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Full Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator Cloud Management Software – All You Need To Know About Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator

flexiant cloud orchestrator

What is Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator?

flexiant cloud orchestra

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is a cloud management software by Flexiant, a leading global provider of fully automated and on-demand provisioning of cloud services.

The company has its headquarters in Europe, and gives providers or cloud services the freedom and flexibility to scale, business agility, deploy and configure cloud services cost effectively and simply.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is a vendor agnostic software that supports multiple hypervisors, and is service-provider ready, and enables provisioning of cloud services through billing, granular metering, and reseller management. It is used by more than a hundred companies globally, from large MSPs and enterprises to small hosters.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator software is used by providers of cloud services to launch public IaaS cloud services that are highly differentiated. It provides network, compute, and storage orchestration that are directly available to end users through API and self service control panel. It also has an extensive functionalities set so that providers can profit from their cloud and start new streams of revenue.

It is targeted specifically at service providers like MSPs, telcos, and hosting companies who want to enter and/or expand their presence with a unique product in the IaaS market.

For end users, the software has a feature rich and user-friendly control panel that makes them self-sufficient, completely, in building their cloud infrastructure.


Background & Heritage

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator has a proven heritage that dates back to 1997, both in the cloud orchestration space and service provider industry, as it has been involved since the very beginning of the industry.

Software differentiation

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is based on Flexiant’s technology that’s been actively in use from 2007, and is a mature, established, and fully featured solution. They claim no other vendor is able to match its software capabilities and expertise. It doesn’t also lock you into proprietary solutions or give you toolkits with components that are incomplete. It delivers a solution that is cost effective, extensible and flexible enough to drive your business fully supported, forward.

Market Vision

Flexiant has been on the frontline when it comes to delivering solutions for cloud orchestration software, since before the time ‘cloud’ as a term was used. It always delivers new functionality and features to lead the way when it comes to technologies for the cloud.

Development Philosophy

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator thinks like its customers while understanding the service provider market complexities, and shaping development approaches as well as Flexiant’s guiding philosophy.


Flexiant’s leadership is a cloud computing thought leader steeped in all software and service development aspects, scalable business growth, and customer relationships. The stability and focus this brings is crucial for service providers as they consider who to partner with so as to reap benefits from cloud services.

Financial Stability

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is part of Flexiant, that has been revenue generating and involved in cloud computing for more than 5 years. It also has a supportive investor community and enthusiastic customer base from Europe.

Partner Ecosystem

Flexiant recognizes that providers of cloud services need to create and market differentiated services quickly designed to meet the individual markets and customer’s specific needs. This, in many cases, needs engagement with multiple solutions for vendors. Flexiant makes this simpler by pre-selecting and/or partnering with a variety of leading companies in cloud technology.


Along with others, Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is at the heart of advanced cloud research via various FP7 projects, designed to advance industry capability through collaborating in research with leaders in the field. The relationships and knowledge gained here give Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator a unique ability to advise customers on the direction of the industry in future and directly improve roadmaps for product development.


Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator customers compete effectively by developing unique services that are differentiated. Customers generate more revenue and experience accelerated growth.

Expand your market reach

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator resellers can open their businesses to new revenue lines through access to markets they’d not have otherwise been able to reach on large scales. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator provides:

  • Product control the sales, pricing, billing, and collecting of payments
  • Brandable Control Panel for resellers to tailor based on their brands
  • Scalability across multiply geographies plus language and currency support

Empower your customers

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator customers can be empowered to:

  • Build their own servers
  • Configure and deploy servers
  • Select the resources they need as and when they need them
  • Enables them to respond instantly and be agile to changing business demand

Empowering customers enables you to realize huge savings from admin costs being reduced to increased speed-to-market, and customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Differentiate against the competition

With Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, differentiating your service is made effective, and its integrated billing system ensures you and your resellers select what you sell, plus how you charge/cost for it.

Create value

The increasing commoditization of the cloud market makes it crucial for providers of cloud services to make sure they offer something beyond pure IaaS. If you want to avoid being caught up in price wars, you need to add value that justifies the premium price you charge. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator provides the tools you’ll need for this including:

  • A 1-click deployable Infrastructure Blueprints feature with off-the-shelf templates designed by you to meet the specific needs of your customers.
  • Plugins that make it easier to extend your offerings so they can include functionality that’s best of breed for third party apps
  • Image library that saves time for customers and complexity by making it easy for your services to be consumed
  • Our plugins feature makes it easy for you to extend your offering to include best of breed third party functionality.
  • Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator also helps you sell cloud services as a managed service offering


flexiant cloud orchestrator


Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is built from the ground up and includes multi-tenancy, plus:

  • Role Base Access Control (RBAC): support multiple users and groups within each customer account and allow different groups of user’s access to different set of resources. Also include an audit trail of who is doing what with the cloud.
  • Customer multi-tenancy: isolate your customers to let them securely consume your infrastructure
  • Billing entity multi-tenancy. This lets you share your physical platform among multiple resellers, brands, and businesses. Users can also manage their own product catalog, billing configuration, control panel look and feel and their own resellers and customers.

Metering & Billing

Cloud businesses cannot scale without billing processes that are completely automated. For success in this, you need to be able to bill and take payments from consumption data that is accurately measured. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator’s billing system is fully integrated for the fastest opportunity at go-to-market. Integrating it in your current workflows makes it easy owing to the extensible interface and powerful API. It also includes:

  • Automatic invoicing and payment collection including credit card, Paypal and Stripe, amongst others, support
  • Granular resource usage metering and rating (CPU, RAM, disk I/O, network I/O, etc.)
  • Support for resource pools subscriptions, pay-as-you-go (PAYG) and mixed (subscriptions with bursting) business models
  • Integration modules with commonly used third party billing systems like Odin Service Automation and WHMCS
  • API, trigger plugins and payment provider plugins to easily integrate with third party systems
  • Highly configurable product catalog


Customers want choices, so to reduce the migration risks or preserve app certifications, they’ll want to choose a hypervisor for powering their workloads. If you want to launch a hypervisor-based cloud business that you’re comfy with, or offer more choices to your clients, Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator provides these options, plus:

  • A consistent user experience across all hypervisors
  • Support for all major hypervisor including open-source (KVM, Xen4) and commercial (VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Odin Virtuozzo)
  • Live migration and live recovery of virtual machines in case of node failures
  • A dynamic workload placement algorithm to make the most sensible decision on where to start a virtual machine
  • Support for hypervisor-based product catalogs for differentiated service levels
  • Support for hypervisor specifics such as containers

Multi-tier storage

Customers also have different performance requirements for storage. There are those that won’t overpay on IPS, while others want to buy more of them to make sure they have the lowest latency for apps that are demanding. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator lets you match specific workloads to the storage performance that’s required, plus:

  • Hypervisor-based I/O throttling: shape I/O requests before they hit the storage and make sure your storage is best optimized to serve your customers workload at any given time
  • Multiple storage units support per cluster: high performance versus low, SSD disks versus SATA, choose any combination you want
  • End user controls for IOPS selection at provisioning time
  • Product catalog storage tiers for differentiated service levels

Scalable architecture

In order to accommodate your cloud service business’ unpredictable growth, each component of the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator platform has to have true scalability. At the heart of this software is a software architecture that is scalable to ensure support of geographically and locally scalable topologies for hardware. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator provides:

  • Access to all clusters from the same UI and API end point (single pane of glass)
  • Multi-cluster architecture: divide your cloud into regions that scale horizontally and geographically
  • Horizontally scalable management stack
  • Truly scalable network orchestration technology
  • Support for scale-out compute and storage architectures
  • Embedded job scheduling system for asynchronous task handling

Infrastructure Blueprints

The blueprints in Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator infrastructure deliver the ability to create, share and store templates of app environments spanning multiple networks and servers. With one-click capability of deployment, tasks are automated and are repeatable with little effort. It also provides:

  • Ability to group multiple servers, VDC, clusters, disks, networks and images
  • Graphical drag-n-drop blueprint designer
  • Custom “deployment questions” functionality to gather and pass attributes to the servers
  • Ability to choose any attribute at deployment time (e.g. in which data centre you want to deploy)
  • Ability to charge for blueprint deployments
  • Blueprint libraries

3rd Party Plugins

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is designed to be extensible easily and can incorporate code that third parties have written to call out to external systems and extend the software business logic. It also provides:

  • Configuration plugins
  • Trigger plugins for event-driven actions (e.g. call out to external APIs when a new server is created)
  • Widget plugins to embed your own content into the FCO control panel
  • Resource plugins to manage and bill for non-FCO resources like load balancers or object stores
  • Payment plugins
  • Billing plugins for custom billing logic
  • Report plugins

Flexible Self-service

Flexiant lets you offer your users complete self-serve infrastructure, so they can have the resources they want, when they want them, and this changes their ability to adapt and innovate to business needs. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator has a true self-service capability for frictionless purchase, consumption and provisioning of the resources through a user interface that is intuitive and a web API. It also provides:

  • Customer and admin control panels
  • Ability to self-serve all available resources including servers, disks, networks, images, blueprints, deployment, snapshots, firewalls, etc.
  • REST and SOAP customer and admin APIs
  • Ability to use the customer control panel as a service provider tool to offer managed services
  • Fully automated customer signup and billing workflows


FCO Hosting edition: $500/cluster & Hypervisor; or annual or $10 per core per month

  • Infrastructure Orchestration
  • Customer and reseller management
  • Metering and billing
  • Application Orchestration
  • User interface
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Integration capabilities
  • Support

FCO Single Cluster edition: $1500/cluster and Hypervisor; or annual or $16 per core per month

  • Features include everything in the Hosting edition

FCO Multiple Cluster edition: $500/cluster and Hypervisor; or annual or $10 per core per month

  • Features include everything in the Single Cluster edition

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator also provides round the clock support with three levels of commercial support including Standard, Premium and Premium Plus, all of which let you report support issues to the support team.

Technical Details

Devices: Windows, Mac, Web-based

Language: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian

Pricing Model: Monthly payment; Annual Subscription

Customer Types: Small and medium business; Large Enterprises

Deployment: Cloud Hosted

Support Details

  • Phone: +44 203 586 1514
  • Email
  • Online contact form
  • Request call back
  • Documentation
  • Guides – installation, user, admin, developer API guides
  • Downloads and Licenses
  • Previous versions
  • Base images, utilities and tools
  • Integrations
  • Open source
  • Community forum
  • Support desk
  • EULA