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Full Float Budgeting Software Review – All you need to know about Float


Are you looking for an efficient budgeting software to monitor your cash flow? Float budgeting software is the ideal solution for your business needs.

As the business develops and expands, possibly veering off into different industries, so does its bookkeeping needs. This appreciable business progress would most certainly bring about the inevitable amount of accounting data needed for business projections, and eventual propagation.

Besides, several business owners or executives are forever pre-occupied with varied sectors of their business. Hence, they would require a visual overview of their business cash flow, in order to make informed, concrete financial and investment decisions with self-confidence. It is critical then, that such decisions are founded on reliably sourced and integrated financial data.

Therefore, it is a necessity to automate cash flow management process with the use of comprehensive budgeting software. With budgeting software, business owners can streamline their cash flow management processes as well as perform other accounting tasks.

On the other hand, Float budgeting software allows business owners or executives to effectively manage their finances without hassles.

What is Float?

Float is an advanced web-based financial projection, cash flow management, and budgeting software solution. Float budgeting software is engineered to empower business owners in order to make well-informed, accurate financial decisions. Also, business users are provided with real-time financial projections of their current or future business status.

floatFloat budgeting software operates by seamlessly integrating with three powerhouse accounting software, namely FreeAgent, QuickBooks Online, and Xero. These integrations make up the triple-effect convenience and an unmatched cost-saving platform for all kinds of business sizes.

On the other hand, Float is a simplified yet comprehensive financial solution with a user-friendly interface which would require minimum accounting competencies to use and, ultimately benefit from its elite functionalities and tools.

Nevertheless, Float is designed to automatically extract crucial data on receivables, invoices and other due bills from external accounting software whether Free-Agent, QuickBooks Online or Xero. Moreover, Float comes with a graphical overview which allows users to make quick estimates on their business’s performance, cash flows against their budgetary allocations.

With Float budgeting software, you can streamline both basic and advanced accounting tasks on the platform thereby eliminating time-wasting procedures, cost, and stress without technical assistance or accounting knowledge.

Benefits of Float budgeting software

Ease of use

Float budgeting software facilitates efficient cash flow management; therefore, you can easily automate the budgeting process without stress. Nevertheless, this budgeting software comes with accounting tools which enable general-user to carry out advanced accounting tasks without technical assistance.

In addition, Float comes with an intuitive user interface which allows new users to easily familiarize with the platform in order to automate accounting tasks.

Quick access

Float budgeting platform can be accessed by any user irrespective of their geographical location via the web. This cloud-based budgeting software is fully compatible with modern web browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and many more. Therefore, any Float user can automate accounting tasks from any location at any time, unlike manual accounting methods.

Cost-effective solution

floatFloat can be deployed for use in all kinds of business irrespective of the size. This affordable budgeting software is offered in three flexible monthly payment deals i.e. $59, $99, and $199. This eliminates the need for hiring accounting experts to handle business budgeting processes in the business environment.


As a web-based accounting solution, hacking, phishing or even hijacking business’ financial information might be inevitable. However, Float provides users with a fortified accounting platform thereby safeguarding user’s financial information. With advanced encryption protocols such as HTTPS and authentication security protocols such as Secure Sockets Layers information stored on the platform are safe from hijackers.

Exceptional support

Although Float budgeting software is a simplified accounting solution, it is possible that there might be instances where the end users require after-purchase support services and expert attention or guidance. Therefore, as part of the subscription package, Float offers free support options via email, phone-call, onsite or online training support for those business organizations that would require it.

Key Features of Float Budgeting Software

Intuitive Dashboard

For busy users and accountants, it is instrumental that they can have a quick preview of their financial information without having to strain to search for it. Therefore, Float is embedded with an interactive and appealing user interface, a simple dashboard which shows a list of scheduled invoices or bills for payments, cash flows overcast, reconciliation bank statements or cash receivables.

At the same time, just from the dashboard, users can easily perform several accounting tasks such as generating budget reports or cash flow analytical reports automatically from entered accounting data on the platform. Nevertheless, financial reports generated from the dashboard can be saved in several file formats such as word document, PDF or CSV.


floatFloat comes with the powerful budgeting and planning tools which allow business users to streamline budgeting processes. With Float budgeting software, users can create charts and graphs using any of the built-in templates which ensure accurate budget creation process.

In addition, Float budgeting software allows users to check the progress of their budget as the month goes on through effective visual bars on the cash flow chart. This allows users to measure actual against stipulated budgets.


floatFloat budgeting software allows business executives to make effective financial analysis and estimates, particularly on their cash flows and bank balance statuses, for realistic planning and budgeting. With Float, users can make daily, weekly or monthly predictable financial analysis, based on relevant and current data on the platform. This allows business users to make effective financial decisions most especially during critical movements in the market that might affect their businesses operations.

Triple Integration

floatFloat being a comprehensive and cost-effective solution seamlessly integrates with powerful accounting software such as FreeAgent, QuickBooks Online, and Xero. With any of these integrations, users can extract real-time financial such as spreadsheet, proof of purchase statements, receivables, actuals and any other such bookkeeping information from external platform thereby ensuring effective cash flow management.

Exporting and Reporting

Although Float budgeting software allows users to extract financial data from FreeAgent, Xero, and QuickBooks Online, external financial data can also be computed in order to generate comprehensive financial reports.

Nevertheless, Float allows users to perform a series of accounting tasks such as budget creation, generating cash flow reports, etc without the inconvenience of going back and forth on integrated platforms. Therefore, users can generate cash flow or budgeting reports which can then be exported in DOC, CSV, or PDF file format on the Float platform.

Automated Updates

Float is designed to automate periodic extraction of financial information from FreeAgent, QuickBooks Online, and Xero accounting software. Nevertheless, business owners or executive are provided with real-time updates of their financial information from any of the integrated platforms. Therefore, business owners or executives can monitor or manage their cash flow information on the platform in real-time.

Other features of Float budgeting software include:

  • Float API
  • Project management
  • Project tags
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Scenario reporting
  • Skill tags
  • Task management
  • Team management
  • Team scheduler
  • User management


floatFloat budgeting software comes with pricing plans which reflects the needs and requirements of all kinds of business sizes.

Here are the pricing plans for Float budgeting software:

Medium – $49/month when billed annually or $59 when billed on a monthly basis

  • Up to 3 User Accounts
  • Up to 5 Additional Scenarios
  • 3 Years Future Forecast
  • Base Forecast
  • Email support
  • Weekly cash summary

Large – $99/month when billed annually or $119 when billed on a monthly basis

  • All Medium Plan Features, including:
  • Up to 10 User Accounts
  • Up to 10 Additional Scenarios
  • 3 Years Future Forecast
  • Free Staff Training

Extra Large – $199/month when billed annually or $249 when billed on a monthly basis

  • All Large Plan Features, including:
  • Up to 100 User Accounts
  • Up to 100 Additional Scenarios
  • 3 Years Future Broadcast
  • Priority Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager


Float offers intending users a 14-day free trial (no credit card required) in order to test out any of its features before subscribing.

In addition, Float also offers bookkeeper or accountant custom pricing for managing their client’s account books.

Technical Details

Supported devices: Web-based, Mac, Windows, iPhone/iPad

Pricing model: Monthly payment, Annual subscription

Supported Language: English

Typical Users: Accountants, Small businesses, Medium-sized businesses, large enterprises

Popular Integrations: Xero, QuickBooks Online, FreeAgent, Zapier

API Availability: Yes, Float comes with an available API for use

Deployment: Cloud-Hosted

Support Details

Float budgeting software offers its customers the following after-sales support options:

Email Support: support@floatapp.com

Phone Support

Online Support

Knowledge Base


Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn


As noted, Float is an ideal value-for-money budgeting software. It is simplified yet comprehensive cash flow management, financial projection, and budgeting software.

Float comes with a user-friendly interface which allows all kinds of users to intuitively navigate on the platform. Besides, users can effectively automate accounting tasks on Float without technical assistance or supervision.

In addition, Float seamlessly integrates with three of the most powerful accounting software, such as FreeAgent, QuickBooks Online, and Xero. This allows business organizations to extract their financial data from any of the integrated platforms to facilitate real-time computational and analysis on the Float platform.