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Full FreshBooks Tax Software Review – All You Need to Know About FreshBooks


What is FreshBooks?

FreshBooks is an accounting and financial software geared towards self-employed professionals (such as freelancers) as well as small businesses, firms, agencies, and consultancies. It ranks as a premier cloud-based accounting solution for small business owners. It has a very high customer satisfaction rating in comparison to other applications and programs in this same category.

The new version of FreshBooks makes the task of running a small business or freelance career a breeze while keeping everything important regarding your finances secure. FreshBooks boasts that with their software, you’ll “waste less time on your accounting needs and more of your  time doing the work that you love to do.”

The key thing to know about FreshBooks is that it is a fast, reliable accounting suite that makes the otherwise complex tasks of financial management into a comfortable, seemingly easy experience. The software allows you to not only create professional invoices with just a few clicks, but it also keeps your expenses and financial information organized and easy to read. FreshBooks automates the required tasks of running a business such as expense organization, time tracking, and client follow up, saving you time and effort. Additionally, its built-in online payment solutions assist you doing what you need to do faster: getting paid. The software seamlessly integrates with many other third-party apps that are utilized by small businesses, like Google G Suite, PayPal, Shopify, Stripe, and more.

What are the overall benefits of FreshBooks?

FreshBooks is rich with amazing features; the complete list of benefits gained by using this software is considerably long. The company is constantly introducing new updates and improvements to the product, leaving users feeling that they are always on the cutting edge. FreshBooks has a modernized, easy to use interface, full of all the necessary collaboration features you look for to work faster and more efficiently every step of the way. Users also enjoy aspects such as customizable invoices with advanced tracking capabilities. Time tracking features are also flawlessly designed, making FreshBooks an outstanding program for helping you prioritize tasks while also providing allowing complete transparency for each and every financial and accounting operation. There are other great features, too, like the search filter, ability to do expenses in multiple currencies, and invoice conversations.

Benefits of Mobile Connectivity & Design

Freshbooks works on mobile apps, ensuring you can stay connected and manage the financial needs of your business even while you’re away from the office. Since it is available for both Android and iOS devices, you can easily create or send invoices, take photos of receipts, stay updated with numbers, manage expenses, communicate with your clients, and sync all your financial data across any device while you are on-the-go. Both mobile platforms seem to function impeccably, and each flavor feature secure backups to ensure your data is always safe. They have even empowered a comprehensive Projects suite, allowing for seamless, streamlined communication with clients and others involved in any project or plan.


Benefits Regarding Billing and Payments

There are numerous benefits with FreshBooks in regard to all your billing and payment functions. For starters, the program allows you to set billing schedules. This means you can automate things like recurring payments and simply have the software automatically charge your client’s card securely.

Also, you can set invoices to be sent in the currency format that you and your client prefer. This is great for someone who may work with clients online on a global level.

FreshBooks is also considerably good at managing billing history. The program offers a wide array of features to help you track all your past and current invoices. For instance, you can pull up any unpaid invoices with ease. There is a convenient feature that sends out overdue payment reminders automatically to your clients, too. All of these great features enable you to easily stay on top of your business cash flow without needing to argue with customers about potential missed payments.

FreshBooks has a highly reliable invoice-to-payment function. This means you can see when a client receives and views the invoices you send. This function can really help you deal with the issue of customers who claim they didn’t receive their invoice and give you further documentation. With FreshBooks, there is always a certainty that your invoices were properly delivered to clients. You can also set due dates, charge late fees, and create new payment options all within the application.

Finally, with FreshBooks, managing payments is incredibly flexible! You can take payments via American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Google Checkout, PayPal. It also allows cloud invoicing to easily be streamlined through an online payment gateway system, providing a highly efficient collection tool without any awkward hassles with your customers or clients. You can also easily automate any recurring billing processes to save you time.


Benefits of Expense and Time Tracking

FreshBooks makes it super easy to track all your business expenses. You can easily attach receipts and keep records organized within the program. This will ensure you are prepared during tax season and help keep you on a budget all year long with their easy-to-read summary reports. You can also easily track expenses as they relate to clients, meaning you can be sure to bill appropriately or pull from the correct source of income as needed. FreshBooks also allows you to link their expense tool with your bank account or credit card so you can import expenses related to your business or work directly from your bank.

As far as time tracking, FreshBooks allows you to track time in ways that you can report it against specific clients or certain projects. There’s a Google Chrome extension available, enabling you to import time tracking from other apps like Asana, Basecamp, or Trello. This all provides greater confidence in your ability to bill clients accurately for hours and services that are time sensitive, then import these figures straight into your invoices within FreshBooks. What’s more, FreshBooks offers several flexible billing features so that you can charge either hourly or flat rates depending on your agreements with individual clients. If you run a business with several team members, you can also log their time separately for your projects, allowing you keep up with the individual as well as team time worked, and calculate it all into a running bill.


What are the overall features of FreshBooks?

The first thing to know about FreshBooks is how ridiculously easy it is to get started. Most people easily send their first invoice out mere seconds after starting the free trial. The same is true for managing expenses, tracking time, collaborating with contractors, and viewing financial reports. FreshBooks says that they are fast, easy, and life-saving.

FreshBooks is constantly evolving, frequently updating and adding features of their framework that continuously improve its functionality and performance. Some advanced features like non-invoice related income recording and instant bank accounts reconciliation are in the works, plus some recent updates include allowing saved credit cards to now be visible on a client’s profile or the ability to filter expense searches by “uncategorized.”

FreshBooks also has mobile apps for both iOS and Android, meaning you can essentially run your business anytime, anywhere in the palm of your hand. You can do many things from the mobile app, like track time, send invoices, log expenses, contact clients, and receive updates. The information is constantly syncing across all of your devices so that you always have access to the most up-to-date data, even when you aren’t “in the office.”

Dynamic Features For Small Businesses

FreshBooks was developed while keeping small teams in mind and ensuring that the software fits the needs of small, individually owned businesses. Developers continue to reinvent the wheel constantly while thinking how mid-market accounting should be happening and eliminating any small possibility for human error that could lead to harmful financial inconsistencies. FreshBooks has simplified the system to make using it a breeze, even for those who are not financially savvy. The interface allows you to enjoy a beautiful, modernized layout while providing natural collaboration within your team and partners and improving the quality of your bookkeeping practices overall. Managing your business needs is much simpler with this product with features like automated task prioritization, an easy to read the dashboard, and significant customization possibilities.

Simplicity And Customization Features

Features are and will continue to be very customizable. FreshBooks allows you to easily attach all the files needed, set alerts, and trigger notifications for things like delayed payments. You can assign expenses and change rates for each project with ease. It’s so simple to track billing and brand invoices with this setup. The simplicity and customization features are one of the fields where FreshBooks is completely unsurpassed in the industry.


Brilliant Reporting Features

Entering data in a spreadsheet can be a time-consuming and error-filled task. FreshBooks is a better alternative for keeping up with accounting, plus it allows you to generate any and all financial reports by simply processing all the data you’ve entered for you. Reports like profit and loss statements can easily be generated with just a few clicks. You can create expense reports and track your monthly costs while monitoring your balance sheets in real time. You can filter your account records to generate accurate tax reports and summaries easier than ever before. Furthermore, reports like these can be exported as a CSV or other popular file format so that you can share everything with an outside tax adviser or accountant.

Pricing Details

FreshBooks has a total of three plan options, and their pricing model supports either monthly or annual payments.

Their most basic, or Lite, runs $15 per month (or $270 if you do the annual subscription). Their Lite plan includes licenses for up to 5 clients, plus unlimited invoices and estimates, time and expense tracking, online payment acceptance, and automatic importing from your bank account.

Their Plus plan ($25/month or $270 annually) includes licenses for up to 50 clients, the features from the Lite Plan (unlimited invoices and estimates, time and expense tracking, online payment acceptance, and automatic importing from your bank account) plus automated payment reminders, late fee charges for overdue invoices, accounting report generation, and the ability to set up recurring payments and send proposals.

Their top tier Premium Plan runs a mere $50 per month (or $540 if you do the annual subscription). This plan includes licensing for up to 500 clients, all the features of the other two plans.

Find a breakdown of all pricing details at https://www.freshbooks.com/pricing.


Technical Details

Devices supported include Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone/iPad, and web-based systems. FreshBooks is a completely cloud-based solution, meaning all you need is a computer with a high-speed, reliable Internet connection.

FreshBooks actually also includes language support for English, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, and Swedish.

Data encryption is provided by Cisco-powered firewalls, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, and encrypted database storage. All information is protected from eavesdroppers with a 256-bit SSL encryption. FreshBooks’ servers are regularly scanned for vulnerabilities by AlertLogic, an outside managed security provider.

The API does allow 3rd party programmers and developers to build onto the platform. It works using both XML and HTTP. The FreshBooks API allows for the easy creation of desktop and web applications that can work with your existing account. There is no limit to how many API requests one can make per day. But, requests will start to be limited if you make too many requests within a short time. All of the API requests are made up of XML that is delivered as HTTP POST requests to their endpoint URL.

  • XML should only be encoded using UTF-8.
  • Time and date values should appear in the format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.
  • Boolean values are all either true or false and/or (1) and (0) respectively.
  • Fields which denote percentages are passed out as whole number values and not decimals.

Support Details

According to the company, FreshBooks’ support staff is all about providing extraordinary service. Help is completely free and they promise you’ll always get connected to a real, live human quickly. They provide support via telephone or email. Their phone support line is 1-866-303-6061, or you can email them anytime at support@freshbooks.com.

FreshBooks promises a free trial, as well as a 30-day money back, guarantee for their products.

A full list of support is available at https://support.freshbooks.com/hc/en-us.