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Full FileMaker Pro Advanced Rapid Application Development Software Review – All You Need to Know About FileMaker Pro Advanced

FileMaker Pro Advanced
FileMaker Pro Advanced

What Is FileMaker Pro Advanced?

FileMaker Pro Advanced is an all-inclusive software for creating, designing, and integrating custom apps that can be deployed on a cloud server or on a dedicated server. This application provides a framework for developers that simplifies custom app development.

Initially called as FileMaker Pro, it was updated and rebranded last May 15, 2018, along with its new and intuitive features. Its latest update, FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced, contains a variety of features that would definitely give developers the tools they need to optimize their tasks.

The application is designed to help users create custom apps for their businesses. FileMaker Pro Advanced includes a number of innovative features that change how applications are being developed. It is designed to work with operating systems like Mac and Windows. In addition, it also includes data analytics features to help users gain insights and develop strategies to improvise workflows. FileMaker Pro Advanced works in different ways. Using the application, users can easily manage their contacts, meetings, inventory, and more.

Unlike other development application, FileMaker Pro Advanced provides easy to use tools that allow fast and efficient application designs. Users can also check application performance and features using robust diagnostic tools that are already built-in on the system. This minimizes the need to install additional third-party applications for debugging and reconfiguring your custom applications.

Since its last update, FileMaker Pro Advanced provides new features that are designed to maximize the developer’s capability to create fully functional and integrated apps. Using the FileMaker Pro Advanced, developers can easily design custom applications with minimal scripts needed. The system is designed with a highly innovated graphic user interface that requires less scripting. Developers can easily reduce the need to develop self-join relationships and create design outlines with less effort. It also includes starter applications that are already installed on the system. Users can utilize pre-configured templates and have it deployed with minimal reconfiguration needed.

FileMaker Pro Advanced added immense features that weren’t available among the previous versions. One of them is the scripting enhancement modules that allows users to reuse codes and enhance scripting methods for a much more convenient coding. This is extremely helpful for businesses and companies working with multiple developers.

Not only that it saves more time, but it also minimizes errors on the scripts, which prevents unnecessary debugging. Additionally, FileMaker Pro Advanced allows copying and pasting custom menus. For developers that are designing large-scale applications, reusing resources can speed things up with fewer errors. The application enables copying and pasting menu sets, menus, and items then have it transferred to another folder.

FileMaker Pro Advanced Benefits

Quick and Fast Deployment

FileMaker Pro Advanced is built for speed. With its starter apps and pre-installed themes, users can easily create and design custom applications with ease. Developing applications can take a long time. Most developers often miss important details just to meet deadlines. With FileMaker Pro Advanced, designing applications can be as easy as possible. Using its intuitive graphical user interface, highly adaptable set of tools, and more, developers can start quickly and have their applications deployed in no time.

Customizable Built-In Tools for Reporting

Having the right tools for data analyzation and reporting can be crucial. FileMaker Pro Advanced provides users with a highly customizable set of reporting tools to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

The application includes several pre-set report themes that can be easily applied to your business needs. Users can select from a wide list of options such as summary reports, executive dashboards, colorful charts, and more. Users can also design the report data and have it configured any way they like. Once a report has been generated, you also have the option to have it exported into popular file formats like Excel, PDF, CSV, and more. This allows easy transition from report generating to data sharing.

FileMaker Pro Advanced

Highly-Secured Platform

FileMaker Pro Advanced has upgraded their data security features to the top level ensuring integrity and security of your data. There are plenty of ways FileMaker Pro Advanced can help secure your information.

First, the application utilizes the highest standard in data encryption. FileMaker Pro Advanced uses industry standard encryption, AES 256-bit. AES 256-bit encryption method is widely used among banking institutions and government agencies to protect the integrity of their data. FileMaker Pro Advanced utilizes this encryption method on their FileMaker Cloud, FileMaker Client, and FileMaker Server.

The application creates a centralized channel where the data is being processed. Once data has been stored, it goes through a highly sophisticated encryption process to prevent unauthorized access. Also, the application’s security features include an account lockout for any case of brute force and dictionary attack attempts.

Additionally, FileMaker Pro Advanced includes user access configurations that enable system administrators to manage users or groups. They can configure access levels to allow data access only to essential members within the network. They can set individual or group privileges to ensure total security of their critical information.

Third-Party Application Compatibility

FileMaker Pro Advanced utilizes powerful REST APIs that allows the application to be integrated into any other popular applications available today.  This helps tremendously for businesses that are already using an existing application and are looking to improvise current workflows.

Using REST API, applications can easily connect and share resources, making it much more effective. Additionally, there’s no need for users to go back to scratch. FileMaker Pro Advanced can work with existing systems and allows opportunities to optimize inefficient workflows.

Other than that, the application also allows users to create a two-way connection with popular database management applications such as Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Oracle data sources.

Innovative Sharing Capabilities

FileMaker Pro Advanced makes data sharing as seamless as possible. The application provides cloud-based features that allow efficient and effective data sharing processes. Teams can easily use the application on devices even with different operating systems.

Users can access it using a Windows and Mac computers. It can also be accessed on mobile devices such as iPad and iPhones. Since the application is browser-based, it can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere. There’s no need for lengthy installations and inconvenient data sharing processes. FileMaker Pro Advanced simplifies data sharing to help teams share information effectively across any network.

FileMaker Pro Advanced

FileMaker Pro Advanced Features

FileMaker Pro Advanced provides new and advanced features to aid users to develop their applications. Here are some of the major additions on the current version.

Offline Workability

Never lose your progress whenever going offline. FileMaker Pro Advanced ensures that changes made to your scripts or files will never get lost even if you have lost your internet connection. Users can still continue making progress on their files without being held back by your internet connection. Once the connection has been restored, your files will automatically sync with your online repositories.

Custom Functions

With FileMaker Pro Advanced, users can easily create custom functions to aid themselves in developing their applications. The system provides an open-sourced capability that allows users to generate, copy, and transfer their custom functions and have it imported to another FileMaker file.

Script Debugger

Instantly locate issues within your code using the application’s pre-installed script debugger. FileMaker Pro Advanced helps users clean up their scripts by providing an intuitive script debugger that checks for any errors within your scripts. It provides an accurate diagnostic and also includes suggestions and options to fix errors on your code. The script triggers automatically detect issues within the script workspace. Users can have it turned on or off to help them optimize their troubleshooting methods.

Data Viewer

The data viewer provides a better way to monitor your variables, calculations, and fields during troubleshooting. Using this feature, users have a dedicated panel where all the necessary information are displayed when troubleshooting. This provides an alternative between using multiple tabs when debugging, making troubleshooting less gruesome.

Kiosk Mode

FileMaker Pro Advanced allows developers to create flexible applications where menus can be hidden from sight. This is incredibly helpful to aid developers to focus more on the design of their applications. Some developers find static menus to be rather dull and uninteresting.

FileMaker Pro Advanced

Database Design Report

This feature allows users to create a report based on the elements of their database schema. Users can easily monitor their data and find irregularities within their data sources. This helps in ensuring error-free applications. It could also help if preventing data from being corrupted by checking traces on your data sources.

Multi-Email Attachment

Enhance communication by attaching multiple files on a single email message. FileMaker Pro Advanced allows better file sharing and communication between users by allowing multiple email attachment support. Users can attach multiple files in one go and have it sent directly to their clients or to any members of the team. This saves more time and reduces workload by minimizing back-and-forth emails and allows bulk email attachments.

FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced includes other notable features such as:

–    Custom Themes

–    Custom Reports

–    Custom Charts

–    Import Tools

–    Field Formatting

–    Cross-Platform Workability

–    Starter Apps

–    Easy-to-Use Interface

–    Advanced Security Features

–    Account Lock

–    Excel and PDF Converter

–    File Hierarchy

–    User Management Control

–    Quick Search

–    ESS Adapter

–    ESS Links

–    SMTP Server Modules

–    JSON Data Modules

–    SDK Plugins

–    Auto-Sized Windows

–    Script Workspace

–    iOS and Windows Compatibility

FileMaker Pro Advanced

Pricing Details

FileMaker Pro offers flexible pricing plans for individuals and teams alike. Interested parties may select from one or more options provided below:

Individual License

FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced is included in a centralized platform in building custom applications for cloud, mobile, and on-premise. Business teams can easily create concrete solutions for unique and volatile problems by using custom applications.  Individual license cost $540. It is a one-time payment for the application’s license. For purchases included with CD/DVD, the price is at $560.

For users that have already installed FileMaker Pro 16 or 15, they can purchase an upgrade and it will only cost them $197 for download only or $217 including a CD/DVD of the application.


Teams Cloud (Hosting by AWS)

Interested users can bring their own license or buy a license from the AWS marketplace. FileMaker Pro Advanced has a number of options such as:

–    App Cloud Share

–    FileMaker License for Multiple Users

–    Amazon Web Hosting Services

Users may visit AWS Marketplace for a detailed list of prices.

Teams Server (On-Premise)

FileMaker Pro Advanced provides several options depending on the number of users in a team.

5 – 9 users – $15 USD user/month. The total billed amount is $900 USD

10 – 24 users – $14 USD user/month. The total billed amount is $1, 680 USD

25 – 49 users – $12 USD user/month. The total billed amount is $3, 600 USD

50 – 99 users – $11 USD user/month. The total billed amount is $6, 600 USD

For teams with over 100 users, they may reach the software vendor for a detailed pricing information or ask for a quote. All pricing plans are billed annually.

Purchasing a license with FileMaker includes other products and services such as:

–    FileMaker Server

–    FileMaker Go

–    FileMaker WebDirect

–    FileMaker Data API

FileMaker Pro Advanced

Technical Details

FileMaker Pro Advanced is a web-based application and can be accessed using operating systems such as:

–    Windows PC

–    Mac OS

It is also supported on selected mobile devices. It can be accessed on iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. The application supports a wide list of languages including:

–    English

–    Chinese

–    German

–    Japanese

–    Spanish

–    French

–    Portuguese

–    Italian

–    Dutch

–    Swedish

Support Details

FileMaker Pro Advanced is one of the many applications included on the FileMaker suite. The company provides support through different communication channels such as email, phone, chat support, training, and support tickets.

Users can also join there expanded online community and check out best practices, tools, and other effective methods. They are also open for partnership with resellers and provides opportunities for educational institutions and non-profit organizations.

For more information, interested parties may contact their support team at:

+1 800-725-2747