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Full Form.com Restaurant Inspection Restaurant Management Software Review – All You Need To Know About Form.com Restaurant Inspection

Form.com Restaurant Inspection

Operating a restaurant is very task oriented and involves a lot of processes. It also requires a lot of collaboration among departments so as to do this smoothly. Checks and balances are a must if one is to operate a successful restaurant.

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Owners must find a solution that will strike a balance between all monetary and non-monetary activities while at the same time meeting the needs of the consumer.

Technology nowadays offers a solution to every single problem and this is the same with the restaurant business. Software developers saw a need to help the restaurant business and equip it to function appropriately.

Most of these solutions involved POS systems and for a while this worked. But restaurants still experienced challenges in other arenas and needed a solution that could handle all its different tasks, processes and activities. I.T experts came up with the perfect answer i.e. Restaurant management software.

Restaurant management software helps a restaurant to take back control of all its processes through automation. It provides features that help reduce time spent on non-monetary tasks, improves accountability of inventory and sales. It also enhances collaboration among all departments of a restaurant.

Form.com Restaurant Inspection is a restaurant management and inspection that offers quality services for your restaurant business. Read on to find out how.

What is Form.com Restaurant Inspection?

Form.com Restaurant Inspection

Form.com Restaurant Inspection is an automated online inspection platform for restaurants. It enables users to design, monitor and use forms on mobile devices and desktops to collect data more efficiently.

It helps restaurants to enhance brand experience among consumers and operational excellence among employees. It easily integrates with a restaurant’s current I.T infrastructure. Form.com Restaurant Inspection helps to gather information and evidence from singular and multiple locations. It improves speed which helps in communicating corrective actions.

Its automation capabilities also help to improve customer satisfaction. It gives insights to issues and growing trends worldwide. It optimizes processes and changes the way restaurant chains are valued. It is deployed on a cloud or as an open API providing user options. Its customizable forms allow businesses to create their own unique forms to fit their unique evaluation processes.

It operates on handheld devices powered by either iOS or Android platforms and is also web based. Users are able to use the app offline and do not require full-time connectivity to function and the data will be synchronized once back online. Its easy to use interface enables individuals to gather the necessary evidence and demonstrate the right protocols and procedures. Time, date and GPS stamps are also captured along with the submissions.

Its multiple features such as 24/7 technical support, custom design forms, multi-lingual forms, automation, brand compliance help businesses to realize their true potential and profitability.


Form.com Restaurant Inspection

Form.com Restaurant Inspection offers task management solutions that are easy to use with real time supervision over day to day operations.

Save time

Form.com Restaurant Inspection saves time through assigning action plans and following up on them. It automatically sends out emails and alerts and integrates seamlessly with a restaurant’s I.T systems.

Efficient management structure

The system provides access levels based on the roles, levels and permissions of each individual. This solidifies the security and organization of the facility and task management systems. It prevents users from overlapping each other when it comes to their responsibilities and tasks. So long as one has been given control they can create, filter, edit, review and re-assign tasks when they need to.

Better understanding

It enables owners to better understand their business through the various real-time reports it churns out. They are able to compare results of different locations and identify the strengths and weaknesses of staff members. They are then able to plan for training for employees to help them improve on their weaknesses and capitalize on their strengths.


The platform allows a company to adjust the system to better suit its internal processes and workflows. While Form.com Restaurant inspection comes with its own built-in workflow and processes, it recognizes that they may not apply across the board and will inevitably vary from business to business. By allowing users to make adjustments, the vendor acknowledges that businesses operate differently and does not restrict them or force them to adapt to its ways.


Users are able to rely on various form templates when gathering data. They can also customize their own forms to meet their unique data gathering requirements.


The mobile app also provides administrators or teams with the capability to autofill forms from pushed data. This greatly saves time and creates more efficiency in manual tasks that would contain many errors.

Easy to use

It provides a unique user experience especially during inspections. It is also easily deployed within businesses and truly makes work easier and lighter.

Data collection

The app enables users to gather and store data on its platform. Its features allow it to capture photos, make comments and notes when there is need to. It records all visited locations through GPS tracking and timestamps are also available. This ensures that no time is misused and that inspectors are managed and monitored effectively when out of the office. Signatures are recorded to show who is accountable for the inspection.


The platform improves collaboration by identifying where restaurants face communication challenges. It then enables management to establish solutions that eliminate miscommunication allowing all the departments to interact amicably.

Train and Develop

With Form.com Restaurant Inspection restaurant management software, you can reinforce proper policy for each non-conformity, and use evaluations from feedback on training quality to incentivize compliance.

Get Flexible

Form.com Restaurant inspection allows you to add new forms to assess strategic initiatives, plus it helps franchisees deliver new LTOs and product releases. Forms also change dynamically for employees, tasks and locations.

Gain Understanding

With Form.com Restaurant Inspection, you get to track trends with data mapping and real time reporting, see where employees are under/over performing, and compare individual locations against district numbers.


Form.com Restaurant Inspection


This allows users to have full authority and control hence it wipes out any worry of losing data. This helps guarantee the security of all sensitive data and info.

Brand compliance

This feature upholds best standards and practices. This is crucial for the franchise model.  Owners of franchises want to ensure that all their franchisees do not tarnish their brand and this feature guarantees that.

Offline mode

Due to remote working, the software is not always connected to the internet. Inspectors are rarely in the office when doing their audits and hence need a solution that can adapt. Form.com Restaurant Inspection mobile apps enable users to work and record data even when offline. It saves all this data and uploads it immediately connectivity is established.

Reports and dashboards

Form.com Restaurant Inspection provides regular data of one’s operations on a regular basis. This data can be gathered from a singular location or from numerous branches across a region or globally. Management is able to point out challenges in regards to safety and brand compliance. These challenges can then be dealt with swiftly before their negative effects can impact the business. For multiple branches, users can compare individual locations, optimize data maps and track trends in real-time.


It provides mark-ups that benefit inspectors while conducting audits.

Success manager

This feature helps to assess performance and productivity. By measuring against set KPIs users are able to know what they need to improve on.

Custom form design

Admins are able to create their own forms which will help them collect data as per their standards.  The platform allows admins to customize their forms in an efficient and quick manner.

Dynamic forms

Form.com Restaurant Inspection provides form that ease data collection. These forms are also modified depending on users, tasks and locations. It assists users who are filling out a precise form by removing data on the forms or adding imported data models. After submission, it prompts e-mail alerts, follows up on tasks and issues notifications.

User management

Gives administrators the ability to monitor and manage all its users. This feature ensures there is no double allocation of tasks and that all staff is equally allocated tasks.

Role based access

This is to provide security of data. Admins are able to provide access depending on individual roles. This helps to avoid sabotage from within and from threats externally. It also acts as evidence by providing sign in times and locations it is done from.

Quality and safety

Form.com Restaurant Inspection considers these its most important features. The essence of performing these audits is to guarantee the safety of the products and their end-users. It enables quality to be maintained at a high level consistently.

Photo embeds

Users are able to import photos from other sources on to their reports. They can also take photos with their mobile devices and embed them on the platform.

Multi-lingual forms

It provides forms written in different languages. It helps the business to cater to more customers and in the language that suits them best.


The platform automates most of the processes and tasks conducted manually. By doing this business are able to save on resources and also performs these tasks much faster.

Automatic e-mail notifications

Users are able to rely on this feature to provide them with regular notifications on pending follow-ups and tasks. E-mails are also sent out to clients and can be set to be sent on a particular date at a specific time.

Facilities management

Form.com Restaurant Inspection ensures multiple facilities to be managed within a single platform. This feature is especially beneficial to franchises and restaurants with multiple branches.

Distribution methods

Empowers users with various distribution methods to ease their workload and help them to be more efficient in performing their obligations.

Task management

The restaurant industry is very task-oriented and this can be overwhelming causing forgetfulness. The platform helps to prioritize and manage tasks ensuring all are done and the right time by the right individual.

Customer feedback

Provision of feedback from clients which is nowadays one of the most important sources of information is made possible. Management is able to get this feedback in real-time and evaluate current strategies’ performance.

Triggered alerts

The system allows user to set alerts for future dates and provide constant alerts as the event nears. This acts as reminders to employees and ensures appointments and schedules are never missed.

Advanced logic

This is a feature which is important in carrying out surveys or audits. It helps individuals to define the right questions when creating forms so as to get relevant data and feedback. It helps avoid crafting wrong surveys and therefore not achieving the initial goals the software was intended to achieve.

Custom branded portal and mobile app

Users are able to customize both the portal and mobile application. Companies can use their own brands, colour schemes and logos to make the system their own. This provides users with a very personalized effect when navigating the platform. This is especially handy during the first times when one is getting to know the system. It helps individuals to familiarize themselves with the system in a much faster way.

Personal action plan

It assists individuals in planning their itineraries and in evaluating their site visits. It helps digitize this function and also minimizes paperwork. It assists users to also plan their routes better and ensures all clients are visited equally.

Multi-step workflow

The software allows users to have multi-pronged workflows allowing them to do more work in less time.

24/7 technical support

Form.com Restaurant Inspection has a round the clock team to offer technical expertise in case of any technical questions.


To get Form.com Restaurant Inspection software pricing plans and details, get in touch with the vendor’s sales team to receive a quote.

Technical Details

Devices: Linux, Web-based, Windows, iPhone/iPad, Android and Mac.

Languages: French and English.

Price model: Quotation-based.

Customer type: Medium businesses and Large enterprises.

Deployment: Open API and cloud hosted.

Support Details

  • Telephone
  • Tickets
  • Training
  • E-mail
  • Live support
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