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Full Fundly CRM Donor Management Software Review — All You Need to Know About Fundly CRM


Fundly CRM is a robust suite of nonprofit-specific tools. The platform was developed by nonprofits—for nonprofits, so there’s a strong promise that this covers all of the bases in terms of donor management and beyond.

At a glance, users will see that Fundly CRM promises a lot of functionality—at a price point that makes sense for charitable organizations on a budget.

Like other tools in this category, we noticed that there were a lot of customer reviews that mention certain features being hard to use. We’re not sure if this is the case here because a good portion of nonprofit workers aren’t super well-versed in technology.

That said, there are plenty of positive reviews associated with the tool—and it’s one of the few true CRMs in this donor management/nonprofit software space.

With that in mind, we’ll look at Fundly CRM more closely.

What is Fundly CRM?

Fundly CRM is a tool created by nonprofit experts for fundraising, donor management, and other nonprofit activities.

The platform helps users manage everything from recurring donations and direct mail to memberships, and more.

According to FUndly CRM’s website, the platform gives nonprofits access to custom data sets built to track interactions, giving histories, event partici[ation and more. You’ll be able to access contact records and use that data to inform your next move.

Finally, Fundly CRM works to help you tell your company’s story. The site places a strong emphasis on customization, personalization and developing a strategy tailored to your organization’s unique set of needs.


Improve Donor Retention

Grow support for your mission by focusing on building quality relationships. Fundly’s donor management solutions aim to give users the ability to quickly look at donor trends, contributions, and communications.

One of the things we liked most about Fundly CRM was its ability to incorporate a highly-detailed approach to donor management. You can set alerts, track donations, participation, and more.

Customize your dashboard for a more relevant view—the platform allows you to customize datasets and add, move, or ditch widgets according to need.

Get Your Message Out in a Variety of Ways

Fundly CRM gives users the chance to choose how to reach out to constituents—get acknowledgments and announcements out fast, segment your donor audience for targeted appeals, and automated replies after you receive an online donation.

Data-driven Approach

Fundly CRM is an appealing tool due in part to its data-driven approach to running a nonprofit. We’ve looked at so many tools that give nonprofits the ability to push their message out to constituents or collect payments, but fail to offer access to tracking methods that help users improve.

Here, you’ll get a real-time snapshot of your organization’s performance—and the ability to spot your best campaigns and scrap what isn’t working.

Fundraising and Donor Management in One Tool

Fundly CRM’s membership management platform is more than a CRM or a fundraising platform, so that pushes the platform into new territory based on that designation alone.

The tool is unique in, you can manage member accounts, configure different membership tiers, and plan fundraising events—from end to end.



It doesn’t matter if your fundraising efforts involve grants, pledges, email outreach, or live events. This platform allows you to manage everything—from tracking recurring donations to matching donations to payment records.

Users can track all donations—online and off—create donation alerts, track giving by household, and create peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns.

Finally, this platform provides the ability to track grants and ensure the funds get used properly.

Schedule Payments

Here, you’ll get an accounts payable process, specific to the nonprofit world.

Generate a payment schedule for grants—based on months, quarters, or years. You can also allocate funds to specific programs and input amounts that apply to any vendor or subcontractor.

Manage and Track Projects and People

Fundly CRM gives you the ability to keep track of your donors, volunteers, and other constituents, from one place. What’s more is you can search through interactions to quickly access a record. Assign tasks to staff or volunteers, and track their progress send them reminders, and more.

Fundly’s platform makes it easy to keep track of all project-related communications, so event details, campaign planning, and fundraising tasks don’t slip through the cracks. Users can record notes—and apply time stamps. Later, you can create reports that show signs of progress.

Pledge Management

This part of the software allows you to manage pledges through a profile that details their giving history. You can upgrade or download status—based on current giving amounts, and customize payment schedules.

Additionally, you’ll be able to automate acknowledgments, so you don’t have to write a new message—manually—each time a recurring payment rolls through.

Send Custom Newsletters

Fundly CRM gives users the chance to take advantage of a collection of communication tools. Send custom newsletters directly from the platform—you can choose from their library of templates and customize and configure each piece according to match your branding.

Membership Management

The membership management tool is a bit different than the donor management center. This section of the software gives users the ability to create membership levels and pricing tiers, automate renewals, set members-only discounts, and more.

Membership materials come with a range of customization options, too. Use the platform to offer specific benefits linked to each member. You can also create membership pages and private websites, as well as promotional materials that attract new members.


FundlyCRM supports organizations of all sizes with a variety of plans aimed at helping organizations grow. At the entry level, you’ll get the $60 a month easy launch plan, which supports 1000 contacts and comes with all the core features and integrations.

The plans don’t vary much in terms of features. And, price depends mostly on how many contacts you’ve added to the system and hours of training provided by the company.

We should also mention that the Easy Launch plan does not include a point of sale module.

The Easy Pro plan is the most expensive offering in the mix—this plan supports 50,000 contacts. If you need more than that—and most organizations with a comprehensive outreach program likely will—you’ll need to contact the team for a custom quote.

Technical Specifications

Fundly CRM is a cloud-based software solution. It works with most devices that connect to the web; think PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android.

While they don’t specify the exact software requirements, make sure you’re using an updated browser and newer equipment.

Some Glitches Here and There

Customers across several platforms mentioned that the tool was generally pretty easy to use. But, there were issues with freezing, slow load times, and other technical difficulties.

One customer we found on Capterra described issues with getting event registrants signed up. They said they lost thousands of dollars due to monthly donors getting kicked out of the system—and mentioned customer service was “defensive.”

A few people had similar complaints, but there aren’t tons of reviews of this product. As such, it’s hard to know if any problems were addressed if customer service is any good, etc.


Fundly CRM supports integration with many of your favorite tools. Use the CRM with your MailChimp account, connect with WordPress and GoogleMaps. You can even connect your account to Donor Search, a platform with advanced donor data analytics—this allows you to bulk up your reporting capability and identify specific segments and make predictions.

Additionally, Fundly CRM supports Quickbooks integration, making things easier for your accounting team. For busy nonprofits, QB syncing saves hours of manual data entry.

Who is this For?

As we mentioned in the pricing breakdown, the price of entry is relatively low. So, this could be a good fit for small nonprofits on a shoestring budget. While the Pro plan caps records at 50,000, you can work with Fundly to create a plan that meets your needs.

Based on the site’s content—the tool can fit into any nonprofit vertical—arts, health, faith-based, education, and so on. However, this platform is likely best for organizations that host events, member drives, or raise money through sales.

Support Details

Fundly CRM really shines when it comes to customer service. While they don’t appear to have the same library of content an established marketing solution may be able to include, they do provide several ways to learn more about the tool.

And—though this is pretty basic, Fundly has made a point to include contact information on every page. There’s none of this no phone calls policy or gated access to email support—they seem to be there to help.

In looking at the site, we found the content showcased the features and benefits in detail, so we got a good sense of Fundly CRM and its capabilities.

In terms of resources, they also cover all the bases. Here is a look at some of the on-site content you can access—whether your a customer or a prospect.


Fundly’s support section features an interesting resource: daily demos. Every day, users can join a live demo to get acquainted with the tool. While you can also explore the platform through the free trial, these demonstrations present a nice way for users to ask questions and learn more about various features.


After you’ve signed up for the tool, Fundly’s webinar series digs deeper than the introduction demo. The site hosts regular drop-in forums, where users can ask questions, make suggestions, and troubleshoot potential problems.

Other webinars cover things like getting started, reporting, and other feature highlights. It’s cool that the Fundly team has made these resources available—the webinars seem a lot more personal than your average knowledge base.

Support Center

Though the webinars are a nice touch, sometimes it’s faster and more convenient to pull up a short guide.

Here, users can submit tickets, review a selection of articles, or join an ongoing community discussion. Compared to the

So, is Fundly CRM Worth the Investment?

Frankly, this could be a really great resource for companies seeking an affordable way to keep track of donors. We don’t love that they set a cap on the number of records you can keep, but that’s standard for this type of tool.

That said, the platform gives users a ton of functionality. The membership features, coupled with the attractive analytics reports, affordable pricing, and ease of use makes this nonprofit platform a real standout.

Still, some bad reviews posted on platforms like Capterra, GetApp, and Software Advice showed that it wasn’t a perfect solution. That case of a user dealing with lost funds due to stalling software is pretty terrible.

Because there aren’t many reviews available, we might have to take these complaints with a grain of salt.

For one, we don’t know if issues had more to do with outdated equipment or lack of tech knowledge. And, most people that commented online found that the tool was easy to use.

There’s a lot to like about Fundly CRM, but because the tool has a few bad reviews and not much of a following, we suggest taking the free trial for a spin first.