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Full Fiix Software Maintenance Management Software – CMMS Review – All You Need to Know About Fiix Software

Fiix Software

What is Fiix Software?

Fiix is also called as CMMS or Computerized Maintenance Management System. It helps move project forwards. Whether you have hundreds of building, Fiix software can help you manage. Fiix software can also help you track all of the moving parts on your facilities. The software can ensure your facility is working well by tracking important numbers with the customer’s report.

This software is not only cheap and cloud-based, but it also covers everything we need to keep all of our assets in order.

Fiix Software

Fiix makes it simple to utilize smart support administration programming that enables organizations to arrange their upkeep divisions and transform information into noteworthy bits of knowledge. Its imaginative multi-inhabitant cloud-based CMMS prepares the upkeep workforce with an unparalleled versatile ordeal and flawlessly interfaces with big business programming.

Fiix Sofware is also a big help when providing very good customer service to our customers. Where we can use computers, laptop, cell phones, devices that can connect to our internet connection.

Its goal is to help people in their needs. Especially on managing people, handling big company. It helps lessen people’s job, making life easy.

Fiix Software Benefits

Pondering putting resources into upkeep programming like a modernized support administration framework (CMMS)? You may well know that a CMMS will enable you to make and track work orders and expand the valuable existence of your hardware by helping you plan preventive support on the gear in your office. In any case, what are the portions of alternate CMMS benefits? It turns out that there are numerous more ways that the product can enable you to set aside some cash and time, and also enhance the everyday activities of your support group.

Turns Out to be More Adaptable with Your Upkeep System

A blend of support systems is frequently your most logical option for a productive office. However, it’s hard to blend and match upkeep techniques without having a framework set up. Instead of being helpless before unexpected breakdowns, a mechanized support framework permits you to set the PM plan for your benefits and choose where it bodes well to deliberately utilize receptive upkeep.

Give an Account of Significant KPIs

By examining resource disappointments, downtime, asset usage, and spending designs in the CMMS, you can execute changes that will include esteem or lesser hazard, which will enhance your main concern. Following the correct support measurements and KPIs likewise give you better a perception on where to center your endeavors, and can help recognize ceaseless gear issues, benchmark against industry gauges, and distinguish best practices.


Oversee Stock

Dealing with your stock with a CMMS helps your association consequently track parts, oversee providers and merchants, and upgrade stock levels. On the off chance that stock falls underneath a set least, the framework will advise the required clients or providers to begin the re-requesting process.

Fiix Software

Vanquish Support Excess

While some level of support build-up is unavoidable, a CMMS can help balance assets and upkeep costs with the goal that it doesn’t winding wild. It additionally helps catch littler fixes that would have generally gone unnoticed, which evades more serious issues later on.

Access Constant Data

A CMMS stays up with the latest on your association’s support exercises. The product gives you a chance to store and join methods, blunder logs, manuals, grants, licenses, photographs, pictures, charts, and schematics to the benefit record. This gives clients a chance to get to imperative data when they require it most, accelerating investigating and work arrange handling time.

Oversee Work Demands

Numerous associations do not have a proficient procedure for managing work demands. Upkeep administrators still get work demands by means of telephone, sticky notes, or just by listening in on others’ conversations. They’re required to recall what the issue is, the place it is, which framework it’s a piece of, and who asked for it. CMMS programming can computerize this procedure to guarantee nothing is overlooked. It gives representatives a chance to specifically log work to the support line through the CMMS visitor gateway. Thus, no one sits around idly endeavoring to find upkeep faculty to get a refresh. The CMMS computerizes this through work arrange refreshes so that the support administrator and their group can center around the current task without interference.

Move Far From Responsive Upkeep

The motivation behind preventive support (PM) is to plan examinations and upkeep with the goal that deformities can be spotted before they turn into an issue. This lessens impromptu breakdowns and eliminates time spent on responsive upkeep. CMMS programming gives you a chance to get over upkeep and build up a PM program by actuating arranged errands dependent on various settled or drifting triggers like time, meter, or occasion. Once the framework is set up, work requests will be produced dependent on calendars you’ve set, alongside all the data required to finish the work arrange rapidly and effortlessly.

Fiix Software

Track and Provide Details Regarding Support Costs

Support administration programming tracks parts, work, benefit history, and different incidental costs when an upkeep work arranges is finished. This makes it simple to run costing reports to see where the financial backing was spent, recognize territories that are running over the spending plan and settle on taught choices about whether a bit of hardware ought to be repaired or supplanted. You can likewise channel information to demonstrate the expenses of receptive upkeep versus arranged support. This features the adequacy of the present resource administration methodology and regardless of whether it tends to be moved forward.

Practice Environmental Awareness

On the off chance that you keep machines and frameworks running productively, they will utilize less vitality. Today, the assembling business is in charge of 35% of worldwide vitality utilize. More prominent interest for the vitality that can later on prompt vitality deficiencies that affect everybody, so it’s to everybody’s greatest advantage to lessen vitality utilize. Holding fast to upkeep timetables and keeping frameworks in a like-new condition guarantees hardware is working as effectively as could be expected under the circumstances, restricting the effect gear and office resources have on nature.

If you wanted to be more competitive and less cost CMMS is the perfect tool to use as we can also prevent downtime maintenance. We can take control and manage maintenance operations. We can prevent late actions for maintenance as we can always create plan and schedule maintenance. We can also manage work orders and manage the spare parts and materials that are needed to be checked if it’s available. We will prevent paper works, it will keep all our documents safe while, at the same time, helping our mother nature. We can easily send reports more conveniently. We can easily track all orders and we can manage and make sure that all cost is correct and worth it. It brings faster assistance and we can detect all the locations of our equipment.

Fiix Software

Fiix Software Feature


The dashboard is where you can see overdue work orders, high priority work orders, work request, open work orders, and overdue scheduled maintenance. It has the calendar where you can check all schedules and appointments.

It also has Assigned Assets where you can see the request for services. It has the Work Orders Assigned where you can see the reports.

Furthermore, the software has the My Purchase Requests where you can see the purchase orders request and the Work Order where you can see the orders and to whom it was assigned.

Lastly, it has the Scheduled Maintenance where you can see the scheduled maintenance’s list. It has the Task Group the where the projects along with its description can be seen.


It has Inbox where you can see all the messages. It has Sent where you can see the sent items also, it has the system messages and trash.


It has All Assets where you can see the location, moved to, return date, name, code, Asset status, Vendors, Last price currency, Model, and Voltage Level. It has Facilities, Equipment and it has Tools.

Fiix Software


It has Parts and Supplies where you can see the location, total stock and total location, stock location, bin number, row, notes, BOMs, name, code, vendors, last price currency, model, and voltage level.

Fiix also has the Current Stock where you can see the I.D, stock item, location, aisle, row, bin, quantity on hand, min qty., notes, make, model, tenant, updated, description, inventory code. It also has the batch stock adjustment where you can see the stock item, minimum quantity, previous and the new quantity.

Inventory cycle count is also included where you can see the site, classifications, created, created by, completed, completed by. Also, it has the Bill of Materials Groups where you can see the name and number of parts.

Lastly, it has the Business where you can see the name, state, sys code, tenant, preferred business, our business, public Community, primary currency, RFQ template, notes, phone, phone 2, postal code, primary Contact, primary email, secondary email, time zone, and the website.


The Reports section is where you can see the report category, name, description, owner-tenant, classification, I.D, file content, and the instruction.

Fiix Software


Starting Price: $35/month

Model Pricing: Subscription

Free Trial: (No Credit Card Needed) Available

Basic Price per Month: $35

Professional Price per Month: $55

Enterprise Price per Month: $95

Performance Price Per Month: Large Organization total productive solution maintenance.

Included to all plans:

Asset Management – This lets us add equipment quickly

Preventive Maintenance – Complete with Add notification, integrated work task creation, alarm triggers, event, or meter readings.

Work Orders – Print to paper options, Files, Notes, Task Lists, Work Instructions are included. Understandable and fast to complete the orders.

Mobile App – You can download the iOS and Android mobile apps for free in your tablet or smartphones.

How to Download Fiix Software on your Mobile Phone?

  • On your mobile phone,  you need to open the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android
  • You need to download the fix app
  • Sign in to the application use your login in Fiix Software

Fiix Software


Technical Details

The new Fiix portable CMMS programming application really takes into consideration you to be in a hurry with your upkeep activities. New highlights like disconnected mode and less demanding work arrange administration put all that you require readily available—wherever work takes you. Download today and see with your own eyes what it resembles to work without confinements.

The new application is accessible for nothing on both the App Store and Google Play. Once downloaded, you can sign in with similar certifications you use to sign in to your work area CMMS. Every one of your information will be instantly accessible to you when you sign in.

You don’t have to make another record or exchange any information. Simply sign in with similar accreditations you use to sign in to the work area CMMS/old portable application.

With disconnected mode, you can make and alter work arranges, and perform different activities (like finishing errands) while your telephone or gadget isn’t associated with the web. These progressions will be briefly imperceptible to portable and work area clients until the point that your telephone or gadget has a functioning web association once more, and soon thereafter the disconnected data will be naturally matched up with the primary application.

Support Details

CMMS Implement Services

Kickstarter – A five-day usage bolster plan for independent companies where we’ll cover framework preparing, CMMS setup up to 150 resources, custom revealing, and go-live.

Custom – A custom execution program that incorporates full practical setup, information movement, director and end client preparing, custom reports, and go-live help.


Our preparation levels have been high quality to coordinate your membership plan.


This six-hour preparing program is intended to kick-begin your Basic CMMS rollout, by covering client setup, resource creation, work orders, booked support, and parts arranging.


An entire eight-hour program that covers all parts of the Professional CMMS, including information import, client aggregate creation, adjusts, reports, and sifting.


This far-reaching 12-hour preparing and bolster program for Enterprise CMMS clients, covers multi-site setup, buying, and disappointment codes.

Report Designer

An entire four-hour program that spreads inquiry building, fundamental custom separating, planning expert itemized reports, making custom fields, progressed sifting, and including charts.