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Full FreshBooks Time Management Software Review – All You Need To Know About FreshBooks


What is FreshBooks?



FreshBooks is an accounting and time management software that makes billing painless, plus you can run your small business faster, easier, and more securely.

The software allows you to spend more time doing what you love as it takes over the accounting work.

FreshBooks is the brainchild of its founder and CEO Mike, who was a self-employed businessman running a design agency. The idea for the software came when he accidentally saved over an invoice one day, losing all his work, and he was inspired to create the software.

Mike created FreshBooks himself from scratch, coding up a solution of what is now the software’s foundation.



Ridiculously Easy To Use

FreshBooks is intuitive and simple, so you can wow your clients with your professional invoices, while spending less time on paperwork.

Powerful Features

Automate time tracking, invoicing, and even organization of expenses or client follow up in just a few clicks using FreshBooks.

Organized in the Cloud

FreshBooks is cloud-hosted so you can access it securely from your phone, desktop and tablet, from any location.

Easy Invoicing

Get paid faster by wowing your clients with professionally designed invoices that are created within seconds.

Organize Expenses Effortlessly

No more shoeboxes for receipts. FreshBooks makes expense and time management or tracking ridiculously easy so you can keep an eye on your expenditure, effortlessly.

Insightful Time Tracking

Invoice for what you’re worth, log hours, and put them onto an invoice automatically using FreshBooks.

Relax Knowing How Productive You Are

FreshBooks lets you know how long your tasks will take with easy to read breakdown of hours that let you work more efficiently.

Seamlessly Collaborate on Projects

With FreshBooks, you can keep your files, conversations, and feedback in one place, while your team is in sync, and projects on schedule.

Maximize Your Productivity with FreshBooks Time Tracking Software

Each second and minute counts so track your time using FreshBooks to see how much you spend on projects and customers. When the work is complete, generate invoices with a single click.


FreshBooks is packed with features that make time management and accounting easy, plus make the software easy to use so you can focus more on what you love.

Get Paid Faster

When you accept credit cards online in FreshBooks, you can get paid up to 11 days faster. It offers automatic deposits so you need not chase clients again over checks.

Easy To Understand Reports

FreshBooks reports are easy to understand yet powerful enough for use by your accounts department.

Work Anywhere with the FreshBooks Mobile App

The mobile app lets you stay connected with clients easily, and handle your time management and accounting from any location. Keep tabs on the business, capture expenses, send out invoices and know once you’re paid; all this is done from the palm of your hand.

Painless invoicing

FreshBooks makes the invoicing process painless, the expense tracking process simple, and its easy to know how profitable you are. No more wasting time creating invoices or following up payments, while thinking about where your business is at.

Lets you focus on what matters most

FreshBooks lets you focus on what matters most because your team relies on you. In this way, you save valuable time which can be spent wowing clients and growing the business.

Industry Leading Apps

FreshBooks integrates with a variety of industry leading apps that you probably already use, some which you’d even be glad to have found; this makes it a breeze to run your business.

Award-Winning Customer Support when needed

The Support Rockstars of FreshBooks execute extraordinary experiences each day using the 4Es. Help is also free of charge, and you get to speak live to a real human (not bots).

Safe and Secure

With FreshBooks, your personal information is protected with industry standard encryption and SSL so its always secure and safe.




FreshBooks offers invoicing tools that provide:

  • Customizable invoices from which you can pick a template, add your branding and logo to wow clients
  • Customizable, automatic payment reminders to nudge clients with
  • Automatic late fees applied when invoices become overdue, giving clients extra incentives to pay quickly
  • Accepting credit cards for faster payment
  • Sending out invoices on a schedule automatically
  • Setting due dates for invoices so that clients know when you expect to be paid
  • Keeping paperwork in one place with received and sent invoices from vendors, to clients, respectively
  • Adding discounts to invoices to ensure flexibility in billing
  • Request for deposits on invoices upfront
  • Previews of your invoices before sending to clients
  • Sending of invoices in multiple currencies and languages based on client preferences
  • Easy adjustment and duplication of invoices
  • Automatic tax calculations
  • Simple summaries of what is outstanding or overdue


FreshBooks also provides an expenses feature with tools that help you handle employee and business expenditure, including:

  • Receipt attachments that render paperwork useless so you can keep and preserve them better in FreshBooks
  • Tax friendly categories for easier filing
  • Easy to read summaries to ensure you’re on budget
  • Remembered Vendors tool that makes logging expenses painless and fast
  • Multi-currency to track all expenses regardless of currency used so you can track spending
  • Editable expenses so you can stay current even if you need to make changes

Estimates and Proposals

With FreshBooks, you can create estimates and proposals for your clients using the following tools:

  • Rich proposals outlining project scope, timelines and deliverables within the software
  • E-signatures so your clients can easily approve and sign proposals online to get back to work faster
  • Review and accept estimates online so you can view/respond to feedback instantly
  • Send estimates from any location using the FreshBooks mobile app
  • Convert estimate to invoices once approved

Time Tracking

With this feature, you get tools for time management and tracking such as:

  • Daily breakdowns of your productivity
  • Billing for tracked hours so you always charge accurate amounts
  • Team time tracking to keep everyone’s hours in one place – no more hard copy timesheets
  • Log hours easily with a single click and enter the time worked
  • Timer that automatically tracks the time for you
  • Track time against clients and projects
  • Chrome web browser extension to track time from top apps like Basecamp, Asana, and Trello with a single click


With FreshBooks Projects feature, you can fulfill the following tasks:

  • Collaborate with your team by inviting contractors, employees, and clients to projects
  • File sharing with your team; just upload files and share them to keep them accessible
  • Project conversations in one place for speedy feedback and easy reference
  • Set project due dates to keep things on a schedule
  • Project overview to keep tabs what’s on the go using the Project Overview screen


With the Payments feature in FreshBooks, you can do the following:

  • Accept credit cards online for fast payment and avoid chasing checks
  • Easy set up of card payments with a single click
  • Automated and updated payment recording
  • Automated expense recording as transaction fees are recorded in your account automatically and accurately
  • Recurring auto-bills and payments
  • Faster bank deposits for continuous cash flow
  • Accept international currencies. FreshBooks also integrates with Stripe for handling global payments
  • Late payment reminders and fees so you get paid what your owed automatically
  • Industry leading security protocols for safety and security of client data


With FreshBooks, you can take your time management reporting and accounting reports to the next level using tools such as:

  • Summary of outstanding revenue and profits
  • Accountant friendly reports
  • Profit and Loss with total income and expenses to know your profitability
  • Sales Tax summaries
  • Accounts Aging to see what is overdue
  • Expense report
  • Invoice detailed history of each invoice sent to clients, customized by date, client, or status


FreshBooks lets you have overviews and detailed information about your clients with information such as:

  • Important client contact information available as and when needed from desktop or phone
  • Relationship feed with updated logs of all communications and invoices sent for easier referencing
  • Internal notes to wow clients by recalling each specific details. These notes are about each client and can be stored in one place
  • Easy access to your most active clients which saves you more time even when you are invoicing
  • Easy editable clients because they may move and change their details as well. FreshBooks eases this process so you can change information on your clients quickly and stay up to date always

Add Ons

You can search through Google Contacts to preview client emails directly and for faster invoicing in your FreshBooks account.


FreshBooks offers support for iPhone and Android so you can run your business right from these mobile devices, send invoices, and logging expenses, while creating invoices on the go and know when clients view them right away.



Lite: $15 per month

  • Use for up to 5 clients
  • Unlimited estimates and invoices
  • Track expenses and time
  • Easily accept online payments with credit cards
  • Import expenses from your bank account automatically

Plus: $25 per month

  • Use for up to 50 clients
  • Unlimited estimates and invoices
  • Track expenses and time
  • Easily accept online payments with credit cards
  • Import expenses from your bank account automatically
  • Send payment reminders automatically
  • Send proposals
  • Charge late fees on invoices that are overdue
  • Accounting reports including Trial balance, General ledger, and Chart of accounts
  • Schedule recurring invoices

Premium: $50 per month

  • Use for up to 500 clients
  • Unlimited estimates and invoices
  • Track expenses and time
  • Easily accept online payments with credit cards
  • Import expenses from your bank account automatically
  • Send payment reminders automatically
  • Send proposals
  • Charge late fees on invoices that are overdue
  • Accounting reports including Trial balance, General ledger, and Chart of accounts
  • Schedule recurring invoices

Note: You can add team members for $10 per person to track expenses, time and help manage projects.

All plans have the following powerful features

  • Customizable invoices for professional designs
  • Send out estimates to win jobs
  • Online acceptance of credit cards for faster payment
  • Simple tracking of time so you don’t miss billable hours
  • Import expenses automatically
  • Project budgets keeping the team on track
  • Dashboards
  • Powerful and insightful business reports

30-Day Guarantee

You can try FreshBooks risk-free and cancel in 30 days and they’ll give an automatic refund to the last cent. It gives unlimited access to the software, without needing credit cards or contracts to sign. It also has free email and phone support. After the trial, you can select a paid plan to upgrade to. If not ready to do this, your data is stored securely in case you decide to upgrade later. No software installations are required as FreshBooks is 100 percent web-based, or you can use it on your mobile device.

FreshBooks Select

This is designed for businesses with high volumes of online payments so it is a powerful billing software. It offers simple tools, fixed low rates, payment fee reports, dedicated account manager, multi-currency billing, 99.97 percent uptime availability, advanced accounting integrations, and easy high volume invoice processing.

Also included are automated recurring billing, instant charges on credit cards, billing for more than 500 active clients, and setting of payment schedules.

FreshBooks Select also offers team time-sheets, sharing of files and kick off for projects, team expense tracking, free unlimited support and powerful integrations with its open API so you can use other powerful apps like G Suite, Zapier, OneSaaS and Gusto to run your business better.

Technical Details

Devices: Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Web-based

Languages: English, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Swedish

Pricing Model: Monthly payment, Annual Subscription

Customer Type: Small Business, Freelancers

Deployment: Cloud Hosted

Support Details

  • Phone between 8am and 8pm EST.
  • Email
  • Submit tickets
  • FAQs
  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+
Note: FreshBooks support is free of charge.