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Full Foundant GLM Grant Management Software Review – All you need to know about Foundant GLM Grant Management Software

What is

Foundant GLM is the cloud-based grant management software. This software solution is capable of organizing the grantmaking programs from the lifetime of the grants processes.

The Foundant is a powerful application. It is cloud-based grant & scholarship management system. This software is for the funders as well as grant seekers.

It is easy to use software which streamlines the daily tasks of a granting process. It also maximizes the effects of the philanthropic communities.

This software solution also supports more than 1100 funders along with the intuitive platform. There is expertise which stems from the combined knowledge of the funding foundations, their reviewers, and applicants.

There are a large number of companies that are using the Foundant Grant Lifecycle Manager. They include public charities, government organizations, corporate foundations, family foundations, philanthropic advisors, community foundations, and many more.

This platform also empowers the applicants as well as administrators with powerful features. They include online grant reports, multistage online applications, automated reminders, multilevel online reviews, outcome & impact tracking, and Adhoc reporting.

What is Foundant GLM?

What is

Foundant for the Grantmakers is a grant lifecycle management system. This software solution serves a large variety of different funder foundations. They are from government organizations and corporate foundations to private foundations and public charities.

This platform is developed to be user configurable that enables companies to handle how the grants process workflow typically works.

This system is a fully cloud-based. It means that its users could access the software through web browser anytime, anywhere.

The Foundant GLM is also developed to streamline and facilitate the grants application process. It does so by giving the applicants with complete tools to manage their programs in one location.

Plus, upon login, the applicants could see both previous & current applications, the status, and follow-up documentation or reports.

All of the forms, as well as stages, have the automated reminders such as assignment, past due, and submission confirmations.

While submitting your new application, this software displays the active grant projects. It also provides access codes for the applications and grant programs which might not be public.

Benefits of Foundant GLM


Foundant is the robust grant management system. It combines reliability, power, value, and ease of use to give rare benefits to the funders and grant seekers.

Its copy feature permits its users to copy the answers from past applications, over to the new one.

The Foundant GLM also permits letters of recommendation, transcripts, and other stuff to be gathered anonymously from the outside sources. Some of its benefits are below:

Highly Configurable

Foundant GLM is the online grants management platform that is developed to be user-configurable.

This is a flexible system which permits administrators to handle the whole grants process & stipulate how the workflow works.

This software solution also gives a set of reliable features. They include the online applications that save time as well as resources for the administrators & applicants.

This feature automates & simplifies different applications to process and let administrators modify new applications even without the Foundant staff.

Its other time-saving features are online reviews & online grant agreement and follow-ups.

Completely Cloud-based

Moreover, Foundant GLM is the cloud-based platform. It means that the users could access the software when & where they need they can also access from the leading web browsers.

This cloud-based system promotes the expediency by letting applicants submit their applications online.

And, better still; the staffs get an opportunity to easily check out the status of reviewers. They can also monitor their progress through mobile phones, tablets, or your computers at any time and anywhere.

Effective Communication

The Foundant GLM facilitates the effective communication for streamlining the whole granting process.

This software solution offers the intuitive comment area that enables staffs & reviewers to directly interact within an application.

In addition, this program also permits administrators to forward automatic email reminders if due dates for the grant paperwork & grants report approach.

This allows the staff to set up their personalized messages that are automatically delivered that saves time.

Centralized Dashboard

Administrators could manage the scholarship funds & grant programs from the central dashboard. They can also review the already submitted applications.

Also, through integration with the GuideStar Foundation Center, the users can access an applicant’s profile. They can view a list of the previous funders, their IRS standing, charity check info, and much more.

Features of Foundant GLM

The Foundant GLM offers streamlined grant management software at a reasonable cost.

The organization listens to collecting ideas, its users, and making improvements. The updates to this software roll out quite often in a year.

While something could not be changed, then the organization offers context & forecasts in case a change may be possible.


The reviews could be set up in so many ways. These include the side-by-side evaluation & evaluation forms. These forms might be with the file uploads, scoring questions, drop-downs, comments, or a wide range of question types.

The reviewers could be there in the software & granted particular access to important data.

The follow-up actions that include online grant reports, grants agreements, and post-decision requirements could be quickly assigned at any time.

You can attach them in a grant request for the grantees and administrators with their due dates.

User-Friendly Software

With the Foundant GLM, an applicant could move through this software quite easily.

Also, the applicants could quickly view the past grant programs that are available & which programs that they qualify for.

You have a full control over application questions & how you exactly word these questions.

It means that you could keep stuff simple for the applicants with a clear and clean application. Also, this software solution makes the online application process easy for everyone.

Save as a Draft

The Foundant GLM provides so many features that the applicants admire.

“Save as a Draft” means that the applicants could save their task & return to this later.

Hence, they are not being forced to work on the application all in just one sitting.

The Foundant GLM also reminds the applicants to save their work on the regular basis. You can also do the auto-save to make sure that application data isn’t lost.

Printing of Application Questions

There is one more feature for the applicants that is they can print application questions with ease.

They could start working via the application, print questions, and also collect all important information that they need.

They can also complete an application or assign out some elements of that application for others in the organization to finish.

Fax to File

The Fax to File feature is a bigger hit with the applicants. It permits the applicants to easily convert the paper document to electronic format.

This characteristic is so famous with the applicants that are converting fifteen-hundred pages of the paper documentation into the electronic PDF format on monthly basis.

Applicant’s History

With the Foundant GLM, an applicant has always one copy of what he or she has done in this system. The applicant can also store the history of an organization in one place.

Plus, the applicant could easily pull up any past application. They can print out any of this info from the applications that they are now working on.

Great Tools

While you move to some online environment then, of course, it means that you are requiring the applicants to do so too.

Hence, it is great to provide tools which make the transition as simple as possible.

The Foundant GLM also shines when this comes to ease and simplicity for the applicants.

Online Grant Agreements & Follow Ups

If the integration of application questions as well as internal coding fields takes place. Then, it does mean that the online grant agreements could include what an applicant has told.

The applicants will do within their applications and any other particular requirements the organization is placing on grants. It creates clarity, saves time, and removes confusion.

The Foundant GLM saves your time. It also saves grantees from themselves, through forwarding the automatic email reminders. Because of their due dates for the grants paperwork as well as grant reports approach.



This is the powerful online Grants Lifecycle Manager software. This system is for the grantmakers that lead the industry in an extraordinary customer service. There is also 98 percent of the client retention rate.

The Foundant GLM also supports more than 1100 grantmakers. This software is an intuitive platform.

It is also appropriate for the most fundamental computer user & Client Success Managers. It is dedicated to honest as well as lasting relationships. The Foundant GLM, its partners, and its community are a great source of your success.

The pricing plans of this platform give flexibility. It is not a “one & done” system as this is ever expanding and evolving with the latest updates on that regular basis.

Enterprise Pricing Plan

The Foundant GLM offers the quote-based enterprise pricing plan. You can contact the vendor for the comprehensive custom quote.

The Foundant GLM offers a subscription pricing plan. There is 100 percent of the apps that offer the subscription plan.

The Foundant GLM does not provide a free trial. There is 77 percent of the apps that give a free trial, so the interested users can get its overview.

Plus, the Foundant GLM software solution does not provide a freemium plan. There is 22 percent of the applications that provide a premium plan.

Technical details

Devices Supported

The Foundant GLM software solution can run on any type of device that is available on the market. This makes it very simple to access from any device anywhere across the world.

This software typically supports Mac, Windows, Linux, and web-based devices.

Language Support

The Foundant GLM software solution supports the English language.

Pricing Model

The pricing plan of the Foundant GLM software solution is quite straightforward. There is one major package available to you. This pricing plan has so many features.

The users can enjoy the quote-based model. You must keep this in mind that the quote-based model has several benefits.

Customer Types

In case you see at its pricing packages that the Foundant GLM software solution provides then you would come to know that the Foundant GLM software is quite appropriate for every type of customers.

This software is also suitable for the enterprises of any size that includes small business, medium business, and large enterprises.


What I like the most about the Foundant GLM software solution is its versatility.

It is versatile in its deployment. This uses the cloud-based hosting.

Support Details


The Foundant GLM software solution excels in its customer support service. Though this software is very easy to use and this also features a straightforward interface. There is a professional customer support service team that helps you out at any time.

You might contact its customer support via several communication channels. Its communication channels include live support as well as a phone.

In case you’re a newbie and want help to use your 1st collaboration software. Then, the Foundant GLM software solution even provides software support.

Hence, you could learn about how to use this software and get benefits from this with the help of experts.


The online applications make the staff & applicants able to collaborate with each other on the grant requests.

This grant management software solution also allows both of the parties to view the draft applications with ease. They can discuss this with each other in real time as well as through comments.

Plus, quickly access the previous tasks by storing everything is linked with the grants request in one place. All this is possible in the Foundant’s GLM.

The Foundant GLM software solution serves a large range of funder foundations. These foundations include public charities, arts & humanities, health systems, government organizations, and many more.

The Foundant GLM software is actually designed to be user configurable. This platform also allows different organizations to handle the way the grants process workflow does work.

The users of the Foundant GLM software have copies of the other funder grants processes. These copies are for the guidance & as templates. These are also modifiable to fulfill each foundation’s specific requirements.