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Full FloorPlanner Architecture Software Review – All You Need to Know About FloorPlanner


What is FloorPlanner?

FloorPlanner is a web-based application that is armed with a variety of tools that can be used up by real estate agents, interior designers, architects, and homeowners. Headquartered in the Netherlands, FloorPlanner is utilized by more than seven million users worldwide in drawing as well as decorating their homes, offices, zoos, and restaurants. Powered by a flash programming technology, the easy-to-navigate design application enables its users to get their hands on comprehensive floor plans and share their signs online with their clients.

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In addition, FloorPlanner likewise gives its users the capacity and the dexterity to come up with graphical props and accurate measurements, which can prove critical in determining the exact floor space you need in order to reach your goals. Making the FloorPlanner one of the most sought-after online room design tools is its capability to view room designs in 3D. It also comes with incredible tutorials which could help you further understand how to import draw walls, stairs, and projects thus making the whole process easier and faster.

Aside from its decoration attribute, the FloorPlanner is also imperative in dragging and dropping plumbing fixtures, skylights, staircases, garages and cars within the floor plan. According to numerous studies, over 85% of the home movers find the capability of floorplans as essential and useful. The study added that more than half of the responders would want to spend time looking at a certain listing if the floor plan was included.

Floorplanner Benefits

Easy access is among the primary benefits of using FloorPlanner as it grants users to immediately sign up for the program and start designing without downloading and installing the program. It also sports an automatic editor which is vital in helping users build a first-floor plan in just a matter of minutes. Dissimilar to other design application, FloorPlanner gives you the freedom to work around the interiors so that you can produce sophisticated designs.

Th editor also eases the work process as it classifies work into three color categories such as Blue for the build, Yellow for decorating, and Green for furnishing. The build section enables users to establish a basic outline of the floor plan wherein you can set your walls, surfaces, and doors. Meanwhile, the decorating portion of the editor lets you administer the equipment and colors for your floors and walls. After the decoration process, users can furnish their project by adding home-deco items and furniture to the floor plan.


A separate enhancement of the editor is its competency to create downward stairs. Users are also given an option to draw walls, a room, a surface or even set room type with the editor. What is more is that FloorPlanner also supports a panorama viewing through Roomstyler. To view floor plans in panorama, users just need to run a Roomstyler on their phone, choose the VR mode and view it on VR glasses.


In addition, FloorPlanner can be essential to designers of all skill levels as it allows them to draw picture-perfect lines and measurements with the help of the “snap” programming. The snap programming empowers users to construct accurate right angles for rooms. Its convex tools are also applied in concocting round areas of walls. Right after these walls are drawn, Floorplanners authorizes its users to move the said walls in order to build more space and reduce the area.

The FloorPlanner is also geared with huge libraries of furniture icons which are excellent in every kind of design. Just recently, FloorPlanner added more than 145,000 of new items to their library hence giving you plenty of options to choose from. Speaking of tools, the FloorPlanner offers a massive selection of doors and windows which can provide you with an ocular view of how a certain office or room would look like with specific types. The minute these said items are put into their walls, users are given the privilege to resize them based on their preferences as well as attune the sizes of the products and doors in their area.

Additionally, FloorPlanner is also fortified with a copy and paste feature that enables them to move or drag furniture with a single click of a mouse. Moreover, FloorPlanner lets developers print and share their work across different social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, hence making it much easier for them to connect with their clients to show the details of their task.

Professional developers and designers also make the most of FloorPlanner’s social media integration by advertising their incoming projects to a worldwide audience. Aside from social networks, users can also share their work through the direct electronic mail or by embedding the task on their website.

While the FloorPlanner cannot manufacture and draft design data, it more than makes up for its losses with mirroring and rotation facilities. Mirroring a floor plan has been proven vital when users decide to make use of an existing plan. Except for mirroring, users can also turn their horizontal plans into vertical plans in less than no time with the help of its rotation competency. Rotation is predominantly utilized when the present layout is not gilt-edged for a certain presentation.

FloorPlanner has also updated its application by giving it an ability to run in the cloud which means that all floor plans that you are working on can be saved in the databases on the program’s servers. With the local backups of the application, users can easily keep their data on their browser by simply pressing the save button. Prior to the update, users would need a high-speed internet connection to avoid losing the project they are working on as the software servers can sometimes start acting up.

FloorPlanner Features


Among the features of the planner include the aptitude to display high-resolution images of your project, multiple staff logins, and its PDF component. Users can also take advantage of the FloorPlanner through their iPad and iPhone devices thus assuring that they could make the necessary changes on the go in the quickest possible time. Other incredible characteristics it possesses are an embedded plan as well as architectural features such as 2D Drawing and visualization, not to mention its ability to render designs in 3D.

Unlike any other design applications which have its limitations, the FloorPlanner replenishes its users with a clear picture of how things stand as it allows them to carry out projects including prop additions and changes into 3D. In order to view prop additions and changes in 3D, users are tasked to convert them in 2D first. Users will then be given an option to quickly switch between 2D and 3D immediately after the process so that they can see how the changes would translate into a real-life situation.

On the other hand, it is no denying that someone needs to have a bird’s eye view of things to be a good leader and being a good leader can be achieved with the help of the FloorPlanner. Besides its 2D and 3D capabilities, FloorPlanner also permits you to make a design of an office or a home and show them in an overhead view. This way, users can directly see the nagging problems within their project and cover all the bases thus assuring high-quality and top-notch services.

Apart from the editor, FloorPlanner is strengthened with a new camera feature that lets you live through the floorplan as if you were positioning right inside of your plan. In order to utilize the new camera feature, users would just need to click the camera icon which is located at the top of the application’s screen. The camera feature can also give users the view they want by letting them play around with the sliders, arrow keys, and mouse.

The camera is made available for Free, Plus and Pro users. It enables Plus and Pro users to generate renders without having to wait in line. While Free and Plus users can only export in SD quality, Pro users are provided with a benefit to gain entry to the interior renders in high-definition.



Free offers do not come in the market too much but Floorplanner is here to give its users a risk-free option thanks to its basic plan. The basic plan which lets its users do one project also allows them to view their floor plans on their iPad and iPhone applications with the help of the Floorplanfinder application. Furthermore, the cost per extra plan with the basic option is rated for as low as $4.99.

The basic plan is also loaded with the capability to enrich your floor plans with videos and images. Another pricing option users could take advantage of is the Plus plan which lets them create 20 eye-catching 3D rendered visuals per year for a price of $14.95. The plus plan not only caters up to five projects per year but also enables you to export your floor plans at various scales thus allowing you to share them with your members and clients.

Additionally, users who signed up for the plus plan can also avail an extra plan for $2.99 and show their interactive plans in public by directly embedding it to the website. Contradictory to both the basic and plus plans, the Pro plan poses no limitations as it awards users a privilege to render unlimited 3D visuals per year. The Pro plan which begins at $29 month is perfectly suitable for large companies who are working on a massive number of projects monthly as it enables them to do 15 projects per month.

The Pro Plan which has an extra plan cost of $1.99 does not only have all the benefits of both the basic and plus plans but allows you to do branding and multiple staff logins. With its branding competency, organizations are given the capacity to add their company logo and branding to their floor plans thus making sure that you are able to gain a wide reach. Multiple staff logins, on the other hand, lets you and your team members work in conjunction by managing your respective floor plans.

In order to get a glimpse of the whole application, the website lets everyone take part in a demo which can be accessed on the application’s website. Users are also given an option to upgrade and downgrade their plans with Pro users getting two months for free by paying per year. Furthermore, purchasing FloorPlanner subscriptions online are now made easy online as users can send their payments via American Express, PayPal, DineroMail, SafetyPay, Solo, DIRECTebanking, MasterCard, VISA, Maestro, iDEAL, Alipay, and ELV. Plus accounts are billed for a year while Pro users are given the option on whether they want to pay monthly or annually.

After setting up the payment, FloorPlanner will automatically send you an invoice thus certifying that you didn’t miss a single payment. Aside from the aforementioned pricing plans, FloorPlanner also offers special plans for organizations and educational institutions. If your organization fits right within their special plan, it is best advised to contact a vendor for a quote.

Technical Details



Aside from iPad and iPhone, FloorPlanner also supports popular devices such as Windows, Mac, and Android. The cloud-hosted application which can be accessed through the web is available in multiple languages such as English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, and Polish. With an annual subscription pricing model, the FloorPlanner is best suitable for customer types of different kinds ranging from small and medium businesses and large organizations.

Aside from PDF, users can also export floor plan images in different file types such as SVG, JPEG, and PNG. Meanwhile, the FloorPlanner has also shown an extraordinary flexibility as it can be accessed in various web browsers specifically on Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. However, to ensure the best user experience, the design application recommends its users to utilize Google Chrome.

Supporting Details


To guarantee customer satisfaction, Floorplanner is also geared with an issue tracking system that lets its users send tickets if they have any queries or suggestions. Overall, FloorPlanner has an outstanding functionality and flexibility to boost the floor plans you can come up with. With its highly-customizable feature and 3D rendering characteristics, FloorPlanner is an application worth of your business’ time.

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