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Full FunctionFox Time Tracking Software Review – All you need to know about FunctionFox


Are you still using Excel spreadsheets or paper sheets to manage your project timelines? FunctionFox time tracking software is the ideal solution for you.

In this technologically advanced age, several businesses still rely on redundant time tracking and project management tools, which, at times, could be highly ineffective. Also, you spend too much valuable time on these tools, instead of focusing squarely on making profits.

With an effective time tracking software such as FunctionFox, you can effectively track the time spent by your employees on assigned tasks and also automate your project management workflow processes within your business environment.

What is FunctionFox?

FunctionFox is an easy-to-use time tracking and project management software, which is designed to assist business owners and professionals in raising their level of productivity at work.

functionfoxThis time tracking software is available as an integrated cloud-based platform, which makes it easy for users to access the platform applicable across all web-enabled devices. FunctionFox is fully supported on every major operating system, including iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android, Mac, Windows (mobile and desktop) and so on. Although FunctionFox is specially designed to assist SMEs, large enterprises can also use it for project management, at team-based level.

FunctionFox comes with multiple functions, which are integrated into one package. The primary function of this time tracking software is to enable you to monitor the time spent by you and your team members on projects. With this, you are able to determine the average time spent on all the major tasks of your company. Hence, you are able to assign charges and project deadlines as appropriate.

Furthermore, FunctionFox time tracking software allows you to take absolute control over your business operations. The integrated platform comes with several features, ranging from time tracker to schedule calendar, which ensures every relevant detail of your business dealings is aptly kept in check.

Additionally, FunctionFox creates business reports, which are tailored to serve the needs of all relevant stakeholders in your company; including your employees, clients and yourself (the business owner). This time tracking software generates comprehensive reports, which provide you with an overview of your firm’s level of productivity and progress. In the same vein, reports are generated on specific parameters like employees’ efficiency, operating costs, revenue-base, clients billing and so on.

In essence, FunctionFox time tracking software is designed to provide your business with every relevant business management tool, to ensure your business attains and maintains a reasonable progress rate.

Benefits of FunctionFox Time Tracking Software

Ease of Access

FunctionFox is designed for all and sundry, who seeks to manage their time. This time tracking software’s user-friendly interface is supported on virtually every digital platform. You don’t necessarily need a desktop before you can access the FunctionFox platform.

Your smartphone or tablet provides you with the opportunity of accessing the software, anytime and anywhere. Also, FunctionFox is compatible with major web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and so on. With FunctionFox time tracking software, you can access the timer (stopwatch), assign tasks, monitor and control budgets and so on, all in the comforts of your palm; with your smartphones.

Optimization of Time Usage

FunctionFox ensures you spend quality hours on tangible (billable) tasks, thereby increasing your level of profitability. Also, this time tracking software monitors your time at work, analyze the time and use it to generate concise progress reports for charging bills.

Furthermore, FunctionFox time tracking software assists you in assigning tasks to your employees, on the basis of their respective efficiencies (task completion: time), as captured by the software. As such, the most efficient member (or group) of your team is assigned the most important (time-sensitive tasks), with better compensation. Therefore, less efficient team members are assigned less time-sensitive tasks, with lesser compensation.

Transparency & Accountability

FunctionFox ensures every facet of your business is documented, ranging from time spent on tasks to expenses on individual projects. Nevertheless, both time and expenses are automatically analyzed and presented in reports. These reports are made available to all relevant groups and individuals, including clients and employees.

In addition, FunctionFox uses generated data and reports to prepare invoices, for facilitation of payments from clients. This ensures that every relevant detail on your invoice is accounted for. Hence, you are guaranteed an increased level of productivity and of course, more profits.

Free Updates

FunctionFox developers constantly add new, improved features to the software. Your FunctionFox platform is updated immediately after every new update(s) is released. These updates (like bug and security patches) are provided to you free of charge.

Budget Planning

functionfoxFunctionFox time tracking software helps you to plan your firm’s budget wisely. This is done by ensuring you don’t spend beyond your limits. FunctionFox budget-control ensures your expenses and efforts on projects are kept strictly on the basis of such projects’ prospective revenues.

Essentially, FunctionFox ensures that “the more you spend, the more you earn” and not the other way round. By spending within the confines of your budget limits, you are able to maintain a steady growth in revenue.

Performance Review

FunctionFox performs a comprehensive review of past projects and its impacts on your business. This enables you to retrace your steps and make adjustments (where and when necessary) going forward.

In light of this, an exemplary project can always be used as a point of reference and template for similar projects in the future. In the same vein, a poorly executed task could also be reviewed, to identify loopholes and fix them, against related projects in the future.

Key Features of FunctionFox Time Tracking Software

Time Tracking

functionfoxFunctionFox comes with an online timesheet, duly accompanied by a stopwatch timer. The two-in-one time tracking feature allows you to keep track of your time and automatically log it into the timesheet.

In addition, FunctionFox’s Stopwatch timer allows you to start your time, at the outset of a project, and stop it immediately after completing the task. The time spent on that particular task is automatically logged into the online timesheet. With this, you can set your work rates, bill clients, prepare reports, appraise employees and so on.

With both stopwatch timer and the timesheet tools which work in sync, FunctionFox provides you with effective time tracking capabilities.

Project Management

functionfoxFunctionFox time tracking software comes with a project management feature known as Project Schedule, which is duly accompanied by a project calendar. Like a typical calendar, schedules of work are noted on the project calendar; showing the projects assigned to each team and individual, as well as the timeframe/deadlines of such projects.

Typically, the project calendar shows the days (and time) each employee or group of employees are required to be on duty. This function eliminates the notion of bias in assigning tasks, as the project schedule/calendar is made accessible to every employee.

Project Template

FunctionFox allows you to save successful work patterns/methods, as templates and points of reference for future projects. This enables quick delivery of projects, as the pattern to follow is already well spelt out in the project templates.

On the other hand, proven unproductive techniques could also be marked down which assists the team in narrowing down which work pattern(s) to adopt on a particular project or set of projects. Nevertheless, project template ensures you finish more tasks in fewer hours and with lesser efforts.


functionfoxFunctionFox generates reports on the progress and efficiency of your workforce, which invariably reflects in the progress of your company. This time tracking software utilizes data on your timesheet to generate the progress reports, which could then be made available to your clients and employees.

The time tracking software is able to create not only integrated progress reports, but also reports on specific parameters in your business such as team (or employee) productivity, revenue, projects, operating cost (expenses), business cycle, and so on.

With the employees’ productivity reports, individual employees are provided with firsthand information about their strong points and weak points. Also, employees’ reports serve as the basis for team’s progress/productivity reports.

Other notable features of FunctionFox time tracking software include:

  • Group Calendar
  • Dedicated Customer Representative (Account)
  • CEO Desktop (Personal Dashboard)
  • Estimate & Budget Tracking
  • Flink (Document Exchange)
  • Invoicing
  • FunctionFox Android & iOS mobile applications
  • To-do List


functionfoxFunctionFox time tracking software offers three pricing plans for intending users. However, before subscribing to any of these plans, you are offered a free demo, to determine the suitability of the software for your business.

Here are the pricing plans for FunctionFox:

Classic – $5/user per month

  • $35 per month for the first user
  • Easy-to-use timesheet with a stopwatch timer
  • Project tracking (email reminders & alerts)
  • Unlimited projects, clients, and personnel
  • Budget tracking and project estimating
  • Reporting on clients, projects, personnel & more

Premier – $10/user per month

  • $50 per month for the first user
  • All Classic features, including:
  • Action assignment and resource allocation
  • Project Calendar and scheduling
  • To-Do List with the built-in stopwatch timer
  • Timelines and project milestones
  • Project Blog

In-House – $15/user per month

  • $100 per month for the first user
  • All Premier features
  • Project Request Form for all outside departments
  • Powerful Custom Fields
  • Flink: Cloud-based document exchange
  • Cycle and Capacity Reports
  • Customizable Reports

Technical Details

Supported devices: Any web-enabled devices, Android, Windows, Windows Mobile, iPhone/iPad, Mac

Pricing model: Monthly payment

Supported Language: English

Customer Types: Small Business, Freelancers, Medium Business, Large Enterprises

Add-Ons: FunctionFox Mobile, FunctionFox Android App, FunctionFox iPhone & iPad App, Flink, Invoicing

Deployment: Cloud-Hosted

Support Details

FunctionFox time tracking software offers the following after-sales support:

Email Support: staycreative@functionfox.com

Phone Support:

(Monday to Friday – 7am-4pm PT)

+1 250 479 1285

NA Toll-Free: +1 866 369 8463

AU Phone: 02 8014 4958

UK Freephone: 0808 101 7691

Online Support

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