clients. The report center collects all data found on the dashboard and creates a clean, easy-to-use and professional PDF. In fact, with Funnel.io you can even add the logo of your client on the PDF.

Excel Exports. Funnel has a very unique data export feature that allows you to export CSV. This is a helpful feature especially if you want your data to integrate with other applications like the Google Data Studio.

Web Explorer Feature. If you use any data application over time, you are going to have a hard time going through all that information to get to what you wanted. But, with Funnel.io, you can easily use the web explorer to search for specific data you had in mind.


Funnel.io has very dynamic pricing. Here are some pricing plans:

Standard Plan

The standard plan costs around $300. Here are some of its features:
  • Allows you to track up to $50,000 spent in advertisements per month
  • For any additional destinations that are tracked, you’re going to pay an additional $149
  • You will have access to 300 plus data sources
  • Automatic data uploads
  • Tons of custom metrics
  • CSV export capability
  • Tons of custom metrics

Business Plan

  • The business plan costs around $450 per month. Here are some of the features:
  • You can track up to $100,000 in advertisements per month
  • For any additional destinations that are tracked, you’re going to pay an additional $199
  • You will have access to 300 plus data sources
  • Automatic data uploads
  • Tons of custom metrics
  • CSV export capability
  • Tons of custom metrics

Professional Plan

  • The professional plan costs around $700 per month. Some of its features include:
  • Tracking up to $300,000 in advertisements per month
  • For any additional destinations that are tracked, you’re going to pay an additional $299
  • You will have access to 300 plus data sources
  • Automatic data uploads
  • Tons of custom metrics
  • CSV export capability
  • Tons of custom metrics

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan is a custom-based pricing model. Therefore, if you would like to purchase this plan, feel free to contact the support team for a custom price. Here are some of the features included:

  • Unlimited number of data sources
  • Unlimited number of advertisement accounts
  • You can add any unsupported data source at no extra cost
  • Automatic data uploads
  • Unlimited data rows
  • Tons of custom metrics
  • CSV export capability
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Efficient Live Chat Support Access

Funnel.io provides new users with the opportunity to start with the free trial allowing them to finally decide whether to purchase.

Technical Detail

Funnel.io is a web-based application. Therefore, you do not need to spend a good portion of your income to purchase heavy hardware equipment. However, Funnel only supports English but is soon going to support other languages.

Support DetailsFunnel.io

In case you run into a problem or would want to get more information about Funnel, you can simply get in touch with their support team through email or live chat.