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Full FixMe.IT Remote Support Software review – all you need to know about FixMe.IT Remote Support Software


What is Techinline FixMe.IT?

Techinline FixMe.IT is a software where it authorizes troubleshooting and allows users to have a look, identifies problems and fix them on the desktop itself situated at any place all over the world. The professional can be at any location, but the application creates a look that someone is operating on two separate machines those are located on the same table.

To operate and launch troubleshooting, the only things you need are uninterrupted internet connection where it simply launches the Techinline remote session supporting between any two desktops. So, it is completely a quintessential application to be used for quick access and requested customer support. The process that you need to follow is to log into the Techinline online account to initiate the troubleshoot support session and then allow your customer towards techinline.net to receive a 6-digit Client ID number.

Then make sure that you enter the same number in the specific field which is at your side and then proceed with the procedure of clearing up all the technical problems.


The key benefits of this easy-to-implement and economically available software are as follows:

  • One can easily get connected to this remote server application in just three steps where it does not require any additional installation software or customizing other network settings. The procedure that the user/customer has to follow is to open a webpage and to enter your 6-digit Client ID number. The three steps those are in Techinline.net to provide access to the remote computer are:
  1. To download and run the expert application.
  2. To receive 6-digit Client ID number from the remote user.
  3. Enter the 6-digit Client ID number received from the remote user in the relative field that starts connecting the remote user to support sessions.
  • net also provides support even to unattended computers where it set up an unattended client application on the remote server or desktop (consisting of Windows Server Core) and then initiate a connection at any time even though client I not there also it does not require client’s involvement too.
  • You can also operate the same actions in unattended mode those are accessible at the time of regular sessions.
  • For unattended accessibility, a single seat enables you to customize almost 150 machines.
  • Techinline Fixme.IT makes use of various communication servers those are dispersed at multiple locations all over the world. This system finds out the flawless connection path available between the Client and the Expert and then shows the path for another communication server if in case the original server connection fails or ignored for any other reasons.
  • It doesn’t matter the location of you and your clients, you can anytime hold accessibility for the support session and then easily gets connected to client’s computer without any additional installation software or customizing other network settings. You can provide distinct accessibility for your clients back of NAT, proxy, and firewalls.


TechinlineFixMe.It is integrated with all the required and essential features that you require and helps in providing enhanced technical support for your clients. The features those are provided by Techinline FixMe.IT is as below:

Supports multiple remote computers

FixMe.IT shows improved support to connect to and handle an infinite number of remote connections at a single instance.

Handles unattended access

One can easily customize remote servers or computers for unattended remote accessibility and manage them in the form of groups for proper management.

Intuitive drag and drop interface

You can easily and simply drag and drop various folders and files automatically to or from your remote computer window or you can also transfer or arrange files and folders between various client machines.

Distributed clipboard

You are more allowed to share clipboard information either files, text or images, and other data between your computer and your customer’s one.

Live chat support

When you face any issue and you need to get support from others, then Techinline.Net helps you with the instant live chat accessibility where it allows you to exchange messages with the remote user. So, that you can receive instant support from the experts or professionals in a quick way.

Whiteboard tools

Make your presentations to look more beautiful and make your users get more appealed to your presentations. So, to go with presenting enhanced presentations, Techinline..Net offers you with the feature of using whiteboard tools. Either training sessions or presentations can be made more involved using the laser pointer, magnifier and drawing tools where these all are available in whiteboard tool.

Accomplish various administrative tasks

Setting up the application, modify the system supported settings and accomplish another action those need administrative permissions on the remote desktop.

Supports MSI package

You can deploy various client applications at a time with the help of Group Policy or add it to your software package.

Session-wise reporting’s

You can completely track the time that you have invested in customer support, the creation of custom notes and then develop high-end session reports.

Combination of Ctrl-Alt-Delete

You can send a combination of Ctrl-Alt-Delete to the remote desktop either to log in to the computer or to modify the windows password.

Switching users and logoff-logon

You can automatically login or log off on your customer’s desktop to carry out multiple tasks without breaking off any other active running sessions.

Bi-directional desktop sharing

When there comes the requirement of sharing your screen to others or the scenario of two people involved at a time, then Techinline.Net offers with the feature of two-way sharing of your desktop. Through this, you can share your desktop screen with opposite remote user.

Handling of multiple-windows

One can perform the operation of multi-tasking where they can completely view, manage and switch between the entire connected remote computers at a single instance.

Enhanced and effective scaling settings

Go with the option of diversified scaling alternatives that allow you to regulate or adjust and easily move across various positions on the screen of any size.

Available with multi-monitor navigation

One can quickly and easily look at and manage a various number of monitors those are connected to the remote computer.

4k remote desktop accessibility

Get connected to and smoothly control and view even UHD remote displays.

Automatic reconnection and reboot

Allows you to restart or reboot your remote computer in a normal or Safe Mode without getting exit from the running support sessions.

Video session recording availability

You can completely capture the live video sessions using the video session recording feature and this allows for auditing and training purposes and have a look at these at any location and at any time.

No requirement of admin permissions

Customers do not need any kind of admin permissions to run the FixMe.IT software.

Various branding options

Can easily configure the client support pages or completely consolidate the software into your website.

Support of PCI and HIPPA compliance

With the comprehensive set of various communication protected features, FixMe.IT completely make sure of entire protection with PCI and HIPPA regulations.

Multi-factor authentication availability

One can have enhanced protection over their information or the protection of your account using the great two-factor authentication feature.

Branded support

Consolidate the client support page into your organization’s website design. This makes sure that your website users will directly request remote access help from the website and completely streamlines the connection process.

Some of the security features those are in availability with FixMe.IT is as follows:

Protected data transfer

The complete information which is transferred over FixMe.IT is completely safe where it is protected with the help of TLS 1.2 protocol and industry-specified 256-bit AES encryption which shows the increased level of protection and security.

So, all your screen capture data, commands, documents, and files cannot be interrupted or modified by any other software or third-party application at the time of active sessions. The entire FixMe.IT SSL certificates are granted by the Comodo Group which is a renowned security provider.

Dependable server network

The Techinline FixMe.IT software makes use of a protected network of geographically dispersed network servers where those find out the flawless communication between various systems and makes sure that you are working on an authentic FixMe.IT server. Integration of layered mitigation technology and hardware firewalls, the server network of Techinline assures that the entire discussion between the remote user and you are totally authentic and reliable.

 Two-factor authentication

When your data requires an additional and improved level of protection, FixMe.IT provides you with enhanced security layer called as two-factor authentication. This process does require the account holder’s password and username along with virtual tokens where the tokens are to be provided to the user at the time of login.

Comprehensive session reports

FixMe.IT offers a very peaceful environment for team experts and CIOs by enabling them to always follow up with the application performance. Using this application, administrators can completely have a look at the audit remote sessions, activity history and then generate detailed of all the finished sessions.

Enhanced customer protection

The users of this software are provided with complete authorization on the remote session where it removes the breach of illegal access to their systems. Every session in FixMe.IT grants a unique Client ID where it can’t be used anywhere at any time. The remote user holds complete look on the application performance and can stop the illegal sessions at any time. And each of the unattended sessions needs Windows authentication as provided by the remote user and you.

Regulatory Compliance

FixMe.IT is designed to offer you with the enhanced protection access for your remote systems and also ensures security while exchanging information. With the array of features provided by Techinline, it can assist your businesses to come across multiple compliance regulations, along with HIPPA and PCI DSS.


Techinline FixMe.IT provides its users with the free plan, monthly and annual plans. The monthly plan is priced at $30 per every seat month and the annual plan is priced at $300 per each year for every annual year.

The features those are supported by these plans are as follows:

  • An infinite number of simultaneous support sessions with the help of a single seat.
  • Can handle up to 150 unattended computers per every seat
  • Each seat can be operated on a single system at the allocated time
  • Directly renews after the completion of every purchased term

Technical details

The supported device in Techinline FixMe.IT is windows and the supported language is English.

The pricing models those are accepted in this software are monthly payments and annual subscriptions. This application suits well with small-scale and medium-scale businesses and for freelancers too.

The application is deployed in a cloud-hosted environment.

Support details

One can seek the support of FixMe.IT software by moving to the support center provided by the software itself. It resolves all the queries you have and you may go through the documentation of:

  • Security
  • General questions
  • Pricing and plans
  • Customization
  • Billing and orders
  • Features
  • Unattended access
  • Account settings


So, finally with all the details and information included Techinline FixMe.IT is the effective network management software system. It is better explained with step-by-step instructions, best practices and conducting live training sessions.

It is more recommended to choose the best website by analyzing the customers, feedback, reviews, and comments and then selecting the one that best suits for their organization. Here, the software is available with an organized management structure that is built with all the necessities and requirements embedded.

Furthermore, it is a comprehensive solution for many network servers, multiple products, network services, engaged with corporate tools, network management resources and also available with multiple options and activities. The information that is present here also come across many positive and negative comments, feedbacks and reviews. But, finally, it is available to its users by eliminating all the complications and unprotected issues.

With all the information and details equipped in your hand, go with the effective one that completely satisfies your needs so that you won’t get regret at the end.