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Full Fluid UI Web and Mobile prototype Builder review – all you need to know about Fluid UI Web and Mobile prototype Builder


What is Fluid UI?

Fluid UI is an all-round website builder platform that offers the users with a pleasing website building experience that is intuitive as well quite easy-to-use. The platform offers compelling features to not only build the sample prototype websites but also to design web as well as mobile based webpage prototypes which are designed as per your tastes and preferences. All of that happens within the platform in minutes.

It offers a uniquely ideal set of tools that creatively design alpha as well as beta level applications for several real-life operating systems like iOS, Android, as well as different sort of web platforms. The devices which run this platform, pack a variety of features like well-sorted high-low classified settings for fidelity, integrated widgets for simplified actions, collaborative tool utilities, support for highly functional gesture-based actions like linking or zooming, and simplified cloud server access among others to name a few.

Also, the users of the platform can also design interactive web as well as mobile-centric samples by making the use of significantly lesser clicks as well as taps or swipes. They also have the inclusion of the elegant animations to make the sample prototypes look unique when pit against other websites.  This website building software also has the provisions for the addition of the links to provide the website visitors regarding the relation of the pages with each other.

Several other robust capabilities of the platform include a various set of strong collaboration tools, quick access through the medium of web connectivity, sophisticated preview mode, deeply integrated review designed with user feedback in the picture, as well as properly maintained core remote user tests among the presence of various other platform users.

Benefits of Fluid UI

  • Rapid prototyping provisions for application designing.
  • Large extensibility of the platform through the built-in Libraries
  • Easy upload of the existing assets
  • Mouse as well as touch-based gestures
  • Elegant animations designed with keeping website experiences in mind
  • Communication for the page based relation
  • Collaborative prototyping tool
  • Creative ideation for teams via the medium of live video calling
  • Page based locking
  • Easily installable desktop client
  • Designed to work seamlessly from any sort of web browser
  • Allocations for preview on mobile
  • Specialized reviewer mode
  • Intuitive representations through live video
  • Comment actions for addition and resolution
  • Support for running remote user tests
  • Live chat support for eased query resolution
  • Direct connection with the developers

Features of Fluid UI

Instant Prototype Creation as well as deployment

Fluid UI speeds up the entire process of creating an alpha/beta level prototype of the website you wish to create by offering the platform clients a variety of utility packed tools. All of this is usually placed as per the normal requirements at a single place. Additionally, this website builder platform also comes with the integrated libraries from several operating systems like Ios and Windows packed with the usual traits like the material design, and also the wireframe feature utility, incorporating more than 2,000 components which effectively help the clients to create the website they need as well as the mobile prototypes they seek.

In the scenario where individuals wish to utilize the custom graphics, Fluid UI lets those individuals add them easily to their prototypes with just a simple procedure of steps or provide the featured utility of storing them to their own privatized personal libraries in case they want to utilize them in the near future.

Smooth and Seamless Collaboration

Working on a prototype in real time has never been so simple before. Fluid UI allows an individual or a group of individuals to work together seamlessly with a breeze. if the individual is kind of a person who prefers to work on his active assignment alone, he/she can customarily assign have the other people involved in the active assignment work on a later basis with the help of scheduling preferences. All the individuals need to do is to just work and save the changes or additions being made directly to the cloud. This allows everyone who has read permissions to easily access the done work on an immediate note.

The platform has applied no sort of limits to the active user count as well as the prototype building. This offers the website builders the ability to have as many team members as they would need for a specific project and align them for working together on several unique prototypes with ease.

Work Using Your Preferred Platform

By making use of Fluid, the platform clients can easily gain access grant for the prototypes, simple collaborations, as well as conveniently share them via popular web browsers, courtesy of the likes of Firefox, and Google Chrome. Additionally, while keeping the offline work minded in mind the users can also opt to install the desktop client in case they really need one. The benefit of working in an offline environment is that it provides a more secure and robust work environment and entire screen prototyping experience throughout the building procedure.

Additionally, by making use of the iOS or Android device, individual and his concerned team can easily preview the prototypes they design, take a better note of what they might want to change or add or remove or apply as per the changes right up in the way as they choose it to design.

Mouse and Touch gestures

Fluid UI allows the platform users to creatively align several generic human navigation actions like taps, swipes, clicks as well as several sorts of gestures. All of this happens with the assistance of its extremely helpful linking system.

Elegant Animations

Whether its pop-in, fade away or just a simple show – Fluid UI allows you to display varyingly unique animations and transitions all across the website user interface. All of this makes your website prototypes stand out unique from the entire competition.

Page related communication

The screenflow utility provided by the Fluid UI website builder platform also doubles up as the medium to creatively ramp up the addition of the links. This utility lets your platform designers to describe a highly creative infographic, showing the relation of website pages with each other.

Locking mechanism

Fluid UI easily allows the platform admin designer to restrict the page access to others. The admin can do this by locking the pages while making core vital changes while the rest of the other collaborators observe as the design lead makes the necessary changes, sharing all of those ideas and significantly improving the sample prototypes.

Real-time collaboration

Fluid UI has stacks up a better level when it comes to the online prototyping. It creatively allows multiple platform designers to design prototypes together at the same time, thus establishing a robust position of being the number one collaborative prototyping tool in the market. All of this ensures that whether you work in a team or alone, the amount of task you perform on the website sample prototype is being automatically solved in the cloud with the special provisions of being immediately available to everyone in the team. See everyone’s changes in an instant that too quite effectively by setting up a dedicated meeting focused on the prototyping procedure in the Fluid UI and completely visualize an entire team’s work actively progressing in the real time. The platform also ideates multitasking capabilities by getting on to a video call while still actively prototyping. This allows your website developers to discuss as well as implement the ideas in the chain at the period of time.

Team call

Fluid UI incorporates special provisions to get the entire team on the same page, effectively bringing up your entire team working together. Additionally, Fluid UI also has no kind limit upon the side of the platform users as well as prototypes, ensuring that you constantly keep experimenting with this extensible robust platform.

Reviewer mode

Fluid UI smartly incorporates a dedicated reviewer mode, which allows the platform users to easily invite anyone to breeze through the prototype you designed for your enterprise, provide provisions for chatting together as well as add dedicated annotations so that everyone can easily see them. All of this, in turn, lets you iterate varied iterations of the prototypes faster with well-integrated reviews as well as feedbacks

Live video presentations

Fluid UI offers the preferences of presenting the designed prototypes in video calls directly. This assures an attractive interaction with the clients regardless of their present location in the world.

Comment Administration

This website builder platform also allows for requesting, responding as well as resolving the comments in order to incorporate the feedback directly into the prototype seamlessly well before the development of the website commences.

Helping you focus on the best solution for your users

Fluid UI allows running remote user tests by utilizing the test prototypes by keeping the users in remote user testing sessions for a varied period of time. This also lets the platform users observe as to how the users interact with the website they designed and keep them talking among each other about their unique experience.

Software Pricing

Fluid UI presently offers the following set of basic and enterprise pricing packages which have been specifically designed to meet the various needs of the user:

Solo – Retails at $15/month or $8.25/month (Has an annual billing scheme)

  • Creation of about 3 projects or 5 Projects (in the annual subscription plan)
  • No limits on pages
  • Limitless uploads
  • Support for all libraries

Pro – Retails at $25/month or $19.08/month (Has an annual billing scheme)

  • The inclusion of all solo features along with
  • Creation of about 10 projects or 15 Projects (in the annual subscription plan)
  • Highly interactive video-based presentations
  • Support for quick and easy exporting of the screens, screen flows as well as HTML scripted pages
  • Allocations for comments section as well as feedback tab

Team – Retails at $55/month or $41.58/month (Has an annual billing scheme)

  • The inclusion of all the pro features along with
  • Creation of limitless projects
  • Addition extension of up to 4 more extra teammates
  • Collaboration on the active projects in real time

Technical Details

  • Cross-platform support. (windows, linux, android, iphone/ipad, mac, and web-based)
  • Single language license: english
  • Comfortable pricing models that are highly attractive: eased payment subscriptions categorized as per several time sections like monthly or annually as per levels of convenience.
  • Users can also try out the demo of the software before buying out the commercial license release
  • Built to cater Small, large as well as medium scaled businesses.
  • Cloud-hosted deployment ensures faster platform updates, quick feature arrivals as well as rapid bug fixes.


Fluid UI presently offers the following set of contact mediums, briefly mentioned below:


Fluid UI offers an elevated level of assistance by utilizing the email client approach for better understanding of the query you have. You can easily get to them using the provided email client in case of query you have or in case of a problem you face.

Live support

The live support enables you to quickly resolve the queries you have right away with the help of the live assistance provided by the Fluid UI team.


Even if you find this website building platform difficult to understand, Fluid UI offers a variety of approaches to resolve your queries and drastically improve your learning of the platform through interactive training mediums.


If you are presently in the market looking out for a complete website building experience that specially designs websites for your sole purpose or for an enterprise you cater for, then this might be your one of the best picks ever. With its extreme robust platform capabilities packaged with real-time prototype testing, dedicated team related utilities, seamless collaboration utilities, intuitive presentational features coupled with unique mouse and touch gesture allocation and topping animations all in all with the preference of your work platform convenience, this turns out to be most intuitive bet in the unsegmented category of website builders.

Additionally, the platform has gained quite a significant amount of fame by winning awards in the category of “Top 50 website builder softwares”, “Great user Experience-2018” and “Rising Star-2018”.