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Full Freshsales CRM Software Review – All you need to know about Freshsales CRM Software

Freshsales CRM

The Freshsales is the 4th addition in Freshdesk product line and a good quality CRM is designed. It is for the high-velocity team members in order to keep the track of all contacts when solving their issues.

This has won the 2017 Great User Experience Award. The satisfied sales team members describe this as a contact management hub which aids them to stay in control of hundreds of leads. At the same time, it also offers an easy-to-navigate and simple interface.

The Freshsales is basically a response to a company’s own need to handle different aspects of a sales process. It also eliminates a need for the users to wander around other programs for doing their job.

The Freshsales’s collated every function of the legacy CRM systems. It discovered its way to boost the sales and also prioritize the pipeline opportunities. It is used across the world by active the Freshdesk users.

What is Freshsales?


Why will somebody select the pioneer CRM on such a competitive market? And, the truth is that so many customers depend on the impeccable reputation of the Freshdesk, and then discover the power of the system.

With the Freshsales, there’re no more complex and bulky setup processes. There are many integrations up and functioning. All operations are done as well as stored in the cloud.

A core of the performance actually depicts where the leads are generally coming from. That is something no midmarket or small business will deny on the fraction of price.

Although, one has to look deep inside the system in order to understand what this could actually do.

Along with the lead capturing, the Freshsales could distribute, verify leads, nurture, divide, and score. It does so through several communication channels.

The users grab into their hands the advanced suite of so many features. They include auto-dialers, affiliate management, call recording, and call routing. The main thing which surely distinguishes the Freshsales from other programs is its reporting.

Benefits of Freshsales

Why fresh sales

Several good words are told on the behalf of Freshsales, but which of them actually distinguish the CRM?

For answering this question, we’ve examined several benefits this has given to its recent users. Here are some positive cues that you could expect:

Email Tracking

The sales agents and reps actually admire the possibility to look who has checked their emails, and also who hasn’t.

As straightforward as this sounds, it’s the best practice to discover who is actually interested in the product, and therefore must be prioritized in order to nurture.

It has one more attractive feature that is the Freshsales lets your team send so many emails that are drafted on the personalized templates.

Also, it schedules them and syncs those with the calendars. It also automatically relates these to the contact records for exporting all of the relevant information.

This system is specifically selective as this comes to depict the metrics that means this would spot every relevant detail in an email without even you triggering an action for this purpose.

Direct Calls

The Freshsales is a unique system that allows calls to be transferred directly to this. It does not involve any software or hardware installations for this task.

The users would not waste time as well as money to migrate your data to the system to follow a history of the conversations, call automatically, assign notes or numbers to the contacts.

What’s better is they also get to use the auto-dialer, ID callers, route calls, create the personalized welcome messages, and also track the performance of reps who receive these calls.

Event Tracking

What’s critical for the CRM system, also sometimes ignored, is its capacity to track old conversations and use these to plan the communication.

With the Freshsales, this is very simple to even peak within a history of the contact when you are communicating.

You can also discover what has piqued the interest and also how they actually interact with the product.

It is needless to say that it is a very way to just close the deals with relevant contacts and hot leads.

You would surely love how the feature actually looks. When you run this system then you would discover a very clear timeline. The contacts are typically segmented according to their behavior.

Features of Freshsales

Freshsales features

The Freshsales applies so many filters while summarizing the data. It also makes this possible to organize as well as group results in your way.

The sales teams quite often depend on LinkedIn and Google for finding detailed information about the lead. Auto-profile Enrichment of the Freshsales maps automatically different social accounts of leads in its system.

You can create charts, make summaries, create tables, and master craft of the matrix reporting. Here are some important features of the Freshsales:

Lead Management

A great CRM isn’t just supposed to catch the leads and explore where these actually come from, but also to organize them hence they could become the loyal users.

The Freshsales does a very nice job in terms of the contact management, usually because of the 360 degrees view of the relevant details and conversations.

It also does an advanced differentiation between won, lost, and pending deals.

This system is typically packed with the notifiers; which make sure that you would not forget the appointed task or meeting.

Sales Management

The Freshsales is the sales CRM hence it must be noted that this provides complete visibility on every stage of a sales process.

When you move up the deal ladder, the Freshsales would make this quite easy to search and filter distinguish bestsellers, the close dates, and make changes for the actions.

This is where the drag-and-drop navigation of this system is quite useful. Just in a few seconds, as well as with a few actions, you could customize the follow-ups, analyze losses and wins, and identify the trends.

You can even spot the bottlenecks that have been slowing down the performance.

This system might also be used in order to track the deals on one go and from the mobile devices. It can sort locations and fix the personalized meetings along with collaborators and customers. It can track the age of a deal to alter its stage easily.

Analytics and Reporting

An important highlight of the Freshsales isn’t only how this gets information, but also an array of different possibilities that it offers for the users in order to manage the data when they have this available.

Together with a suite of the default reports (email reports, territory, pipeline, and many more), the Freshsales makes this possible to create custom reports for each deal, contact, and opportunity.

Every report could be easily generated at any time hence the user might summarize the information while changing a course of the campaigns.

Recently, the developers have expanded the modern analytic suite along with the sales activity as well as trendline reports. These give its users a clear image of how the strategies of sales are actually progressing.

There is one more new interesting feature that is the phone activity reports. It is used for monitoring and comparing the performance of the sales reps.

Seamless Integrations

The Freshsales would definitely support the Freshdesk tickets along with complete details, as well as relevant rep conversations that are displayed on the comprehensive lists.

Hence, thanks to the integration that you could understand how the customers actually feel about the product, and also make correct predictions regarding eventual and renewal purchases.

Moreover, you can also resolve the CRM tickets with the help of a similar platform.

So, you can just update some field property and also keep everybody on your team on the similar page.

The Freshsales is integrated without any error with the Google Calendar as well as Segment that permits you to be in complete control of different events.

This makes it possible that you do not miss any meeting or a. appointment of your client.

In general, you could also sync scheduled demos and full events. You can also track these from the phone, wherever you’re.


Freshsales pricing

The Freshsales provides enterprise and 5 SMB pricing packages. There is a thirty-day cost-free trial package. Hence, you could try all the main features of this software.

You could just sign up for the Freshsales cost-free trial. Following is what you have in all the plans:

Sprout – Free Forever

The Sprout offers leads, mobile apps, contacts, integrations, deals, built-in phone, accounts, and email.

Blossom – $12/month (Annually)

It includes contact management, two sales campaigns per user, pipeline management, built-in phone, and 250 bulk emails/day/user.

This plan also features lead scoring, iPhone and Android apps, two intelligent workflows, integrations, and basic reporting,

Garden – $25/month (Annually)

It includes the entire Blossom Plan features along with multiple pipeline management, five sales campaigns per user, and five-hundred bulk emails/day/user.

The garden also features ten intelligent workflows, advanced CRM customization, advanced reporting, and territories & lead assignment.

Estate – $49/month (Annually)

It offers all Garden Plan features together with 1000 bulk emails/day/user, twenty-five intelligent workflows, and ten sales campaigns per user.

This plan also contains advanced lead scoring, smart forms & event tracking, auto profile enrichment, and reports dashboard.

Forest – $79/month (Annually)

This offers all Estate Plan features along with two-thousand bulk emails/day/user, IP whitelisting, twenty-five sales campaigns per user, EUC data center, and fifty intelligent workflows.

Technical Details

Devices Supported

The Freshsales is compatible with every type of device on the market. So, this makes it accessible quite easily. You can use it on different systems.

This supports Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, iOS, and web-based devices.

Language Support

The Freshsales supports English as well as Dutch. It does not support any other language except these two.

Pricing Model

The pricing model of the Freshsales is very easy. There are 3 main plans available and you will not face an issue while choosing any of these.

The users can choose free, monthly payment, and an annual subscription. Note that the annual pricing model has better advantages.

Customer Types

There are different types of customers who run different businesses. The Freshsales is perfect for any kind of customers.

The Freshsales is superb for small business, medium business, and large enterprises. So, it covers all businesses that are a great feature.


The Freshsales is actually versatile. This is versatile in deployment. The Freshsales uses both open API and cloud-based hosting software.

So, you can use the Freshsales on any device easily. It is very easy to use and simple software.

Support Details

The technical team of Freshdesk answers all of the questions. The Freshsales support is just not limited to some specific plan.

Rather, every user gets an access to the rich knowledge base. The users could learn how this system works and capture different tips regarding appointments, lead management, deals, tasks, and technical admin settings.

There is a large portion of the experts’ articles which is devoted to the reporting. This makes it possible for the users to learn the complex matrix analytics, and import or export data from and in this system.

If the solution is that you actually need is not available in the database (it often does not happen), then you could contact experts at any time via live chat, training, phone call, tickets, or email.


In case you are looking for the customer relationship management or CRM which will not break your bank account; you can do think of Freshsales CRM (that starts from 12 dollars per month per user along with a free package available).

You could try out a few basic features in its free plan, and can easily understand what tier of this system is perfect for your requirements after that.

This software is very simple to use. It also takes much care of several manual tasks that include tracking emails, logging phone calls, and customer research.

The main features of the Freshsales are sales management, one-click phone, tracking, sales lead tracking, and many more.

The users could also send their personalized bulk emails from solution. They can also monitor different activities on the emails.

The inbox of the Freshsales prioritizes emails automatically from the contacts and then it leads to emails that are waiting for the response.

Its services are provided on the basis of monthly subscription which includes support through phone and some online resources.