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Full Frontify Brand Management Software review – all you need to know about Frontify Brand Management Software


What is Frontify?

Frontify is an all-in-one brand management software that aims at increasing brand consistency through centralized platform collaboration, irrespective of the size of a business. Offering many attractive solutions such as Style Guide, Brand Portal, Pattern Library, Media Library, and Workspace, it helps users build strong and powerful brand experiences.

With the help of Frontify Style Guide, users can create beautiful web-based manuals in very less time. All the brand definitions of your business are placed in a single place. Apart from creating interactive brand manuals, users can also make relevant elements such as logos, fonts, and tone of voice available to everyone. The always up-to-date guidelines can be shared with all the internal and external stakeholders. Also, the Cover Page can be used for the creation of stunning access points to a part of a user’s brand world. With the help of Style Guide, you can build everlasting brand expressions.

Fortify Brand Portal helps in creating entry-points to a complete brand world. It acts as the home for a brand. With the direct access points to the guidelines, projects, UI patterns, and assets, users can optimize engagements. It is fully responsive, and the fully customizable interface is managed with inline editing that supports all kinds of rich content such as images, videos, and cinemagraphs. By developing dynamic doorways to brand essentials, users can experience a complete brand world at their fingertips.

Frontify Media Library helps users centralize their media assets. Users can avail the simplified process of storing, searching, and discovering various brand-related assets. It is made possible by Frontify Media Library as it gathers them in a single location. It helps users save your valuable time by instantly obtaining media assets. Users can define the essential metadata of the media assets, create media collections, and be amused by multi-tagging functionality. All these increase the efficiency of a team.

The storing and reusing of the modular user interface patterns are made easy by Frontify Pattern Library. The library can be connected with the brand guidelines. Users can structure the UI patterns on the basis of the atomic design principle. These patterns can be reused whenever required.

Frontify Workspace can be used to make design collaboration and prototyping simple. It helps users build project rooms for conceptual work and design iterations. The users can also organize and assign automated tasks with the Kanban-based workflow. The designs can be discussed with stakeholders no matter where they live. With easily manageable and speedy prototyping, it helps users provide and receive feedback, visualize the journeys of customers, and more.


The benefits of using Frontify as a brand management software for your business are as follows:

  • Using Frontify Style Guide, you can create beautiful web-based brand manuals easily and faster. It also helps in creating guidelines for effective and enhanced brand communication. It keeps all the brand definitions in a single place.
  • With the help of Frontify Brand Portal, you can create entry-points to a complete brand world. The direct accesses or entry points to guidelines, assets, specific projects, and UI patterns help optimize engagements.
  • You can centralize your media assets such as images and videos with the help of Frontify Media Library. This makes the process of digital asset management easy. Also, the easy-to-use digital access management is incorporated with UI libraries, project collaboration, and brand guidelines.
  • Frontify Pattern Library helps you in storing and reusing the modular UI patterns of your brand.
  • Frontify Workspace helps you in organizing and exploring all current projects of your business from one centralized dashboard.


Frontify offers a plethora of useful features. Some of them are as follows:

Logo and Images

With the help of Frontify Style Guide, you can upload and manage image files without any effort. You can easily add captions and also arrange them in grids. The software supports almost all file formats, including PSD (Photoshop Document).

Color Palettes

Frontify Style Guide helps you add colors and arrange them in groups in color palettes. The color swatch is automatically generated and ready to be exported into popular design products.

Typography Schemes

The software helps you add fonts from famous cloud providers such as Google Web Fonts and Typekit with ease. It also enables you to upload your self-hosted fonts.


Frontify offers you a cover page that acts as the primary access point to all the definitions of your brand. You can offer your team custom touchpoints that are made from scratch or made from predefined templates.

Fully Customizable

With the help of Frontify, you can create a completely responsive gateway to all the assets of your brand. It also helps you in structuring your brand with the help of inline editing that enables you to add anything, from text to videos.

Uniting Teams

The cover page offered by Frontify helps you in connecting all your external and internal team members. Irrespective of the physical locations of the team members, they can be virtually together and be united.

Flexible Structure

Frontify Style Guide helps you in defining brand manuals on four hierarchical level and with more than 30 smart blocks.

Inline Editing

This feature from Frontify assists you in changing, customizing, and adding anything to your Style Guide. The process does not require coding expertise.


With the help of Frontify, you can granulate the global Style Guide of your brand to various target specific markets, campaigns, and many more.

Internal Sharing

Using Frontify, you can share the Style Guide created for your brand with the internal and external teams of your business. Thus, all your team members will be at least able to view the Style Guide.

Public Sharing

Apart from sharing the Style Guide with your teams, Frontify also helps you in sharing the Style Guide publically. This can be achieved by sharing it with the help of a link to optimize the transparency of your brand.

Roles and Permissions

Frontify enables you to assign your different roles and permissions to your team members. There are three types of roles: viewer, editor, and owner. The viewers can view the Style Guide. They cannot make any changes to it; the editors can make changes to the Style Guide. Owners own the Style Guides, they have more power compared to editors. Also, Frontify helps you grant temporary access to the Style Guide, or also withdraw any previous right granted to a team member.

Predefined Templates

Frontify offers a range of predefined Style Guide templates. You can use them if they match with the requirement of your brand. The software enables you to choose from this range of predefined templates or start creating from scratch.

Content Suggestions

The software offers you with a wide range of suggested content blocks. These content blocks offer you practical recommendations for creating the manual for your brand.

Print Production

Frontify supports most file formats including TIFF, AI, PDF, and PSD. It also supports various color formats such as RAL, CMYK, and Pantone. Hence, it is a mind-blowing tool that can be used for print production.

PDF Export

Using Frontify, you can export your Style Guide in the form of a PDF. hence, the style guide will always look the same no matter it is in your hand or in your screen.

Marketing Materials

Frontify helps you in defining how stationary ads, collaterals, signage, merchandise, and any other marketing materials should look like.

White-labeled Login Page

Frontify offers you a white-labeled login page that is appealing and attractive.

Personalized Design

Using Frontify, you can style your brand manuals as per your own design requirements.

Custom Domain

With the help of Frontify, you can apply your own domain or subdomain to the style guide for your brand.

Content Referencing

This feature from Frontify helps you in reusing content in multiple style guides.

Multi-language Support

The multi-language support feature helps you in managing your international business. It is helpful when your business has multiple locations in multiple countries with different national languages.

User Management

The powerful user management console assists you in keeping the overview of users with ease.

Multi-brand Structure

using Frontify, you can manage all your brands in one single space.

Single Sign-On

Frontify enables you to use single sign-on that simplifies the access for your employees.

Email White-Labeling

This feature from frontify helps you in branding the notifications and emails of your business.


Frontify also includes a feature for analytics. It helps you in getting insights into the performance of your business.

Smart Search Combined with Multifaceted Filters

Frontify offers an intelligent search function that increases efficiency by helping you in immediately locating the right asset.

Spearheaded Asset Management

Frontify provides you with automated resizing of images based on channels or as per your needs. You can share assets via safe invite-links. Also, you can create custom metadata for your assets.

Flexible Cloud Storage Expansion

The data centers of Frontify are available throughout Switzerland, Europe, and the USA. You can increase your storage capacity whenever required.

Inherent Backups and Redundancy

This feature ensures that you will never misplace or lose an asset ever. The assets are kept in one place, and you will be able to find it there always.

Instant Project Overview

This feature helps you to oversee all your projects, conversations, and ongoing activities.

Flexible Management

Using Frontify, you can organize your files by drag-and-drop with ease. Also, you can set up and arrange project-based folder structures.


Frontify allows you to bring your entire team together with context-driven annotations and @mentions.


This feature helps you manage the revisions of your assets and also receive fast access to all iterations.

Integrated Notifications

With the help of this feature, you receive notifications instantly about any new uploads, comments, and other events via Slack or Email.


Frontify offers a free trial for 14 days. You do not have to enter your credit card details to avail the free trial. Also, there is no obligation and you can cancel the subscription at any point in time. You can visit the webpage https://frontify.com/signup to avail the free trial offered by Frontify.

Apart from the free trial, Fortify offers four pricing plans that fit every company size. They are Plus, Pro, Business, and Enterprise.


This plan offers one online Style guide for startups and freelancers. It costs $29 per month when billed monthly and $25 per month when billed annually. The key highlights of the Plus plan are as follows:

  • 1 brand and 5 users
  • 250MB of storage space
  • 256-bit SSL security
  • Backup
  • Support


This plan offers one online Style Guide for small businesses. It costs $49 per month when billed monthly and $45 per month when billed annually. The key highlights of the Pro plan are as follows:

  • 1 brand and 15 users
  • 1 GB of storage
  • 256-bit SSL security
  • Backup
  • Support
  • Custom Frontify sub-domain
  • Public sharing
  • Cover page
  • Powerful Search


The Business plan offers an online Style Guide for mid-sized businesses. It costs $199 per month when billed monthly and $179 per month when billed annually. The main highlights of the Business plan are as follows:

  • 1 brand and 30 users
  • 10 GB of storage
  • 256-bit SSL security
  • Backup
  • Support
  • Custom Frontify sub-domain
  • Public sharing
  • Cover page
  • Powerful Search
  • Custom domain
  • Analytics
  • Branded login page


This plan offers a complete brand management solution that can be used by large businesses for perfect brand consistency. You should contact the vendor to know the cost of the Enterprise plan that suits your business. The key highlights of the Enterprise plan are as follows:

  • Unlimited brands
  • More than 30 users
  • More than 50 GB of storage
  • An unlimited number of viewers
  • Account manager
  • Custom terms
  • Custom invoicing
  • Priority support
  • SAML-based SSO
  • Enterprise features

Frontify also offers various Style Guide add-ons that help you in building custom brand management solution for your business. They are as follows:


It offers a centralized collaboration of designs and prototyping for teams on the basis of your Style Guide. It costs $ per user per month. The features included in this add-on are as follows:

  • Collaboration and workflow
  • Style Guide integration
  • Advanced prototyping capabilities

Media Library

This add-on is the home for all the images, cinemagraphs, and videos of yours. It can be fully integrated into your Style Guide. The key features included in the add-on are as follows:

  • Rich media support
  • Secure cloud storage
  • Faceted media and full-text search

Pattern Library

With the help of this ass-on, you can create a UX pattern library for scaling your digital projects. It can be fully integrated into your Style Guide. The features included in the add-on are as follows:

  • Documenting UI pattern
  • Smart Frontify API
  • Developer kickstart packages

Technical Details

Frontify is a web-based application that supports devices with Windows operating system. This software is suitable for freelancers, small and medium businesses, as well as large enterprises. The deployment models are cloud-hosted and open API. The languages supported by Frontify are English, German, and French.

Support Details

The customer support team of Frontify offers online support. If you have any queries related to the software, you can write a mail to the team at support@frontify.com. The team offers support during the working hours from Monday to Friday between 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. The team also offers support via live chat.

If you have general questions related to the software such as how to use a feature and so on, you can read the software documentation by visiting the webpage https://help.frontify.com/.


Frontify is an all-inclusive brand management software that assists you in increasing band consistency with the help of centralized platform collaboration. It offers various solutions that help your business in various ways. Frontify Style Guide is used for the creation of web-based brand manuals. You can communicate your brand world with the help of Brand Portal. Frontify Pattern Library helps create and maintain the UI library of your brand. Next, you can store and share the media assets of your brand using the Media Library. Lastly, Frontify Workspace makes team-based design collaboration easy and effective. Frontify supports more than 2000 brands, including some popular brands such as Lufthansa, IBM, Nasdaq, Adobe, and Expedia. The easy-to-use and attractive features of Frontify makes it one of the leading brand management software available in the market.