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Full Formstack Forms Automation Software Review – All You Need to Know About Formstack


What is Formstack?

Formstack is an easy-to-use online formula that helps create and brand forms without any level of expertise in coding. With Formstack, users can easily create simple, common or complex, and short forms according to the business requirements. The application also collects and stores important information ensuring that all information is protected. Formstack’s features also allow users to perform valuable analysis once data is collected.

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The application comes with at least 40 integration that completely automates the process of collecting and displaying data. The integration can be connected with other solutions in the market such as CRM processing payment systems and subscriber lists.

In the process, Formstack eliminates the need for employing both developers and data-entry experts. Its highly customizable features and user-friendly interface makes it easier for users to navigate through the application. Formstack’s belief in providing businesses with a suitable solution and is one of the reasons why the application has been simplified. The form automation software can be personalized for businesses in different niches.

Formstack Benefits

Formstack helps users organize all the data in a certain structure through its simple but complex short forms. Therefore, the application is built on the basis that the software should appeal to nearly all users.

This is why Formstack has very interesting features which makes it easy for programmers to use without having a helping hand from a member of their technical team. Here are some of its benefits:

Non-programmable application

When you ask business owners or team managers what they’d like to change when it comes to a data analytics tool and you’ll get an answer that most of them require some level of coding knowledge. You don’t have to be too detailed to know everything, but at least to some level of knowledge in coding.

However, with Formstack, any user can create their forms without any coding knowledge. All that is required is to drag and drop files onto the dashboard, edit them and generate a form in seconds. Immediately, when this is done, users can send these forms out to employees or a specific target audience.

The application provides users with an opportunity to access forms and tools by sharing the embedded URL on their site. And that’s not enough, Formstack integrates with all popular marketing tools making it easy for users to submit the forms to applications that they already use.


Use it on-the-go

Because Formstack is a mobile application-ready, nearly everyone can access it on their phones wherever they are. This makes it easier for teams across the globe to work together because all of the information can be accessed without having to have a computer device. In addition, users can create forms when they are needed, whether they are on their vacations and easily send them to their clients.


Formstack is a firm believer in giving full control to its users. This means that you can edit, customize and adjust anything on the forms or themes. Formstack, therefore, offers users with a chance to create and share a forum theme. They can change themes to different colors, add a logo, and change the fonts in order to meet the specifications. In addition, users can simply add other users to give them access to these items in case they are to use the customized themes. Besides, Formstack has bettered their data encryption system using the 256-bit SSL.  It makes it easier for users to have confidence considering that Formstack is protecting their information.


Everything is saved automatically

To set an example, a crucial component of oil companies lies in their data. This is why most will invest a lot of money in coming up with security systems and cloud space where they can store pertinent information. With Formstack, submissions already created and sent out to employees are stored in both the employee and the manager’s account. This means that if a manager wants to search for a specific data, they can do it within minutes. One can also give or deny access to specific employees by simply adding these users to a form or sharing submissions with them on social media or thru their emails via a specific URL.

Makes communication easier

Formstack’s form automation can be used for different purposes. But a challenge with most data analytical applications is that this information cannot be shared externally if it has already been shared internally. However, Formstack gives managers full control by allowing or revoking access to specific information. Users can simply toggle accessibility to ensure that specific information is not shared with the public, but is slated within the team. This enhances collaboration because there is effective internal communication. Every member of the team is able to see the progress and even reuse the customized themes and forms.


Task automation

Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of businesses is having to redo specific and required tasks on a daily basis. In fact, this makes work monotonous and also very time-consuming. Imagine having to customize a form or theme every day before sending it to your team members. This is why Formstack created a way for users to automate tasks without wasting a lot of time and doing it manually.

Users also have access to conditional logic features where they can create automatic responses based on what a specific user selects instead of having to create questions or ultimately hiring somebody to follow up with the individual. This saves a lot of time which can be devoted to other crucial aspects of the business.

Email approval by Managers

Imagine a situation where you need something to be approved but your manager is nowhere within to help you out. This might leave you frustrated and you might have to wait for your manager to come and physically sign or approve your request. Data analysis and form-generating an application, Formstack, often allow users to seek approval for the request via email. This means that they simply send the request by filling out the request form. Managers who receive the email go through it, and simply hit approve or deny without even logging into Formstack.


Formstack Features

Not only is the Formstack application user-friendly, but it also has dynamic features that make it be one of the most popular form generating the application. With Formstack, users can easily collaborate and work with teams even when they are spread across the world.


One dynamic future of Formstack is that users can simply add on tools to help them collect, analyze, and store data. This is quite efficient because data can be accessed for future use since it has already been stored in a specific category.

Conditional logic

Let’s say, you have already come up with a form. However, there are some questions you have not included with that form and you want to send it out to the public. Formstack can quickly correct this in little time. The software automation is extremely efficient that you do not have to hire an external third party to modify and include the sensitive information.

Formstack also allows you to use conditional settings by simply toggling every phase of its algorithm. Essentially, the application starts to show and hide questions that are based on someone’s previous answers. This saves a lot of time and money that would have been used in hiring a third party to help out. This means that you can give an overview of the kind of questions you’d want and conditional logic generate other related questions.

Payment processes

Formstack works hand-in-hand with other payment processes to collect online payments and donations on their forms and registrations. This means that when planning for a meeting, users do not have to use third-party applications to collect registration forms because it can be done on one platform.

Intuitive drag-and-drop feature

Coming up with a similar template to what a user had been using can be time-consuming and tiring. This is because they have already done the process before and they’re doing it again which is wasting a lot of time. However, Formstack solves this by providing the drag-and-drop feature. This feature allows users to build their beautiful online forms without any level of knowledge in coding. All users have to do is to drag-and-drop specific things onto the dashboard, edit them, and generate a form that suits their business.


Importing forms

Users can also import forms from other third-party applications into the dashboard. Once the form is on the dashboard, users can adjust or completely remove asserting sections. This makes it easier and faster for users to come up with a new form and this is done through the click of a button.

Responsive forms

With Formstack, people can feel in or create forms from any location and on any device. The application and forms generated are compatible with the most device and operating systems.



Formstack encourages its users to try the free trial, run it to test its functionalities before subscribing to a pricing plan. Here are some details of its pricing plans: –

The Bronze Pricing plan

The Bronze Plan is the most basic plan developers offer. It costs $19 per month.

  • Applicable to only one user.
  • Scanning use up to five forms per month.
  • It has all the features of the Base or Free Pricing Plan.
  • Users can simply access the are forms and fill in on-the-go.
  • Formstack mobile application for employees and managers to create their forms.

The Silver-Pricing Plan

The silver-pricing plan costs $39 per month.

  • Access to over 40 integrations. Therefore, managers can simply use different platforms and not worry about importing or exporting data.
  • Users can brand their forms according to their business needs and liking.
  • Allows access to only one user.
  • Users can generate at least 20 forms per month.
  • Users can customize their forms and send “Thank You” notes.

The Gold Pricing Plan

The gold pricing plan costs $99 per month.

  • Allows for at least five users.
  • You just have access to at least 100 forms per month.
  • Users can integrate their forms with HubSpot.
  • There is an approval workflow feature that allows managers to either approve or revoke permissions or request.
  • Users can export their files into PDF file format easily.
  • All the other bronze and silver features are found on the gold pricing plan.

The Platinum Edition

The platinum edition that costs $249 a month is pretty much the pricing plan for most large enterprises.

  • Includes all Gold Pricing Plan features
  • Integrate seamlessly and easily with Salesforce.
  • Users have access to Phone Support and Priority Ticketing during downtimes and technical issues.
  • It can support up to 10 users.
  • Users can generate up to 1000 forms per month.


Technical Details

Formstack has a simple user interface that makes it easy for beginners and experts alike to use their application without having any challenges. The form automation software assists users to share, save, and re-use specific custom templates and forms they would want.

Managers also have access to revoke or accept permissions from that team members. Also, managers can simply regulate the amount of information that is shared across the team. This makes Formstack be a beneficial application in the data analysis and form generation field.

Currently, the application is supported on devices that run on various Operating Systems including Windows, Android, and Mac. This makes it easier for both managers and employees to access the application on their device regardless of where they are. However, English is the only supported language but the developers are working to include other languages in the future.

Support details

Formstack believes in providing quality services to its clients. As a result of their vision, the developers provide various channels business owners can use to get in touch with them when experiencing technical problems or software difficulties. Formstack offers Phone Support on Platinum Levels and above, and also included e-mail Support for the Gold and Silver Plan.

In addition, Formstack allows users to submit tickets to the Support Team by simply logging in to their accounts and by clicking the green Submit a Ticket button found on the top of the website.

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