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Full ExpertusONE Learning Management System Review – All you need to know about ExpertusONE

ExpertusONE LMS Software

What is ExpertusONE LMS?

ExpertusONE LMS is a tool that will provide you with a modern cloud-based learning management system that invokes the latest learning technology. This learning management system aims to provide you with an unprecedented adoption of learning among its users. Built on modern learning technology, this LMS tool is both powerful and intuitive.

Founded in 1998 in the United States, ExpertusONE is putting learners first. Friend since they were in graduate school, founders Mohana Radhakrishnan and Ramesh Ramani joined forced to solve a problem. They noted that there were issues related to the learning initiatives of organizations like yours. They were intent on making corporate learning technology easier to find and more interesting to learners.

Since 2010, ExpertusONE LMS has been aiming to push the innovations of their technology. The goal was to meet the evolving strategic training needed by customers. Today, ExpertusONE LMS is the most powerful LMS tool for training any audience. The current customer base includes Siemens, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Lithium, Clear Choice and so many more.

As an enterprise learning management system, ExpertusONE LMS delivers the training experience you desire for your organization. Meeting learners demands, this platform enables your learners, partners and customers to have all the tools necessary to excel.

Benefits of ExpertusONE LMS:

The kinds of benefits a learning management system offer you is what determines if it is a good one or not. You want to know that when you implement cloud-based learning management that your organization is going to reap the rewards of this investment. Here is an overview of the various benefits that you can get when you use this LMS tool.

  • Have a great user experience with an easy to use interface and dashboard.
  • Make learning seamless through the ability to start on one device and continue on another.
  • Use the advanced and easy to run architecture of this learning technology to provide organizational excellence.
  • Create a more productive learning ecosystem for your employees, customers and partners.
  • Improve your training effectiveness for your learners.
  • Provide a learning portal for your mobile and remote workers. This can be done through the mobile version of this learning technology.
  • There are many next-generation capabilities that enable your company to be supported today through to the futures.
  • Fully customizable and scalable to grow with your organization.
  • Have the tools necessary to make life easier for your administrators so that they can focus on more pertinent tasks.
  • There is the ability to work either online or offline depending on what you are doing.
  • Add branding to your learning environment through the ability to customize the platform.
  • Take training anywhere and at anytime with the complete mobility of this learning management system.
  • The platform operates like the sum of all its components rather than a patchwork of unrelated features.
  • ExpertusONE LMS is always evolving. This means you will always have the latest learning technology at your fingertips.

Features of ExpertusONE LMS:

There are a lot of factors that you consider when looking into a cloud-based learning management system. The features that your LMS tool provides you is extremely important in order to make a sound decision. Needing to know that what is offered will suit your organizational goals helps you make a choice. Therefore, here is a little information on the features that are offered by ExpertusONE LMS.

ExpertusONE for SalesForce:

Through a unique two-way integration, you can deliver training within Salesforce for your employees using this LMS tool. You can keep your sales team, customers and partners engaged with the learning you provide by giving it to them in their preferred environment. The robust LMS for Salesforce integration will allow you to securely train both internal and external users through one LMS tool.

Your sales teams can have access to their learning and prepare for sales calls without leaving the CRM they are working in. Have the ability to generate user profiles that are based on the profiles already established in Salesforce. The two-way data flow will ensure that all systems sync together to always be up-to-date in learning data.

Through this learning technology, users can view their training history and have a copy of their certifications right from within their CRM. Managers will also have access to see classes registrations, whether or not they completed and be able to track the performance of users. There is also the ability to see ratings and read reviews from this same platform.

Moreover, you can see customer training history within this cloud-based learning management system. Have a deeper understanding of what their needs may be and where there might be up selling opportunities. Generate reports from Salesforce that will correlate to both the sales team and your customers.

ExpertusONE Insights:

Through this easy to use interface, you can revolutionize the way you generate reports. In about 5 clicks or less, you will be able to access business-critical information. Managers will have real-time access to all activity within the learning management system. See individual learning progress so that you can be sure your staff is achieving goals. Have access to knowledge asset demand, the levels of social learning, the levels of quality and so many other valuable analytics.

Eliminate the need for any third-party reporting tools you may be using. You can generate a variety of reports that will give you a clear line of sight into the learning within your organization. Every one of the reports that can be generated in this learning technology can also be exported to Excel for referencing.

Save time for your users by providing clear learning paths. You can do this with the easy to use drag and drop function. Just pull over any learning entities you want. Select the desired fields for these entities. Instantly create customized reports using any design you desire.

Also, consolidate all your data within your LMS tool. Provide managers with easy access to compliance reports. Through the dedicated compliance reporting app, your managers will be able to run reports while mobile. They can also get real-time statistics that will make sure your staff stays compliant. Set these reports to be generated on a schedule automatically, saving you from doing the work.

ExpertusONE Gamification:

Invoking the competitive spirit within your organization is one what to get learners engaged with the process. Using the latest consumer learning technology, you can promote your programs for accurate learning behaviors. Through gamification, you can employ a points or rewards system to keep learners engaged in your LMS tool.

Using this recognition type system, you have the ability to offer rewards for the rising star learner within your organization. You can also choose to reward your leaders in the learning process however you choose. This will create a fun and competitive atmosphere that a lot of learners thrive on.

Create badges that are customized to be branded within your organization. Use these initiatives to help maximize the learning potential. Base the reward system on your learner’s agenda and provide point thresholds. Let your learners earn points for collaboration, activity and even for compliance. All points can be redeemed for badges that can be compared among colleagues.

Provide top category rankings for learners to see where they rank in the leader boards. Use incentives to provide organization-wide recognition to motivate your users.

ExpertusONE Meetings:

There is a built-in virtual conferencing module that is provided through this learning management system. Utilize the advanced meeting and classroom environments to help with organizational collaboration. There can be real-time conferencing, file sharing and even content uploading through this cloud-based learning management tool.

All your conference data will automatically sync with your LMS tool so that you don’t need to spend additional money and resources. You can speed up meetings and help to reduce errors through this one step sessions. Allow learners to register, join and complete all the meetings virtually in just one step.

Use both the public and private conferencing tools that will help to provide superior engagement. There is the desktop application that can be used for video conferences. Allow members to share content through these virtual meetings. Use content white boarding that will enhance workshop participation within your cloud-based learning managmement.

Also Included is ExpertusONE API and Commerce:

Using the REST API, you can allow internal developers to expand their applications. They can do this using new and creative ways. Build applications, various portals, custom widgets and even incorporate integrations to expand the capacity for learning within your organization. The result will be a reduced cost of ownership.

Through the Commerce function, you can create courses that you can then sell publicly. Design and sell learning programs that can help with the training of customers and partners. Provide a shopping cart so they can choose from a variety of courses. Allow for course bundling and even use the global tax policy support. There are various payment options you can use as well. Take advantage of providing discounts or promotions any time you desire.

Pricing Details of ExpertusONE LMS:

This cloud-based learning management system offers you a unique custom pricing plan. In order to find out what it would cost, you need to contact the vendor. They prefer to provide custom quotes for all potential users. Therefore, get in touch with ExpertusONE to find out what it would cost for your organization.

Please note that all quotes come with no obligation.

Technical Details of ExpertusONE LMS:

This is a cloud-based learning management system that also has an open API. Therefore, you can use this system on any Windows or Mac devices. However, if you want to use it on a Linux system, you will need to use the web-based version.

Ideal for the mobile workers, there is also the ability to use this LMS software on your mobile devices. It is compatible with Android devices, iPhone or iPad devices and even on Windows Mobile.

The primary supported language is English.

Support Details:

You need your learning technology to be the highlight of your organization. By providing your staff with the tools to advance their careers and keeping them compliant, you will grow your business. Therefore, you need to be sure that the LMS tool you use is going to always support you. As a result, it is essential you know what kinds of support options are available when you have questions or concerns.

The support that is offered by ExpertusONE LMS is as follows:

  • Email: Provided to you is a dedicated email address that you can use when you run into difficulties. They will evaluate your concern and contact you as soon as they can with a resolution.
  • Phone: There are 3 locations that you can contact this learning management system at. Each location has a local number you can call. There are the India Office and the Europe office, each with dedicated numbers. You can also contact them in North American using the toll-free number they provide.
  • Online Resources: Through the vendor’s website, there is a large list of online resources at your disposal. These resources include many different case studies, webinars, how-to documents and various other product information. Through this database, you can also check out the FAQ section where there is a comprehensive list of commonly asked questions.


When choosing a cloud-based learning management tool it is important that you see how the experts evaluate it. Also essential is how customers of this learning management system feel about using this LMS tool. Therefore, the only true way to gain a full appreciation of this learning technology is for you to do your research.

ExpertusONE LMS comes with a complete set of features and benefits that will help you when making your decision. From the ability to use this learning technology on the go to the ability to have collaborations, this is a true contender. Furthermore, if sales are a large part of your organization, the ability to integrate into the SalesForce CRM will make this a valuable tool for you.

Ultimately, you know your needs and organizational goals better than anyone. Therefore, it is important that you weigh all the features and benefits of other learning technology to determine if it is right for you.