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Full Five9 Call Center Software Review. All you need to know about Five9


What is Five9?

Five9 is a cloud contact solution that provides a mixture of inbound and outboard call capabilities.  It equips call center agents with next generation and advanced content management features, and is utilised by inbound and outbound sales, support and marketing teams looking to provide enhanced customer service.

The solution helps contact centers of every size create powerful connections, and offers a complete set of integrated capabilities which leverage extensive cloud expertise. They also give their clients access to a complete ecosystem of partners, so they can enhance the capabilities of the platform by integration with leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Analytics, Workflow Management, Performance Management, and Telephony applications.

Companies can communicate with customers through the channel they prefer, through Five9 Connect, the program’s advanced technology layer for omnichannel applications, so that agents are able to handle inbound and outbound contacts from multiple channels – phone, web, chat, email, video or social media – all from a single intuitive desktop interface.

The application is powered by Practical AI (Artificial Intelligence) to increase agent productivity and customer satisfaction. Engagement Workflow uses NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and intelligent routing to connect customers to the right agent, whilst Five9 Genius derives customer intent data to provide agents with guidance before they answer the phone. Smart diallers skip busy signals and no-answers to make sure the next sales prospect is available when an agent is ready. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) provides intuitive self-service options for agents, and all customer interactions are automatically synchronised with an organisation’s existing CRM program.

Five9 has more than 2,000 customers worldwide, and its client roster includes Siemens, Expedia, Citrix and Dun & Bradstreet.


Five9’s benefits include:

Multiple Call Center Options

Five9 aims to make their solution as comprehensive as possible by making it available across multiple customer channels. This means that subscribers have access to inbound, outbound, Omnichannel and Blended call center functionality.

Intelligent Routing

Intelligent routing, based on IVR selections, customer history, agent availability, and other criteria, which can be pre-defined, connects agents with prospects, whilst also leaving an open option in case a particular agent is busy. This way, users never have to wait for assistance.


Five9 is scalable, so businesses can add or reduce capacity in line with their customer base. Pricing is based on seats and usage, so costs of the system adjust according to business volume.

Easy to install and implement

The contact center can be up and running in a matter of days, and there are no expensive installation costs.  Within 24 hours of receiving their first “Getting Started” email, a Five9 team member is made available to new clients to help them every step of the way. During implementation, Five( University trains client staff, supervisors and admins on the use of the system and, once the system is up and running, their Professional Services team is available to ensure the continued success of a contact center.

Voice Quality

The vendor guarantees crystal clear voice quality, with global systems architecture that uses voice lines from premium service providers. No special hardware is required to make the system work – the platform is cloud-hosted and works equally well on any device.


The application provides out-of-the-box integrations with leading CRM solutions, including Salesforce, Oracle, Zendesk, and Microsoft Dynamics. More broadly, Five9 includes pre-built integrations with a range of other third party programs and applications, together with access to a network of technology partners.

A number of partner technologies are deployed in the data center for operations that operate within a co-located model; these partner solutions have been incorporated into the standard Five9 pricing model, and are available to Five9 resellers, and their clients.

The vendor also runs an Integration Partner Program, where clients can obtain, at no cost, detailed product information and training. They can also gain access to a network of Systems Integrators who offer services, ranging from strategic planning to software development.


Key features of Five9 are:

Inbound Call Center Tools

With Five9, next generation software automatically routes calls to the right agents at the right time, and displays customer information on agents’ dashboards so they can resolve issue quickly. Customers can perform routine functions through intelligent IVR, with advanced voice recognition, and visual IVR on mobile devices. Screen “pops” give agents they need to personalise the customer experience.

Features include:

ACD: Automated Call Distribution (ACD) uses smart algorithms to route calls to the right agent every time, using an organisation’s own internal business rules.

IVR: Customers can perform routine operations over the phone themselves with Five9’s IVR, combined with its Intuitive Script Designer.

CTI: With this facility, incoming caller information pops-up on an agent’s screen so they can understand the context of the call and help more effectively.

Other Functionality: Amongst the other inbound call functionality offered by the application are toll-free numbers, In-Queue and Estimated Waiting Time announcements, post-call surveys, and agent scripting.

Outbound Call Center Tools

For outbound call centers which dial out to reach customers or leads, and are typically used when a sales team is prospecting for new customers, Five9 offers a range of tools including four adjustable dialling modes.

Predictive Dialling: Predictive dialling automatically calls multiple numbers at the same time on an agent’s behalf, and only connects the call when somebody answers their phone.  It will automatically decrease or increase the number of simultaneous calls based on the percentage of dropped calls the agent wants to maintain.

Power Dialling: The Five9 Power Dialler continuously dials a fixed number based on an organisation’s desired calls-to-agent ratio, but only when agents are available to take a call.

Preview Dialling: This is a manual way for agents to make calls, and allows for an agent to access a customer’s records on-screen. The amount of time to preview a call can be preset, if desired.

Progressive Dialling: This mode allows agents to pull-up customer records prior to placing a call; unlike Preview Dialling, however, calls are automatically made after a predefined time.

In addition, Five9 ensures that organisations are compliant with prevailing consumer protection. For example, in the US, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) regulates telemarketing calls, auto-dialled calls, pre-recorded calls, text messages, and unsolicited faxes. Similar legislation has been enacted in many other jurisdictions.  Five9’s program prevents any automated dialling not in compliance with TCPA regulations (or the local equivalent).

Other Functionality: Amongst the other outbound call features provided by Five9 are campaign and list management, drag-and-drop script design, call recording, a contact history database, and data import.

Blended Contact Center

Five9’s Blended Contact Center allows agents to easily move between both inbound and outbound calls. Everything is unified in one place and delivered straight to an agent’s dashboard.

The Active Blending capability automatically moves outbound agents to inbound queues on a per-call business when traffic volume peaks, and also enables inbound agents to switch to outbound calls during slow periods.

Omnichannel Contact Center

Five9’s Omnichannel enables organisations to interact with their customers through their preferred communication channels. Applications such as real-time and historical reporting, recording, workflow management and CRM integration can all be used to foster deeper customer engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction.

Omnichannel capabilities include:

Social: Agents can respond quickly to comments and issues on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Mobile: Mobile customers can be served better with call backs, and visual IVR – which turns IVR prompts into an easy, app-like experience.

Email: Users can filter and intelligently route requests sent by email, and can track the progress of queries, from submission through to final resolution.

Chat: Companies can live chat with customers and prospects through web and mobile devices.

Web: Major web visitors can be engaged with and contacted immediately, so that sales leads are not lost.

Visual and Video: A business can collaborate with its clients using full video support to enhance and personalise the customer experience.

Workforce Optimisation Solutions

Five9 offers advanced workforce automation tools to help organisations manage their contact center operations with optimum results. Workforce Management (WFM) allows subscribers to achieve the right balance between cost and service level management. It provides tools to forecast contact volume, schedule agents based on workload, plan for specific events, and manage employee schedules. In addition, the company partners with third-party quality management solutions which provide monitoring, interaction recording, and agent performance management, in addition to advanced analytics.

Furthermore, the application offers recording storage, encryption, coaching packages and customisable dashboards.

Agent Desktop Plus

This omnichannel agent desktop brings all channels together into one simple to use interface. It enables agents to quickly switch between channels, using a universal transaction model which adjusts to the needs of the customer interaction, whether it is phone, chat, email or social media. Features include a unified omnichannel history, visual cues to guide agent actions, and a simple visual format. With Desktop Plus, companies can improve workflow and agent productivity, whilst, at the same time, reduce training and onboarding costs.

Reporting and Analytics

Five9 provides users with access to real-time and historical data based on contact center best practice. This enables them to measure agent performance, gain customer insights, and take action to address problems.

Its role-based Performance Dashboard provides real-time business metrics which can be viewed by supervisors and managers, enabling them to monitor the contact center, manage agents, and queries, and respond to issues as they arise.

Historical reporting includes a range of customisable options, including report templates, dates, columns, data groupings and filters, whilst there are also more than a hundred standard reports available.

Managers also have access to Supervisor Plus, which is a state of the art, user-centric dashboard which provides them with real-time omnichannel statistics, and the ability to chat with agents and other supervisors.

All dashboards are 100% browser-based, with no required downloads.


Five9 offers flexible pricing options on a quota-only basis, with annual or monthly subscriptions available (annual fees offer a discount). All pricing is based on the number of seats, usage and the features provided. Interested parties should contact the vendor for more information – by phone, email or by completing the contact form on their website.

Prospective clients can view product demos through the website or through YouTube.


Five9 is a cloud-hosted web-based platform which supports Windows and Mac Operating Systems, and can also run on iPads and iPhones.

The application uses the latest server technology, and its data centers utilise the most trusted names in cloud infrastructure and technology, such as Cisco and HP. Five9 can scale rapidly on demand, and their data centers currently process over 3 billion customer interactions annually. Data centers operate 24/7 and are geographically distributed, providing customers with the option to choose geo-redundancy – the ability to route traffic to an alternate facility.

All data centers are regularly audited under AICPA AT 101 or SSAE 16 standards, demonstrating robust data protection controls.

Cloud APIs enable advanced customised integrations between Five9 and existing enterprise and proprietary applications.  The vendor also has an implementation team that can assist with the deployment of integration with clients’ existing programs.


Every Five9 customer can access their 24/7 telephone and online support, and they can also be contacted through email. All subscribers are given access to a Customer Support Portal where they can create, update and view their cases online. They can also access and search the comprehensive knowledge base, with hundreds of solutions to common issues.

There is also a Premium Support option available for those who want direct access to their senior support team. On signing-up to this service, clients are given access to a dedicated Technical Account Manager, regular account reviews, project management and coordination, and personalised new release previews and training. They are also provided with a number of consulting hours to help their business grow, and optimise their use of the platform.

Meanwhile their Developer Program provides support to the developers, consultants and IT professionals who work with the solution’ cloud API.

Beyond this there is also a Resource Library which offers a range of e-books, tutorials, videos, data sheets and case studies, whilst the vendor also hosts a regular series of webinars, which clients can register for through their website.

Five9 also hosts and appears at regular customer events, trade shows and conferences.